26 October, 2021


‘One Rank One Pension’ For Armed Forces Of Sri Lanka

By Arun Kumaresan

Arun Kumaresan – Air Vice Marshal (Ret’d)

A Note To The President & PM

Armed Forces of Sri Lanka is a vital and holistic institution that had come in aid to the nation in order to uphold its sovereignty and integrity when the writ of the democratically elected governments was challenged. Unlike other public service entities armed forces has two significant variations in their contract of employment;

  • 70 to 80% of the population of the armed forces personal is retired on completion of 20-22 yrs of service due to steep narrowing of opportunities to higher ranks. This retirement process at younger ages enables the armed forces to maintain young and physically agile fighting forces to meet any contingencies. (They do not have the luxury of full pay until 55yrs)
  • A unique clause that duty bounds all armed forces personnel that detail them to execute their tasks even at the cost of their lives.

What is OROP?

It implies that uniform pension be paid to the Armed Forces Personnel retiring in the same rank with the same length of service irrespective of their date of retirement and any future enhancement in the rates of pension to be automatically passed on to the past pensioners.

This enables bridging the gap between the rate of pension of the current pensioners and the past pensioners, and also future enhancements in the rate of pension to be automatically passed on to the past pensioners. In armed forces, equality in service has two components, namely, rank and length of service.

The importance of rank is inherent in armed forces as it has been granted by the President (for officers) and Service Chiefs (for members from ranks) and signifies the command, control and responsibility in consonance with ethos of service. These ranks are even allowed to be retained by the individual concerned after his/her retirement.

Hence, no one will object for this deduction based on above; two armed personnel in the same rank and equal length of service on retirement should get same pension irrespective of date of retirement and any future enhancement in rates of pension be automatically passed on to the past pensioners.

It needs no one to be a ‘rocket scientist’ to understand the above rationale but only requires the understanding and commitment of the government. Whilst conceding the financial implication this scheme will entail to the exchequer; the following time line is recommended for the progressive implementation:

  • Award to the armed forces personnel ‘Killed in Action’. (as an immediate measure)
  • Award to all ranks.
  • Finally, when resources of this third world nation permits consider granting to the officer corps.

It is hoped that politicians, bureaucrats and civil society will unequivocally support this endeavor. Our neighbor India has already done it to its Armed Forces; we only have now to “copy and paste”.

President MS and Prime Minister RW and the members of the Cabinet of Ministers; ‘Over to You’ for consideration.

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    No second word, It’s the bundent duty of the nation to pay, whole heatedly and without any reservations, the dues to our villain heros who safe guard our security and independence.

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    Rtd Air-Vice Marshall Arun Kumaresan does make a compelling case for One-Rank-One-Pension and concludes ~ “…………..India has already done it to its Armed Forces; we only have now to “copy and paste”…………”.
    Can Indian and Lankan Armed Forces be compared?
    Indian Armed Forces are NOT segregated. Lankan Armed Forces are almost exclusively mono-lingual.
    Indian Armed Forces are not involved in religious missions.
    Promotions in Indian Armed Forces are on merit – Lankan is on political connections.
    Loyalty of Lankan Armed Forces to GoSL is doubtful
    The list goes on and on
    Arun: Some food for lateral thoughts.
    Should the size of the Lankan Armed Forces be reduced from the present size?
    Is the Russian freighter really necessary?
    Arun keep in mind
    India has two nuclear armed ‘enemies’. Lanka? Wimal may say “Indian invasion” but will Lanka be able to match?
    Indian Armed Forces have not forcibly grabbed any civilian properties.

    • 2

      “Indian Armed Forces have not forcibly grabbed any civilian properties” – for more details of properties and other aspects they have grabbed, go look it up in Kashmir!

      • 2

        Eagle Blind Eye

        “for more details of properties and other aspects they have grabbed, go look it up in Kashmir!”

        Where have all the Kashmiris gone?
        I am not sure I can afford a trip to Kashmir.
        Please give us the details of all such land grab. If you don’t mind could you do a comparative studies of Kashmir and Sri Lanka.

    • 0

      You forget the conduct of the Indian Armed forces in Manipur and Kashmir.
      There are longstanding issues in several other states as well.
      (Then there was gross misbehaviour in Congo.)
      It is common for Tamils forgive or ignore the crimes of India, except what concerned them. I thought that you were different.
      India has a way of making enemies, as it wants to be the true successor to the ambitions of the British Raj, but with imperialist help.

      • 1

        K Pillai

        SJ types:
        “India has a way of making enemies, as it wants to be the true successor to the ambitions of the British Raj, but with imperialist help.”

        Could you advise Hindia how to make a friend out of formidable SJ.

  • 3

    Pillai, some food for thought for the lying diaspora:

    ‘Indian armed forces are not segregated. Lankan armed forces are almost exclusively mono-lingual”

    Languages of some Indian Regiments
    Jat Regiment – Haryanavi, Dogra Regiment – Dogra & Hindi, Madras Regiment – Tamil & English
    Sikh Light Infantry – Punjabi, Sikkim Scouts – Lepcha & English, Gharwal Rifles – Hindi

    ‘Indian armed forces are not involved in religious missions’

    Hanuman Tok temple is maintained by the Indian army. Every unit has its temple and registered priest. Army units routinely clean and re-build temples. – The Hindu

    ‘Promotions in Indian armed Forces are on merit’

    ‘The Indian military is scandal-prone and corrupt’ – Indian Express Tribune

    • 3


      What is your point if there is one?
      Are you saying Hindian armed forces are following, learning and acting like the Sri Lankan one or Sri Lankan forces are learning it from them?
      Are you trying to tell us the Sri Lankan armed forces are better than the Hindian one?
      Don’t forget Hindians regularly train Sri Lankan armed forces. Elia Dr Gotabhaya (DSc) was also trained in Hindia. Is that why nothing could stop him from committing war crimes and crime against humanity?

      • 0

        Indian forces trained Sri Lankan army but no match for Velu. MR however caught Velu and his uncivilised followers and put them where they should be. He he So much for Indian Army. They can’t hold their own against the Pakistanis either. They run shit scared of the Pakis in Kashmir jut like how Nehru ran without looking back when the Chinese invaded Tibet. He he heh!
        Stupid Tamil Vedda will now want documents in proof of the above,he will get it if he looks at the Sun at 12 noon and shout Haro Hora seven times.

        • 3

          Percy the dated Pathetic

          “MR however caught Velu and his uncivilised followers and put them where they should be. “

          Too clever.
          Immediately after the end of war Dr Mahinda Rajapaksa (LLD + PhD X 3) said ‘I think my war is part of the South Asian campaign against terrorism. In fact, by eliminating the LTTE militarily, I have fought India’s war.'(http://www.rediff.com/news/2009/

          Stupid Percy your psychopath brethren VP fought Hindian’s war in this island. Later Dr Mahinda Rajapaksa (LLD + PhD X 3) fought Hindian’s war also in this island. I wonder when the Tamil and Sinhala speaking leaders going to fight for the people of this island? What’s the matter with you stupid people?

          Remember Vibushna had to fight Rama’s war in this island. VP and Dr MR also had to fight wars for foreigners in this island. It appears this island is populated with Vellaikkara Padei (mercenaries) irrespective of parochial differences among themselves. Ever ready to work for foreigners than for themselves.

          What a pity.

          When you are in trouble worship Buddha (a foreigner), Skanda (South Indian), ……. Madu Matha (Middle Eastern), ….

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    Don’t under estimate your services, sir.

    Airforce has done far better than other armed forces in destroying so many houses schools temples and churches; killing thousands of Tamil men women children students and LTTE members. All by their indiscriminate bombing in North and East. They have assisted the Army in their killing spree as well. So Airforce , most holistic institution, deserves better pay than others!!

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    Independence Day parade is showing the might of the Tri Forces. The weaponry, sophisticated equipment, armed vehicles, air crafts, etc., are absolutely awesome. With such might, purchased by the previous regime (obviously with several high ups getting massive kickbacks) shows that its no wonder that the LTTE could be vanquished. It is also no wonder that thousands of civilians may have died during the war. Just one example, with multi barrel Rocket Launchers having the capability of launching 40 rockets in 14 seconds to a distance of more than 24 kilometers, (!!!) how can anyone pick and choose specific LTTE targets located among civilians, especially in a narrow landmass like the northern peninsula? To unite all communities we should at least now stop denying the civilian deaths and start building bridges with the minority community which has suffered so much in terms of lives and property, as this 70th Independence Day is ample proof of what may have happened in recovering the land lost to the LTTE.

  • 1

    Kalu Nangi

    Opposition leader Sampanthan and other TNA M.Ps have not attended the Independence Day ceremony today. I suspect that they are scared of loosing tamils’ votes by attending? if so they tacitly accept that Tamils haven’t got independence yet. Am I correct?

    • 1

      What we haven’t got yet is an honest leader who can discharge the duties he owes to the people of this country without being biased on ethnic, communal or religious grounds. If we can get such a person as the President, we will then be able to truly celebrate independence. Words mean nothing.

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