25 May, 2024


Our Pirapaharan

By Tisaranee Gunasekara

“…..he who erected

His own gallows was the one who least expected

To end up dead.”

La Fontaine (Selected Fables)

Vellupillai Pirapaharan could have been the saviour of his people. He could have won for the Tamils a federal solution, perhaps even a con-federacy. He could have, but didn’t, because that was not his goal. His goal was His own state; the Eelam he worked towards was not Tamil-speaking Eelam, Tamil Eelam or even Tiger Eelam; his goal was a Pirapaharan Eelam, a country where he was the state, the law and the religion.

That megalomanic quest ended in an apocalyptic devastation which consumed the Tamil people, the LTTE and, ultimately, Vellupillai Pirapaharan.

Post-victory, the Rajapaksas could have chartered a different path for Sri Lanka, towards democratic peace and humane development. They could have resolved the Tamil issue, strengthened religious-amity and created the political and socio-economic foundations of truly Lankan nation. They could have, but didn’t, because that is not what they want. They used the enormous political capital they gained by defeating the LTTE to transform Sri Lanka in to a familial oligarchy, because that was what they wanted.

Democracy is a shell, the judiciary and the bureaucracy subjugated, minorities disempowered and majority addicted to ethno-religious extremism because these are essential steps in the road towards Familial Rule and Dynastic Succession.

The Rajapaksas regard nation-building not as the consensual union of equals but as the forced welding of unequals. The ‘Lankan nation’ of Rajapaksa-making is intended to be – and will be – a Sinhala-Buddhist supremacist entity under Rajapaksa rule. The Siblings have no interest in winning over the Tamils. A regime which has even a marginal interest in ensuring ethno-religious reconciliation would not have given baying saffron mobs carte blanche to antagonise every minority group.

The Rajapaksas are viscerally allergic to sharing power with anyone, including the SLFP and the judiciary. They will tolerate a provincial council in the North only if it is their appendage, like all other provincial councils. They will use the judiciary to postpone the NPC election, the same way they used the judiciary to de-merge the North-East, unless Delhi is willing and able to make the success of the Hambantota Commonwealth contingent on a relatively free and fair Northern poll, on schedule.

That the Rajapaksas are incensed and worried by the TNA’s Chief Ministerial choice is obvious. The Siblings’ most verbose ventriloquist-dummy, Wimal Weerawansa, has decried Mavai Senathiraja’s withdrawal from the CM-race as a foreign plot: “One diplomatic mission reminded him that his family was in their country and they will send them back to Sri Lanka and not give them a visa again if he contests for the post. The other foreign mission contacted all the TNA MPs individually and said they accept Wigneswaran for the post”[i]. He then resurrected the separatist-bogey: “the diplomatic missions are of the view that Wigneswaran can create the legal loopholes for a separate Tamil state to be formed in Sri Lanka”[ii]

Minister Weerwansa’s braying can be ignored; Basil Rajapaksa’s pronouncements cannot be. Basil Rajapaksa is his Presidential brother’s favourite trouble-shooter, for obvious reasons. Of the Ruling Siblings, he is indubitably the wiliest. If Basil Rajapaksa hurls a verbal-grenade it is not because he has lost his cool but because the Brothers Inc has decided that the time has come to speak of it.

And throwing a verbal-grenade is precisely what he did in his recent Hindu interview. He condemned the TNA’s CM-choice as “a candidate of ‘external forces’ who did not represent the people of the North” [iii]. He proclaimed that the “Rajapaksa government had given the Tamil people ‘everything’ – roads, railways, water, electricity, schools, and hospitals” and warned that the “TNA provincial government will whip up ‘emotional issues’”[iv]. He pronounced that if police powers are activated, the NPC will form its own army.

Basil Rajapaksa’s words prove that the 13th Amendment and the NPC are damned ipso facto. The Rajapaksas have no intention of developing a modus vivendi with a TNA-controlled NPC or even allow it to function. The only debatable point is whether the NPC will be allowed to come into existence and function until the Hambantota Commonwealth is over (due to Indian pressure) or whether it will be judicially aborted.

Basil Rajapaksa’s words also indicate what the real mandate of the APC is – disembowel the 13th Amendment. The Opposition’s decision to boycott the APC is correct. Participation will not make any change in the intended outcome; it will merely provide the process with a cloak of legitimacy.  The Impeachment travesty demonstrated how Rajapaksa-APCs, in which the opposition is fully represented, work in practice. All that APC did was to provide a fig-leaf for an act of vindictive tyranny. The APC on the ethnic issue too is an exercise in mirage-making.

Ultimately, the Rajapaksas will disembowel the 13th Amendment and call it democracy[v].

A Tangled Web

An entity that is enslaved to a personality, a party or a family, is incapable of acting in its own best interests. That was the fate of Adolf Hitler’s Germany and Vellupillai Pirapaharan’s LTTE.

In Sri Lanka, the state has become totally subservient to the Ruling Family. Every line of demarcation between the state and the rulers has been deliberately and consciously erased. The state is thus totally geared towards fulfilling the needs, whims and fancies of the Ruling Family, politically and socio-economically, even at the cost of the country and the people.

With their shenanigans on the devolution/NPC front, the Rajapaksas are alienating the Tamils and antagonising India. They may not have embarked on this ruinous path, with such sanguinity, had they not been so buoyed by Chinese patronage and so confident of Chinese support.

The Chinese factor might work in the short term, but in the medium to long term it can boomerang on Sri Lanka. Like any rising Super Power, Chinais belligerently fractious. Chinahas disputes with Japan, Vietnam and the Philippines over islands in South and East Chinaseas. Its border-conflict with Indiawas renewed when a platoon of the PLA reportedly established a camp 19 kilo meters inside Indian controlled territory. According to a classified report from Indian Defence Ministry “increasing numbers of Chinese submarines (are) venturing into the Indian Ocean region, thus posing (risks) to India’s security….. The ‘implicit focus’ of China’s navy appears to be ‘to control highly sensitive sea lines of communication’”[vi].

In addition, there is China’s rivalry with the US, made worse by President Obama’s ‘Pivot toAsia’ policy.

On the international stage,China is somewhat porcupinish, prickly and irascible. It would not make any sense for a country as small, weak and relatively-friendless as Sri Lanka to become entangled in those Sino-quills. Nor must we become a bargain-chip China can trade in some international forum, to win herself a necessary concession.

Unadulterated self-interest is myopic and thus dangerous. Blinded by his ‘My Eelam’ dream Vellupillai Pirapaharan did not realise the deadly impasse he was driving the Tamil people, the LTTE, his family and himself to, until it was too late.

A deadly and a desolate future awaits us, if we allow ourselves to be enticed by the Rajapaksas and their patriotic drum-roll.

[i] http://colombogazette.com/2013/07/19/mavai-forced-out-claims-wimal/

[ii] Ibid

[iii] http://dbsjeyaraj.com/dbsj/archives/22923

[iv] Ibid

[v] The previous APC too was an exercise in deception. On an appointed date, the Tissa Witharana led APRC ceremoniously presented President Rajapaksa with a ‘consensus’ document advocating the full implementation of the 13th Amendment. The week before Rajapaksa had given the APRC a document advocating the full implementation of the 13th Amendment, with instructions to present it back to him as that long suffering body’s own recommendation. The APRC acquiesced. The ‘consensus’ imposed by the President was presented to the President with a straight face and was accepted by the President with a straight face.

[vi] Project Syndicate – 16.4.2003

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Latest comments

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    A more refined, caring VP may emerge once again to save the Tamils of Sri Lanka.

    • 0

      Not just the Tamils, the whole lot of us need saving,

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      Tisaranee Gunesekera,

      Thank you. Well Summarized points, DeJa Vu.

      1, “his goal was a Pirapaharan Eelam, a country where he was the state, the law and the religion.”

      2. “(Rajapaksas_ They could have, but didn’t, because that is not what they want. They used the enormous political capital they gained by defeating the LTTE to transform Sri Lanka in to a familial oligarchy, because that was what they wanted.”

      3. minorities disempowered and majority addicted to ethno-religious extremism because these are essential steps in the road towards Familial Rule and Dynastic Succession.”

      4. “The ‘Lankan nation’ of Rajapaksa-making is intended to be – and will be – a Sinhala-Buddhist supremacist entity under Rajapaksa rule.”

      5. “Basil Rajapaksa’s words prove that the 13th Amendment and the NPC are damned ipso facto. The Rajapaksas have no intention of developing a modus vivendi with a TNA-controlled NPC or even allow it to function”

      6.” Ultimately, the Rajapaksas will disembowel the 13th Amendment and call it democracy[v].”

      When will the next war and calamity will start?

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        Isn’t it we feel vey sad when we see our hero’s photo ,what a good person in this picture , look at the way he relaxed in the pool, you know we believe SL government jealous about our god and killed him

        our brothers and sisters living in abroad work hard and send lot money to our god to have this type of luxary life, our bothers and sisters living in SL sacrifies their lives to protect our god
        unfortunately still we were not able to save his life.

        can you and me eat the that left over cyanide capsuls and go to same place that he lives now

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    Even our ordinary punters among the inhabitant population never had any doubt that he was Ms Ts’ Pirapaharan?.

    Sambandan’s choice and the Indian Menon hoisted Vellala from kurunduwatta,is all about how to get TNA its own Police and total control of the Govt Land bank not only for his North but for all Tamil speaking areas.

    Whilst his Opponent for the CM post, Daya Master is all about looking after his people who are ex Captives of Pirapaharan.

    Isn’t Basil right on the money?

    The great inhabitant majority of the inhabitant population are shit scared of another bout of misery and carnage from a TNA Police mutating into a Northern Tamil Army.

    Unlike last time our peace loving majority is confronted with a joint Opposition and Govt in Tamil Nadu who are willing to back the Vellalas to the hilt. this time around .

    In light of this who can we depend on other than our Chinese mates?.

    • 0

      Stop crying Gon Sumano.
      Anti Rajapaksa numbers swelling every day in rapid pace.
      So dont blame TG. TG is just bringing us facts in a stronger way
      every now and then. You can see how badly poverty stricken is this Kekille lead regime when they sent a least educated mongal looking fellow as a diplomat to iron out differences between India and us. Perhaps Sumano you could do a better job than the Paksas.
      Another Rajapaksa in Uganda now. Isnt it hilarious?
      Stop attacking anti Rajapaksa articles and seriously think about your future you moron, Gon Sumano.

      • 0

        A very good response to GON SUMANO!

    • 0

      Traditional Sri Lankan comment. Keep it up. Mervin will be very proud of you.

    • 0

      Leela aka Tsunamiskera aka Gewal Hora:
      Have you been on Mars recently or is just your deep-seated stupidity going into high gear?
      You missed something here: the fact that Justice Wigneswaran’s two (Tamil) sons are married to two Sinhalese women! You know you could have used that to hurl some choice racist epithets at him in your efforts to fill space in CT because, many of us suspect, you get paid by the Rajapassas by the word, irrespective of whether it makes any sense or not.

    • 0


      That is correct,


      And Probably Your bosses and Yours man.

      Because, JUST Imagine.

      Premadasa Bribed PIRAPAHARAN, Gave him Money, arms and ammunitions.

      Rajapassa Bribed him and gave money to buy arms and stop vote for other presidential candidates and stop fielding any Tamils to candidacy.

      So he is Your, our PIRIPAHARAN.

      Tell that to your Handler to get message to his bosses.

      RAJAPASSAs Begging on their knees from India and China will not do us any good,
      Neither from the west.
      Now their only rope is selling National resources.

      After WHAT THEY ARE GOING TO SELL THEIR Bxx ???????/.

      Chinese are mating with RAJAPASSAS. THAT everybody knows.
      WHY Don’t you try????????.


      Are you and your Handlers are very afraid of a Educated Retired Judge.

      Once Shirani Bandarnayaka Phobia
      Now Wigneswaran Phobia,

  • 0

    Once thing that VP proved for all the world to see is that the so called ‘sri lankan tamils’ and the sinhalese are in no way better than each other and that both parties are as devoid of anything even remotely resembling intelligence as the other.

    • 0

      The only THING more moronic than those two sets of nationalists is probably the likes of YOU!

  • 0

    TG is mourning Pabakaran’s screwing up of Tamils.

    Rsayappu’s JEsus Christ’s angels were Tamil killers.

    • 0

      Jim Softy can at least speak proper English when he gets on his usual attack bandwagon against Christians. Have you noticed how almost all of the regime’s laundering idiots murder the queen one way or another?

  • 0

    We sometimes wish Prabhagran was alive. so you can check these thugs in robes in balanced.

  • 0

    BR is said to be a moderate, so his utterances mean that the regime has run out of spokespeople. Sending BR to India too is a surprising move. Doesnt the govt have better and more qualified diplomutts? BR doesnt qualify as an excellent negotiator to handle such an important task. His everlasting smile is his only asset. You cannot figure out whether he is smiling or leering at you.

    It seems the revocation of 13A is still the dream of the regime, egged on by the Sinhala Buddhist schizophrenics who see a DOIY Prabakharan in every Tamil. Whether the dream will realise depends on several factors and events. Minimally police and land powers will be revoked which will be a sop to appease and save face for the exremist.

    • 0

      You and several other commentators on Basil’s periodic trips to India fail to draw attention to one simple fact: Basil has the “skills” to deal with all the Indian “Commission-Kaakkas,” something he has demonstrated since he emerged in this role: the ability to negotiate “percentages” with the Indian businessmen you are more adept that our locals in collecting and paying, when necessary, on the “side.”
      There was till recently at least a “retired” Indian High Commissioner to Sri Lanka who had allegedly bought a house in Colombo in which he was in full-time residence “doing business” with Basil and Co.!

      • 0

        “… There was till recently at least a “retired” Indian High Commissioner to Sri Lanka who had allegedly bought a house in Colombo in which he was in full-time residence “doing business” with Basil and Co….” Unless you provide further details, one has to conclude this lie comes from the minds of a hopeless fool.
        As far as I know IHC’s in the past many decades lived only at “India House” down Thurstan Road. I have this from those who have known all of them personally from 1988 till recently.


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    Whether pirapaharan wanted his Elam or for the Tamils should say. 99% of the Tails living in Sri Lanka will say he wanted it for the Tamils . Real mistake he made was supporting Rajapakshe indirectly by aslking the Tamils not to vote in the election. Why he lost the war was due to scheming corrupt leader Rajiv,s corrupt wife Sonia and the American cowboy Bush colluded to help the war criminal Rajapakshe. Now the everybody in Sri Lanka is paying to it

  • 0

    VP seized ‘leadership’ of the Tamil community and kept it using ruthless tactics. But he would not have got to Nandikadal lagoon if, firstly, the police and security forces were not woefully unprepared at the time to quell any uprising, and two, the acquiescence of the elders and others in the community who cowed by the threat of violence capitulated by silence or running away.

    Two important factors contributed to the rise of VP. The GOSL never properly learnt the lessons they should have after the 1971 JVP uprising and the security forces were underfunded and governments lived in hope ‘that it will never happen’ (memories of SWRD in the billiard room at the Orient Club in May 1958.) JR for all his strongman machinations was never able to deliver a peaceful land, where its citizens slept in peace. Coupled with this was the flight of the ‘cream’ of the Tamil community, the earliest pioneers of the Diaspora. Both to assuage their guilt and threatened by the tentacles of the LTTE they contributed to the coffers of VP who by now had settled down to a making a career of his ‘leadership’. This way, agreeing to regular convenient seize-fires, VP made an unchallenged 30 year career of his fiefdom. When he ran out of men (or rather when the ‘men’ ran out on him) he resorted to using women and children – the last resort of the true scoundrel. The legendary erudite Tamil leaders were bullied into a deafening silence. The result is that today we have a broken, dispirited community, pitied and despised in their adopted countries, looked down as losers and cowards in their own land.

    The 13th Amendment died with VP in Nandikadal lagoon. Alas, the body of the 13A was not properly buried and the stench is polluting the post war peace.

    India and China will jostle for the bejewelled hand of the Pearl of the Indian Ocean but Percy and his brotherhood are past masters at playing the field.

    The Rajapaksa’s seized their moment and did what was necessary and the inevitable result was a foregone conclusion. They have brought peace to the Island. People freely travel to the far ends of the north; they enjoy the beautiful beaches of the east coast, the national parks are full, foreigners ooh-aah at the beauty of our land like no other. The roads are packed with evidence of this new post-war prosperity. But I agree that not all is rosy; lawlessness and disorder, injustice and rampant inflation are rife. The people will need to weigh their gratitude to the Family for deliverance from terrorism against these menaces. Once, already, in January 2010, they gave MR a resounding vote of confidence. The goodwill and gratitude earned by MR from the people is not about to evaporate, like the mist over Horton Plains, anytime soon.

    And remember this; MR and Family are also prisoners to the ‘elephant in the room’. The electorate is a whopping 70% Sinhala-Buddhist, the Mahanayakes have a very influential voice in their thinking and their voting, and just as equally the new vituperative forces of nationalist Buddhist thinking are taking hold with impunity underpinned by high patronage. The future on the traditional democratic front looks very grim.

    Tisaranee, I agree with your ‘A deadly and a desolate future awaits us, if we allow ourselves to be enticed by the Rajapaksas and their patriotic drum-roll’. But you know what, when the skies are blue and the breezes balmy, who would sacrifice a g & t on the terrace of the GFH for a stint on the revolution front line?

  • 0

    As Mangala Samaraweera states MR never makes decisions. He is controlled by his family. On 13A when India push him he follow India. When BSS, JHU, NHH, GR push him on removal of 13A he tries to do that. To please muslims he go and opened mosque in Beruwala. Definitely in local scene he is driven by the racist gang alienating muslims and catholics from UPFA.

  • 0

    Come to think of it, there is a lot of sense in what Tissaranee has to say. Further, Chinese banks that pay thousands of dollars to the Rajapaksa family, that are responsible for the borrowings, as commissions in the guise of glorifying Hambantota and/or for the purchase of arms, but actually to enrich themselves, may not be able to do so any longer. Given that there is a slowing down to seven and a half per cent growth in the GDP having fallen from eight per cent China will have pursue EU style economic growth and/or that of the US a process that could take many years. The new leader has to work through this morass in a climate of overwhelming corruption which he finds daunting. Bensen

    • 0

      Stop your nonsense and idiotic comments Bensen Burner!

  • 0

    What made Pirabakaran a short term success is the tacit support of the Tamil elite – who felt that it would to be to their advantage to turn a blind idea towards his atrocities. Because it was all in the name of the Tamil Cause.

    The Sinhalese elite is showing similar dumbness.

  • 0

    The egotists, the tyrants and the dictators are common because their goals are only centered on their lives. nothing good or humane will ever in their eyes be reasonable…. until they face the last moment of the lives…..death and to never return.

  • 0

    I think Prabhakaran’s down fall started when he did not listen to much more educated and politically matured Anton Balasingham.

    By being uneducated and with low political knowledge, VP was more like a War lord than a Liberator. He knew only to fight and not to Govern. That’s what brought his down fall.


    Similarities of Mental, Physical, facial and Political decision makings are shown between VP and Rajapakse’s when comes to governing of the country.

    Using armed forces for Political, security, development and economic purposes in the North will backfire on Rajapakses.

    As future Nothern CM Mr.W said the more you supress the more people will rise and the days of old Communism and facist dicatorial type of governance are gone.

    The more earlier Rajapakses understand the ground reality will save Sri Lanka as a one nation. Globetrotting looking for answers, when they are right here, will not solve any problem.

    Otherwise be prepared to follow VP to Nanthikandal and take the country back to another Somalia, Sudan or Yugoslavia.

    Using Buddhist Sinhala Jathi Aala, Wimal, JHU, BBS Jokers cards whenever Rajapakses feel will never solve anybody’s problems and will futher bring disgrace to our country.

    Another great analysis by Tisaranee.

  • 0

    Right wing Ranil is crying for help to topple Rajapaksa with his latest demand for mass demos across the nation.

    Ranil and his Christian brigades lead by Ravi Karunanayaka are the one and the only option, the anti Rajapaksians here ,lead by Ms T and her colleagues have, to do the job of getting rid of Rajapaksa and and all of his Bala Senas.

    Shouldn’t they be devoting their time and effort to help him by enlighting the readers here and the inhabitants in Srilanka how they are going to enjoy.

    Better standards of living,

    Better jobs,

    Better housing,

    Better Roads,

    Better freedom and better peace by coming out to the streets and roll Rajapksa?.

  • 0

    [Edited out] another crap article against rajapakse

  • 0

    Is this picture of the Fat Boy a computer jilmart?


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