1 June, 2023


Overthrew Morsi’s Elected Government: Saudi, Israeli And American Conspiracy

By Latheef Farook

Latheef Farook

Saudi, Israeli And American Conspiracy: Overthrew Morsi’s Elected Government: They wanted a Mubarak type secular client state

Muhammad Morsi, the first ever elected president in a  historic free and fair elections in Egypt which was ruled by the military dictators for more than six decades, was over thrown in a military coup on 3 Wednesday July 2013.

The army also suspended the constitution, installed a puppet regime, dispatched troops, clamped down on the media, closed down television stations including the Arabic unit of Al Jazeera,  beaten, detained and threatened journalists and began arresting and locking up  hundreds of  Muslim Brotherhood members including its leadership which supported Morsi.

This happened exactly a year after Morsi assumed office- dashing all dreams of democracy in Egypt. According to sources in Cairo Saudi Arabia, Israel and America jointly plotted and used Egypt’s armed forces to overthrow Morsi’s pro Islamic government and democracy.

The demonstrations against Morsi’s government were entirely organized and orchestrated by the armed forces and the three plotters-Saudi Arabia, Israel and America- poured billions of dollars to ensure its success.

Muslims worldwide remain deeply shocked at the treacherous Saudi involvement in overthrowing Islamic government in Egypt.

Within twenty four hours the armed forces reestablished their police state.

Plot to crush the democracy movement was not something unexpected. Conspiracy has been set in motion the day Morsi was elected to power. Morsi’s had only one disqualification and that was Muslim Brotherhood’s   support to him.

He tried to assert the rights and dignity of Egyptian people. This is something the forces which flourished under the disgraced and overthrown dictator Hosni Mubarak, described by blind Egyptian clergy Sheikh Abdurrahman as the obedient dog of the West, was not worried about. They were all out to take back the power by hook or crook to restore their privileges.

Morsi had many powerful local, regional and international enemies. For example within Egypt those who flourished under Hosni Mubarak, hostile state sector and government apparatus did not support to Morsi’s regime. On top of all were the armed forces, best beneficiaries of the annual 1.5 billion dollar handouts from   US as reward for turning a blind eye to Israel’s conspiracies against the region to establish a greater Israel.

Equally keen to topple Morsi’s government was the country’s Coptic Christian population who came out en bloc to participate in the anti Morsi’ demonstration.

In the region Saudi Arabia, the most oppressive regime in this planet and often known as the American –Zionist wolf in Islamic clothing, was all out to destroy Morsi’ government as it was both democratic and Islamic oriented. Saudi regime which collaborates with US led European wars against Islam and Muslims had been very active in plotting to overthrow Morsi’s government.

With Saudi regime giving the lead its tails- oil rich Gulf countries, except Qatar, ruled by autocratic tribal dictators depending on US for their political survival- also became party to this conspiracy as they were all alarmed by the rise of democracy and Islam in Egypt .Most countries in the region ruled by scoundrels installed in power and protected by US and Europe too were alarmed at the rise of democracy and Islam.

In the international scene the US which leads the West in its campaign against Islam and Muslims worldwide cannot tolerate Islam raising its head within the democratic framework in Egypt. The first US reaction, within 24 hours after overthrowing democratically elected government, was to review this aid package.

On top of all Israel, the sole source of instability in the entire region, wanted Morsi’s government crushed to establish a client state.

In the midst there were numerous reports emerged of conspiracy to topple Morsi’s regime since early this year. For example an article on Wednesday 13 February 2013 in the “Socialist Action” by Paul Roberts under the headline” Israel, America and Saudi Arabia potting to over throw President Morsi” had this to state;

Imperialism and Israel have never reconciled themselves to the 2011 overthrow of their client Mubarakist regime in Egypt. Israel and the US perfectly understand that not only is Egypt the most populous Arab state but it is the decisive one from the point of view of any military confrontation with the Zionist state.

The Saudi Arabian dictatorship, concerned above all with its own survival, is terrified by any unrest in the Arab world and looks to the US and Israel as the only reliable pillars to support it. None of them consider the moderate Muslim Brotherhood dominated presidency of Mohamed Morsi radical. But nothing other than the purest of client regimes in Egypt is acceptable to the US, Israel or Saudi Arabia. They are therefore determined to restore a Mubarakist regime, without the former dictator, in Egypt.

This is the background to the recent disorder in Egypt, where violent demonstrations became order of the day.  It is clear that Egypt’s security forces, which are still dominated by supporters of Mubarakism, stood aside in a number of these violent attacks. Armed protestors were allowed to rampage and create chaos.

The clear aim is to create conditions in which the army and security forces can carry out a coup d’etat utilizing the claim that the country is descending into chaos and therefore they have no option than to step in to ‘save the country’.

This goal is now beginning to be made explicit. The week before last the Army warned it may seize political control. Raising the need to restore order, its chief, Abdel-Fattah el-Sissi, who is also Defence Minister, pronounced that ‘the political strife is pushing the state to the brink of collapse.’   

The background to these events is Egypt’s steadily worsening economic situation and slide towards open financial crisis.

Israel, Saudi Arabia and US

Saudi Arabia sits on immense reserves from its oil revenues, which last year left its government with a budget surplus of $102bn. A fraction of this would halt the Egyptian crisis, but it is not on offer. In short those who want Egypt’s regime changed back are weakening its government by holding back the funds it needs.

The goals of Israel, the US and Saudi Arabia are clear. Whatever its moderation the Muslim Brotherhood Presidency has weakened the power of the US, Israel, Saudi axis in the region.

Whilst President Morsi does not intend to overturn the fundamentals of the Israel-Egypt Treaty, he did constrain Israel’s recent assault on Gaza and has helped to strengthen Hamas.Morsi’s discussions with China and the rapprochement with Iran, both of which differ from the pure clientalism of Mubarak, are not desirable for imperialism or Israel.

The Muslim Brotherhood’s advance in the region has also bolstered opposition movements in the Gulf States, a process the Saudi monarchy wants to reverse.

Muslim Brotherhood government

The election of President Morsi last June, decisively defeating the former regime candidate, naturally led to imperialism seeking ways to influence the Muslim Brotherhood – which imperialism perfectly understands is not a radical anti-imperialist force. But this is purely an enforced tactical shift. Nothing other than a pure client state is strategically acceptable for imperialism in Egypt.

Hence the need to promote economic and political chaos to prepare better conditions for a coup.

Of course the Muslim Brotherhood, having no solution to the country’s economic crisis, also permits the economic chaos to deepen. Without financial support from either imperialism or Saudi Arabia, solving the economic situation would require measures going against significant capitalist interests. As the Brotherhood itself is allied to sections of Egyptian capital, it is not even considering such steps.

Therefore discontent has been spreading. Since last autumn waves of protest have been escalating, and these followed on from a summer strike wave. This discontent will deepen as living standards continue to decline.

The reality of Egyptian ‘secularism’

When President Morsi issued the constitutional decree granting himself powers to overrule the Mubarakist judiciary last November, followed by the constitutional referendum, pro-imperialist forces took advantage of the political confusion on the issues to bring some left forces in Egypt under their political leadership.

Mubarak-era minister Amr Moussa and the pro-Western   Mohamed El Baradei used the banner of ‘secularism’ to bring ‘left’ nationalist Hamdeen Sabahi into a ‘National Salvation Front’ to oppose Morsi. They forced Morsi to retreat from his constitutional decree and have organised the protests demanding Morsi hand over power.

As the Mubarakists well understand that the only force strong enough to take over from Morsi at present is the army. The NSF strategy is to create disorder and prepare conditions for a coup.  In these preparations for a coup Israel, Saudi Arabia and US will doubtless not only be objectively coordinating with the Mubarakists but also helping guide their actions.

There are still formidable obstacles for imperialism and its clients in Egypt. The memory of the revolution, and of the craven and vile dictatorship of Mubarak is recent, the results of the referendum show forces opposed to Mubarakism still have a significant majority.

But there should be no illusions. Israel, the US, and Saudi Arabia are attempting to prepare the conditions for a Mubarakist coup d’etat in Egypt.

As predicted six months ago by Paul Roberts President Morsi’s regime was overthrown under the evil   Saudi-Israeli-American agenda .Though few millions demonstrated to overthrow President Morsi still more than two third of the population did not participate in these anti Morsi demonstrations.

Egypt is a divided nation today.  Will the Saudi, Israeli American plotters turn Egypt into another Syria as part of their global agenda?

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  • 1

    Morsi’s tenure in office caused more chaos and division in the country and nothing good. He was a weak leader who had no vision and did not put forward any solutions to the enormous problems the country faced. The man was elected with only 51% of the popular vote so he can’t claim overwhelming support or legitimacy to govern the way he wanted. The country needed a broad coalition of political forces in the country and that is what he should have done.

    Blaming the US, Israel and the Saudis is a typical reaction of extremist Muslims for the ills of Muslim countries and the author of this article is no different. He is both blind and deaf to be oblivious to the fact that millions of Egyptians demonstrated all over Egypt to get rid of Morsi. People who thought an extremist Muslim parties will solve the problems of Muslim countries is a fallacy as proven by many examples in various parts of the world.

  • 1

    You are imagining Ghosts where there are none! Mursi messed up and wanted to usher in a Muslim Brotherhood dictatorship. Most Egyptians did not want Mubarak’s dictatorship, which was overthrown after thirty years to be replaced by a ‘ Muthawwa ‘ dictatorship . Mursi forgot that he was supported by 50.7 % of the voters when elected and there were 49.3 % who voted against him. Those who voted for him included a large percentage of Islamic liberals and modernists.

    Dr.Rajasingham Narendran.

    • 1

      When it gave the Morsi Govt a 48-hr Ultimatum the Army said Morsi’s Govt is run by “Jihadists and Fools”. True, he got 51% of the popular vote but he promised to bring down prices of essential food items in 100 days. He could not. He agreed to strengthen the economy. But the Egyptian Pound lost 20% of its value in Morsi’s 1 year. The straw that broke the Camel’s back was appointing Adel Mohd Al-Wahyat as Governor the important tourist city of Luxor. This man is accused of leading the killers who machine-gunned 58 foreign tourists in 1997. The other charges against Morsi, with absolutely no previous experience in governance or high office, was that he was ruling for the Muslim Brotherhood and not for the whole of Egypt – Sunnis, Shias, Coptics and others. Morsi is one more example in the world rhetoric is one thing and actual performance and delivery is another.

      Merely blaming the Americans, the Jews, Saudis and others is trying to fool the readership.


  • 1

    Morsi messed up by trying to implement an Islamist agenda leading to the fracture of the alliance that ousted Mubarak. Mubarak was ok for US, Israel and the West. Egyptian society is evenly balanced between the Islamist and Secular as evinced from the close finish of the Presidiential election. Time for Egypt to unite and work for the prosperity of the nation.

  • 0

    Egypt was messed up for the past sixty years and if anyone expects morsi to fix it in one year they must be dreaming especially with heavy baggage left by Mubarack in the form of officials loyal to Mubarak and his regime. Israel is getting worried with increasing Islamic power around it.The same is being tried in Turky as well.Morsi,Assad and Erdogan three major threats removed Israel can breath easily and King of Saudi could sleep well. The triangle of evel US,Israel and Saudi eill never let up.

  • 0

    Dear Lateef Farook,

    “They wanted a Mubarak type secular client state”

    Morsi wanted an Islamic State, the an Islamic Republic of Mullahs, like in Iran.

    Long live Egypt.

    1. A secular state is more Egalitarian than a Theocracy based on myths.
    The question is do they want to be a client state.

    2. Kamel Ataturk in 1923 reinvented the Ottoman Empire and declared the modern secular Turkey. In this new country, that comprised more than 99% Muslims, Islam would be excluded from any role in public policy and demoted to the private sphere where it might go on thriving as a religion like any other, so long as its adherents didn’t bother the neighbors.

    3. Turkey was thus the first Muslim-majority country to declare itself secular and to make the separation of politics and religion an official policy.

    Sri Lanka, we have Buddhist Monks running Amok, citing Monk Mahanama Myths. The Mahanayakas are silent. We have politicians licking their asses. Disgusting. What a shame.

    4. Having demoted Islam, however, Ataturk needed some other principle to unify his new country, so elaborated an ideology that sanctified six isms. Nationalism,secularism, reform ism, statism, populism and republicanism. Turks call this Kemalism.

    5. Modernist to the core, He did not call himself King or Sultan. He had a new constitution written, set up a parliament, and established a republican form of government with himself as president. The parliamentary democracy he built endures to this day.

    6. Iran and Afghanistan also tried and for various reasons ran into trouble with entrenched forces based on self-interests.

    7. Egypt: So, this could be an opportunity for Egypt to clean up the Islamists with with their Myths and Mullahs, and later get away becoming a client state. All the commonwealth countries were client state of Great Britain sometime back.

    DeJa Vu… The Kamel Ataturk Revolution.

    • 0

      Overthrow of Morsi Islamist Govt.


      1. The Musim Brotherhood and Morsi were not able to Deliver.

      2. People Can’t eat Sahria.

      3. Failure of Political Islam.

      4. The ulama, scriptural literalists, the miracle merchants, the orthodox “believers” – all these had dominated “Dar al–Islam” for centuries, and what had they created? Threadbare societies that couldn’t build a car or invent an airplane, much less stand up to Western might. Their failure discredited their outlook, and a sizable public was ready to give someone a turn. The future belongs to the secular modernists,

    • 0

      Kamel Ataturk was a creation of Jews and Americans. because of his non-sense Turkey lost everything and became one of the poorest country in Europe.

  • 0

    To practice the art of the possible, there has to be a pragmatic time frame. Morsi had overstretched. There was more confrontation and less consolidation. Finally the former overwhelmed.

  • 0

    The moment I saw that Morsi was running around with people of the type of the Brotherhood, I lost all hope and faith in the Arab Spring revolts’ ability to replace the existing systems with more liberal, forward-thinking, educated people. I realized that, in Egypt’s case at least, all they had done was to swap one nightmare for another one.

    Morsi isn’t some lost little lamb who was targeted- the guy was an extremist, pure and simple. Extremist Islam isn’t some panacea for all of Egypt’s ills- just like extremist Buddhism isn’t one for our’s. Give the Egyptians SOME credit for knowing their own minds and for taking a very active interest in who rules them and how (as seen in the many protests they’ve held over the past few years)- a polar opposite to our more “dena deyak kaala nikang indapang” crowd.

    What’s most interesting here is Mr. Farook’s worry about Egypt becoming more secular. As someone who’s been very liberal in most of the other stuff he’s written, I find it downright amusing how he now scrambles to point the finger at the the evil Zionists the moment an extremist is kicked out of power (and that too not simply because he was an extremists but also because the man was just downright incompetent!). I simply can’t understand people with this mindset, regardless of what faith they belong to: do they fear their faith is so fragile that it needs to be state-sponsored to be kept alive? Else why this overwhelming fear of separation of religion from politics? As far as I know, true faith is in one’s heart and mind, not in some parliamentary paper or in a constitution.

    • 0

      Interesting viewpoint.

  • 0

    Muslims Talk a lot. what they do when they have the upper hand it killing non-muslims.

    This is MOST RECENT;

    At least 29 pupils and a teacher have been killed in a pre-dawn attack by suspected Islamists on a school in northeastern Nigeria, reports say.

    Eyewitnesses said some of the victims were burned alive in the attack, in Mamudo town, Yobe state.

    Dozens of schools have been burned in attacks by Islamists since 2010.

    A reporter from the Associated Press found chaotic scenes at the hospital in nearby Potiskum, where traumatised parents struggled to identify their children among the charred bodies and gunshot victims.

    Survivors said suspected militants arrived with containers full of fuel and set fire to the school.

    Some pupils were burned alive, others were shot as they tried to flee.

    More than 600 people were believed to have been killed in 2012 by the group, which is fighting to overthrow the government and create an Islamic state in Nigeria’s predominantly Muslim north.

  • 0

    That fat toad looking morsi deserved to be kicked out.He did not have the skills to govern a country of 85 million people,which is mostly barren and infertile except for the nile valley.To run a country like that with a bulging population and lack of resources you need a top class administrator,not a islamic donkey.people were feeling the pinch with lack of food,electricity and water and rising prices and lack of accomadation while this man was only interested in pushing through his islamic agenda.A helicopter view of the anti morsi crowds i saw was really mind boggling and i knew he was a goner then.

    The author of this article is also a islamic fanatic trying to find all kinds of excuses and scapegoats for the second revolution of the egyptians.Good for the egyptians who are wise people and will get rid of all the jokers until they find the correct person to lead them.

  • 0

    Whether Morsi did the right thing within the last one year and the circumstances which he was ousted could be debated at length with various views being put forward. However, one fact that has to be realized is that both Pro-Morsi and Anti-Morsi factions do not want the Armed Forces to take control of Egypt again. That is a positive factor which can be considered as a’continuous revolution’. The leadership of the Muslim Brotherhood has advised its Membership not to clash with the Army in order prevent a serious ‘blood-shedding’ situation. The Army has to take note of it and make sure that it restores the democratic process. Egypt’s new-born democracy is in the process of leaning. The last sixty-years dictatorships did not allow the growth or strengthening of an independent administrative structure. If there is any lapse in Morsi’s administration this is one of the contributing factors. Even if the opposition takes-over it would have to face the same difficulty. So there has to be some sort of understanding and co-operation among all the factions and work unitedly to strengthen democratic process won with great sacrifice.

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