29 November, 2022


Pāda Yātrā: Mahinda Rajapaksa’s Speech Today

Former President and Kurunegala District MP Mahinda Rajapaksa’s speech today.

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    Listening to his speech you can feel the tremor of ,fear , loss of self confidence , no hope ,no faith , ,just like a A DROWNING MAN ,he is desperately trying to CLUTCH A STRAW- if he does he will surely drown for good.

    It takes more than a King, more than a human being ,to accept one’s human follies .

    When you defeat a people , no matter what situation , what is right for you may be wrong for them and what is right for them may be wrong for you. but in war there are no true victors , all are losers.

    But sometimes it becomes necessary to take up weapons to end the conflict when all hope for peace has been denied . War leaves bitter scars , humilation, great loss of life , property, untold sufferings in everything ,including economy.

    A noble leader who had taken the sword only because there were no other options left and sincerely only to end the conflict for to the sake of all people and not to abuse power and enslave the entire people or to one’s own benefit, would have first and foremost reached the people whom he defeated, shed his arrogance and pride aside and consoled them , asked for forgiveness for the loss and misery caused, worked full time and made it the only priority for then , to quickly forgive ,offer amnesty to all the defeated , quickly returned their lands captured , their wealth ,their gold (GOld to date no one knows what happened to it)

    Created hope , offered love ,compassion and protection and won their hearts .

    But sit and think of what he committed at the end of the war and later , which fool will celebrate a war victory over its own people, spending millions on it without any consideration of a people who have been suffering for nearly 30 years of hardship.

    Such a man can never be accepted as a leader in any sense , he was a blunder , not a wise choice by people ., it was the impatience of one set of the population and another who were just revengeful and wanted quickly to get even and blindly voted him.

    Let all of us ,everyone whoever takes human life unjustly will have severe repercussions , I bet my life , even if you escape this life , the one after will be unthinkably most horrifying , people brag about Prabhakaran’s end fate , one must take it as a lesson , you never know what will be yours , it is strangely Karmic sounding from the very man whose past actions and mindset have been very similar of whose fate he is
    referring in this Video and also one whom was also his very close friend of his, I wonder if he is professing his own fate? gives one goosebumps.

    The next set of elections will seal the future of Sri lanka once and for all,it will prove if these are people of wisdom and deserving peace and prosperity.

    If The Present government does not secure the entire local government , then the true mindset of most Sri Lankans would be known , and it would be time for wise young educated men and women of all race and religion to start looking for greener pastures.

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      To uNderestimate a situation is a real shame. No one can deny the support the pada yatra had judging by the. T. V footage. to be in denial is what the. Y. P is good at. A fools paradise best describes. YP The. YP MP cannot fool the people any more.
      This was not an excercise to bring down the. Goverenment but a wake up call to let go of the bluff and keep to thier promises.

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    sarojini @ Government but a wake up call to let go of the bluff and keep to their promises.
    Mind elaborating , when you say bluff , what are they?

    3 ?????????????????????????????????



    keep to their promises., please squeeze it too in numbers .







    Sri Lankan moto

    when it does not rain , damn it , it is too hot ,I want rain real bad.

    When it rains, damn the floods ,

    who is to be blamed for the flood?


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