25 September, 2023


Padeniya’s Vicious Plot To Conquer Sri Lanka Medical Council

By Janaka Goonatilake

For the average reader the SLMC, SLMA and GMOA all sounds the same and distinct characteristics between them means nothing more than three institutes/organizations of medical professionals.

Padeniya – GMOA

However, the medical fraternity recognize unique roles to each of the above three organizations and there is not much overlap between their specific roles.

The Sri Lanka Medical Council (SLMC) is the apex body in regulating the standards of medical services and the standards of medical education. It is responsible in ensuring the services rendered by the registrants of SLMC to the public is safe and up to the accepted standards of the world. It is also responsible to uphold the standards of medical education of all the universities under its purview and ensure the training and skills development meets highest standards accepted by the world. The Sri Lanka Medical Council (SLMC) is stablished by an act of parliament and its role and function is governed by this Medical Ordinance hence all its actions are sanctioned by law of the land. 

The Sri Lanka Medical Association (SLMA) is the professional body of medical fraternity which is basically its academic wing. Its main concern is to enrich academic knowledge among medical professionals and maintain continued development in knowledge and skills among medical professionals.

The Government Medical Officers Association (GMOA) is a trade union established under the trade union act and currently the largest trade union among medical professionals. It has been the only trade union among doctors for a long time but, new trade unions and breakaway groups have formed such as the Association of Medical Specialists (AMS), Government Medical Officers Forum (GMOF), All Ceylon Government Medical Officers Association (ACGMOA), and it is not the sole representative of doctors anymore. 

The History

The Government Medical Officers Association (GMOA) was under Dr Anuruddha Padeniya’s Control since year 2000. The Sri Lanka Medical Council (SLMC) however, was relatively uninfluenced by the trade union pressure of GMOA in the early part of the first decade of the millennium. There was an unwritten understanding among medical professionals that the SLMC should remain an independent body and how much influential the trade union may be, it should not interfere with the business of SLMC.

The structure of the SLMC is such that out of 26 members of its council, 8 are appointed by election. These elected members sit for a tenure of 5 years and at the end of each an election was held. The SLMC election was not a very keenly contested one until about 2010 and distinguish members of the medical fraternity were elected uncontested or with minimum challenge. 

However, things started changing at the end of the tenure of Late Dr Ananda Samarasekara in 2009, who’s second term bid as a council member was thwarted by the withdrawal of support from then GMOA in the election. He was swiftly appointed as the President of the SLMC which was vacant after the conclusion of Dr H H R Samarasinghes tenure. This move was vehemently objected by the GMOA and Prof Lalitha Mendis was appointed as the President of SLMC.

If the growing involvement of GMOA was detrimental for the autonomy of SLMC was detrimental, the situation was even more aggravated by the crass attempts to manipulate SLMC in to recognize the private medical college South Asian Institute of Technology and Medcaine (SAITM) by the politicians. The height of the heat was when the then Higher Education Minister, S B Dissanayake threatened to dissolve SLMC.

Since the inception of SAITM in 2009, the environment surrounding SLMC change drastically. With the Minister of Higher Education openly threatening to dissolve SLMC if recognition for SAITM was not granted, the role of “protector” fell on to GMOA. The events that followed with SLMC and its officials coming under heavy political pressure and at times being abused and even physically attacked paved the way to the general acceptance that GMOA should be the guardian of SLMC. This developed finally in to a stage where an overwhelming number of GMOA members flocking to elect four GMOA executive committee members in to SLMC in the election held in 2018.

Being the apex body in maintaining ethical conduct of doctors and quality of medical services, it is of paramount importance the SLMC remained impartial and autonomous. However, inclusion of executive committee members of GMOA in to the disciplinary committees of the SLMC which will inquire in to complaints largely against GMOA members breaks all known principals of justice and fairness.

However, there was some hope in the general direction the SLMC would be moving as the decisions were collective decisions taken at the council meetings and the GMOA contingent was minor.

The bombshell of Minister of Health swiftly banishing five members of the SLMC including its President, Prof Harendra Silva came in Decembers 2020 on the above backdrop.

Following is a brief account how Padeniya and his followers hatched a vicious plot to deceive Hon Pavithra Wanniarachchi, Minister of Health and caused the biggest upset in the history of SLMC.

* GMOA request the Minister to appoint a committee to inquire SLMC.The Editor of GMOA on a Press conference held on 11/09/2020/ Gives notice on Strike from 21/09/2020 if the Health Minister does not intervene to remove the 5 appointees by the previous government by the deadline.

* Neth news Published news on 16/09/2020 states that according to Health Ministry sources a  5 member committee has been appointed with their names and the TOR of the committee

* The TOR of the committee appears  identical to allegations made against the SLMC by GMOA office bearers during GMOA Press conferences. 

* Out of the 5committee members appointed to inquire SLMC related complaints 2 members have conflict of interest  :

1 . Dr Mathree Chandrarathne – GMOA  Election Committee member from 2014 onwards and current Election committee, Member of the GMOA appointed Annual Transfer committee. 

2. Dr  Darshana Sirisens – GMOA transfer board representative and general committee member since 2010.

An exclusive revelation of a series of SMS messages sent out by Dr Anuruddha Padeniya exposes what actually happened behind the scene in planning and executing this vicious plot to oust five members of SLMC so that Padeniya himself can get the SLMC under his control. On this thread of communications share by Padeniya among his followers, he instructs on what steps to be done next and also forecast the next steps. 

1. GMOA decided to insist Minister to remove Prof. Harandra and conduct SLMC election ASAP.  27th  August .

2. Formal complaint Against the President and some members forwarded at a meeting with minister on  14th September.

3. Minister agrees to appoint a committee to inquire SLMC and agrees to request 3 other nominees to leave to inquire prof Harendra. 15th September.

4. Complaint against Atapattu to Minister on15/09 on removing FDC files.

It is clear that by 15th September 2020, GMOA has managed to convince the minister of Health to appoint a 5 member committee to inquire in to SLMC solely on the request of GMOA. It is further clear that GMOA has already decided to remove Prof Harendra and Dr Atapattu (Assistant registrar) of SLMC prior to holding SLMC elections.

5. Inquiry will  start at ministry with GMOA complaints. Then SLMC will be summoned .3rdly will visit SLMC. Prof HP agreed. 16th September.

At the time of public announcement of appointing the committee to inquire in to SLMC, Padeniya informs his followers how the committee is going to proceed. He forecast that the inquiry will be at Ministry and SLMC members will be summoned to the ministry. “Prof HP” is Prof Hemantha Perera. And Padeniya mentions that Prof Hemantha Perera agreed to follow his directions on how to proceed with the inquiry.

It is hinted here that the GMOA complaints are still not given to the ministry.

06. GMOA need to prepare evidence attached 5 comprehensive complaints against SLMC by 21 /09. 19th September.

07. GMOA hands over the complaints as a submission to the Ministerial committee. 2nd October.

Although the committee was appointed on 16th September, GMOA was yet to submit a complaint according to these communications. GMOA hands over the complaints only on 2nd October 2020 according to these communications.

* Secretary of Health informs the Registrar of SLMC over the phone on 01/10/2020 to attend a meeting on 02/10/2020, 9.30 am to discuss matters related to derecognition of 3 foreign medical faculties.

* The council decides to send the President, Vice President and the Registrar to attend the said meeting with necessary documents

* During the meeting the Secretary of Health hands over a letter Signed by the Minister titled “Appointment of Committee to inquire on SLMC related Complains” dated 16/09/2020 addressed to the President of SLMC and request to meet the said committee after the ongoing meeting. 

* SLMC was handed over the letter 16 days after it was issued and no previous communication was made.

So, while the GMOA and the appointed committee was busy with proceeding the inquiry the respondent wasn’t even informed of such an inquiry.

08. The draft report of ministerial committee is finalised, and hopes Dr Meithree and Dr Sirisena on action(2 Gmoa reps in committee)once Dr Chandike Epitakaduwa presents it to them. 4th October.

While the SLMC has not even formerly met the inquiring committee and responded to any allegation, Padeniya informs his followers that report of the committee has been drafted and the draft is finalized. He mentions its up to the two GMOA collaborators in the committee, namely Dr Maithree Chandrarathna and Dr Darshana Sirisena to make sure the drafted report is taken up. It is revealed that the report was drafted by Dr Chandika Epitakaduwa.

9. Minister upon receiving complaints will take action against Prof H & Dr Pu for corruption. DR AT will be charged for stealing SLMC documents. 2nd November. 

In this message on 2nd November 2020 Dr Anuruddha Padeniya informs his followers that the report is ready and minister will take action on it. Also he forecast the action the minister will be taking – ie: Action will be taken against Prof Harendra (Prof H) and Dr Pushpitha Ubayasiri (DrPu) for corruption.

Dr Chandana Atapattu (DR AT) will be charged for stealing SLMC documents

10. Minister removed  5 members on gmoa request, so need to defend her on Social Media. 27th  November. 

In this message after the Minister of Health removed 5 members of the SLMC, Dr Anuruddha Padeniya instructs his followers that the minister removed the 5 members on their request and therefore its GMOAs responsibility to defend the (action of) Minister.

The thread of messages reveal even more shocking details of clandestine activity the GMOA under Dr Anuruddha Padeniya has undertaken in order to remove “obstacles” in his way to acquire the power of SLMC which ultimately results in his becoming the unmatched super power in the medical fraternity,

What is unclear is why the Minister of Health and the Government is helping him to achieve his goal knowing well that he is nothing but an egomaniac who seeks power at any cost.

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Latest comments

  • 10

    The GMOA website contains only stale posts and polemics from its president. No info about its office bearers. But I do believe that all these office bearers hail from a particular community. Are there no doctors from any other community? In the past, GMOA office bearers were not disguised politicians, but respectable professionals. Now it is a bunch of con artists wearing ties.

    • 6

      It seems Padeniya too has fallen victim to Covid and is under quarantine. He had held a party for colleagues at his house. These people never live by the rules they try to impose on others. I don’t want to gloat, but it seems like poetic justice.

      • 1

        OC, Not gloating and poetic justice but is the genuine karmic justice involving also his wife and 3 children admitted by him in sunday media. Plan is wicked imagination of Medical Council rule for ever. Gullible and destroying foreign medical graduate citizens wanting to serve here, unless he gets his support group share. His Kelaniya home was the venue of a farewell dinner, his samsara verdict. Will affect the future of his children as well unless he comes to his senses not to destroy other people’s children with such venom to get power. Devil never wins. It is weirdly crazy for any Minister to be blind to GMOA history. SWRD got ready to confiscate property and joker strikers appeared in their wards. Sadly, Covid bioweapon is a lasting modern global, not understood by bloated minds.

    • 8

      In a country, medical graduates would not disagree being hired by vicious politicians, what more talks we should have to understand the ground realities of the society ?
      School drop out wimal buruwanse s role and GMOA barbarians role are more or less similar as ANYone with a bird brain would consider it.

      In order to get medical degrees from srilanken universities, you should have obtained the highest possible marks. Meaning these men and women cant be mentally retarded at all.
      Ironically, for the Karma of SRILANKEN people, they too become CHEAP similar to bomb supporting street mongers – their mindset would not be changed even if they are proved intelligent in the society.
      Current GMOA men and their highly corrupted behaviours are public secret. Since murderous Rajapakshes are back, GMOA keep on making announcement about COVID updates. Even in today s Ethiopia, the govt would not rely on any henchmen, but expert viorologists. Unfortunatley, srilankens have been fighting for their benefits – fishing in muddy water,… they us rabblerousing mostly not because the PATIENTs are being not treated well but focusing on their personal gains. Also today, those who just discuss, about a new COVID strain in Brazil, display pictures of burials which srilanka unanimously rejected but making cremations should be if found dead by COVID.

  • 9

    All these bastard men became a MBBS holder thanks to tax payers of this country. Ironically, this basics would not be respected by them after becoming med graduates. Public perception is made in favour of them. This is very typical to srilanka today than in the past. In contrary to this, civilized europe or any other like minded countries would let medical doctors to react the way we get to see in srilanka. New laws could change the entire abuses but LAW MAKERs are blind on these grave issues.
    Almost everyone could still remember how GMOA stood against previous govt. Sometimes for no reasons. Those men just MBBS graduates, sitting in that GMOA aka one another murderous institution of the nation – how they let thousands of people be caught premature deaths, while these men only thought to support by repeating strikes, mostly for pitty issues.

    This is very typcial srilanka, just after passing out from medical colleges, they just forget their begining. Similar to the place being given in the society for SANGAYAS – medical doctor position is kept above yet in srilanka. Even lab assistants behave as if they are more knowledgeable than some graduates. I happened to meet a MTA just while I took my elderly mother to them once for a blood or urine test, the manner these men acted was beyond norms.

    • 8

      .Average mind set in SRILANKA is not aware of the truths about govt funds. They may think that Kali Amma OR Rajapakshes allow them getting whatever if they would be given. This mentality should be gone out of the people, if this nation to move in right tracks.
      Just speak to various walks of life in the country, and collect the info, many would yet today think, that Rajapakshes did lot more good to the nation.
      Many dont know about VAT or anything like since politicians think govt funds are their properties. They also waste these funds as the rich families would do. Unfortunatley, people still tolerate this and even adulate the politicians.
      Look at the manner , how they distributed that 25 dollar grant ( 5000-රුපී ප්‍රදානය) to some families.
      Local media never uttered a single word, that the kind of grants could easily be made by bank transfers. That is how civilized world settle it not let spread the virus across the nation. Today, there are also various other transfering methods through mobile phone connections, – so called man who became their PRESIDENT failed to realiize the gravity of the people.
      I think Srilanka would never learn it. SLMC, GMOA or any other organisations are political affliations of Rajapakshe men.

      • 1

        Dear LM,

        You certainly is a major contributor to CT with most number of comments. Did it ever occur to you ever that it is indeed is a total waste of time? They all are like the fizz of a bottle of soda joining up with thin air.

        • 2

          Dear HP,
          Thank you.
          I will surely consider your thoughts next days. You please take good care of you from COVID. All the best. Leaders talk high today, but making every efforts getting ready to join https://www.who.int/initiatives/act-accelerator/covax
          The problem lies on local Media Mafia institutions which I think are very powerful than any other mafias of the falling pariah state.
          Please study the following videos and the torments of the victimized, that should be treamouring the city area… these are not just first-time incident. This is the routine in srilanka of the day.

          • 3

            Four days back I sent an email to Mr. Basil Fernando with some important information to echo with his write up explaining the unjust manner the judges dealt with Mr. Ranjan Rmanayake sentencing him to a term of 4 year RI which 95% of mature minded people think is proportionately too excessive. Why Mr. Fernando did not respond to it baffles me. All of what I read in the CT seems like kicking dust into the air.

      • 1

        LM, Majority having free medical education after having ‘higher ‘ A/L results sometimes in even their 3rd attempt, feel insecure and try to decimate specially the ERPMs. They get the postgraduate training, go abroad for the compulsory training, discover the monetary gains and never want to serve this nation again for their free education. It is sad that they have no financial and property ownership here to draw them back. Padeniya Co are happy to be rid of their competition too. Their attitude is different with ERPM crowd who want to serve and live as many have substance. So the attempt to nullify and chase them out of practice. APs twisted mind can find many reasons why they cant practice under supervising consultants. One joker parent said they will open abdomens. Ignoramus.

  • 7

    It is sad that a majority of SL professionals, including the judiciary, are bum sucking political cronies. Maybe it is now a SL trait, with ethics & professional integrity blown out of the window.

    For many years, the GMOA has held govts. to ransom, forgetting their debt to society. None of the professional medical bodies stood up to wild allegations of the ‘sterilisation campaign’ by Muslims & the GMOA did not have the decency to defend one of its own (whether Dr Shafi was a GMOA member or not, he was a govt. doctor, baselessly accused) The SLMC did not have the guts to stand by their original decision of approving SAITAM, & now, including the GMOA, are silent & have accepted the Kothalawala medical college run by the army. Seems the medical profession in SL is not open for all citizens.

    We have a health minister, supported by 2 female doctors turned politicians, who seem to have more faith in folklore & occult than scientific research, even endorsing a remedy tonic developed by a snake oil peddler but none of the medical bodies had anything to say about hoodwinking the gullible public, thereby, failing in their duty as medical professionals. One good thing that could come out from the current critical economic situation is the suspension of concessionary vehicle permits, which I hope, will be stopped completely.

    • 4

      The story based on Dr Safi and Kali Amma controlled Dammika Paniya are just fictions created by Rajapakshe RACISTS groups.
      The kind of news are deliberate acts to divert growing protests against the current govt.
      You will see more of the kind acts, in the days to come.
      Today the rulers are not GOOD governance supporters HIGHLY abusive Rajapakshes. There are no words in the dictionary to describe their mlechcha acts.

    • 0

      Raj-UK, Professionals play safe, are self centered and believe mainly in self righteousness except in patient practice where compassion can be seen for merit purposes. The loving creator father other centered parenting is not developed. GMOA went beyond with power craving to rule as in politics. They found scope in medical council of political Carlo. They demolished SAITM but met their waterloo in Defence Gotabaya in the KDU Medical School. Padeniya became fear slave for elevation. But no special favor yet except for Covid quarantine, Contempt of court case on March 3, Exposure of vicious power grab to dominate medics till death in GMOA and sleeping SLMC . We reap what we sow, reactions follow actions with bitter consequences. Resign to enter politics to survive, or AP gets justice.

  • 6

    Padeniya is a “Payin Gala Elavanna Ona Minihek”. He is a vicious person. We remember how he wanted doctors to strike but he went for private practice. He opposed reducing of medicine price negotiated by former Health Minister as his commission for prescribing expensive drugs from private pharma companies was dwindling. He does not care about the sick and poor but he thinks he is a politicians. He does not want any private medical school established in SL but would send his children to study abroad. This is another menace to the society and has to be irradicated.

    • 8

      Buddhist 01,

      My dear friend, gone were the days, that TITLE holders behaves noble. Paddeniya behaves as if he has not learnt western medicine. We saw very well how the bugger added his CHATU katha at the time, the vulnerable was fed with ” Dhammika Paniya”. Now with the pani stories being died down, new form of stories being caught by Abusive TV channels, continuing the misleading process. These mean I question have NO HEARTs at all. Repeating so called buddha rituals, these men not to see it right yet is more than questionable. This is the only country, They prepare pork keeping the flesh on the surface of the pigs.
      Today, Doctors, Engineers or any other so called professionals garduated from local universities though they became what they dreamt of- thanks to the tax payers, they become easy paid lackeys of the politicians as any other uneducated would do. They would surrender to any pitty materialistic offers.

  • 5

    The perennial trouble with Sri Lanka is the “UNDUE” interference with the “Establishments” that are set up to be “Independent” by the “Illiterate” and “Uncouth” politician “Bastards”, including those appointed to Ministerial posts, who think that they are the “KNOW ALL” and “LAW UNTO THEMSELVES” types. A glaring example is quoted by the writer, in that, how a then Minister of Education, S.B.Dissanayake acted in dealing with SLMC. Have seen a single Minister during the past few years not acted in this deplorable and contemptuous manner? Every single Minister contributed to bringing in pressure on the SLMC. We know how that happened during the “SAITM” struggle. Even, regrettably, the “Judiciary” got involved. The writer, in his conclusion, asks: Why the Minister of Health and the Government are not helping?”. The answer is simple. The “Government” whichever the way is brought to “POWER” was and is in the hands and control of these “Power Brokers” comprised of “Busines Tycoons”, politicized “Trade Unions” (that includes this GMOA), “Religious Brigades” (included are the “Denga Denga Peramunas & “Balayas) “Criminals” (of all types) and not forgetting the “NGOs” of all types established and fattened by the inflow of “Dollars”. The “Gullible Voters” of all walks of life line up and “VOTE” quite “IGNORANT” of these “Behind the Scene” “POWER BROKERS” activities but later on to live a life of “REGRETS” and “SUFFERINGS”.

  • 6

    Only Issue of the article is that it believes SLMC made any standards what so ever in education or quality of care.

    1. Medical negligence of highest caliber is ignored… fake medical certificates, paranoid doctors, fake medicine/theories promoted by consultants/professors who speak with gods are rampant.
    2. ERPM is the only exam that SLMC even interviens remotely and is full of inconsistencies, bribery, non-standard examinations, regular delays and so much more stupidity.
    3. State professional development is a 50+ year old system which is corrupt and has very low standardization.
    4. SLMC has done Zero work to make medical professionals transparent in the work they do, Has never had a non-political/research based stand on any issue it is involved in.

    YES!!! The GMOA is full of dumb people, who have failed to learn any medical ethics…. but SLMC is no better in anyway.

    • 0

      Medical Councils are needed in all countries for purposes of deciding on the list of doctors who could legally practice medicine, according to the training criteria laid down. In cases of lack of training, they could receive that training and reapply as in the GMC of UK. In Sri Lanka too this was the system when even those trained in UK applied to register here. Even in time of private NCMC in Ragama, students from all countries were trained here for MBBS. Their clamour to have a Colombo MBBS buckled the system. SAITM wanted own MBBS but Padeniya Co SLMC got prez Sirisena to close SAITM after few batches MBBS. Now entry A/L is their attack as it cannot be sat again. If ERPM can get an MBBS after 5 years or more, surely their lives should not be destroyed through competition, jealousy and insecurity.

  • 0

    Fact is that all these Medical outfits have been colonized by Big Phamaceutical and drug companies like Pfizer, Baurs, Johnson and Johnson, and the WHO whose Head Tederos is very corrupt.
    The big question is: which foreign external actors, particularly the Big Phamaceutical companies are funding the GMOA ?
    Majority of SL doctors are scared of GMOA and its mafia that are peddling the US-Govt. linked Pfizer funded WHO Covid-19 narratives without any independent research or analysis of Sri Lamka country data. Last week there was a fake news that Padeniya had got Covid-19 to keep up the fear psychosis and push govt. to buy vaccines.!
    GMOA which seems to be getting instruction from the vaccine companies and their local representatives like Hemas and Walkers.and none of the other organizations have stood up and challenge the Covid-19 Hoax perpetuated in Sri Lanka to destroy society and economy.
    There is no independent medical or epidemiological research being done in Sri Lanka today. What a shame.

  • 2

    Every single body or organization that Rajapakse Brothers incubated to win their power back is today against them. This includes Yuthukama, Vyatha Maga (today Yana maga danne nathi kalliya), Buddhist Priest, Catholic Cardinal, Village youth, foreign employed Rata Viruwo, GMOA, Port Union Workers, Chinese Funded Unions in SL, SLPP grass root politicians, some SLPP MPs etc.

    I was surprised that Sarath Weerasekera has now proposed to give military training to all over 18. What an idiot. Does he think that giving military training makes a person good, that too when the person is trained by Sri Lankan military? We saw how the military acted with those who surrendered during the war, how they killed Isai Priya and Prabaharan’s young son.

    Sarath Weerasekera will be the main reason why this Govt will fall.

    • 3

      Dear B1@
      Muruththeruwa Ananda Himis is naked today. I saw him sitting with others talking only the opposite – see Good goveranance did at least something during their 100 day program. Evenjudges were offered pay hikes. Who not ? 10 k was added to their salaries i mean to those of public servants. They got GSP plus and FISHERIES concessions back. UNHRC resolutions got balanced and saved MURDERROUS Rajakshes and their lives. I think looking back.. the list can continue… even that new RUBBER factory opend by Nandasena BP few days ago was a project from former Govt. Then the wind mill project opend by mafia boss few weeks ago was from the previous govt.
      So those who went on attacking GOOD governance has u-turned today. How come ?

  • 0

    Janaka Goonatilake, My congratulations for exposing 1-10 wicked and eerily deceptive plot of TU leader AP who sent out sms messages planning to deceive ignorant Health Minister to sack President, Medical Council and 4 others who have contributed to progress in medical education here. AP lacked a professorship. He did not relish competition in private practice from paediatricians. He craves for Hitler type control but got played out politically. He heard the so called voice of Nath saying he will be Raja right hand, but only a lie. He wanted to be health secretary but prez. was more shrewd and did not give. So he did evil scheme beating even the devil. But he can’t erase the consequences of his acts in craving for power. His is not the path to high esteem. Watch and see what happens to a healer turned destroyer. Sure judgment.

  • 0

    Contd. The more I analyse the 10 point pathway Padeniya guided his GMOA Co through sms, I am shocked at the evil and wicked deception with which he forced the Health Minister to sack the Medical Council Chairman and 4 others. One wicked man has caused so much damage to the medical profession while keeping all the rest in ignorance and confused about what was happening. Prior to this event, these schemers derecognized 3 Russian Medical schools, got the Russian embassy into high gear, and got the Health Minister to grant interviews rapidly to solve the problem through Padeniya crowd representing Medical Council. What is seen is a political spirit in the statutory body called Medical Council, 1st to create chaos and then bring in the Marxist socialism prevalent in the mindset of these lying thieves, hell bent on controlling the fate of doctors serving the nation. Surely justice will envelope them and their children.

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