8 August, 2022


Pakistani Ambassador To The U.S., To Be Investigated For Blasphemy

A new female crusader for human rights in Pakistan may have just emerged — with a price on her head.

Sherry Rehman, the Pakistani Ambassador to the United States, is under investigation by Pakistani police for allegedly blasphemous remarks she made more than two years ago on a Pakistani talk show, Agence France-Press reports. If convicted, Rehman could be sentenced to death.

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Rehman’s contentious statements were made during a discussion about Aasia Bibi, an impoverished Pakistani Christian woman who had been sentenced to death a few weeks earlier for allegedly insulting the Prophet Muhammed.

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    If Prophet Mohamed was subject to blashphemy, he should know better and it is he who should punish and not anyone else. Why should man take responsibility to punish man? Is it because God Allah or Prophet Mohamed is impotent or non existent but only imaginery?

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      Gamini,just personal.Why not seen much?

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      Gamini for your information the Holy Prophet(pbuh) was insulted to his face when he was living, what was his reaction ? let me enlighten you with a Hadeeth of the Blessed Prophet(pbuh) my friend ! once there lived an old women who used to throw garbage and thorns on the path of the Prophet(pbuh) when he passed her house. one day the old women didn’t throw garbage so the Prophet(pbuh) inquired why it was so, upon learning the woman was sick. The Prophet politely asked permission to visit the woman. When allowed he entered the house, the woman thought that he had come there to take his revenge when she was unable to defend herself because of sickness.
      But the Prophet(pbuh)assured her that he had come to her, not to take any revenge, but to see her and to look after her needs, as it was the command of Allah that if any one is sick, a Muslim should visit him and should help him if his help is needed.

      so Mr Gamini as it is evident Islam it self is perfect but we the followers are not! but we are striving to be so ! and if you believe that god and his messengers don’t exist I wonder why you bothered to waste your time by commenting ? ponder on that

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    bigger picture,
    The story you tell us may well be true and correct. But I have traced the following Koran verses and Hadith writing related to blasphemy also. It seems your prophet has blown hot and cold at the same time. I find this is the case in most cases. I know that you will bring about the usual context matter. Anyway, if that is the case, Islam doesn’t sound perfect as you say?

    In spite of what you wrote, under Sharia, whoever insult Muhammad or Allah, and those who desecrate the Koran, or commit other acts of blasphemy are to be put to death. And this tradition began with Muhammad, and is recorded in the Hadith and by his biographers. There is also a Koranic basis for it.

    Koran 33:57 says; “Lo! those who malign Allah and His messenger, Allah hath cursed them in this world and the Hereafter, and hath prepared for them the doom of the disdained”
    Koran 33:61 says; “Accused, they will be seized wherever found and slain with a (fierce) slaughter.”

    Bukhari 59:369 says; This recounts the murder of Ka’b bin al-Ashraf, a Jewish poet who wrote verses about Muslims that Muhammad found insulting. He asked his followers, ‘Who will rid me of this man?’ and several volunteered. al-Ashraf was stabbed to death while fighting for his life.
    Bukhari 3:106 says; The Prophet said, “Do not tell a lie against me for whoever tells a lie against me (intentionally) then he will surely enter the Hell-fire.
    Bukhari 4:241 says;Those who mocked Muhammad at Mecca were killed after he had retaken the city and asserted his authority.

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    Thank you for taking the time to reply! I apologize for replying late. Am glad that you raised the questions that you did! I will provide a reply shortly.

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    @ leela
    OK so after some exhaustive research I am pleased that I was able to find evidence to dispel all of your allegations! you have my gratitude for increasing my knowledge in my own religion.
    First let me start by pointing out that the Holy prophet(pbuh) did not in fact blow hot and blow cold as it was suggested by yourself. On the contrary you would be surprised to find that he was utterly consistent when dealing with problems under the same circumstance. But unsurprisingly under a different set of circumstances his reaction has varied, which is just as it should be. Let me elaborate-as a Muslims I must show mercy and compassion to my fellow brothers in humanity but I am not expected to show mercy and compassion to a person who is just about to kill me! I am permitted to defend my self and even kill my enemy if I find that I have no alternative. see the same principle doesn’t hold true in different scenarios. like wise pork is strictly haraam but it is permissible to consume pork if a person might die of starvation and has no other alternative but to consume it. so do you see leela different circumstances require different actions.
    now let me move onto your accusations ! I admit blasphemy is punishable according to the sharia but non believing is not! I hope you understand the difference! furthermore blasphemy falls under the Hudud category of crimes, which are not tailored to the offence but are intended to serve as deterrent by setting an example to the general public. these kinds of punishments are rare and the process is such that the most severe punishments are difficult to impose! the claim that this practice started with the holy prophet (pbuh) is false as he has pardoned many people who have offended him ( one example is listed in my previous comment)
    moving onto your quote’s from the Holy Quran firstly I have to point out that the verses in the Quran you are referring to is 33:56 and 33:60 and not as you have pointed out. The reference ‘(56) Lo! those who malign Allah and His messenger, Allah hath cursed them in the world and the Hereafter, and hath prepared for them the doom of the disdained.’ is accurate, note that God has cursed such people which is just as well because no one should expect to be rewarded with paradise after offending a messenger of god! ( disbelieving isn’t maligning the Holy prophet(pbuh) if you were wondering)
    the verse ‘(60) Accursed, they shall be seized wherever found and killed with a (terrible) slaughter.’ is also accurate but if you read the verse of the Holy Quran which precedes this verse you will understand that the ‘accursed’ who are being referred to are hypocrites, people with the desire to commit adultery and those who spread false news to the people at Al Madinah. after analyzing this verse a sane person would understand that it too is totally justifiable! since no sane person would condone hypocrisy, adultery or lies.
    and with regards to ka’b bin al ashraf he wasn’t just any Jewish poet as you would have people believe, he worked hard to incite war between the Jews and the Muslims when Jews were living peaceful under the patronage of the holy prophet(pbuh) in Al Madinah. He openly declared war against the muslims, additionally he wrote slanderous poetry insulting the honor of Muslim women. Clearly as the ruler of Madinah prompt action was needed to prevent bloodshed between innocent Jews and Muslims. see leela you cannot blame the Holy Prophet(pbuh) for stopping a war from being created! when the prophet(pbuh) showed mercy on the old women and visited her he knew that she was commiting her offensive deeds out of ignorance where as ka’b ibn ashrafs misdeeds were intentionally done to incite war which could clearly not be allowed!

    the quote from Bukhari 3:106 is correct. to understand this you must appreciate the fact the people of the book believe that our lives have been given to us so that we may prove our self worthy of entering paradise by rejecting evil and doing good deeds. lying in itself is siding with evil lying against a messenger of God is much worse. need I say more
    70 captives of war after the battle of Badr were set free only criminals who were detrimental to society were executed ! Islam is a religion of peace but none can assume that murderers, hypocrites and such evil people are peaceful in nature. people need to be held accountable for their actions to preserve the peace.
    In conclusion I would like to point out that the teachings of Islam provide answers to all situations in life and not just one answer which may fit certain situations! so I think my friend Leela will agree with me on the fact that Islam is in it self Perfect. ( I am not suggesting that other religions are not perfect)

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    Pakistan’s problems, from the beginning was, they got their priorities mixed up. While India gradually industrialised and concentrated in lifting its agricultural output the Paks thought radicalising their theocratic Islamic State will provide dividends and spent most of their resources and energy in trying to de-stabilise India. This still continues with the ISI, the Pak army spy outfit, replacing the influence of the civilian Govt (the latter in name only) Result – Pakistan is in such poor state it does not have the basis industrial capacity to even produce the popular 3-wheelers – widely used in the vast country of abject poor people.
    The country is run largely by US funds – most of which is mis-appropriated by the Army and the uniformed services. Like here, they
    instigate extreme religious interests to obfuscate ubiquitous economic troubles. Last night 60% of urban Pakistan was in darkness (12 hrs) as the power system failed again. There is near national anarchy there with the country tottering to dis-integrate.

    The small percentage of the rich and educated – one of which is this Ambassador – see through the ill and dare to speak out. The Mullahs fix them – right royally. The US and the world fears Pakistan, like the irresponsible nuclear-powered rogue State of North Korea. Pakistan is feared to be a serious danger to the security of this region. They have what they proudly call the “Muslim Nuclear Bomb” – developed by a corrupt scientist named A.Q. Khan, who is blacklisted by the global scientist community. He is a confirmed black-mailer. Their idea is to destroy India – peeved at India’s success as a democracy and its economic gains. India knows this and may be making their own plans to meet the threat.

    But one of our own Muslim boys took AQ Khan for a “ride” for over US$2
    million (Lasantha W in the S/Leader carried the story for weeks) in a crooked deal helping Khan to buy banned material for the bomb from North Korea. Khan complained to the Sri Lankan President, writing in his own hand in his official stationery.


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