27 September, 2022


Pampering Racist Hooliganism; Recipe For Disaster

By Latheef Farook

Latheef Farook

Latheef Farook

There is deep disbelief and disappointment amongst people of all communities that President Maithripala Sirisena invited BBS General Secretary Galagoda Atte Gnanasara Thera for the heads of religious leaders meeting he summoned on 6 December 2016.

Some described this as an insult to religious heads.

This was due to allegations of violence, inciting Sinhalese against Muslims with false allegations, threat he poses to communal harmony and peace, his repeated despicable public statements insulting Islam and other such lawless provocations threatening to create a July 83 type ethnic conflict.

Rather than honoring and pampering, it is time the government fulfils its election pledge to restore law and order, virtually collapsed during Rajapaksa regime, and bring to book racist threatening to turn the country into a killing field.Gotabhaya with BBS

The government cannot afford to be soft on these racists, suspected to have been used by political forces trying to topple the government and serving their foreign masters’ conspiracy against Muslims

These mercenaries have nothing to do with Buddhism and Sinhalese. They do not represent the mainstream Sinhalese Buddhists. Most people dismiss them as liability harming the image of Buddhism and mainstream Sinhalese.

By using worst form of derogatory language to humiliate Muslims, they had stooped to the lowest of moral depth in their drive to poison Sinhalese minds against Muslims. In doing so they have betrayed their claim to represent or safeguard Buddhism. Their lawlessness has reached such low that they even dismiss court order causing crippling demoralizing effect on peace loving people.
They claim that Muslims threaten Sinhalese and Buddhism. Throughout their more than 1000 year long history Muslims remained great asset to this country. During the Portuguese, Dutch and British imperial powers Muslims were hand in glove with Sinhalese kings defending the country. They were finance, trade, health and defense advisors.

It was their unstinted support expedited the country’s independence in February 1948. Racists who shout at rooftops have forgotten that it was the Muslims’ sufferings and sacrifices prevented the breakup of the country during the LTTE war.

Where were these so called champions of Sinhalese and Buddhism then?

Muslims ignored by successive governments and betrayed by their politicians do have immense burning problems. However they, as the most peaceful of the three communities, always seek peaceful solutions.

Their attacks on Islam, Allah, beloved Prophet Muhammad ( PBUH)and the community as whole show they have brought to the island the ongoing global Zionist Jewish conspiracy against Islam and Muslims implemented by United States, Britain, France and even Russia.

Many suspect that Israel and bankrupt politicians are behind the Sinhala racist mayhem against Muslims.

The agenda of Israel, god fathers of terrorism in the Middle East and beyond, has been to demonize Islam and destroy Muslim countries and slaughter innocent Muslims as they have done and , still doing, in the Middle East and beyond, since the collapse of former Soviet Union in 1989.

The agenda of Sinhala racist mercenaries remain the same. It appears as they claimed openly they too want Muslim blood and flesh as their comrades in Myanmar, led by so called Monk Wirathu, described as face of Buddhist Terror by TIME magazine, doing to Muslim there.

As it is Sinhalese and Muslims do not have any major issue straining their relations .There is hardly an issue which could not be sorted out by peaceful means unless racist politicians try to exploit such issues.

They also claim sole ownership to the island as if they were given title deeds of ownership by Prince Vijaya and Kuveni. They dismiss and threaten the others as non-entities. They also claim ownership to every mountain, every river, every valley and every rock except the air which they can’t prevent Muslims from breathing. They have miserably failed to learn any lesson even from recent history.

They were not talking about spreading the message of Buddhism or demanding the ban of liquor industry, gambling, prostitution and other such social evils. Instead they were only hell bent on attacking mosques. They know nothing about Islam, its peaceful message or about the Island’s Muslims.

Mainstream media, especially Sinhala language and certain section of English language, give wide publicity to their anti-Muslim slogans distorting Islam and demonizing Muslims as it has been happening in the West. These media sell outs never think of the damage they were causing to the overall communal harmony. As a result tension began to rise between the two communities.
During the Rajapaksa regime a new period of honeymoon began with Israel- sworn enemy of Islam and Muslims .It was during this period, during the first half of this decade, there emerged Sinhala racist groups. They had the full backing of the Rajapaksa regime.

As part of this warming up ties, former President Mahinda Rajapaksa, his former defense secretary Gotabaya Rajapaksa, ministers and top officials visited Israel.

It was around this time that racist outfit Bodu Bala Sena held a function attended by then defense Secretary Mr. Gotabaya Rajapaksa to open an office in Galle at a building gifted by a German Jew who was also present during the function.

Now the question is why should a German Jew gift a building to a racist outfit and not to those genuinely involved in promoting Buddhism? What do the German Jew wanted in return? Certainly Muslim blood!

During the Rajapaksa government mosques were attacked all over the island. Muslim business establishments were burnt. Muslim businessmen were kidnapped and even killed. Then came the “Grease Yakka” mayhem attacking Muslim women while Muslim men were at prayer in mosques during the Holy Month of Ramadhan. They had the full backing of Rajapaksa regime.

There were more than 375 such incidents.This hooliganism continued until the organized attacks on Muslims at Alluthgama, Beruwala and Dharga Town burning Muslim owned houses, looting their valuable and even killing. These crimes were committed during curfew hours and the perpetrators remain free to date.

The two- Zionist Jews and Sinhala racists- have a common agenda. That is their hatred towards Muslims.

With the change of government on 8 January 2015 racists almost went underground while the UNP led government, continuing Rajapaksa policy, opened flood gates of good will to Israel which entered the country to implement its evil designs.

This was not unexpected as Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe has been a strong supporter of America and Israel. His indifference to Muslim world is common knowledge. Relations between Sri Lanka and Israel began to flourish under the new government as never before .There were even reports that they were brainwashing and training people, under the guise of agricultural training, to continue their conspiracies against the Island’s Muslims. This continues because most people in Sri Lanka, from politicians to journalists and others, do not know the Zionist history, their criminal background and global agenda.

The government came with the slogan of enforcing law and order and bring to book those committed serious crime, large scale corruption, plundered nation’s wealth and destroyed overall administration including judiciary. Almost two years later today it failed to fulfill its pledges and many people accused of various crimes remain free and allowed travel about.

It was under such circumstance these very same racists began raising their ugly heads again threatening to wipe out Muslims and ridicule Islam in worst form of language.

Today they managed to build up a hostile environment towards Muslims. Like most of its promises government’s promise to ban hate speech too has not seen the light of the day enabling racists to run riot in the country.

Today they openly criticize the government and even Justice Minister Wijeyadasa Rajapakshe made a mockery of himself when he vowed to deal with them. Within 24 hours these racist went on demonstration in Kandy with slogans of hatred demonstrating their scant respect to the law.

Most Sinhalese in affected areas during attacks on Muslims during Rajapaksa regime pointed out that all the attackers were brought in from outside and they were not people of the area. This was true even in the case of attacks on Muslims in Dam bulla, Beruwala, Aluthgama, Dharga Town and all other places.

Perhaps they have their killer squads ready. They are provoking Muslims to respond so that they can unleash violence against Muslims and please their local masters who are, perhaps, using these racists to topple the government and their foreign masters who wanted to attack Muslims and weaken them as part of their global agenda.

These racists are not bothered about the consequences. Former diplomat and columnist Izath Hussain has warned of the unpredictable consequence in the event of an attack on Muslims. Under the circumstance it is left to the government to enforce the law and save the country before it is too late.

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    If a state entertain tolerance for religious oppression on another faith, it indicates how impotent their leaders are. People of any religion have a right to live peacefully. If the leaders cannot comprehend that, then it is mischief. Mischief originates from mental illness.

    • 0

      Weldone Latheef!

      What a piece of fact that you emphasized in the above article- meaning the hidden Jewish hand behind the Anti-Muslim, Anti-Islam program of the Sri Lankan government (Many governments that secretly and openly implementing from 1948).

      Let us decode the whole thing in a step by step way….



      Answer – Well, the Pizza Gate of the Hillary Clinton camp that exposed the Pedophile rings in the powerful places in the Washington and other Western power corridors has the answer to this.

      (Please check this out:
      The Darkest Secrets Revealed – Ole Dammegard & Carine Hutsebaud

      There has to be a common goal in the ELITES (Racist Sinhala Elites and Non-Racist) to protect each other from any danger coming from any quarter threatening their wretched survival.

      We all know, meaning the truth seeking like minded individuals who gathr information from the alternative media that brings about the REAL TRUTHFUL NEWS, unlike the Jewish owned/controlled Mainstream Media Mafia (CNN/BBC/CNBC/FOX/SKY..etc) who COVER-UP crimes committed by their Jewish members and their ilks who support the ISRAELI barbarism in Middle East.

      If you have watched the above video about the ‘PIZZA GATE – COMET PING PONG’ scandal, you would have found the DARK SECRETS behind governments and DIPLOMATS shuttling to and from NEW YORK, WASHINGTON DC, LONDON and other dark spots in the modern world that horrific things goes every moment destroying innocent human lives, every second.

      We can suspect that the Sri Lankan Diplomats, State officials and even the state itself has SOMETHING DARK TO HIDE from the open public. They fear something would be exposed that will destroy their career and their future.

      There has to be PEDOPHILIA involved in it.

      We know that many Politicians have strange sexual orientations and are GAY in secret, some are Bi-Sexual….

      The recent death of a young man in Wimal Weerawangsa is a case for concern to study in this angle.

      The US system that which is run by the evil JEWISH ENTERPRISE (CFR-Council on Foreign Relations, the Military Industrial Complex, IMF/WORLD BANK, WALL STREET BANKERS, BIG PHARMA INDUSTRY AND OTHER CORPORATE GIANTS) use the methods of extortion by having the Diplomats and Foreign Govt. officials and power wielders commit the disgusting crime – PEDOPHILIA (Having sex with under-age children girls and boys) and having the act caught in camera and then using it as BLACKMAILS to achieve the Jewish Evil ends.

      We know (those who follow the Jew/Illuminati news and items) that many leaders who have shown Anti-Muslim and Anti-Islam tendencies are actually the friends and allies of the US/Israeli team.

      They all have traveled to the evil places like the Tel-Aviv and Washington to meet and discuss about the WAR ON ISLAM as it is the ISLAM which is the only stumbling block in implementing their NEW WORLD ORDER/NWO evil on the world population.

      So, the victimised corrupt politicians becomes a pawn in the hands of the evil Jewish manipulators. This is happening for thousands of years as two of the Abrahamic religions have spoken loudly about the DANEGRS POSED BY THE JEWS (As a race collectively).

      We know that Mahinda Rajapakse is a sex pervert. He may have abused many young girls as he is a Psychopathic maniac in public life and in his private life. His wife and kids who are perverts themselves know much better than anybody else. The entire Rajapakse clan is a one big corrupt sex perverts.

      They created Gnanasara ( a thug made to appear as a monk) who is a pervert himself must have had too many sex sessions with children in New York and Tel Aviv trips. Its a normal thing catered to the stooges of the Zionist system.

      Since, the expose’ of the Gnanasara/Rajapakse/SL State complying with the Israeli rules and manipulations that became very evident with the continuous Anti-Muslim campaigns and pogroms of the State for nearly a four decade span, they sometimes change the venue of meeting the MOSSAD/ISRAELI operatives for briefing and further training in the strategy of the ongoing WAR ON ISLAM undertaken by the SL State for being in the slavery of the Jewish systems IMF/World Bank.

      They go to INDIA for the meeting instead of going to the US or Israel as it will be too much noticeable. India and Modi is a big stooge of the Israel and the Jewish system. He has made nearly 4-5 Billions of Dollars worth of Military Hardware purchases secretly as the slave is expected to perform for his allegiance. Modi himself would have been catered children for sex supplied by the Jewish system in the US and their meeting points.

      Don’t you see how MODI is implementing the IMF and Jewish Bankster’s plan in the recent de-monitization to bring about a cashless/Bank controlled system to rob the poor? The Israeli criminals know how to destroy the non-Jewish world population by capturing the Political elites into their clutch and then getting them into a DARK ACT and having it recorded for extorting them implementing their EVIL PLANS.

      So, the only way to rescue the Sri Lanka is to do an INVESTIGATIVE search by the alternative truth seeking media into the private lives of EACH ELITE and the Sinhala Racists (MEDIA/MONKS/Racist group leaders) for PEDOPHILIA and SEX PERVERSION. When you get into these facts, you can decode and reverse-engineering of the project WAR ON ISLAM which will never end as long as the corrupt political order that serves the Jews exists and hold power.

      What the general public must do is to follow the alternative media for the ultimate truth. Unfortunately, Sir Lanka has only a monopolised MEDIA that is run by the RACIIST ELEMENTS that serves the Jews secretly and the owners being sex perverts and have solicited PIZZA GATE type Pedophilia in their tours thay made to US and all Zionist controlled WEST.


      The philosophy behind the EVIL Jewish Rule that runs the world today…
      Kabbalah, Sabbateanism, Chabad-Lubavitch & Illuminati

      • 6


        Desert Storm, you on the Wahabi Payroll list that is so you are just meaningless Blah Blah. I don’t know what Israel doing.

        I have some local questions.

        Why Hakeem, as the Minister of Justice, did nothing to stop when DIG Indran was punished? Isn’t it because he is Tamils. How many times you have condemn Hakeem for that before you call the Non Racist Political elites to your side?

        When Dambulla Mosque was in jeopardy Mano Ganesan brought it to Parliament. Ahar said to shut him us he had not done Sunneth. How many times you have condemn Ashar for that before you call the Non Racist Political elites to your side?

        When Gnanam was going to Batticaloa no Muslims talked about it. Tamils stopped him. So when he was returning Gnanam was cursing Pirapaharan because he was angry with Tamils for having him stopped. How many times you have condemn Muslims for not acting on that before you call the Non Racist Political elites to your side?

        Tamils in Mullivaikkal were murdered in hundred thousands. International NGO brought it to UNHRC. Old Royals sent there all Muslim Ministers with Sinhala Cinema Supporting actress to defend him. They all said Muslims are live under Mahinda Chinthana in happy unlike ever before. Well Muslim Minister could have said there that Sinhala Racist elements did not do Genocide- Zero Casualty, to show faith for the perks they received from their masters! Why did they said that Muslims were living the happiest life? How many times you have condemn Muslims Ministers for telling at UNHRC before you call the Non Racist Political elites to your side?

        You are talking about Old Royal perverts. You are bringing the case of the boy died in Wimals house. You know many Sinhala MPs and Ministers hooted at Wimal and sent him out of Parliament. Why non of the Muslim ministers did not talk about it in Parliament if they are clean. Why you need a clean media when Muslims Ministers lying on the feet of all crooks to coverup thier looting and sextual explotation. Kumari Cooray died at Hakeem’s house. Did any Muslim MP try to get him out of Parliament? How many times you have condemn Hakeem, the Justice Minister for not having investigated Kumari Cooray death at his house before you call the Non Racist Political elites to your side?

        Desert Storm, You just pervert trying to collect an army from Lankawe to fight Israel. There is nothing serious in you. Man, go away and find out somebody within ISIS for your job.

        • 1

          Yo Mallaiyuran,

          You have just portrayed yourself as a stupid scumbag who knows nothing but writing some garbage to defend the Jewish criminals and throwing “ISIS/WAHHABI” labels and terms that the Israeli/Jewish Zionist media coined and are using to defame the only religion that stands against their crimes committed against the entire humanity for the last 500 years, by mechanizing from behind the scenes.

          You should buy yourself a lollipop and learn lot of things that your pea sized brain could not take it at the moment.

          You are freaking super stupid for not knowing that the ISIS and WAHABISM is nothing but Zionist invented brands and ideology made for the only one purpose….to destroy ISLAM from within.

          ISIS is trained by the ISRAELI forces. No Muslim use an acronym sounding the gods of the Pharoah ISIS, Horus and the likes….

          Watch this if you want to learn something truthful…instead of reading and writing that is exposing your muck headedness.

          You must have freaked out when I accused Urine Consuming Racist scumbag NARENDRA MODI , right? You know nothing about him but he is sharing your belief system. He is a Israeli agent created for the destruction of the INDIAN system. He is a SATANIST. His RSS is all about killing and destroying innocent people for standing against their Jewish inspired HINDUTVA Agenda. All racists are CHILD MOLESTERS and solicits prostituion and Homosexuals. MODI is not married…and imagine that bastard does what when is in a mood??? He needs young teenage girls and very young boys and girls to satisfy their evil urge…..like the OBAMAS, CLINTONS, British Royals….

          So, to conclude…the PEDOPHILIA must the item to search for in these PSYCHOPATHIC LEADERS whom the Zionist Agents from the US/EU evil axis give their full backing to capture power and start corrupting everything.

          Mahinda Rajapakse and almost all the Sinhala Buddhist Racist groups are mere SATANISTS who are mind controlled and extorted by the Jewish system. Wirathu and the Burmese system is the biggest Satanist system that is prevailing in the subcontinent region. Burma is one of the first Asian countries to recognise ISAREL when it was staolen from the Palestinians and declared a country by the JEW run United Nations.

          Greg Hallett Lord Mountbatten Paedophile Royal family fake Prince Charles Paedophile victim

          The Biggest Secret of the Catholic Church (Greg Hallett)

          NCF: Satanism & The CIA -Ted Gunderson (full movie)

          • 2

            “ISIS/WAHHABI” labels and terms that the Israeli/Jewish Zionist media coined and are using to defame the only religion

            Do you deny there are not existing but only Israel inventing.Or are you insisting there is no separation(difference) between ISIS and the Islam only Israel trying to differentiate them? How far you think you can go with your Camel Dung stories?

            Urine Consuming Racist scumbag NARENDRA MODI , right? When did you see Modi drinking urine? Tell the difference between Arabia- Mecca – Camel urine you drink and Modi’s urine he drink? Certainly some part in your head is corres connected. That is why so much of confusion there.

            I never watches your ISIS propagandas. You keep watching them. But you won’t be able to recruit anybody for ISIS from Ceylon. Their IQ 79 unlike yours, that is -79. They are not going to come with you to drink Abu Bakr’s urine. Go go alone and drink that Donkey’s.

            • 0

              Ha,ha,ha… you are a stupid psychopath who cannot read properly and connect to the point.

              Which also means, you are shit scared to watch those videos that has all the bloody answers to your cranky thoughts.

              When I say, that the ISIS is Israeli proxy agents…you don’t want to check the facts on which I have based my points…

              In Sinhala, they call much headed dumb wits like you as ” Koheda Yanney….Malley Pol”

              Oh, its so wonderful to know that you are so DUMB and have nothing worth to counter my valid reasons….

              Get some sleep buddy….

              • 1

                “Koheda Yanney….Malley Pol” I may be a dumb,
                you are shit scared to watch those videos, But, do you think that much dump to waste time on video and go and join ISIS thinking I am going to get 72 Virgins?

                Buddy, you are an ISIS jihadi, fighting for 72 Virgin in heaven. Don’t feel to shy to tell that out. Listen man, the 72 ration is running out in heaven. Even if you have a good ration card they are going to tell you stock is over. Don’t wait and test your luck. Rush quick, to go and claim you stuff before Israeli guys go and claim you stuff. If you want, come again another time we can talk about who drinks whose’ urine; Who is pervert. Don’t rush to understand those because even if you take another birth and come back with a fresh brain you won’t understand those.

                • 0

                  Yo Mallaiyuran,

                  Here is something about your heroes you are defending with your tooth and nail, for what they’ve been doing, the horrendous crimes to innocent human beings world wide….

                  Also, I am debunking your allegations pitted against the Muslims for the ISIS/// Its your Jewish masters who are creating all these terror groups to create chaos and infighting among the NON-JEWISH World population (meaning Gentile races) in their DE-POPULATION AGENDA.

                  … Well, check out yourself (IF YOU HAVE BRAINS & THE COURAGE TO KNOW THE TRUTH) about the THE TERROR MANUFACTURERS…. Zionist Jews of US/UK/FRANCE…. its all from the original sources from the West and not from any other source…. IT;S FROM THE HORSE’S MOUTH….

                  Putin Tells Everyone Exactly Who Created ISIS

                  This is why the US created ISIS

                  Truth in Media: Origin of ISIS

                  Origins of ISIS – Special Coverage

                  ‘Everything the West has done was to create ISIS’ – John Pilger

                  ‘Everything the West has done was to create ISIS’ – John Pilger

                  And also, this is how they are destroying children….


                  • 2

                    Hey man you fell out of heaven(or may be it would have been a hell for you) down to earth when your 72 virgins kick you out of there on your butt. Becuase that, you know nothing of what happened on the Earth.

                    Do you know there are two communists conferred PhDs to Old King? One is CT PhD Laksiri Fernando and the other one is your uncle Putin. There is a chance you already might have got a PhD from Putin too. It was America provided arms to Mujahedeen to fight their enemy. That traitor Islamist brought up ISIS.

                    1.Entire 20th century, Afghan was USSR’s baby. 1979 America had asked to allow it to negotiate for the captured Ambassador. Russian operation in Afghan killed American Ambassador. This put America against Russian Operation.

                    Here What Russian(USSR) army did in Afghanistan:

                    The Soviet forces abducted Afghan women in helicopters while flying in the country in search of mujahideen. In November 1980 a number of such incidents had taken place in various parts of the country, including Laghman and Kama. Soviet soldiers as well as KhAD agents kidnapped young women from the city of Kabul and the areas of Darul Aman and Khair Khana, near the Soviet garrisons, to rape them.[153] Women who returned home were considered ‘dishonoured’ by their families.[154] Soviet soldiers raped entire villages of Afghan women to crush the Afghan resistance. The use of rape by Soviet soldiers against Afghans was widely reported by Amnesty International and other human rights groups.[155]

                    The Soviets troops would also encircle villages and massacre the inhabitants, including old men, women and children. Before leaving, they would burn down the entire village.[152][unreliable source?]. Deserters from the Soviet Army in 1984 also confirmed the atrocities by the Soviet troops on Afghan women and children, stating that Afghan women were being raped.[156]

                    Siba Shakib describes the atrocities in her international bestseller Afghanistan, Where God Only Comes to Weep:,[157] claiming “Russian boys in uniform obey orders” to rape and murder Afghan girls and women.”

                    120 nations in UN opposed Russian intervention in Afghanistan. 35 Islamic countries wanted America to intervene. That is why America created the Mujahideen and liberated Afghanistan. It is Mujahideen created Al Qaeda. Al Qaeda created the ISIS.

                    This is a fact that all know. You woke up from the slumber when you fell from heaven in the earth by the kick of your 72 Virgins. You are the only one don’t know about it. Even your propaganda video preparers know it. That is why they send these junks only to you.

                    2.Further in Iran, 250 American diplomats were captured by Muslims operatives, the Iranian Jihadist. It was the West saved the Ayatollahs from the hand of Shah and allowed them to live in, in their countries. That is why now the Jihadist burning France. That is another unfaithful act of Jihadist.

                    3. Egypt made peace with Israel not following the Jihadists. Many others did that. Now, almost all Muslims countries very good with America other than Syria and to some extent Iran. So where do you find Israel in that to create Wahhabism and ISIS? The only opposition for Israel or America unanimously come from only Lankawe Muslims. In all other Muslim countries many still prefer to keep diplomatic and trade relationships. Many Palestinian everyday go and work for Israeli construction and other industrial area. That is how they are able to palace bombs in Israel.

                    • 0

                      You stupid dumbo Mulliyuran,

                      I think your brain is full muck filled with CIA propaganda….The Jewish media lies have corrupted your brain.

                      1. USSR is a product of the Bolshevik Revolution.

                      2. Bolshevism was a product of New York Bankers Jacob Schiff, a wealthy Jew, a Zionist scumbag who is a member of the Jewish Talmudic team who wanted a World War conflict to kill off millions of NON-Jewish races.

                      3. Lenin, Karl Marx, Stalin, Trotsky are all bloody Jews.

                      4. Almost 80% of the leadership level members were all Jews.

                      5. The Jews created Bolshevism with their evil NWO (New World Order) plan to destroy the Russian Orthordox Christianity as the NWO project is about destroying all established religions to bring about their ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT RELIGION – The New Age .

                      6. MAO TSE TUNG was a member of the NEW YORK JEWISH Banksters whom were planning mass murder projects to all of the world.

                      7. MAO annihilated nearly 70 million Chinese to bring about the COMMUNISM EVIL.

                      8. Communism removed the ordinary people’s right to own properties and also the destruction of family, religion and culture.

                      9. MAO has a Jewish blood link.c

                      10. MAO was a hard-core PEDOPHILE who raped and killed thousands of innocent children in the ages of 5-10 and teenage girls and boys.

                      11. WORLD WAR 1 and 2 was planned and executed by the JEWS according to their evil master ALBERT PIKE. an evil satanist.

                      12. Hitler had a Jewish link in his geneology.

                      13. Hitler was a creation of the NEW YORK BANKER JEWS to bring about World WAR 2, to move the reluctant Jews to Palestine which was stolen by the British (which is a Jew run Empire that belonged to Rothschilds)

                      14. There was NO SAUDI before 1929. The Jewish Britain destroyed the Ottoman rule and created the Hidden Jewish Family of MORDECHAI by converting them secretly as Muslim Arab and from it came the AL SAUD Family.

                      15. SAUDI rulers are always an ally of the Jew run US/Britain. That will tell you the blood link they have during the entire history of Saudi Arabia. It should be renamed as YAHOODI ARABIA. Although, the general population is Muslim Arab…the ruling elites are hidden Jews. That;s why they always plot with the US/UK evil partnership to destroy other Muslim countries.

                      16. Have you evr seen SAUDI accusing the US/UK/France/Israel for the horrendous crimes they are committing against the Muslims world wide….NO….WHY They’re Jews…and these JEWS are ever protected by the US/UK Jews…and therefore, you find hundreds of military bases in and around SAUDI established and maintained for the purpose of destroying Islam and the Muslims.

                      17. Just remember, almost all the mass murders that happened in the world, the world wars, Armenian genocide, Ukranian genocide during Stalin, Vietnam War, Korean War, Japanese Nuke bombing, Gulf Wars, South American conflicts, French Revolution, South African Apartheid, American Natives genocide 100 millions deaths, African Militia and racial pogroms were all planned, BACKED, FINANCED AND LAUNCHED BY THE JEWISH BANKERS.

                      1. The Jewish Role in the Armenian Genocide

                      2. Israel Has Declared War On Humanity

                      3. Secrets of the Crypto Tribe Jews /(Sabbatean & Frankist) – Christopher Jon Bjerknes

                      4. JEWISH ROLE IN BOLSHEVIK REVOLUTION (RUSSIA 1918) P1

                      5. Communism’s Death Toll, and the Jewish Role in Bolshevism

                      6. The Bolshevik Decimation of the Russian People

                    • 0


                      Here is my check mate—-

                      Hillary Clinton : We created Al-Qaeda

                      Hillary Clinton ADMITS The CIA Started & Funded Al Qaeda

                      CIA Agent Explains How Al-Qaeda Doesn’t Exist

    • 1


      It is christians and Muslims who come to educate buddhists about tolerance for religious oppression.

      IT is christians and Muslims who began crusades and conquests.

      • 3

        jim softy dimwit

        “IT is christians and Muslims who began crusades and conquests.”

        The first ever religious war that took place in this island was between Dutta Gamani (supported by a war monger monk) and Elara.

  • 2

    News flash-the Dharmadeepa has once again topped the list for the highest search for pornography on google in the world for the 5th straight year, what a great achievement, Gandasara and clan is doing a fine job fighting for the protection of the sasana.

    • 1

      Concerned citizen

      MAzine Don’t publish statistics about Muslims raping women servents and how many extra wives they have etc.,

      So, browsing under the word SEx is just curiosity.

      • 0

        Muslims can have up to four wives legally,and as such they do not need to rape their servants or get
        involved in adultery and extra marital affairs and promote abortion or pruduce a nation of bastards.
        It is religions that encourage celibacy that produce sex perverts !!’

        • 2

          Four Wives?

          Just a matter of mathematics. If all Muslims try to take 4 wives, not only as allowed in their Holy book but to avoid being sex perverts, where does that leave us?

          There will be no wives for some Muslims and just like in the old days in Arabia they will raid the other communities (Hindu, Buddhist and Christian in our case) for women. On second thoughts, cut that phrase, “just like in the old days in Arabia”, it is happening now in Syria and Iraq and what they do in Syria and Iraq today will be repeated by the stupid guys here tomorrow.

          So you see Ayman, your theory does not work. I don’t know how many wives you have. That is your private life. But what I can guarantee is that while those with 4 wives are enjoying eternal bliss in this world now, the Muslim guys who do not get any action will be running amok crazy with sexual desires, willing to do anything for a little bit of action.

          No, Ayman, if Allah really wanted that, he would have made the ratio of men:women as 1:4. So did Allah mess up there? I don’t think so. You guys messed up.

          The real reason for allowing this is not to prevent sex mad guys but because the ratio of women to men in the old Arab societies was high due to men being killed in wars and so on.

          And who said that 4 wives will be enough for one Muslim man? Once you start, there is no limit. You will have 4 wives, many girl friends and may be indulge in raping your housemaid too. Not even Allah can stop you when you get the taste for variety.

          • 1

            You are uncivilized and indecent. I never make fun of others religions and their gods.
            I do not know what religion you profess. Let me tell you ,I am,a Muslim educated in
            a Christian school and have worked the length and breadth of this island as an engineer,
            and I had no experience of racism, communalism or religious bigotry. Most Sri Lankans
            are decent and get on well without slinging mud at each other. Even if you do it to me I
            will not react. I worship,Allah. I care tuppence as to what you profess.or practice.
            Allah has done everything in proper measure.It is humans including you,who mess up ,even this discussion!
            Today people are crying hoarse about environment ! Why ?
            This would suffice for the intelligent and decent folk ,

            • 2

              You say “You are uncivilized and indecent. I never make fun of others religions and their gods”.

              If this is so, it is the fault of my creator, if there is one, because my creator is omnipotent and should not have created me as such a bad person.

              “do not know what religion you profess.” I do not profess to any religion.

            • 2

              How God was created

              God did not create any one or anything. People like you created God. So, shall we all start worshipping Ayman as the creator of the creator?

            • 0

              “Allah has done everything in proper measure”
              1. He made the world flat and told it to Mohamed several times.
              2. He considers those who do not believe in Koran as infidels, and wants them killed
              3. He wants to destroy places of worship of other religions.
              4. He had allowed Arabs to practice sodomy and even bestiality.
              5. He has got the foreskin of his followers removed.
              6. He derives pleasure in animals being slaughtered inhumanly.
              What do you call such a sadistic person

          • 0

            Dear AYMAN,

            EDWIN RODRIGO has NOT been nasty to you; you’re just trying to justify not posting a rational response to him?

            I have apologised to Latheef Farook for picking on him, since he may not be the most ill-liberal Muslim around. I fear that you come closest to being that!


            What is most depressing is the fact that you have become this nasty fanatic although you’ve not been confined to a ghetto. You have been educated in a school run by a different religion, and you say “I had no experience of racism, communalism or religious bigotry.”

            Oh, dear! Have you just run in to two bigots in EDWIN RODRIGO and me? How easy to label us like that and dodge giving us answers. The question posed is most reasonable and rational!

  • 2

    I guess you’re gauging the IQ level of your fellow brethren in the same way as yours, if you have a little bit of intelligence, you will know that typing the word “Sex” will not give details on how many wives and servent rapes.

    Everyone has the right to be stupid, but the problem with you is that you’re abusing that privilege

    • 1

      Genius has limits but stupidity hasn’t !!!

  • 1

    Here is what I read in Saudi Gazette today :

    Jayampathi gunasingha Dec 7, 2016 at 2:03 am
    “Really we have to thank the Saudi government and also saudi people for giving us permission to living here and give chance to earn a living for our families back home.”

    This is for the Saudi and Muslim bashers !!!

    • 1

      Ayman, try this for size:

      When the first Muslim traders came to Sri Lanka, the King in a gesture of kindness and hospitality allowed them separate villages to settle in and gave them Sinhala women to marry.

      This is for the Sinhalese Buddhist bashers!

      • 1

        I have no grouse against Sinhalese or Buddhists or for that matter Christians and Hindus.
        It is a well known fact that the Physicians for Sinhala Kings were Muslims. This is history.
        We do not deny this, but sadly people like you are giving the wrong image.
        Arabs did not come with women and they did accept,the offer of the Kingscand married
        local women. Many are the Muslims who have Sinhala Wasagama names.

  • 2


    “Really we have to thank the Saudi government and also saudi people for giving us permission to living here and give chance to earn a living for our families back home.”

    You imply the Saudi state is benevolent.

    If so why aren’t the Saudis letting the people of Syria, Iraq, Yemen, … live peacefully and giving a chance to earn a living for their families back home?

    Why did the Saudis poke their nose in Afghanistan, funding the anti-democratic, vile forces of Jihadis in 1980s and 1990s? Didn’t the people of Afghanistan deserve a peaceful life?

    Is it to do with geopolitics?

    Haven’t the already carved out an Islamic republic in Kattankudi with their “hard earned wealth”? If you believe Saudis are charitable good Muslims why haven’t they shown some sympathy to poor people who live in surrounding countries?

  • 3

    “Racists who shout at rooftops have forgotten that it was the Muslims’ sufferings and sacrifices prevented the breakup of the country during the LTTE war.”

    Muslim spies (Intelligent officers) were rewarded by the government for spying on northern and eastern Tamils. Many times innocent Tamils were arrested and tortured for personal vengeance. I cannot believe that these “Intelligent” officers could not foresee that Sinhala Buddhists will turn against them some day.

    • 1

      Contribution of Muslims during the War

      I have written about this before. Yes we debate and argue about religious beliefs but we shall never forget the contribution many Muslims made during the Eelam war. For that we are grateful forever.

      Don’t pay too much attention to Gnanasara who should really be named as Gandassara. Attention is what he needs so badly. You guys are giving more than enough of that to him. I am sure his bark is worse than his bite.

      You, my Muslim friends also should understand that you are a minority and not try to keep a big profile than what you can maintain without upsetting the majority. Building new mosques, calling for prayers so loud etc. are only going to worsen things. It makes the work of the sane men of both sides more difficult. The only way to handle this is de-escalation. And it should start with you Muslims.

      Try to be more friendly. I have not met Gandassara or smelt his Gandassara mouth. But I suspect that he is only a lot of hot air. Why not collect some money and donate him a BMW 7i7? I will also make a contribution if you start it. That would send him to you wagging his tail.

      You guys have too much money. Start unbundling them. Otherwise the Veyas may eat it all. It is not Gods who run the world affairs. It is money.

      • 1

        On reading your comment what anyone would see,is about Muslims being a minority and maintaining a
        high profile and about their wealth. You buggers are jealous. You can’t do anything and jealous about
        those who are successful in business. The Tamils are hardworking and clever,and your damned jealousy
        drove you all to attempt to wipe them out and failed.You only have this little island in the world ,where
        you can shout, and that too belongs to the Veddahs. You say everything bad about Muslims and their
        religion but you send your wives sisters and mothers to work in their houses here and export them to the
        Arabs to run your homes and for RAVI to get much needed FE.. Now all the HO ! HA about reform
        of Muslim Law and rights of Muslim Women,to please EU to get. GSP plus..
        If you can get yourselves to work harder and get your act together and be more productive you can succeed.
        You say Gods dont run the world affairs but the moment you have a headache or any family problem ,run
        to the Hindu Gods, and that failing fly to Sai baba. Sai Baba could not save himself even with western doctors
        Best keep your traps shut,and get down to doing some work.

  • 1

    Native Veddah,
    I came to know the original Veddahs in Dambana in 1960. They are decent folk ,who are also being bothered by the
    people around.certainly not Muslims!!! You should know who!!!
    In Syria the people have risen up against Assad,backed by Iran and Russia,so naturally America is on the other side.
    In Yemen its again the HOUTHIS rebels backed by Iran fighting the The internationally recognized government.
    Saudi and Arab countries have got involved to protect their borders and interests
    Saudis are not involved in Afghanistan. Various Afghan groups got together and fought against Soviet invasion. The
    Afghans chased them out, which resulted in the breaking up of the Soviet Union and the breaking down of the ‘BERLIN
    WALL’.Afghanistan was invaded by America and West ,accusing them of planning 9/11.and they are still there. WHY ?
    You can address TRUMP on this.
    It is geopolitics !
    KATTANKUDI has always been a predominantly Muslim area. So what is bothering you?
    Do not make comments without knowing the subject, you are seeking publicity.Saudis are charitable and are helping
    the people around and all over the world.. Sri Lanka has got assistance for certain projects too and then,one of the
    biggest flow of foreign exchange being remittances by Sri Lankans working there.!!! I hope it is clear.

    • 2

      Aiyo AYMAN

      Please review your typing.

      • 0

        If you have nothing to do,do not do it here..It is a damned waste of time replying to your idiotic comments.

    • 0

      Oh really Kattankudi was always a Muslim area? From when? If the Tamils did not allow Muslim asylum seekers to settle there and give them women as wives a few centuries ago, it would have not been Muslim. The name it self is pure Tamil. All predominantly Muslim areas in the east and north west coast, showing their ancient Hindu Tamil origin. Kalmunai, Nintavur, Pottuvil Kattandui, Puttalam, Samanthurai. Now some extremist are changing these ancient Tamil Hindu names to names like Sadam Hussein City ETC and with the blessing of the Sinhalese led Sri Lankan government. Just like many name changes from Tamil to Sinhalese in the east and north . Kantalai to Kantale, Periya Villan Kulam to Mahadivuluweva. Manal Aru to Weli Oya. Amparai to Ampara, Pattipalai Aru to Galoya. Thamban Kadavai to Tamankaduwa.
      Kattankudi until a decade ago had a Sufi Tamil Muslim culture now a Wahhabi/Salafist Arabic culture and this is what Native means. Culture changed from Tamil to Arab

  • 0

    Since this country belongs to Veddahs,I call upon their leader to wind up this debate,in the interests of our country.

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