28 October, 2021


Panama Farmers Want Their Land Back

A group of farmers, whose land was allegedly taken by force by the previous regime to construct hotels to be managed by the Navy, has forcibly entered the land in Panama and are demanding the government to give them their land back.Panama

The farmers, and their families have however been surrounded by police and Navy as they continued to sit in protest demanding for their lands. During the run up to the presidential election, President Maithripala Sirisena promised to give back the land to these farmers, however even though it is over a year, he has now kept his pledge, it is learnt.

Sources claimed that even though the government had initially planned on giving back the land to the farmers, a government minister under the current regime is keen on developing a hotel in this same area, has led to a situation which is preventing Sirsena from keeping to his promise.

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    war on unarmed non state people

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    How many F…..Ng Hotels the Northerners needs??
    They need a safe Home , Food , clean water and schools and teachers.
    Not expected anything else now.
    For gods sake they need to recover from the wretched war not another Hotel!! Baboons…

    Is it Douglas and MARA at it again??

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      Panama is in the southernmost part of Eastern Province.

      Earlier, a Buddhist monk led a mob which removed the deity in a hindu temple.
      Later, he shifted it back.


      Now the army and navy control the area.

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      Analyst, you moron – Panama is (as Justice points out) in the southernmost part of the country.

      Stop using every excuse you can to denigrate “Northerners”. It is because of the anal-apertured bigots like you that reconciliation is a distant dream for all of us who want a unified country.

      Who is the “baboon” now? Although those primates are far superior to humans like you!

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        Dear Telugu’s go back to Adhara

  • 4

    Justice .

    Thanks for your wisdom of knowledge and for posting the story line.
    My geographical knowledge at first warned me that Panama is in South America.
    Sorry for my ignorance and point taken .

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    Greedy UnBuddhistic Monks are yet again not only greedy for lands but the sacred Hindu statues as well??
    Don’t they get punished by the power of all mighty ??

    Just can’t believe these Monks in yellow robes in the name Lord Buddha ready to do all sorts of evil as they please.

    Christian churches , Mosques, and Hindu Temples were desecrated during the last Regime with the Blessings of BBS ,WW and MARA.

    On the link story the Monk tried to replace the stolen statue to its original place of worship.
    Wonder why the Monk changed his mind? Did something evil fell on him and his family???

    And why the President is dilly dallying?? The temple premises belongs to the devotees and not to build Luxury Hotels by the Minister or the President.

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    The villagers appear Sinhalese. The previous government cannot be accused of discrimination when grabbing/robbing land from the people!


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    Stop oppressing the poor and robbing their land…

    “A person who gets ahead by oppressing the poor or showering gifts
    on the rich, will come to poverty” – Proverbs.

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    Is Analyst is a Tamil never been to srilanka or is he an ignorant MR’s intelligent whose only motive is to keep North-south flame burning for their political benefit. Most of the western countries developed, learnt lessons, became more inclusive after terrible war but they all punished war criminals who took advantage of the war situation to satisfy their evil needed – Gotha is the worst out of all,took revenge on Tamils on the expense of MR. Still I remember the story, while some army animals torture innocent Tamils, few tried to stop but couldn’t succeed and left that place. War is cruel and ugly but taught many valuable lessons to all of us. We need a powerful political solution which we missed to get from British when they leave this country – those Tamil politicians were too innocent to trust Singhalese at that time for which we have paid a heavy price now in Nandikadal – that karma will chase Singhalese for many centuries.

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      Senthil You’re very wrong. After reading my previous comments have not grasped , that’s ignorance is Bliss for not understanding the views ,

      From the beginning the ” Analyst ” had been for the right track for My Srilanka as same as you. Directing may be with some of my comments for a FAIR AND EQUAL SRI-LANKA.

      FOR the betterment of my country , for my people to live without oppression from the Politicians and the so called thieving venerables.

      Hope that clears your doubts and one more point ! Wonder how many of our Srilankans have heard of Panama in SL??

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        “Wonder how many of our Srilankans have heard of Panama in SL?? “

        I am with you, the only Panama I knew was the isthmus connecting North and South America

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    Sorry Analyst, Panama sounds 100% Sinhala name or 100% American name. Tamil village Kanthalai and changed into Kanthalama. Kanthalai is Tamil name and Kanthalama is a Singhalese name. I do not think any one have to explain to any native.

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    [Edited out] Please avoid typing all capitalized comments – CT

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    President Sirisena & PM Ranil – Please for god’s sake ,hand the lands
    back to the owners and close this saga with an apology to the people who were thrown out of their lands and accommodated in make shift camps
    elsewhere against their wishes in their own country and suffered for a very long period. Hand over the rest of the Govt.lands to the Provincial council/s to administer,so that the Govt. does not get other
    ideas. There was a plan made by the previous regime to have a golf course, swimming pools and summer palaces built on Govt. lands and in
    fact there was a presidential summer palace built at KKS and areas around the palace were cordoned off, thus depriving free movement of the people.
    It is not good for your administration when the UN and the IC keep reminding your responsibility to the people of N/E, as regards handing over the confiscated lands, unless you have hidden plans to have pockets of armed forces and colonization in the midst of the people of N/E.,thus giving the world an impression that these two provinces are occupied provinces. There is already a threat thrown to the people of N/E by one of the ministers that some lands will be retained for military use and owners will be compensated. all these things are possible because TNA does not talk as they are silenced. The Govt. brags that they are going at full speed ahead on reconciliation work
    but one of the major problem that could unite the Tamils and the Govt.if settled ,is handing back the lands owned by them

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    Now it is very important to find an alternative to TNA – they are not suitable at all to the present climate. Most of the decision making TNA people are too old fashioned and too backward and very Asian mentality people – we need some western educated intelligent lot.

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    It boggles the mind how every incumbent administration is bent on gang raping it’s citizens in toto without a moments hesitation or conscience. They have the bloody gall to even think they’re a democracy.
    Our governments are nothing but a recurring disease that is bent on humiliating the people and taking away their self-esteem. Which is pathetic.

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