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Paranagama Commission Violates Language Policy By Sending Out Letters In English To Families Of Missing Persons

The Presidential Commission to Investigate into Complaints Regarding Missing Persons, more commonly known as the Paranagama Commission has violated the country’s language policy by issuing letters in only English, it is learnt.

Justice Maxwell Paranagama

Sources said that the Commission had sent out letters in English to families of the disappeared asking them to obtain a certain form from the District Secretariat over a compensation matter.

“Most of the families who received these letters cannot read English,” a source said.

The letters should have ideally been dispatched to the recipients in all three languages, including Sinhala and Tamil, but specially Tamil as most of the families are Tamil speaking from the North and East, the sources noted.

Meanwhile, Minister of Official Languages, Mano Ganesan is expected to take up the issue with the Paranagama Commission, through the Official Languages Commission.

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