29 September, 2023


PARL Urges President Sirisena To Release All Lands In North & East Before Dec 31

The People’s Alliance for Right to Land (PARL) has written to President Maithripala Sirisena urging him to keep his promise to release all lands in the North and East, by the 31st of Dec. 2018.

Releasing private lands in the North and East was a key campaign promise by President Sirisena. The President renewed it last month in his desperate attempt to draw the support of the Tamil National Alliance (TNA).

The letter has been signed by 47 displaced persons from the North and East, and endorsed by 132 concerned individuals and organisations.

Many of the displaced communities from the North, are also currently facing great hardship due to the recent floods, resulting in further displacement, damage to property and possessions, and a complete destruction of their paddy lands and loss of livelihoods, the PARL said.

The full letter, written to the President, is as follows:

To: President Maithripala Sirisena

Cc. Prime Minister Ranil Wickramasinghe & Leaders of Political Parties

Keep the Presidential Promise – release land by 31st December 2018

On the 4th of October 2018, The Presidential Media Division reported that “President Maithripala Sirisena instructed the authorities to complete the process of releasing the lands in the North and East Provinces to their original owners, before December 31st, after resolving all the issues” , at a meeting of the Presidential Task Force to monitor development projects conducted in the Northern and Eastern Provinces.

We, whose lands have been taken away from us forcibly and are still suffering immensely nearly ten years after the end of the war, demand that you keep this promise and ensure that authorities abide by instructions you gave them several months ago.

We also demand that the Prime Minister and leaders of all political parties and alliances support this fully and demand that the President implement this decision.

We appreciate that the government has released some occupied lands to different communities in the last several years, but are deeply disappointed that there has been inadequate resettlement assistance and other restrictions and obstructions they have faced which have hampered their resettlement.
To assist you, we attach a short briefing and summary of 15 cases (not exhaustive) that was submitted to the government on 29th August 2018, by the People’s Alliance for Right to Land (PARL) after a discussion on land held at Sri Lanka Foundation Institute on 21st August 2018, where representatives of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs also participated. We also attach the submission made by PARL in relation to land in July 2018, with regard to Reparations Act, before the Act was enacted.

Thank you.

Displaced Community Signatures;

1. A. Benedict Croos – Mannar
2. A. Yogarany – Neethivaan Mukaam
3. A.L.M. Mispahu – Azraf Nagar, Oluvil, Addalaichenai, Ampara
4. I. Akila – Keerimalai
5. I. Rishab – Palamunai
6. I. Saraswathy – Urumpirai
7. I. Tharmarajiny – Urumpirai
8. I. Vithusha – Urumpirai
9. Jayananthini Kunaraththinam – Kilinochchi
10. K. Diroshan Croos – Mullikulam
11. K. Kokulan – Ampara
12. Kamsananthini Kunarathnam – Kilinochchi
13. Kunarthnam Thiruniraichchelvi – Kilinochchi
14. M. Mithushayini – Mallakam
15. M. Vellimayil – Sinthu Centre
16. M.A.A. Figurado – Mannar
17. M.B. Hakeem – Ampara
18. Malika – Kilinochchi
19. N. Inpanayagam – Urumpirai
20. N. Janusha – Mallakam
21. N. Reji Salo – Mullikulam
22. N. Vimala – Urumpirai
23. Punchirala Somasiri – Ragamvila, Panama
24. R. Ajantha – Ampara
25. R. Anushan – Urumpirai East, Puliyady
26. R. Dilakshana – Urumpirai East, Puliyady
27. R. Nilushayini – Ampara
28. R. Rawha Banu – Chilavathurai
29. R.F. Ramila Banu – Chilavathurai
30. S. Bandara – Ragamvila, Panama
31. S. Gunawathi – Ragamvila, Panama
32. S. Janany – Ampara
33. S. Kirushanth – Urumpirai
34. S. T. Kandeepan – Amban, Kudaththanai
35. S. Uthayasivam – Chundikulam
36. S. Vinitha – Urumpirai East, Puliyady
37. Selvi – 5th Vaajkkal, Kilinochchi
38. T. Abisha – Urumpirai East, Puliyady
39. T. Jeevitha – Urumpirai East, Puliyady
40. T. Jeyachithra – Urumpirai North
41. T. Kirusonth – Urumpirai
42. T. Latha – Neethivalaakam
43. T. Selvarani – Urumpiray
44. T. Thadshayini – Urumpirai
45. T. Thushanth – Urumpirai East, Puliyady
46. Vaasini – Kilinochchi
47. Vathani – Paravippanjan, Kilinochchi

Endorsed by;


1. Abdul Cader Mohamed Rumaiz
2. Ajita Kadirgamar
3. Anberiya Hanifa
4. Angelica Chandrasekeran
5. Anithra Varia
6. Anthony Jesudasan
7. Anuka Vimukthi De Silva
8. Anushaya Collure
9. B. Gowthaman
10. Buddhima Padmasiri – Attorney-at-Law
11. Caryll Tozer – Women’s Rights Activist
12. Channaka Jayasinghe
13. Chintaka Rajapakse
14. Chulani Kodikara
15. Deanne Uyangoda
16. Deekshya Illangasinghe
17. Dharini Udugama
18. Dilan Ramanayake
19. Dinushika Dissanayake – Attorney-at-Law
20. Dr. Paikiasothy Saravanamuttu
21. Emil van der Poorten – Supporter of human and civic rights
22. Florine Marzook
23. Geethika Dharmasinghe – Liberation Movement
24. Godfrey Malarnesan – Maatram Foundation
25. Godfrey Yogarajah
26. Herman Kumara
27. Hyshyama Hamin
28. Ian Ferdinands
29. Ishara Danasekara
30. Isuru Perera
31. Jake Oorloff
32. Jansila Majeed – Women’s Action Network, Mullaitivu
33. Jena Jeyakanthi – Mannar
34. Jerat Jeyamala – Activist, Puthukudiyiruppu, Mullaitivu
35. Joanne Senn
36. Johathas Manomani – Activist, Puthukudiyiruppu, Mullaitivu
37. Josap Marisasikala – Activist, Alampil, Mullaitivu
38. Juwairia Mohideen
39. K. Nihal Ahamed
40. Kalani Subasinghe
41. Kasinathan Thavampihai – Activist, Puthukudiyiruppu, Mullaitivu
42. Keerthiseelan Kethusa – Activist, Uduppukkulam, Mullaitivu
43. Kumaran Nadesan
44. Lakmali Hemachandra – Liberation Movement
45. Lal Wijenayake – General Secretary, United Left Front
46. Linus Jayatilake – President, United Federation of Labour
47. Lucille Abeykoon
48. Lydia Gitanjali Thiagarajah
49. Mahaluxmy Kurushanthan
50. Mahendran Thiruvarangan – Lecturer (Probationary) – English Literature, University of Jaffna
51. Mario Gomez
52. Marisa de Silva
53. Megara Tegal
54. Nicola Perera – University of Colombo
55. Nilshan Fonseka
56. P. Selvaratnam
57. P.M. Mujeebur Rahman (LLB)
58. P.N. Singham – Maatram Foundation
59. Padma Pushpakanthi
60. Parakrama Niriella – Janakaraliya Cultural Foundation
61. Prof. Ajit Abeysekera
62. Prof. Kumar David
63. Prof. S. Ratnajeevan H. Hoole – Jaffna
64. Rajaledsumi – Women’s Rights Activist, Batticaloa
65. Rajmohan Priyatharsini – Activist, Mankulam, Mullaitivu
66. Raseekka Nisa – Development Centre, Thanneeroottu, Mullaitivu
67. Rev. Bro. Thobias
68. Rev. Fr. G. J. G. Croos (Nehru) – Mannar
69. Rev. Fr. Jeyabalan Croos
70. Rev. Fr. M.V.E. Ravichandran
71. Rev. Fr. Nandana Manatunga
72. Rev. Fr. Sarath Iddamalgoda
73. Rev. Fr. Terrence Fernando
74. Rev. Fr. V. Yogeswaran
75. Rev. Sr. Chandra
76. Rev. Sr. Goretti Leon
77. Rev. Sr. Jenita
78. Rev. Sr. Jeyam
79. Rev. Sr. Nichola
80. Rev. Sr. Noel Christine Fernando
81. Rev. Sr. Rasika Pieris HF
82. Rev. Sr. Rita SCJM
83. Rev. Sr. Virgin
84. Rt. Rev. Dr. Daniel S. Thiagarajah – Jaffna Diocese, Church of South India
85. Ruki Fernando
86. Ruvini Jayaratne
87. Sabra Zahid
88. Sahira Lahir
89. Sampath Samarakoon
90. Sandun Thudugala
91. Shenali De Silva
92. Shreen Saroor
93. Srinath Perera – General Secretary, Free Trade Union Centre
94. Sugath Priyantha Rajapasha – Sramabimani Kendraya
95. Sunanda Deshapriya – Sri Lanka Brief
96. Swasthika Arulingam
97. Tanuja Thurairajah
98. Tehani Ariyaratne


99. Alliance Development Trust (ADT)
100. Association for Friendship and Love (AFRIEL) Youth Network
101. Centre for Justice and Change (CJC), Trincomalee
102. Centre for Policy Alternatives (CPA)
103. Centre for Social Concerns, Ja-Ela
104. Child Development Initiative
105. Child Vision Sri Lanka
106. District Fisheries Solidarity (DIFSO), Ampara
107. District Fisheries Solidarity (DIFSO), Jaffna
108. Hashtag Generation
109. Human Elevation Organization (HEO), Ampara
110. Human Rights Organisation (HRO), Kandy
111. INFORM Human Rights Documentation Centre
112. International Centre for Ethnic Studies (ICES)
113. Law and Society Trust (LST)
114. Mannar District Fisheries Organization
115. Mannar Women’s Development Federation (MWDF)
116. Movement for National Land and Agricultural Reform (MONLAR)
117. Mullaitivu District Fisheries Organization
118. Muslim Women’s Development Trust (MWDT), Puttalam
119. National Fisheries Solidarity Organization (NAFSO)
120. Northern Muslims’ Forum (NMF)
121. Panama-Paththuwa Surakeeme Sanvidhanaya, Panama
122. People’s Movement Against Port City
123. Praja Abilasha Land Rights Network
124. Rural Development Foundation
125. Rural Workers Organization, Jaffna
126. Savisthri National Women’s Movement
127. Sri Vimukthi Fisher Women Organization
128. Trincomalee District Fisheries Organization
129. Voice of Trincomalee
130. Women for Justice and Peace in Sri Lanka
131. Women’s Action for Social Justice Network
132. Women’s Action Network (WAN)


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Latest comments

  • 10

    I have no dobut if this was a promise, the govt should long have investigated it and fulfil the promiseas pledged.

    Besides, war is over now. Those who have the rights to return to those places should be given the access to use their lands.

    If this would NOT be possible, these owners should be consulted and shared them the stand clearly.

    Just leaving them aside not having addressed the issue, is no means fair to those people.

  • 0

    This comment was removed by a moderator because it didn’t abide by our Comment policy.For more detail see our Comment policy https://www.colombotelegraph.com/index.php/comments-policy-2

  • 9

    War is over and why keep people land ?
    Get back your common sense and help poor people to reconstruct life

  • 7

    The war ended in 2009. The armed forces should have ended occupation of citizens’ lands, homes and places of recreation, worship, businesses & livelihoods at least an year later.
    But so far, no one including southern politicians have dared to tell the armed forces to quit the homes, lands, businesses, livelihoods and even places of worship in the north & east.
    And, the armed forces get the largest amount in every budget.
    Lame excuses like “resurgence of terrorism” are trotted out.
    They are aided by the Buddhist clergy who are busy mostly in erection of statues of the Buddha and replacing Hindu places of worship, with Buddhist ones, aided by state entities like the Department of Archeology.
    Will the President enforce the Buddha Dharma?

    • 3

      You say, “…Buddhist clergy who are busy mostly in erection of statues of the Buddha and replacing Hindu places of worship, with Buddhist ones, aided by state entities like the Department of Archaeology.”
      That is a big fat lie.
      Give me one example that would prove your bogus accusation.
      LTTE grabbed lands which were later rescued by the military could go to their RIGHTFUL OWNERS, keeping in mind the national security.
      We have no objection for that.
      If the lands come under high security zones, the owners could be given alternate lands.
      And if they want to sell those released lands, they should be asked to sell them to the government.
      President can’t give PERSONAL PROMISES on matters of national interest.
      He has to follow correct procedures and regulations in releasing lands, exercising transparency and equality.
      Similarly, all the forcibly taken lands by various parties previously owned by Buddhist Temples in North and East should be returned to them.
      Most importantly, the Land Act should be revised by banning foreigners acquiring lands so that LANDS WHICH WERE RELEASED IN GOOD FAITH will remain in possession of LOCALS. And there is tendency to use proxies. Therefore, due attention should be paid to avoid such irregularities.
      Furthermore, the names of RIGHTFUL owners to whom the lands were released and occupied since 2009 should be published by the government as people have reasonable doubts about the motive of some individuals and organizations who “fight” for lands in North and East.

      • 2

        Champa … the lying ….. profession

        “Give me one example that would prove your bogus accusation.”


        Keerimalai Nakuleswaram opposite Hindu temple & on AB Road
        Navatkuli Behind Railway Station
        Valikamam North
        Valikamam North – Veemankamam
        Valvettithurai Vadamarachchi
        From Pungudutive towards Kurikattuvan
        Nunavil Junction
        Kanakarayan Kulam 3 temples including one on A9 Kandy Jaffna highway
        Pachchilapalli Army Camp on A9 Kandy Jaffna Highway
        Paranthan A9 Kandy Jaffna Highway
        Kilinochchi 65th Division 7th Artillery Army Camp
        Anaivilunthan – Vanneri Jayapuram Road
        Irannaimadu Kanahambihai Amman Temple
        Paranthan Mullaitive Road Kandawalai
        Mankulam A9 Kandy Jaffna Highway
        Paranthan Mullaitive Road Kikkilai
        Kottakerni Hindu Temple land
        Murunkan Hindu Temple
        Navatkuli Karativeu Mannar Highway
        Medawachiya – Talaimannar Highway
        Thalaimannar Pier
        Mthoddam Thiruketheeswaram
        Beach Road Panama Town
        Inner Harbour Road Trincomalee
        Andankulam Thambalakamam
        Kanniya Hot wells
        Koneswaram Trincomalee Town
        Trincomalee Bus Terminal
        Mathavannai Batticaloa
        Punnai Pancha Maha Vihara Batticaloa
        Thamma Pansala

        You ought to visit these places and see the structure for yourselves. Until then keep all your outlets shut.

        • 0

          Hindian Vedda – The founder of the ……… profession.
          What is this list? It doesn’t prove anything.
          For an example, are you saying Punnai Pancha Maha Vihara in Batticaloa, a Hindu Temple?
          I repeat, show me examples of when and where “Hindu places of worship replaced with Buddhist ones.”
          For your information Moda Vedda, a Buddhist Temple like “Velgam Raja Maha Viharaya” in Trincomalee even existed before Chola reign.
          This is how Tamils mislead the world. They give a list of Tamil names and tell the world that they are missing. Then they give a list of widows and tell the world that their husbands were killed by the military. What you have done is a similar thing for which Tamils are famous for.
          The truth is many ancient Buddhist temples in North East were converted to Hindu Temples by South Indian invaders.
          Same thing happened to Kataragama Devalaya, House of Lord Kataragama whom Sinhalese believe as Deva King Mahasen of the Kingdom of Ruhuna who received Lord Buddha when he visited “Kajaragama” in 580 BC. Later the King built KiriVehera.
          The story of Lord Murugan was planted very much later when the Chola King who reigned Polonnaruwa sent one of his Generals to Ruhuna to suppress a rebellion. He destroyed the entire city of Kajaragama except the Devale and later named it after Lord Murugan supported by a usual Indian epic story. 11 years after their take over of Ruhuna, Vikramabahu I chased the Chola brigade from Ruhuna.
          Tamils who claim Sinhalese Lord Kataragama as Lord Murugan have failed to explain the existence of Kiri Vehera. Did Lord Murugan build it, Native Vedda?
          This is the same story about Hindu Temples elsewhere in Sri Lanka which were either built over Buddhist Temples or built to mark the victories of Chola Kings.

    • 2

      Be aware , the Buddhists have a kind of paranoia , similar to a kind of mental illness.
      They are not known to throw away a Lord Buddha picture or even throwing away the excessive number of Buddha statues in ones possession.
      So each picture of Buddha or a statue be given a home.
      That’s what I believe these yellow Robed zombies preach to the followers.

      So now all the beautiful Buddha statues and pictures are over flowing , they need homes,
      so they Plant a Bodi sapling build a shack , Hi presto!! Home for these precious symbols!!

      Now they find every corner in the North and East , with a concocted fairy tale the act of formation of a temple with the Buddha statue is prevalent inTamil Lands.
      Who are the instigators for this evil act of spreading lies ?? No one other than the Yellow Robed Zombies. The fear mongering is know as not throwing any elements of Lord Buddha.

      Lands are taken by force from the rightful owners to Plant these saplings , pictures and statues under their guidance and orders.

      Any one can bully and threat in the name of Buddhism to build a Buddha temple in Apeh Aanduwe Srilanka the land like no other!!

      Remember the so called chief Minister Bogollagama’s wife who threatened the Hindu devotees in Batticaloe wearing slippers in the holy Hindu temple premises last year??
      These are the thugs and their thuggish wives we elect in this wretched country.

      Soon the Tamils and Muslims will have no Roof over their HEADS , But Lord Buddhas statue will have a Roof!!
      Hah! Hah! hahhhhhhhhhh
      How ironical is that??

      • 0

        People like you, who have no religion, developing a hatred against Buddhists and their places of worship is normal.
        I pity you. Your pathetic comment doesn’t worth a reply.

        • 1

          You repeat this,” My pathetic comment doesn’t worth a reply” Yet ! a reply from you above big mouth.
          Please don’t twist ancient history, The fairy tale adapted version Mahavamsa by the yellow robed zombies is enough for bed time , but the story tellers tales by the bogus historians who writes fairy tale history on Buddhism in Srilanka is much better than bed time stories ! whether a Comedy or a Tragedy as no one can win this argument ,
          it’s the same as which came first ! The Chicken or the Egg??
          Now go hit your head to the wall Champa the Story Teller.
          Presently the Hindus has the same right as Buddhists to live in SL.
          Tell that to Eagle eye, KASamamlam , Such , and other racists here on CT. Feel sorry for you lot! As per your racist mind Humans should not have a a Roof to live but the Statues of Lord Buddhas need Roofs including the over Fattened Triforces.

          • 0

            There is nothing to twist in our well written history in chronological order.
            Tamils have no written history whatsoever. Therefore, I am not surprised of your envy towards Mahawamsa and Buddhist priests.
            Hindus, who are a small fraction in Sri Lanka cannot compare them with majority Buddhists.
            Therefore, the first and foremost religion in Sri Lanka is Buddhism while the freedom of existence of other religions are recognized.
            For your information, Hinduism is the largest religion in India and Buddhists have not given same rights as Hindus in India.
            It is time for you to go back to your motherland and embrace Hinduism without spreading malice towards Buddhists.

        • 0

          Thev fairy tale expert have come to the conclusion that I have no religion.
          What kind of Modaya are you?? You remember that once you branded me a Whabi Mullah!
          Come on moron ! go with the topical subject instead of wavering with your tales of imaginations.
          Feel not sorry for your ignorance.
          I also remember you have commented here within the last few months that you never wanted MR back in Power. How any one can trust your Fibbings.
          Writings on CT ” Champa ” the Professor of Fibbs. .

          • 0

            “When the debate is lost, slander becomes the tool of the loser.” — Socrates.
            It is not my conclusion. It is your own comment which shows that you have no religion.
            People who follow any religion never defame other religions or their followers but respect other people’s right to believe in any faith of their choice.
            I never said I don’t want MR back in power.
            I said the next President should not be a Rajapaksa. It is everybody’s knowledge that MR cannot contest for the third time.

  • 1

    As I scan through the names of signatories be it individuals, community members or organisations, it ONLY rings one bell of sound in my ears, i.e, that most of these names heard before ( whilst I claim that some of these are unheard of in my interactions) have been on time sympathizers of the separate state for the Tamils, thus pro-activists of the LTTE ,and other similar forums.

    As a firm believer of a country , united through the diversity of cultures, religions, creed, and caste , the reminiscences of the three decades of civil war needs to be mitigated through a well defined process. Any errors in the execution of the amalgamation process, may explode back in to a situation of unrest, and mistrust ( as it has been observed over the last 12+ months between the key stakeholders of this unification effort.

    Thus my conclusion is that any release of private land confiscated during the war effort, needs to be carried out with proper due diligence , with consideration of all strategic factors, and not merely due to a political party trying to press on with their short term ambitions, to gain political advantage arising out of this constitutional crises, that the country has just overcome.

    RW needs to be more aware of the long term targets of a future UNP government, without giving way to the TNA and other such gold-digger stakeholders in order to stay in power in the short term.

    • 8

      What belongs to Julius Caesar must be given to Caesar and what belongs to Brutus must be given to Brutus. The logic is so, so simple. The problem is with the warped minds.

      • 0

        hancho pancha
        Very true. Sinhalese who were chased from Jaffna since Chola period and then LTTE period should be given their rightful lands back. Their descendants should make claims.

        • 0


          “inhalese who were chased from Jaffna since Chola period and then LTTE period should be given their rightful lands back. “

          I think what you demand is reasonable even if you got your history wrong.
          However, I wonder why my people should not chase you the descendants of kallathonies and converts out of this island, basically ethnically cleansing the land and pack you back to your motherland south India?

        • 0

          Champa ………………… the

          “Their descendants should make claims.”

          Well how about Tamil Land in the South.
          Here is something that you would never have had the chance to read.

          An epigraphic perspective on the antiquity of Tamil
          Iravatham Mahadevan

          Sri Lanka: Tamils have been living in the northern and eastern parts of the island from time immemorial. Several small fragments of pottery with a few Tamil-Brahmi letters scratched on them have been found from the Jaffna region. However, a much more sensational discovery is a pottery inscription from an excavation conducted at Tissamaharama on the southeastern coast of Sri Lanka. A fragment of a high-quality black and red-ware flat dish inscribed in Tamil in the Tamil-Brahmi script was found in the earliest layer. It was provisionally dated to around 200 BCE by German scholars who undertook the excavation. The inscription reads tiraLi muRi, which means “written agreement of the assembly” (See Figure 4). The inscription bears testimony to the presence in southern Sri Lanka of a local Tamil mercantile community organised in a guild to conduct inland and maritime trade as early as at the close of the 3rd century BCE.

          JUNE 24, 2010

          • 0

            Oi Moda Vedda
            200 BCE was South Indian invader Elara’s time who was defeated by King Dutugemunu.
            “Pottery inscription was found in Tissamaharama?” So what? Even ancient Roman coins have been found around ancient Godavaya Port (present day Magamapura Port) in the Southern coast which doesn’t mean Romans lived in Sri Lanka “from time immoral.” Our Kings have engaged in trade with South Indian, Chinese, Thai, Arab and Roman traders.

    • 0

      “As a firm believer of a country , united through the diversity of cultures, religions, creed, and caste , the reminiscences of the three decades of civil war needs to be mitigated through a well defined process.”

      Dr. who are you kidding?

  • 9

    President please keep your promise and Let these poor people live peacefully with their family in their own land. If you do the right thing to these people then you do not need to go to temples, churches and mosques to look for god or get the blessings of so called priests!. Think about your family and also think about these poor family.

  • 11

    Dr. Dharshana W”……..proper due diligence , with consideration of all strategic factors, and not merely due to a political party trying to press on with their short term ambitions, to gain political advantage arising out of this constitutional crises, that the country has just overcome…..”

    bla bla bla

    just give the land back to its legitimate owners!!!!!!

  • 3

    Retaining the owners land is pure HR violation. . Sri Lanka is a signatory to UN charter . Hence it violates UN Charter

  • 2

    “(PARL) has written to President Maithripala Sirisena urging him to keep his promise to release all lands in the North and East, by the 31st of Dec. 2018.”
    I feel sorry for all these individuals and organizations. How realistic is it to expect any President of the Socialist Democratic Republic of Sri Lanka to keep his promises? Just look at the long list of promises made and not kept by the present and past presidents of this country!

  • 0

    Wishful thinking, keep dreaming, but keep learning, never late.

  • 0

    This is the best and last chance for us to get all land to us, only 3 more days. Moda Sinhalayas are going to give us everything this time.

    • 0

      Ponnarasa Murugesu,
      Your land are across the Palk Strait. Land that you guys are squatting was the cradle of Sinhala civilization destroyed by barbaric invaders from Hindusthan.

  • 1

    Sinhalayo who were chased away by LTTE from Yapanaya went to claim their property but none of them got their property. They squatted near the railway station and Rajapakse regime brought them back with a promise to give land in the South. Demalu are forcibly occupying property belonged to Sinhalayo in Yapanaya.
    In the Eastern Province Sinhalayo who owned property and paddy land lost them. LTTE chased the Sinhalayo and handed over those property and paddy land to Muslims and collected rent. After the war ended, Muslims started to pay bribes and making forged deeds. Not a bugger is concerned about the plight of the Sinhalayo in the North and East.

    • 1

      Eagle Blind Eye

      “Sinhalayo who were chased away by LTTE from Yapanaya went to claim their property but none of them got their property.”

      They took the wrong train with one way ticket, miserably stranded in Jaffna because they were broke unable to pay for the return ticket, then heard they could also claim fertile land in and around North. Thy stayed put.

      “LTTE chased the Sinhalayo and handed over those property and paddy land to Muslims and collected rent.”

      Where exactly did the LTTE grab the land belonging to Sinhalayo and hand it over to Muslims?

      Your typing is free, but facts are sacred.

  • 0

    {“PARL Urges President Sirisena To Release All Lands In North & East Before Dec 31”}
    The PARL refers to People’s Alliance for Right to Land. Unless one reads the article, the title may give the impression that it was the Parliament.
    MS did not quite succeed in swaying TNA.
    SLPP has said that TNA is clinging on to the Leader of Opposition post to get THE constitution passed.
    The title is just what SLPP wants.

  • 0

    The TRUE VOICE OF TAMILS are heard in Tirukkovil in Ampara.
    They have pleaded that the Army Camp there SHOULD NOT BE REMOVED and instead alternate lands be given.
    See the news: https://varunamultimedia.xyz/videos/btv/vmtube/news-specials/hiru-news35923_-28-12-18/play.html?1

  • 1

    Champa …………… ….

    Are the protestors your clientele?
    Another stupid public relation farce.

    • 0

      Hindian Vedda
      Ha ha ha …..
      “When the debate is lost, slander becomes the tool of the loser.” —- Socrates.

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