30 January, 2023


PCoI Report Distorts References To Islam & Muslims

By Latheef Farook

Latheef Farook

References made to Islam and Muslims in the report of the presidential commission which probed into 21 April 2019 Easter Sunday bombings and killings were distorted and misleading. It reflects the views of the United States led European-Israeli, Indian RSS front BJP, war mongers’ global anti-Muslim campaign to justify their atrocities on Muslims.

To understand the PCoI report one needs to know about the first ever organized anti-Muslim campaign in the island.

In the recent history, the devastating campaign poisoning Sinhalese minds against Muslims, began in the aftermath of the defeat of the LTTE in May 2009 when the government opened the country to Israel and India’s BJP- sworn enemies of Islam and Muslims.

Israelis and the BJP were here not because they love Sri Lanka, but because of their sinister evil agendas to divide communities and destabilize the country using racist elements. These divisive forces are part of a very powerful Islamophobia industry 

In many of my articles I predicted that with the presence of Israel and BJP, it was matter of time before a violent campaign begins against Muslims using Sinhala racist elements-politicians, businessmen, professional and sadly even monks.  

 Most people in the island, fed by local media which blindly follows anti-Muslim western media, remain clueless about their agendas and thus was exploited to poison Sinhalese against Muslims.

The vicious campaign was so effective that today Sinhalese were made to believe the so called threat of Islam and Muslims. Communities are divided, country in turmoil and the people suffer while politicians flourish with patriotic slogans.  

To understand the ongoing global Islamophobia  and western conspiracies against Muslims in the island one needs to understand the conspiracies of British and French imperial powers in the Middle East since early last century.

At the turn of the 20th century, the entire Middle East and North Africa were under the rule of Turkey’s Ottoman Empire. During World War 1, between Jul 28, 1914 and Nov 11, 1918, Ottoman Empire was defeated and the Middle East and North Africa were brought under British-French control.  

These two colonial powers together with the Zionist Jews signed a secret pact – Sykes-Picot Agreement on 19 May 1916- and divided Middle East into smaller states under their control.

Most of the Middle East including Palestine, Jordan, Egypt, Iraq, Saudi Arabia and the Gulf states were brought under British control while France took control over most of North Africa and Lebanon. This also included countries such as Libya, Tunisia, and Morocco, Algeria and several predominantly Muslim and non-Muslim countries alike all over Africa.

Britain and France installed corrupt and secular puppets as rulers in the newly created states to obediently serve them. Their task was to ensure that Islam   never emerge as a political force. This situation continues a century later to date.

Simultaneously Britain, France and Zionist Jews wanted to set up a separate Jewish state in Palestine after evicting Palestinians from their traditional homes and lands in violation of all moral and legal principles.

As part of this conspiracy Palestine was brought under British Mandatory Authority in 1917, paving the way for Jewish migration. Palestinians resisted. Zionist Jews formed terror brigades such as Hagana, Stern, Irgun and Zvai Leumi led by Menachem Begin, Yitzhak Shamir and Ariel Sharon and committed massacres of Palestinians

They were the godfathers of terrorism in the Middle East. They   forced Palestinians to flee to refugee camps in neighboring countries. Israel was created in 1947 in the heart of the Middle East to ensure the region remains in turmoil enabling British and French imperial powers to loot the region’s wealth.

When Britain started seeking the support of Arab rulers to create Israel, Abdel Aziz, a minor tribal ruler in Central Arabia, became an active collaborator.   Sharif Hussein, Ottoman Empire governor in Hejaz which included holy cities of Make and Medina, vehemently opposed. The British and Zionist Jews, bribed Abdel Aziz with money and weapons and got him to attack and overthrow Sheriff Hussein.

With that the caliphate, which has been the rallying point for Muslims worldwide, was wiped out and the British, French and Jewish control over the region was established. Abdel Aziz was allowed to continue with his Wahhabism –a distorted version of Islam.

As part of this conspiracy Britain and France joined by Israel and US demonized   Islam and Muslims. This included Muslim scholars such as Hassan Al Binna, Mohamed Qutb, Amina Qutb, Yusuf Qardawi and Moulana Abu Ala Maudi and Sheikh Yassin were all projected as extremists and associated with violence.

They took every effort to crush rise of Islam as a force.

For  example when late Ayatollah Khomeini toppled  pro-western Shah and  declared an Islamic republic in Iran, US, Europe, Israel, Saudi Arabia and Gulf sheikhs got together and put forward   Saddam Hussein to invade and triggered the Gulf war. The war killed more than a million Iraqi and Iranian soldiers and caused billions of dollars of destruction.US-European Israeli weapons manufacturers flourished.

In the wake of the war US Ambassador in Baghdad April Gaspie tricked President Saddam Hussein to invade Kuwait and triggered the Kuwait crisis. Under the guise of freeing Kuwait, US led European war mongers invaded Iraq and caused considerable destruction in Iraq besides killing hundreds of thousands.

In the first ever general election in Algeria in December 1991, FIS, which blended Islam with politics -won the largest majority. However armed forces, backed by France and Arab tyrants’ crushed popular movement and installed a secular military regime after killing around 180,000 Muslims.

US led war mongers imposed crippling sanctions on Iran for trying to develop nuclear facilities. However no such action against Israel which is reported to be possessing around 300 nuclear weapons.

In the midst came the 9/11 tragedy in New York, described as an inside job involving American FBI and Israel’s Mossed. It was used as a launching pad to start global campaign against Islam describing Muslims all over as terrorists.

Within 24 hours United States accused Al Qaeda of bombing WTC and began bombing Afghanistan and turned that war battered country into wasteland. Slaughtering innocent people and destroying a country is no concern for these   so called champions of human rights and freedom.

Thus the US led west replaced Soviet Union with Islam and Muslims to unleash organized campaign of Islamophobia which is a multibillion dollar industry justifying violence against Muslims worldwide.

Then came the US invasion of Iraq, falsely accusing Saddam Hussein of manufacturing weapons of mass destruction and destroyed that almost developed country where people enjoyed a happy and peaceful life. Millions of Iraqis were driven to refugee camps where most of whom still languish.

According to reports more than 65 billion dollar worth of gold was looted.

During the Arab uprising, Egyptians voted to power, Islamic Brotherhood led by Mohamed Morsi, in a free and fair elections for the first time in 60 years. Saudis and their Israeli, US and European collaborators got together and toppled the regime and installed tyrant Abdel Fattah Sisi. Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates and Kuwait spent eleven billion dollars to create artificial shortage of food and fuel leading to popular uprising which overthrew Mohamed Morsi.

In the midst US-Europe and Israel   turned Syria and Libya, two most developed countries, into killing fields and robbed them of their oil wealth, gold and cash.    

It was with Saudi’ connivance that former President Donald Trump handed over Jerusalem to Israel. Implementing US-European-Israeli agenda, Saudi Arabia and Abu Dhabi’ bombed Yemen and killed more than 100,000 Yemenis, devastated this poorest country in the Arab world and created the worst ever humanitarian crisis in the world.

Simultaneously US-European Israeli war mongers also began a well-organized billion dollar global campaign, Islamophobia, demonizing Islam and Muslims to justify their wars.   

In this campaign evangelical Christians, Zionist Jews and India’s RSS, have, joined together under the US-Israeli, Saudi, and Indian Axis. They started to persecute Muslims worldwide.

This campaign, many suspect, have entered t Sri Lanka in the aftermath of the end of ethnic war in May 2009,in view of its strategic importance  in the context of the ongoing struggle to control the region.

Many suspect that with the arrival of these forces in Sri Lanka hostilities were unleashed against Muslims which divided Sinhalese ad Muslims who lived in peace and harmony for more than a thousand years.

Did the local media ever highlight these facts? Instead they became tools in the hands of anti-Muslims forces not missing any chance to demonize Islam and associate Muslims with violence.

The result is what we see today in the country  

It is in this context one needs view the PCoI version on Islam and Muslims

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  • 7

    Latheef do not start blaming others like India, USA and Israel for the sorry plight Muslims are at present and apportion it on Muslims for their past actions. Muslims are reaping what they sowed in voting for passage of discriminatory laws against Tamils, supporting discriminatory actions against Tamils in education and employment and benefiting from it, actively joining hands with Sinhalese to commit atrocities against Tamils, and advocating against Tamils in international forums. When Pakistani agents were working with Muslims in eastern province to create trouble to Tamils, and when Muslim countries were funding propagation of Islamic extremism through building of mosques and madarassas, it was in order for you. Worse racism in Sri Lanka is Islamic claim for eastern province, when history is clear that they went there as refugees. I hear that Pakistani agents are trying to bring discord between Tamils and Muslims in eastern province, who showed a rare demonstration of unity in the peace march. Why are you blaming Sinhalese when they have exonerated several Muslim politicians, businessmen and professionals who had complicity with Easter bombers by providing financial and logistical support.

    • 2

      Dr. Gnana Sankaralingam,
      “Worse racism in Sri Lanka is Islamic claim for eastern province, when history is clear that they went there as refugees.”
      What about the claim made by Demalu in Yapanaya who are the descendants of slaves brought by colonial rulers for North and Eastern Provinces of Sinhale/Sri Lanka using a bogus claim ‘Traditional Homeland?
      Both Demalu and Muslims came from Hindusthan and sought asylum in Sinhale. Sinhale belong to Sinhalayo and there are no Tamil Land or Muslim Land in this country.

      • 4

        Mahindapala, original settlers of eastern province south of Mahaveli are Veddhas, who unfortunately for you have become Tamilized. They are the rightful owners of eastern province, not Muslims, Sinhalese or even other Tamils. Recent finding of Brahmi and Tamil Brahmi inscriptions in caves in Kumana and Medagama, shows that Veddhas who lived in them came under Tamil influence. This corroborates with the custom of Veddhas of worshiping Murugan who is only worshiped by Tamils. However in certain interior parts of eastern province such as Amparai electorate, Gomarankadawela and Lahugala AGA divisions, Veddhas have become Sinhalized. Discoveries of urn burial sites which are hallmarks of Dravidian civilization in north-western parts, last two being at Ibbankatuwa near Kurunegala and Devalapola near Minuwangoda proves that original people in those areas were Dravidians. People who came from Bangladesh (or Indonesia like your people) and sought asylum have no claim to any part of the Island.

    • 0

      Dr Gana,

      Sorry I am asking this question because I forget, what was the name of the fella who ordered the Muslims evicted within 24 hours from Jaffna in 1991?

  • 5

    And Saudi Arabia wanted US to nuke Iran.


  • 5

    This guy wants us to take US, Israel, and Saudi Arabia head on as if we have no better things to worry about!
    Mr Usuf, increase your prayers to ten times a day.


  • 11

    Arabs before the discovery of oil were seen as a bunch of worthless savages wandering about on camels. The British with the homosexual Lawrence of Arabia led a revolt against the Muslim ottoman Turks. Muslims have not invented a single technology. Without oil the middle east is worthless.

    • 2

      You are such an ignorant person, not even worth having a discourse of a debate with you.
      You know nothing of the Arabs before Oil .
      AND NOW Soon you may have to eat your own words .
      Saudi will be the first nation to launch into the futuristic world.
      Don’t shoot yourself in the foot.
      Google is free update your self.
      Don’t become a mockery on a public platform
      For your own sake.

    • 2


      In Sinhalese there’s a word for them before the discovery of oil, that is, “Mlecha” or savageous beast. Even now, with oil money in hand, the savageness hasn’t eluded them much.

  • 1

    I agree Islam is often misunderstood by the islamaphobic sections of the world.

    The same fact is given with daily examples at thereligionofpeace website.

  • 4

    Latheef Farook,
    “The vicious campaign was so effective that today Sinhalese were made to believe the so called threat of Islam and Muslims.”

    Sinhalayo do not believe Islam or ordinary Muslim folks are a threat. They believe, for very good reasons, Wahhabi Muslim extremists are a threat. The problem for Sinhalayo is it is difficult to differentiate who is a Muslim who is not a threat and who is the Muslim who is a threat. It is also difficult to differentiate who is a Muslim terrorist and who is not a Muslim terrorist.
    About 1000 Muslims have been brainwashed by Wahhabi preachers. There are two women who have vowed to become suicide terrorists at large. They have bought white dresses probably to act as ‘Upasakammas’ and attack temples. Muslims have imported about 3000 swords and only about 600 have been found. Probably the rest could be hidden in places where Muslims know. What happens if few Muslim extremists come with swords into a public place and start chopping Sinhala Buddhists?
    “Communities are divided,”
    Who is responsible?
    Racist separatist Malabar Vellala Tamil politicians and Muslim politicians who sympathize with Wahhabi Muslim fundamentalists.
    Do not try to put the blame on Sinhala Buddhists and come clean.

  • 0

    Dear Mr.Lateef Farook
    I hold you as a Muslim writer in english with great esteem, writing English articles even if well edited , need to be first written well , writers like yourself, Asif Hussain another brilliant writer , then Ameer Ali His English is excellent, so is yours and Asif Hussain and dear Late Izeth.
    The best article of yours was opening up the hidden misery of The poor in Apple watte .
    However I think now it’s time for a huge turn around for Muslims, enough of complaining and hanging unto the victim card.
    Look at the very Country’s culture Saudi, the Tradtionalist considered sacred, have bravely prepared to embrace totally modernity .
    Enough of living in the tribal past and myths of Oral Narrations.
    The Quran needs a re-interpretation in harmony with modern times and shunning the Oral heresay Narrations which are full of contradiction even not sparing TheHoly Quran,
    Oral Narrations are full of Myths , promoting segregation,
    dopting tribalism, are all giving Quran, God , The Prophet and Islam a bad name.

    Let’s embrace total diversity and modernity and practice our faith sincerely and keep it personal and not subject it to the mullah tyrany by compulsion and forever blaming others for our irrationalilty .

  • 0

    Let’s build bridges not burn them to please mullahs and politicians .

    Even Saudi won’t accept any Muslim with tribalism in future.
    Because they are the first nation to become the futurist in the whole world.
    So people must stop insulting Saudi by asking those who promote tribalism to go to Saudi
    Saudi is set to become the most modern futuristic nation in the world .
    You need to respect that..
    Instead they can choose Timbuktu

  • 1

    We must now salute and appreciate the President HE, Gotabaya Rajapakshe;
    For his bravery of enacting the new act of PTA , which is similar to that of Singapore to end racism and bigotry.

    But he has gone even beyond Singapore .
    Weldone Your Excellency.

    Quoting Great words of Wisdom and reality of My Dearest Leader , Late Hon.LKY

    Either you have the iron in you to rule or give it up.
    END Qte .

    But My President,Your Excellency .Gotabaya Rajapakshe.
    You have proven that you have the Iron and wisdom to rule and raise our beloved Sri Lanka to 1st world
    I know you can and will. ( GW) & May you be blessed with good health ^ & long life.
    One day at a time .
    Pls CT
    don’t edit me out to please a few

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