27 June, 2022


Personal Statement On The Cult Of Intolerance & Irrationality 

By Dayan Jayatilleka – 

Dr. Dayan Jayatilleka

I was horrified to hear a question that Dilka Samanmalee asked Ali Sabry PC on Derana 360. She said that “Dayan Jayatilleka has made a statement that Gotabaya Rajapaksa was responsible for the Easter attacks because he had paid Zahran”. Of course, being a highly trained and respected lawyer, Ali Sabry PC rightly omitted all mention of me in his reply, just as I expected he would. Dilka Samanmalee did not source the alleged quote; she did not mention when and where I had said anything remotely like this or tantamount to this. She did not do so because there is no proof—not a shred of evidence; and there is no proof because I said no such thing! I have never been in the habit of taking legal action against the media because my late father may not have approved, believing as he did in self-regulatory media ethics. But I have to say I am tempted. 

I have not written a single article on the election, as I have done during every election since 1982, whatever post I have held at the time.

I have not given a single TV interview and have declined several invitations to give such interviews via Skype.

I have declined newspaper interviews, local and foreign.

I have not returned to Sri Lanka and entered the campaign in a manner that Ambassadors (both political appointees and at least one senior career diplomat) did during the 2010 Presidential election campaign, including one of my illustrious predecessors in my present post, a close relative of a candidate.

If I wanted to campaign, I would have taken a leave of absence, returned and gone on TV, as I did in 2005 for MR (when I came back to SL, while I was a visiting academic in Washington DC). I have not done that. 

I have only engaged in (abbreviated) self -expression on my longstanding PERSONAL FB page.

Some hardcore fans of a “strongman cult” assert that if I have shared a post, even without endorsement or a single comment, that means that’s my view! So, by that logic, does it mean that if I share a post of a quote from the Buddha, Jesus, or the Koran, I am the author of it? Is it my statement? The same goes for a negative or critical remark. Unless I have endorsed it with a comment, I don’t own it– and in any case it was certainly not my statement! Since this is clearly illogical, irrational and nonsensical, what is important is the underlying point of those who attack me, namely, that it is heretical and a crime even to share on a personal FB, without endorsement or comment, anything remotely critical of their Führer!

Nothing I have said has been in my official capacity, or on an official social media site. 

And yet, I have not only had hate mail, I have even had an attempt at legal intimidation on a letterhead. I will not say on whose behalf because I do not wish to directly intervene in the political controversy and competition.

As sources as diverse as MR and Prof Rohan Gunaratne could advise, if their advice is sought (which I rather doubt), I simply cannot be intimidated—by the State, the JVP or the LTTE. Not even as a much younger man, when my girlfriend at that time was incarcerated on Lalith Athulathmudali’s watch, and years later, even by a lynch-mob at Kanatte.

What the virulent reactions tell me is that the mentality is that of intolerance and irrationality; indeed, of neo-barbarism and crypto-fascism. It also tells me what the ethos of a regime of such people will be: the most violently intolerant regime in Sri Lanka’s/Ceylon’s history in my lifetime, indeed for a century.

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    Whether you said or not, Bomb blast is most probably organised in order to get an advantage in this election and Gota & Mahinda group is the only group capable of doing such a bomb blast. It is a well planned one. It was very cautious, planned not to affect Buddhist Sinhala and particularly to put the blame on Muslims and Western countries. Sinhalese were calm immediately after the incident and the planned attack on Muslims, shops, mosques after few days. The accusation went on Richard Badudeen , Ashraff, Asath Ali, and Hisbullah plus Dr Shafri. Rathna Thero, Gannarasa Thero were the Gota sponsored people and later Hisbullah become Gota supporter. Hisbullah is the man of Kathaankudi, anti-Tamil agent of Mahinda is a close ally of Zahran. There was no such incidents after the suicide attack. All this clear indication of who was behind and what was the motive. I am sure Sinhalese will understand the truth.

    • 19

      It was noted that initially people did not warm up to a Gota presidency before the Easter blasts, and then within a few days after that terrible event, he announced his candidacy. That was “convenient” timing for the man.
      He has also been associated, with the saffron robed thugs, who rise up at certain times, to provoke the mobs and cowards, who attack the minority and their properties.
      Sri Lankans should remember what the country went through, and especially the minority should think long and hard and reject this man, who did nothing but looked the other way, just like his brother, when places of worship, businesses, and homes, were attacked, and many killed. He has not changed, never will, in fact it may be worse, as he once again starts the intended dictatorship that the next Rajapaksa generation think they are entitled to.

      In this case the unknown devil may be the lesser of the two evils.

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        “What the virulent reactions tell me is that the mentality is that of intolerance and irrationality; indeed, of neo-barbarism and crypto-fascism. It also tells me what the ethos of a regime of such people will be: the most violently intolerant regime in Sri Lanka’s/Ceylon’s history “
        Well, that’s clear enough, isn’t it? No names mentioned, but it isn’t Sajith that Dr. DJ is calling a fascist. Nor is AKD his target.
        Still, why be so coy? I suppose Moscow is more comfortable than Welikada.

        • 2

          Easter carnage was organized by US Special Operations Forces (SOF) to ensure that US puppet bondscam Ranil would sign SOFA and MCC in a rush so US could set up military bases to fight its Cold War against China and Iran in the Indian Ocean.

          Of course, CIA had cultivated Hizbulla and Bathudeen in Manar and Eastern Province for a long time with their Saudi Partners to set up Zaharan’s Tawheed Jamat during Goon Gota US citizen’s time just as the BBS, Ravna Balaya, Mahasohon Balakaya was set up. Let us be clear that the US game with its puppet Bondscam Ranil and US citizen Gota is “heads I win, tials you lose” eith way Lankans are screwed.

          • 2

            @Don Stanley,
            I am not saying your bluffing. But do you have evidence to back your claim? I certainly do agree that this is highly plausible but what I have been told from very trustworthy top ranking military officers who very closely work with our intelligence apparatus is that there proof that a presidential candidate is behind the financing the suicide bombers. Saudi has been funding a lot more projects in Sri Lanka than Wahabism. I don’t think a lot people are even comfortable talking of the various philanthropic and humanitarian projects that Saudi has supported this country from Cancer hospitals, medical equipment, housing, fisheries, agricultural supplies, vocational training, education to many other humanitarian projects around the country. The Eastern province university too is not a Wahabi University but a technical university. Even if Islamic studies are a integral part in their curriculum, then why is it denounced our Buddhist terrorists are able to unleash violence with state sponsorship?

    • 5

      Dr. Dayan Jayatilleka, Had Dilka said “Dayan Jayatilleka has made a statement that Ranil Wick….” instead of Gota, you wouldn’t have to change your diapers as often as an infant…

      Now you know the value of freedom?

    • 1

      Despite my profound hate to see GoRa getting elected to any public position, let alone to presidency, I have serious doubt whether GoRa had direct involvement in the bombing. However, since GoRa was the original “godfather” of Zaharan gang set up with the intention of weakening the hold of leaders like Rauf Hakeem & Rishard Bududeen , it is reasonable to believe that they smelled the development of something sinister from police reports on unusual activities coming from his former clients.

      What ever the the case may be up to the attack, I’m pretty much confident that GoRa/MaRa had close coordination with MY 3 on how to get the maximum political advantage out of the tragedy. It is very likely that MY 3 had contact with them while he was still in Singapore and concocted the alibi to recite upon return. The whole world, except Cardinal Ranjith perhaps, now know that MY 3 lied big time in that speech to the nation. Not only did he lied, he also sided with MaRa/GoRa oft- made complain that arresting intelligence officers weakened the national security thereby giving a boost MaR/GoRa version while at the same time putting the blame on UNP. We know that, when come to lying, MY 3 is not very far behind MaRa. It is also possible that MY 3 kept MaR/GoRa informed since the day the Indian tip came in and decided together to wait for the political fall out on UNP.

      In other words, if there was any conspiracy, it could have started right after or during the the intelligence handling stage of bombing, not before, I suspect. One powerful reason for my hypothesis is not trying to arrest the terrorist group during the 51 Black Days. Since they didn’t have any idea of the pending SC decision against them, I doubt seriously whether MaRa would have let such a political bonanza would slip away at a time he was looking for public support so desperately.

  • 2

    So why don’t you sue Dilka for LKR 500 Mil and retire, Dayan?..

    I mean LKR 500 Mil can buy you a nice Penthouse like the one Galleon Ravi bought.

    And put the rest in Pensioner LKR 1.5 Million @ 15%
    And the rest in 9 months renewable at 9.8%.

    But them another stint in Moscow before retirement would be nice too..
    That is if Keselwatta Kid Scores and Dr Ranil is still the PM as Dr Ranil himself has recently declared..

    • 1

      K.A. Sumanasekera
      {“.So why don’t you sue Dilka for LKR 500 Mil and retire, Dayan?….”}

    • 4

      K.A. Sumanasekera,

      Don’t you think whether Gota wins or loses, he seems to have already made a victim who is crying in fear for Gota’s name alone? And an highly educated one too..

    • 2

      KASmaalam K.A. Sumanasekera

      “So why don’t you sue Dilka for LKR 500 Mil and retire, Dayan?..”

      So should the clan, CR, MR, GR, BR, NR ………………………+ another 200 and retire with $18 Billions. There is another problem how would he stop himself from ridiculing himself?

  • 0

    Sonia gandhi she would automatically have lost Italian citizenship. Because law did not permit dual nationality, in sri lanka has it happened.

  • 5

    It is a fact this bomb blast took place and over 300 innocent souls perished. These radicals were hired? Who hired them? where did they get all those bombs and who gave them. All are mysterious . Truth will come out one day.
    I do not know if Gota is connected to this or not but one thing is sure, this blast took place. Why Sri Lankan CID find the culprits of helping this blast,?

    • 6

      In Sri Lanka, history shows the truth does not come out, in fact there is no justice for the families, whether it is Lasantha, Prageeth Eknaligoda, Thajudeen, and the journalists, activists, and so many others, who lost their lives for no reason.
      The culprits behind these horrendous crimes, are all free, enjoying their lives, and spending their ill gotten gains lavishly. Sad situation.

  • 13

    Dayan, I can’t help but remind you of the 7 pieces of despicable advise contained in that email you sent MR the fake PM via comrade VN (which CT highlighted). You were then definitely endorsing and elated about the constitutional coup and advising the mob how they should rally forward. All this while you were an ambassador. Are you a chameleon, a trapeze artist or a “political scientist”?

    • 8

      Craig – He is a con artist!

    • 2

      {“.. Are you a chameleon, a trapeze artist or a “political scientist”?”}
      Certainly not ‘political scientist’. A ‘politician’ of the MR-ilk?
      By the way the 26 October 2018 incident was a coup d’état.

  • 7

    CT and fellow readers:

    Dayan types:

    “What the virulent reactions tell me is that the mentality is that of intolerance and irrationality; indeed, of neo-barbarism and crypto-fascism. “

    Of course he is right the entire country experienced it between 2005 and 2015 yet he never said about it in the past 15 years. What a hypo may be an extinct species of Dinosaur.

  • 1

    C’mon, Dayan,
    Until Sajith’s name appeared as UNP’s candidate, even when you were serving as SL Ambassador/Russia (during 51-day saga, you even suggested an uprising), I remember you writing rigmaroles in support of Mahinda’s camp. You even suggested technocracy as a system of governance led by Gotabhaya.
    Your previous stance changed with the emergence of Sajith as UNP’s Presidential candidate.
    Be a man and admit it!
    I don’t write anything in support of Gotabhaya as I am against a military man taking over the country.
    But, I am 100% against Yahapalanaya. There is no change in my stance.
    I want every Sinhalese Buddhist to REJECT “Swan” point blank.
    Sajith speaks to the stomach of people. Gotabhaya does the same, which is not the way to garner the support of all Sinhalese.
    There are three things which are close to the hearts and minds of Sinhalese, i.e.,
    1. The Lion Flag
    2. The Buddhist Flag
    3. “The” Mahinda Rajapaksa
    I don’t see any of them in Gotabhaya’s campaign.
    Mahinda’s camp should carry out a “Hearts and Minds Campaign.”
    In other words, they should speak to people’s reasoning and emotions.
    There are a large number of reasons to reject the UNP candidate and there are a number of emotional attachments to Sinhalese, the existence of which were threatened by Yahapalanaya.
    Red, which represents blood, fire, war and danger, is not a suitable colour for Sri Lanka.
    My country represents the nature, the ocean, the sky, rivers, mountains, Buddhist temples, beaches, forests, national parks, waterfalls, and ancient-ruins.
    In other words, soft colours represent the diversified minds of people. Not everybody likes Red which makes people tensed, stressed, angry and restless.
    Colour psychology should be used to make people calm down and think straight which is lacking in Sinhalese voters right now.

  • 8

    you have been bombed just as you have bombed others in the past
    as i said before the less you talked the less you get into trouble

  • 1

    Isn’t this a case of something hitting ‘home’ to be able to empathise with and appreciate what ‘others’ have been saying for a some time?

    Before we attempt to pass judgement on others, we need to try and put ourselves in another’s shoes.

  • 2

    Dear Dayan Jayatillaka,

    Rajpal Abeynaike showed up (high) at a Mahesh Senanayake youth forum, pretending to be a youth, and then made the same claim. This time he said that Mahesh Senanayake had told you this at a dinner in Geneva Gen. Senanayake quickly corrected him that the only time he had met you was at an official event – I think not in Geneva – and quickly dismantled him on the rest.

    If you haven’t seen the video, it is available quite freely on facebook. Looks like Rajpal is still appachchi’s little lapdog

  • 1

    Dilka may not be correct in a literal sense. But she and everybody else understood what Dayan is up to. The other very interesting logic that all yahapalanistas are lapping up to is that the equation that all present day critics of Dayan in relation to Gota are fascists. Only Dayan can concoct such a logic. The massive failure and therefore the culpability of Easter massacre squarely sits with yahapalanaya where Sajith IS a senior cabinet minister. No amount of propaganda can erase it. Dayan’s decision to swim in the yahapalanista cesspit is of no concern to the general public.

  • 1

    Say NO to federalism.
    Vote for Gotabhaya Rajapaksa.


    • 1


      “Vote for Gotabhaya Rajapaksa.”

      Say no to Sinhala/Buddhist fascism.
      Vote anyone other than Gota the National Hangman.

      Say no to Sinhala/Buddhist fascism.
      Vote anyone other than Gota the National Hangman.

      Say no to Sinhala/Buddhist fascism.
      Vote anyone other than Gota the National Hangman.

      Say no to Sinhala/Buddhist fascism.
      Vote anyone other than Gota the National Hangman.

      Why aren’t you supporting Sivajilingam? Is it because he is not a Sinhala/Buddhist fascist or is it because you are card carrying racist Sinhala/Buddhist cart carrying fascist?

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