29 May, 2022


Petty Sirisena Exhibits Stupidity – Says Certain Officials Cut Off From Security Council As They Were ‘Poking Their Phones’

Petty Sirisena is ever ready to dish out excuses and cover his back. In his latest series of absurd claims, he has exclaimed that certain government leaders and officers were excluded from National Security Council meetings as they were ‘poking their phones too much’.

He had made this absurd claim during a speech delivered in an event in Panduwasnuwara yesterday, making a pathetic attempt at ridding himself off the blame of not inviting vital top security personnel as well as the country’s Prime Minister and State Minister for Defense, to the NSC meetings to satisfy his vengeful agendas post October 2018 coup.

“Some of these officers have no clue about the meeting even though they attend it. All they do is poke at the two/ three mobile phones they keep by their side…This happens even during Cabinet meetings; they have no clue about what has been discussed because they have been too busy poking their phones. That is why I banned bringing mobile phones into Cabinet meetings for the past year,” he told the crowd at the event.

He had noted blame is being shifted in his way for excluding certain officers from the NSC as well and had added that it was the same reason that got the officials ‘kicked out of the meetings’.

“They had no sense about what decisions were being made regarding the national security of the country because they were too busy being on their phones,” Sirisena adds.

However, if the testimonies made before the Parliamentary Select Committee is anything to go by, it is pretty clear that Sirisena was the biggest clueless individual on national security out of all in the NSC.

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    The root cause of the problem in the Beautiful island is the communal minded policies after 1948 which is reflected in many communal riots, HR Violations, and genocides. , Sri Lankan politicians are trying to turn the island into another Singapore. Both have policies like the North and south poles. The cancer of communalism ahs deeply embedded in the Majority community. Any chemotherapy will not cure. This will continue until the island disappears from the world map

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    Actions of Sirisena have clearly indicated his mental status. Man’s character is clearly explained in his daughter’s book, “Janadhipathi Thaththa”. Knowing that the entire country is against him, there is a good possibility that this lunatic might do something stupid/dangerous act, very disastrous to the country and people. Before he does this, parliament should impeach of him immediately.

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    Good People you are now witnessing the end days of a President who was once-upon-a-time our great hope. Sadly, we have found to our expense that the Peter Principle was right after all. The man is in a job way above his competencies (the limited amount he had) and now he is reduced to blaming everyone around him for his failures.

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    Oh! Sri lankans. What are you’ll doing.? Just yap yap. When some one writes an article in the papers, there goes. So many comments. Surprisingly, it is more or less from the same people. Comments only and no action. Are you’ll capable of taking any action to stop these scoundrels from further damage to our country? If the army thinks that our beloved country is going to dogs because of these egoistic and corrupt politicians, from top to bottom, they should think of something to stop this. Will they do it? No. Why, the commanders are very well looked after by these scoundrels. 95% of the population belong to the ” me and my family only, come what may”. Are there any one in Sri-lanka who are like the great Indians, Abdul kalam, Annadurai, Kamaraj?. If there is, please come forward and save Sri lanka from these goons.

    • 5

      Good one YT.
      The solution to the current woes lies with the Mass. This circus will go on until the Mass is awaken. There is no visionary and passionate leadership in Sri Lanka and religious interference makes it more hell. Army takeover, based on their past activities, is not the answer.

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    In a way, there is some truth about what this man has said too. I remember when Kilinochchi Banking Centre was opened, the chief guest was Vijayakala. All what she did while seated on a high back chair being on stage was, dangling her feet and poking her phone every second. It was disgusting as she paid no attention to any of the proceedings. She was more keen in playing bubbles.

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    The problem is not only the politician , its like blaming the pilot for the fault of the Aircraft’s Engine.
    We have A Fine Country with a very bad and dangerous Constitution anti people.
    First you need to change the constitution completely and bring all government tenders under one tender board with members elected by the people yearly and all tenders to be completely transparent .
    And a senate separetly electected every 2 years by people to monitor the government.
    And only then sincere persons will become politicians.
    Until then the country will be manupilated by big businessman.
    If the entire poor and midle class start patronizing small grocery shops and pavement hawkers and other small shops alternatively oneday sinhala , one day tamil and another day muslim, all the racism will end.
    Let the rich and the uppy uppy upper middle class patronise the maga shops.
    Then the common man will realise racism , religous bigotry are all connected to the war between maga businessman and the poor and middle class are the scapegoat.

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    If PSC asked the “Certain Officials Cut Off From Security Council” were asked “Why were you quiet all those days?”, they will give the stock answer “We were helpless” which means “We were, and are, spineless”.

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    it is unprofessional to take phones to high security meetings, so that they can record proceedings ?

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    Sirisena is nothing but a pigheaded damn fool,
    Through out the rule he’s been proving it constantly.
    Only solace to be had would be, he’s never going to be elected next time, and anyone coming next will have way more brainer that this polburuwa.

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    The whole of Sri Lanka is a mug’s paradise and the people of Sri Lanka are intellectually disabled to let the politicians, specifically the President and the PM run riot. God forbid, if these sort of paralysis are allowed to continue.
    Non compos mentis!

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