30 May, 2024


Pictures: “Reminiscence Of Mullivaikaal Massacre And Eelam Tamil Martyrs Of India”

By Special Correspondent – 

In remembrance of Mullivaikaal massacre and Eelam martyrs of India, World Tamil Confederation has launched a massive project involving over hundred sculptors in Tanjore. Tanjore in known for the sculptures of late Chola Emperor Rajaraja the Great and the stone built temple of centuries-old architecture still revered and visited by thousands of Hindus from all parts of India and the world. It is celebrated as world heritage site by UNESCO. It is also home to the ancient ‘Tamil Sangam’, (Academy of Tamil Learning), it became as important for its scholarship as for its religious heritage.

The memorial exhibition of Mullivaikaal massacre adjacent to the Bragadeeswarar Temple in Tanjore contemplates to keep the memory of those who were massacred alive. The depth of the desperation, the revulsion of violent deaths and the pain of suffering masses have been captured and depicted in sculpture forms. A visitor commented that the sculptures is so powerful they penetrate the conscious deeply and cries out for justice.

No one can undermine the power of the sculptures in Tanjore or Kilinochchi. The project purported to have been instigated by an overwhelming memorial sculpture of Sri Lankan Army on A9 in Kilinochchi. Who would have anticipated that it would provoke such contemplation among Tamils in India?

It is better for all that the reconciliation efforts are dispensed from the military and delegated to civil society and responsible members of public to own and advance the reconciliation efforts beyond current impediments. The transition from post-war to just peace cries out with birth pangs again and again but still-born without political solution.

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    There are 66 Million Tamils in India alone.
    They would not allow the memories of War Crimes and Tamil Martyrs to be so forgotten easily, despite the Sinhala State Terrorist, Rajapakse GOSL do their best to erase the Tamil struggle in Sri Lanka, by desecrating Tamil cemeteries, destroying Tamil memories and statues created in public.

    As well as re-writing history books, and having defense conferences like Monkeys praising their own tails, inviting people like Subramaniam Swamy from India to praise the Rajapakses.. That will all be an exercise in futility and wastage of money of the Sinhalese.

    This type of white washing exercise and blatant lies cannot fool the world. Look at the audience and participants including IPKF generals..

    Reconciliation will come only if there is accountability, Truth and Justice. Which part of it doesn’t the Rajapakse’s understand???

    This won’t be the last memorial built in Tamil Nadu and the rest of India, as one should not forget the Congress Party led GOI still has proscribed the LTTE in India…

    Wonder how many memorials will be there for the Rajapakses when they are out power and worse after they are dead….. Nothing to compare this kind of sculpture!!!

    I am sure there will be more monuments, and it won’t be like that of the Innocent People Killing Force memorial built by the shameless Sinhalese for the Indian soldiers… So what else is knew?

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      A very impressive sculpture and much better than the tasteless memorial created by GoSL.

      But there are two glaring omission in the tableaux. I didn’t see any representation of the Tamil child soldiers being forcibly recruited by Fat Boy and sent out to die under the guns and tanks of the SL forces.

      Where’s the scene of the weeping, wailing, hunger-striking, but too-afraid-to-die, pro-Eelam demonstrators in the West?

      • 0

        “I didn’t see any representation of the Tamil child soldiers being forcibly”

        Oh your are so worried about children?Awwwww….
        But…you never spoke for the children who were bombed to death in Chencholai?Or the children who are still sexually abused under the hands of genocidal army in Batticola and Jaffna?And ..where were you when Krishanthi was gang raped by sl army in 1996?

        Many veterans of World War 2 joined before they reached the age of 18, even the Royal Air Force had many under the age of 18 and in many BBC Documentaries,they admit they faked their age. So if the West does it, it is “cool” and “okay”, not the case for third world countries.

        If you are not scared of death, how come you never fought for your genocidal army, how come you are alive?Ahhhh so you are a white collar worker enjoying life, reading news when free and trying to be brave behind a computer..

        • 1

          Genocidal Army? Yes, yes.. that must be the LTTE, because it managed to ensure the death of more Tamil children than any other force. Sencholai was of course training centre for LTTE cadres. In Krishanthi’s terrible rape and murder, the SLA soldiers responsible were found guilty and sentenced to hang.
          You don’t seem to understand the difference between under-age youth volunteering to fight (e.g WW2) and under-age youth being forcibly conscripted to flight., e.g. LTTE, because it’s expat supporters didn’t persuade their own kids to fight.
          The SLA had plenty of volunteers :)

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      The Sinhalese Buddhist of this country, used to scorn at the events in Nazi Germany under Heitler. The concentration camps and the massacre of Jews, only to be repeated in History of Civilisation by the Sinhalese Buddhists themselves. This is under a Man (MR) who earlier fought for Human Rights, once in Power has violated the very Human Rights of others. What a way to go and to be proud. These monuments will serve future generations to come, to identify the DESPOT,,MANIAC who believe he is a King. This BUGGER MR has disgraced the entire Sinhalese Race.

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    I think that the depiction of Elara (Ellalan) and Dutugemunu are effective reminders of the futility of war. In the absence of emancipation for Sri Lankan Tamils, there will be no end to this bloodshed.
    Beautiful and evocative though these sculptures are, their primary objective must be the prevention of such atrocities ever happening again. We are reminded that war and oppression will only lead to more atrocities.
    The beautiful and aesthetic works of Leni Riefenstahl were used by the Nazis as propaganda. Will the work of these artists suffer the same fate? I hope not.
    We need to guard against such works of art being turned into excuses for future generations to kill each other.

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    Donald J Gnanakone is proud:

    “There are 66 Million Tamils in India alone”

    What did the 66 Million Tamils do to stop 16 million Sinhalese committing war crimes and crimes against humanity?

    The Tamilnadu Tamils should erect monuments to remember the innocent Sinhalese who were killed by the Sri Lankan armed forces and JVP in 1971 and between 1987 and 1991,

    It is also necessary for the Tamils of Tamilnadu to construct a memorial for those who were killed by IPKF.

    If Tamilnadu wants to demonstrate its even handedness towards the Tamils in Sri Lanka they better be building a memorial for those Tamils who were mercilessly killed by their own people including LTTE.

    Well the on going Genocide of my people for the past 2,500 years merit a huge memorial. Not to worry in the fullness of time we will build our own, once the Kallathonies Tamils and Sinhalese have left our island.

    • 1

      Vedda if any monument is to be built for Veddas, it should be in Australia, after all Veddas in Srilanka are more closely related to Aborigines in Australia than Tamils and Sinhalese and many Veddas have already integrated into the tamil and sinhala community.

      If you still want to claim the island as yours, then instead of mourning behind the computer why not do it publicly , if you are ready I am ready to reveal my identity, so we can work together, there are countless groups fighting for the rights of aborigines, we could join them.

      • 0

        Jegath is very generous:

        “so we can work together, there are countless groups fighting for the rights of aborigines, we could join them”

        No thanks. We will find our own way to evict both the Sinhalese and Tamils. Remember you are living in this island on a long lease, renewal depends on your good behaviour.

        Those who worked in the plantations under difficult working conditions were initially made stateless and then deported to Tamilnadu. The Muslims who lived in the North which they called their home were chased out by the Tamils. I see no difference between the stupid Tamils and stupid Sinhalese.

        I have no reason to trust your people and your bretheren.

        I am sure you want my people to end up in Mullivaaikkaal in our amudey just like your leader VP. I am bit thick but I can smell something fishy.

        • 0

          “I am sure you want my people to end up in Mullivaaikkaal”
          Your people?strange after half or all of them have integrated themselves into the tamil and sinhala community?
          And the few left don’t care and the few who impersonate as veddas like you care for political motives..

          “stupid Tamils and stupid Sinhalese”
          Given the amount of veddas integrated into both communities, their stupidity which already existed must have increased after this integration, who knows, SWRD,Selva,JR,VP,MR and Sampanthan might have Vedda genes running along their DNA…

        • 0

          I am sure you want my people to end up in Mullivaaikkaal”
          Your people?strange after half or all of them have integrated themselves into the tamil and sinhala community?
          And the few left don’t care and the few who impersonate as veddas like you care for political motives..

          “stupid Tamils and stupid Sinhalese”
          Given the amount of veddas integrated into both communities, the stupidity of tamils and sinhalese which already existed must have increased after this integration, who knows, SWRD,Selva,JR,VP,MR and Sampanthan might have Vedda genes running along their DNA…

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    The Tamil word “Kallathoni” is a derogatory term used to describe illegal immigrants from India. A modern equivalent would be “Boat People” in Australia or “Wetbacks” along the USA-Mexico border.

    It is ironic that @Native Vedda uses that term to denigrate a fellow countryman when it is highly likely that @Native Veddha’s own ancestry has a similarly maritime link to India. S/he is indeed fortunate to have such certain knowledge about his/her ancestry. All I can be certain of is that my ancestry is mixed – mostly humanoid with a touch of dinosaur if one goes back far enough. :-)

    A reminder, if ever one was required, that bigotry overcomes art.

    • 0

      Gerard Thurai

      is concerned about his fellow countrymen:

      “It is ironic that @Native Vedda uses that term to denigrate a fellow countryman”

      The Sinhalese call the Tamils Kallathonies. In turn The Tamils call the up country Tamils the Kallathonies. Does it bother you?

      Why should it bother you now when I address both of you as Kallathonies?

      • 0

        “KALLATHONIE” a sensitive word coming from another kallathonie is hilarious..

    • 4

      Gerard Thurai,

      “”A reminder, if ever one was required, that bigotry overcomes art.””
      art is what you don’t see but how one man sees Banksy!its protected art in the UK.

      The lie & art- a repeat of the north south divide of India which is difficult with the `Deccan Rule is Back after 1818 the 3rd and last war of the English for East India company with Maratha.. Kandy convention 1818

      Anything one can imagine is ART. you are not alone.
      tumchya gharāt kewda pōri hāyt?(Tanjore Marathi)tumchya ghari kiti mulee āhēt?(Standard Marathi(colloquial) How many girls are there in your house (at the moment)?
      Many have played in South India with Art and governance- Pallava dynasty is one such Nandasena Dynasty of Deccan is another- Pali is not a classical language as per Government of India- faith and stupidity can change art to the form of dictator- See Mao art during his reign- all red like sh*t all over from days of ceramic art China and sculptor. Tanjoor?? Tanjoor.
      The history of Maratha rulers in South India possibly begins with Shahaji’s attempt at setting up an independent kingdom in the Deccan plateau and his subsequent defeat in battle by Shahjahan around 1636. Shahaji made peace with Shahjahan and was posted in the deep south so as not to pose any challenge to Mughals. He finally became one of the top generals in the Adilshah’s army, accepting a Jahagir in his court, being based in Bangalur (Present day Bangalore in Karnataka). Shahaji had two sons by Jijabai, Sambhaji and Shivaji. He also had one son Venkoji (aka Vyankoji or Ekoji) by his second wife, Tukabai. Venkoji later ruled over the independent Maratha kingdom of Thanjavur.
      Serfoji I Maharaja was one of the most famous marathi kings of Tanjore.


       The first Marathi translation of an English book was published in 1817, and the first Marathi newspaper was started in 1832.

       The British colonial period (also known as the Modern Period) saw standardization of Marathi grammar through the efforts of the Christian missionary William Carey. Carey’s dictionary had fewer entries and Marathi words were in Modi script. The most comprehensive Marathi-English dictionaries was compiled by Captain James Thomas Molesworth in 1831. The book is still in print nearly two centuries after its publication.[24]
      Southern Indian Marathi[edit]
      Thanjavur Marathi, Namdev shimpi Marathi and Bhavsar Marathi are spoken by many Maharashtrians in Southern India. This dialect is stuck in the 17th century and is old Marathi – it did not change from the time the Marathas conquered Thanjavur and Bangalore in southern India.[citation needed] It has speakers in parts of Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka.

      H.H. Choladesadhipati Srimant Rajasri Maharaja Kshatrapati Sri Shivaji Raje Sahib Bhonsle Chhatrapati Maharaj, Raja of Tanjore
      • Shahaji Raje (1594–1664)
      • The Marathi inscriptions of the Thanjavur temple dates the capture of Thanjavur to January 1676.
      • Ekoji I (1676–1684). Half-Brother of Chattrapati Shivaji Maharaj
      • Shahuji I of Thanjavur
      • Serfoji I
      • Tukkoji
      • Ekoji II
      • Sujanbai
      • Shahuji II of Thanjavur
      • Pratapsingh of Thanjavur
      • Thuljaji
      • Serfoji II
      • Shivaji II

      • Oi poiriki muttal passan, nattame nasthan, lying in canada?? You lie about geography too? Geography is a living science not your arty farty pol/kallu.

      • The Deccan Plateau is a large plateau in India, making up most of the southern part of the country.
      • It extends `”over eight Indian states” and encompasses a wide range of habitats, covering most of central and southern India.
      • The name Deccan is an anglicised form of the Prakrit word dakkhin, itself derived from the Sanskrit word dákṣiṇa, meaning “south”.
      • The Deccan is rich in minerals. Primary mineral ores found in this region are mica and iron ore in the Chhota Nagpur region, and diamonds, gold and other metals in the Golconda region.
      • The three large cities in the Deccan are Hyderabad the capital of Andhra Pradesh, Bangalore the capital of Karnataka and Pune, the cultural hub of Maharashtra. Other major cities include Mysore in Karnataka, Coimbatore and Salem in Tamil Nadu, Nagpur, Amravati, Sangli, Nanded and Aurangabad (in Maharashtra) and Raipur in Chhattisgarh and Warangal, Kurnool and Nizamabad in Andhra Pradesh.

      • East India Company came under Crown Rule for the first time in __1873 EAST INDIA COMPANY STOCK REDEMPTION ACT By the time of The Act’s passing, The Company had been effectively dissolved anyway, as The Crown assumed all governmental responsibilities held by The Company by The Act for the Better Government of India. The Company’s 24,000-man military force was incorporated into the British Army, leaving it with only a shadow of the power it had wielded years earlier. Queen Victoria was the ruling monarch at the time, and thanks to her new authority over India, became the first monarch to use the title Empress of India. “It accomplished a work such as in the whole history of the human race no other company ever attempted and as such is likely to attempt in the years to come” -The Times 1874___ http://www.theeastindiacompany.com/index.php/24/timeline/ Dutch: https://www.rijksmuseum.nl/en/explore-the-collection/timeline-dutch-history/1602-trade-with-the-east-voc The Third Anglo-Maratha War (1817–1818) was the final and decisive conflict between the British East India Company and the Maratha

      • the First Book is the 1596 Itinerario, Second Book is 1597 Beschryvinghe, Third Book is the 1595 Reys-gheschrift and the Fourth Book is Linschoten’s translation of the revenues of the Spanish crown. In other editions, the 2nd and 3rd books are often switched around. 1598 John Huighen van Linschoten his Discours of Voyages into ye Easte & West Indies From the Collections at the Library of Congress 1874-85 English edition, The Voyage of John Huyghen van Linschoten to the East Indies, 1874-85 edition, London: Hakluyt. Reprint of only the First Book of 1598 translation ( vol.1, vol.2)
      • Empire in India. The war left the Company in control of most of India. It began with an invasion of the Maratha territory by 110,400 British East India Company troops,[1] the largest such British controlled force massed in India. The troops were led by the Governor General Hastings (no relation to Warren Hastings, the first Governor-General of Bengal) and he was supported by a force under General Thomas Hislop. The operations began with action against Pindaris, a band of Muslims and Marathas from central India.South India included in the maratha- Tanjoor last maharajaha Sivaji Eko on british pension like Kandyan king.,Marathi gained prominence with the rise of the Maratha empire beginning with the reign of Chhatrapati Shivaji ( ruled 1674`–1680). Subsequent rulers extended the empire northwards to Delhi, eastwards to Odisha, and southwards to Thanjavur in Tamil Nadu.

      •One man with a gun can control 100 without one.Democracy is indispensable to socialism.–Vladimir Lenin

      Lenin, the greatest theorist of them all, did not know what he was going to do after he had got the power.– Garet Garrett

      Lenin, Mao and Hitler both spread lies for long to make it look true.
      not different from democracy.

      The greatest happiness is in the movement of the bowels- agree!! mindfulness.

  • 0

    Sinhalese were happy building monuments in Kilinochi and other tamil areas for their genocidal war and were plotting it o be a psychological blow to tamils but little did they expect this coming, so we have two different versions of one incident.

    Thanjavur(Tanjore) being a tourist spot, generations to come will question not the sinhalese but the UN and so called “international community” and India of how they had allowed this to happen.

  • 1

    As this sculpture is in Tamil Nadu, I wonder it they’ve built a public toilet to serve the public who are certain to visit this memorial in large numbers?

    • 1

      If 66 million Tamils wee wee on Srilanka, it would begin to sink, is that what you want?

      • 1


        is please to share with us a dirty little secret of their strategy:

        “If 66 million Tamils wee wee on Srilanka, it would begin to sink, is that what you want?”

        What are they waiting for, wind direction?

        During the 1955 Bandung conference Sukarno was alleged to have told Nehru and Zhou Enlai: ‘If three of us piss together, the world shall drown.’”

        Later this quote was attributed to Zhou Enlai. He was reported to have warned the Indians that they could drown India in a matter hours if the whole Chinese population urinated on India.

        That was a Chinese diversionary tactic to distract Indian who were expecting a tsunami from North East instead army arrived and sitting tight since then.

        Please send your 66 Millions to Chinese occupied territory in the North East.

        • 0

          Yes we are waiting for the wind direction, Vedda is clever indeed, only now after Mullivaikal, is the wind is slightly started being blown towards us..

  • 1

    Who cares about TN ? I think these Tamils are dreaming as always, they used to dream about their great worrier Prbahakran forming ultimate Tamil homeland in north and east, Even it was more hilarious to hear that some of these Tamils went to call him as “Son of God”. But their dream came to an abrupt end in Mullivaikaal.

    Now they have started a new dream, Dream of “USA, UN and Tamil Nadu”. It’s very sympathetic to see that these folks can not come to terms with ultimate reality, which is so called “Tamils” do not have political influence in Sri Lanka. Even to get Police and Land Powers they need to get the consent of Sinhalese people. But these folks act as 40% of SL population consist of Tamils.

    According to the latest census Tamil population in north is less than 1 million, in few years Muslims will take over Tamils as the 2nd strongest race in Sri Lanka. But these brain paralyzed Tamil nationalist will continue to dream on, causing great misery to Sinhalese and Muslim people.

    • 0

      DJ Perera

      “I think these Tamils are dreaming as always”

      The eminent Indian Tamil rocket scientist and former president of Republic of India Mr Abdul Kalam told them to dream. He told his fellow Indians “Great dreams of great dreamers are always transcended.” and “‘I can get the youth to dream. They have fewer biases’.

      He can’t be all that wrong.

      So you see Tamils are dreaming.

      Among other he also said:

      “If we are not free, no one will respect us.”

      “Life is a difficult game. You can win it only by retaining your birthright to be a person.”

      If these quotes are too much to understand please don’t bother.

      Don’t blame the Tamils blame Abdul Kalam.

      Incidently he was born and bread in Rameshwaram, only 30 miles away from this island.

    • 0

      Oh dear, DJ have you not read history?

      The thought of uttering a word against the British was a dream to Americans during the colonial times, for Americans the thought of America being freed was a dream, reality was far from it, the epic conclusion is, for the oppressed freedom is always a dream, it was the case for India, Kosova, East Timor, South Sudan, Hong Kong and now its the same for tamils and the oppressors always use the word “dream” as a weapon…

      BTW…Jaffna alone has 1.1 million registered voters and Batticola has 1.08 registered voters, Vanni, Mannar, Mullaithivu, Trincomalee and other parts are yet to be counted as resettlement is yet to be complete.

      Sinhalese are great misery to Tamils(Hindus, Muslims, Catholic and Atheists), so why not pack your bags and go back to Bengal???

      • 0


        is generous:

        “so why not pack your bags and go back to Bengal???”

        It is a very reasonable request only when you fix your own departure from my ancestral land. How soon can you leave? Please take your Sinhala brothers and sisters with you.

        • 0

          Vedda is confused:

          “ancestral land”, a claim yet to be proven by science, but what is proven by genetics is that south indians, veddas and aborigines of australia are migrants from east africa and not natives to the land they now live…

          So…when do we pack our bags to our original ancestral land-Africa?

  • 1

    Risky, dare I say ill advised, move by Delhi to allow this. In its zest to insult GOSL, India again fans the flames as they have done so many times before. Perhaps karma will eventually catch up with Delhi when it get an LTTE equivalent operating on its side of the Palk Straight. Was Rajiv’s blood spilled in vain? How quickly India has forgotten how quickly the ostensibly “oppressed minority” that the IPKF came to protect turned their guns on it. The RAM let Pandora put of the box and all Lankans, Sinhalese, Muslim and Tamil, paid the price.

    One can only hope that the IC has learned from its past laissez faire tolerance of the Terror Tigers and makes sure no country can EVER unproscribe the LTTE. Australia has gotten the message, now let’s how Canada and the UK do too. We in the US FINALLY got religion on the unequivocal evil of terrorists masquerading as “freedom fighters” or other misleading euphemisms on 11 September, 2001.

    Norway’s karmic account was somewhat leveled last summer although the youth killed in the massacre were innocents as none of them were LTTE apologists or enablers to my knowledge.

    • 3

      American Lanka Lover,
      “”Being the World’s policeman is a thankless job but SOMEBODY has to do it and only we are up to the task.””

      What the Asians have to tell Amercia is FU** OFF USAID. (Bush reminds us all that USAID is 100% defence of interfering US related and the ambassador at Colombo says no matter what we will train the army- to kill their own people and make a soup for us to enjoy)

      Mugabe loves you the most and he can teach you what is love- you have no language to call your own – Buro Spanish Buruva Singlish a concoction of other languages.

      another immigrant in our former colony turned cowboy (the Spanish took the first horses to america and the saddle comes from Genghis khan).

      Father of American space Qian Xuesen (simplified Chinese: 钱学森; traditional Chinese: 錢學森; pinyin: Qián Xuésēn; Wade–Giles: Ch’ien Hsüeh-sên) (11 December 1911 – 31 October 2009) was a scientist who made important contributions to the missile and space programs of both the United States and People’s Republic of China. The name he used while in the United States was Hsue-Shen Tsien or H.S. Tsien.

      Go Mugabe loves you & can teach you better history old man. Remember passa has an account at Seychelles to launder money.

      The 100k strong mainly white American marines stationed at Greece speak frankly of their homeland USA – we are here to protect American interest worldwide (not a thankless job but an nosey policeman) The De facto currency , patent right for Oil etc etc.- 736 bases worldwide.
      Queen Victoria was the ruling monarch at the time, and thanks to her new authority over India, became the first monarch to use the title Empress of India. Not of Lanka or America the land of immigrants where there were people who were servants of the state- all the chieftains of the former satrapy.
      Satrap was the name given to the governors of the provinces of the ancient Median and Achaemenid (Persian) Empires and in several of their successors, such as the Sasanian Empire and the Hellenistic empires.

      The word satrap is also often used in modern literature to refer to world leaders or governors who are heavily influenced by larger world superpowers orhegemonies and act as their surrogates.[1]

      Europeans forced centralized governments onto these societies during colonialism, but in some instances they have retained or regained partial self-government.

      Herodotus, an ancient Greek historian, mentions Indian cotton in the 5th century BCE as “a wool exceeding in beauty and goodness that of sheep.” WhenAlexander the Great invaded India, his troops started wearing cotton clothes that were more comfortable than their previous woolen ones.[6] Strabo, another Greek historian, mentioned the vividness of Indian fabrics, and Arrian told of Indian–Arab trade of cotton fabrics in 130 CE.[7] Egyptians grew and spun cotton from 6–700 CE.[5]

      In the 8th century the Muslim conquest of Spain expanded the European cotton trade.

      By the 15th century, Venice, Antwerp, and Haarlem were important ports for cotton trade, and the sale and transportation of cotton fabrics had become very profitable.

      Civil War
      “King Cotton”, a phrase used by Southern politicians and authors before the Civil War, verbalized their belief that an independent Confederacy would be economically successful, as well as assuring the South’s victory if secession from the Union led to war, because of Britain’s reliance on the fibre. Senator James Henry Hammond said in 1858:[13]
      Without the firing of a gun, without drawing a sword, should they [Northerners] make war upon us [Southerners], we could bring the whole world to our feet. What would happen if no cotton was furnished for three years?… England would topple headlong and carry the whole civilized world with her. No, you dare not make war on cotton! No power on earth dares make war upon it. Cotton is King.

      The farmer said to the merchant
      I need some meat and meal.
      Get away from here, you son-of-a-gun,
      You got boll weevils in your field.
      Going to get your home, going to get your home. ”
      —Carl Sandburg’s version of “The Boll Weevil Song”, 192

  • 1

    American Lanka Lover

    is into uncharted waters:

    “Norway’s karmic account was somewhat leveled last summer”

    How would you reconcile the Karmic account of those 130,000 innocent Sinhalese youth who lost their lives between 1987 and 1991 through no fault of their own?

    I am bit thick. Please educate me.

    • 1

      NV: Pardon me if I was obtuse: Norway aided and abetted the LTTE lengthening the war by their assistance. Last summer, almost 100 of Norway’s future political leadership class were massacred by a madman. Ergo, their bad karma from helping the LTTE came back to bite them. I hope that clarifies.

      • 1

        American Lanka Lover:

        I am bit thick could you address my question rather than the dwelling in Norwegian/LTTE wheel of life or axis of evil.

        How would you reconcile the Karmic account of those 130,000 innocent Sinhalese youth who lost their lives between 1987 and 1991 through no fault of their own?

        How did those innocent youth end up in Kelani river or under burning pyre.

        • 0

          Of course that is impossible Sir.

          The ONLY silver lining one can find in such horrors is to HOPE that the next generation of leaders does not spill the blood of innocents so readily.

          I also would hope, though I am not sanguine, that next time my country will not hesitate to aid in the fight against terrorism wherever it might occur. For example, Syria needs help in the worst way. Also, despite our bad experience in Somalia under Bill Clinton (see Blackhawk Down for the most infamous incident) that “nation” needs a real government that can put down al Shahab and stop all the sea piracy that now imperils most of East Africa and without US/EU help it will never happen. But after Bush’s iraqi misadventure and the necessary, albeit prolonged, Afghan war, America is VERY war weary. Being the World’s policeman is a thankless job but SOMEBODY has to do it and only we are up to the task. Both Russia and China have the means to help, but they are anachronistic dictataorships only concerned with retaining power.

  • 2

    This shows how prabakan put their people into mysery, this will be a good monuments for future tamil generation to not listen to Man like Fat praba in future, if they start this sort f thing what will happen to them , in history king dutugamnu, at present King Mahinda in future King Namal

    • 0

      hehe.. this shows how f kings who call them self as(s) kings (but actually zeros for the educated people)can kill people and good monument for the voters and future generation to not to vote to a uneducated f regime in future. LOL

  • 2

    The MULLI VAYKAL war memorial at Thanjavur would stand as a homage to those Tamils who had sacrificed their lives; In fight against the English Colonial Regime in Tamil Nadu & Eelam; For the cause of Tamil when Govt. of India between 1965-67 & successfully prevented the people of Tamil Nadu becoming HINDIANS, instead of the INDIANS they were by nationality & had committed self immolation in Tamil Nadu in support of Tamil Eelam, Despite the indicts by The UNITED NATIONS HUMAN RIGHTS COMMISSION in March 2013, & confess of the United Nation Secretary General BAN-KI MOON that the United Nations helplessly watched the genocides & atrocities during this period;The EUROPEAN UNION HUMAN RIGHTS COMMISSION; The DUBLIN, PERMANENT WAR CRIMES TRIBUNAL; By a grand jury on charges of 3,800 extra judicial abductions & murders, in accordance with the GENOCIDE ACCOUNTABILITY USA ACT 2007, by a USA court;unfortunate that those responsible for the MULLI VAYKAL tragedy are yet to be brought to Justice

    • 0


    • 0

      “In fight against the English Colonial Regime in Tamil Nadu & Eelam;”

      It has nothing to do with the English in particular- WW2 London was blitzed and the giant never got up. madras was bombed by the Germans (oil tankers) Colombo was bombed by the japenese. East India company estates was purchased by a Polish Jew (most estates at Indonesia ). UK needed all he American money to rebuild and it was the English who were the old owners and needed to guide the racist american ( bomb on japan was racist)anboss is always right. So the Brits had to agree.Nehru wanted Ceylon because it was the belly but fate took it away( 1.5 million hindus killed for refusing to fight the muslim till Gandhi was shot and at that same point Babashaeb was to become a buddhist- Nagpur centre point of india,0,0 0 coordinates. Andaman was non negotiable because it was a sea base for Maratha seahorse the Muslim warrior.
      The common folk of India see most Lanka’s speak singlish to travel up north and some professors have been to missionary schools for free so they learnt English- angrji ka putra! They just mimic the English so you cannot blame the English- The partition of the imported Muslim was the cause, and Roosvelt saw the russians invading east germany and bastardising the East germans (i have seen face difference when the wall came down)so he favoured Pakistan to be the pawn in the game for capture european russia (birds of a feather have to live together one day)
      Like some common idiot it is useless blaming the English- UK is at present 100% immigrants by DNA Genome Theory (confirmed by Oxford Uni)
      Everyone in europe especially white want to be English so they are born in England- how much of European and english history do they know nada nada .
      you need to meet the English go to Yorkshire or Canada new england

  • 4

    Special Correspondent –

    “”No one can undermine the power of the sculptures in Tanjore or Kilinochchi.”2

    No one can mistake the Emblem on the front facade of `community center of lettuce` is it not??

    Well the stupid war of Ramayana or Homer’s Illiyad and Odessy.

    ||North Village `Palmyra Heads` Vs South Village `Coconut Heads`. ||

    how many wars??
    how many more counting??

  • 1

    Erecting statues to commemorate the LTTE who were child recruiters and child killers, and who massacred more Tamil civilians in cold blood than any other organization in modern history is like glorifying Hitler’s war crimes. If thematically they are absolutely revolting, their artistic quality is even more hideous. Erecting such kitsch beside the world-renowned statues in hallowed Tanjore is without a doubt a crime against humanity. But then who cares about what the Tamil Nadu people do? They even build temples for such divine beings as Jayalalitha, MGR, Kushboo, Rajinikanth and Veerappan. But at least they have the good sense not to build sculptures to commemorate the IPKF which raped and murdered hundreds of innocent Tamils!

    • 4

      “But at least they have the good sense not to build sculptures to commemorate the IPKF which raped and murdered hundreds of innocent Tamils! “

      That is exactly what the north indian does with its people- you are just another run away from mainland. T??

      ** Important turn is after 1967 India for the first time in 2015 onward India is voting for Israel as it has 32 synagogues and they are functioning from Roman days- no more to camel Palestine yet India has barter with Iran and the largest contracts than Muslims from the Arabs- it does not send its women like the sihal to work in the sex trade of medieval middle east or European gays.

      Qutub complex New Delhi is their doing; from the same stone the imported faith of mysticism like the catholic crusader ; rajapassa kissed the tooth relic like all the heynas but his wife the catholic went to Kattadiya with him – to spit at the burnt chilli lime etc before burnt – Voodoo, Hooodoo and worship trees.

      So the gallant Indians of the Deccan (from surat to Bay of Bengal who rule via Namo son of the soil `other backward class` (gandhi the brahmin scholar was a british muslim farce) have moved the IRON PILLAR OF GUPTA CANDRAGUPTA 11 from Iron age to its central focus- Its from iron age and does not rust and could not be battered. – Greater India that is the power of the Deccan empire which went east wards.

      you would be surprised to know that Xi & Namo are secret friends because they both led difficult lives than Obama himself. Delhi walla tamil Indian ambassador will explain that to Obama in plain English and to Xi in mandarin- await his coming to foreign secretary this autumn- the night of September 2015

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