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Police Protection For Justice Shiranee T

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Supreme Court Justice Shiranee Tilakawardane entered Court 402 of the Supreme Court this morning with police protection. Justice Tilakawardane and the police officers providing her with security entered the Courtroom through the judges entrance. 

Justice Shiranee Tilakawardane

A daily newspaper this morning expressed its ‘regrets’ to Justice Tilakawardane following a clarification that the two judges absent in Court on Monday had provided notice of their absence earlier. The two absentee judges Chandra Ekanayake and S.I. Imam had no intention of boycotting the bench, the Daily Mirror said in its front page.

Justice Tilakawardane on Monday delayed more than 20 cases because of the improper constitution of the bench owing to the absence of Justices Ekanayake and Imam. Speculation in Hulftsdorp was that the absence of the two justices was a silent protest against Justice Tilakawardane’s decision to give evidence against the Chief Justice before the parliamentary select committee.
After her decision to give evidence against a fellow judge several Supreme Court justices noted privately that they would prefer not to appear with her in court. Members of the legal fraternity said this was not because she gave evidence when she was summoned but because she chose to participate in a trial that was lacking in due process and did not ensure the rights of the Chief Justice to fair trial which was unbecoming of a supreme court judge.
However this morning Justice Tilakawardane appeared with Justices Sathya Hettige and Priyasath Dep at Court 402 of the Supreme Court.
Updated 08.55 am.
Meanwhile Justice Tilakawardane said in open court she had requested an additional police officer to control the crowd in her courtroom because she was scheduled to hear over 50 cases today.
*Photo courtesy Bussness Today |Photography by Mahesh Prasantha

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