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Political Parties Invited To Declare Their Stance On Abolishing Executive Presidency

The National Movement for Social Justice (NMSJ) has invited all political parties to become active partners in their movement calling for the abolishment of the Executive Presidency and the re-implementation of the 17th Amendment.

Ven Sobitha

NMSJ’s Convener and likely common candidate at the upcoming presidential elections, Venerable Maduluwawe Sobhitha thera writing to all political parties, has invited them to contribute to the movement’s goals by being active partners in their movement and thereby realising the aspirations of the people.

As a first step towards initiating collaboration with other political parties for their movement, the NMSJ has requested them to inform each party’s official position on the programme that has been put forward by them to which includes:

– Immediate abolishment of the Executive Presidency / transfer its powers to the Parliament and appoint an MP who commands the confidence of the parliament as the Prime Minister

– Re-implementation of the 17th amendment with necessary changes

– Amend the election system so that the people’s mandate is proportionately represented in the legislature

– Introduction of a detailed road map to achieve the above goals within six months, to which includes:

The draft constitutional amendment that would be released along with the manifesto of the common candidate

The amendment shall take effect on the expiry of six months counted from the date of the Presidential election. The exact date on which the amendment becomes effective shall be stated in the amendment

The Bill for the amendment of the Constitution shall be placed before Parliament within a month since the Presidential election and the exact date on which it would be so presented shall be stated in the election manifesto

The post of President is abolished upon the amendment taking effect. The new (nominal) President shall be elected by Parliament

Fielding a common candidate at the next Presidential election and his/her victory to be ensure by a collaborative effort

Sobhitha thera has furthermore noted in the letter that their programme reflects the broader aspirations of the people and will help Sri Lanka rise above the present unfortunate plight it is in,while helping the country establish an order that ensure social justice, democracy, good governance and equal rights to all citizens irrespective of their ethnicity, religion or caste.

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