30 June, 2022


Political Winds: Tailwinds Behind The UNP & The SLFP Against Headwinds

By Vishwamithra1984

“When everything seems to be going against you, remember that the airplane takes off against the wind, not with it.” ~Henry Ford

One does not have to look anywhere else. Daily headlines of the mainstream newspapers have been telling a most riveting story. Political winds have been blowing in opposite directions as far as the United National Party (UNP) and Sri Lanka Freedom Party (SLFP) are concerned. Ever since the Presidential and later the parliamentary elections, the UNP has been the recipient of a miniscule but benevolent tailwind while the SLFP has been facing an unenviable headwind. From the response of the SLFP proper and its breakaway group’s mutterings and actions, one could ascertain that, in the coming months, the advantage is going to remain with the UNP. The badgering and criticism the Rajapaksas were confronted with and the trickling effect such badgering had on the Rajapaksa-entourage has looked crushing. The ‘purity-of-purpose’ image that the old regime attempted to advance throughout the last decade has been tarnished. The credit that was granted, mainly due to the war-victory, is waning and the players of the game have been exposed as players of the country’s coffers and people’s susceptibilities.Ranil and Maithri

The Rajapaksas have not only misspent their political capital they rightfully earned, they squandered the people’s trust to such an unbelievable notch and they are trekking a tortuous journey on the borders of defeatism. The political calculus that they inaccurately formulated is now haunting them and the bizarre pageant of corrupt practices and dishonest conduct while in power are making a replay in slow motion before a public that is more aware and cognizant of nuanced undertones of this cynical enterprise called politics.

Protection of ill-gotten wealth and material richness cannot be a reward for winning the war against the LTTE. Having deserted the supreme characteristic of leadership which consists of honesty and honor, these deplorable politicians are still trying to convince the masses that they be given, not a second chance, but third, fourth or fifth one.

People’s memories are prone to failure; their retention capacities are varied, but except for a very few pundits and professionals whose singular livelihood is research and scholarship, are meager and short-lived. A majority of the masses simply forget what occurred yesterday, leave alone months or years earlier. Under such circumstances, what is available to dictators and military rulers are readily not available to those who are elected by the people. Accountability and transparency, especially in the current context, being crucial and inescapable given the prevailing public mindset, the Government might find it very hard to exercise any control over the Fourth Estate. Social Media, whether they could be classified as part of the Fourth Estate or not, is excruciatingly aggressive and relentlessly persevering when it begins disseminating news and their aftermath. Their pursuit of sensationalism is without breaks and mercy. No ban on websites or control of the Social Media is possible. Such controls, if attempted, would boomerang and could be harmful in the long run. In such an aggressive and merciless atmosphere, the rulers should be ultra-vigilant and must show an uncommon sense of common-sense and unmitigated professionalism when coping with negative publicity and image-destroying schemes of the vultures of the Social media.

How are the two parties of the coalition faring in this endeavor, both collectively and separately? As a collective body, the coalition partners have managed to walk the ‘tight rope of political partnership’ without one or the other falling. But as individual members of the partnership, the UNP members have shown far more decorum and stature than the SLFP members. It’s quite natural that in the wake of the elections, both Presidential and parliamentary, the winning party always is more self-confidant than the defeated. The UNP Cabinet Ministers have exercised a balanced political mindset bordering on magnanimity, but I am afraid, the same is not true about the SLFP parliamentarians. Most of the non-Cabinet SLFP parliamentarians are yet to come to terms with an electoral defeat. After being in power for twenty unbroken years, after enjoying the luxuries of power and might of a single family rule in which accountability and transparency were as alien as feather to a tortoise, soon after the defeat they were in shock which now has assumed the ignoble qualities of jealousy and resentment.

The mind of the defeated could be very destructive and harmful, both in the short and long terms. The defeated could be categorized into two main streams. On the one hand are those who have been defeated militarily, in the case of the LTTE and other Tamil militant organizations and those who were beaten at the ballot box as in the case of political parties. The helpless lacuna that sets in could be devastating to the individual if one is not adequately equipped to handle the human pressures and conditions that are brought upon the lacuna. The un-conditioning of a mind that was used to the pomp and pageantry of power once held and wielded without a care for its boundaries and responsibilities is tough and agonizing. Very few in all human history have walked away from power. Sophistication of allegiance to democratic principles does not consist only in how one wields power; it’s even more agonizing to walk away from power in the face of certain overthrow. The unsophisticated mind will, instead of responding, invariably react to such personal calamities rather surreptitiously. Being schooled in an environment of political power being represented as a permanent passport to do-as-you-wish, the past holder of power is removed from his comfort zone. The resultant state of mind, though outwardly may appear calm and benign, inwardly is waiting to vent out its defeats and frustrations. A Part of the travesty of the so-called Joint Opposition is precisely that.

A parade of arrivals and departures to and from FCID, the Judiciary and other investigating agencies and the catalogues of crimes, misdemeanors and acts of corruption, nepotism, downright hooliganism and countenance and connivance of political malpractice are now being exposed. The façade has been removed and what is visible is and on display today to the curios public is a scarcely-recognizable skeleton. Those who ran their election campaigns which were purported to have been financed by small-donor money are being questioned for financial fraud.

However, the Rajapaksas have opted to play offence. The Rajapaksas have kept their immediate family intact. There is no evidence whatsoever that any of the members of the former First Family is contemplating leaving the rest in the lurch and start singing. Only two exceptions have been found so far; that is the notorious Sajin Vass and Mervyn Silva. The rest are hanging on to Omerta, the code of silence of the Sicilian Mafia and this observance of Omerta is protecting those who have been alleged to have committed grave financial frauds and crimes. How many embers are hidden under the ashes, one does not know. These ashed-over embers might one day be fanned so the spectacle of exposé would have a compelling effect on the beholders. Yet the process is painstakingly slow and sluggish; words cascading from the lips of the accused are louder than those who accuse; explanations of delay and lethargy are not satisfactory and because of that quality of delay and lethargy are construed as witch-hunting and incompetence, the advantage belongs to the accused.

Such a paradoxical state of affairs could be easily averted if the Government sets about adopting a strategic and proactive course of action. Without waiting to respond after an accusation is made, if a consistent program of informing and educating the public on a regular and timely basis, what is perceived as incompetence and lethargy could be presented as part and parcel of good governance. Good governance cannot hold persons without producing before the judiciary; good governance cannot punish persons summarily and kept behind bars. Pretense of justice is not dispensation of justice. Law and order cannot be compromised at any cost. One simply should not forget the malpractice of the law during the last regime. Both the then General Sarath Fonseka and Chief Justice Shirani Bandaranayake were humiliated beyond all measure. The murder of Lasantha Wickrematunge and the disappearance of Prageeth Ekneligoda are still hurting the soul of our nation. The brutal realities of the last decade should not remain unexposed, nor should they be allowed to recur.

Modern societies have learnt to cope with the shades of the colors and nuances of sophistication. In no way does that mean to be swaying in indecision; hard decisions are difficult to arrive at and making good those decisions is even harder. If we decide to let our armor down, if we ever attempt to compromise with the uncompromisable, we will have let down our value as worthy men and women. If the broad masses are not receptive to a slow and steady growth of democracy, let that be, for the alternative is unthinkable.

*The writer can be contacted at vishwamithra1984@gmail.com

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Latest comments

  • 3

    A mediocre to the max, this..

    Country is totally F*****.

    Look at the Balance of Trade, Economic Growth, Exports ,Unemployment Figures, the Mountain of debt in just 18 months, and any intelligent being can see where we are heading.

    Bullshit promises like Million Assembly jobs to Dalits, Eliminating poverty in 2017, and giving free Wi Fi to boys and girls are the trade marks of this UNP lead Government.

    What ever little construction activity is in the Condo business in Colombo, which is making the landed rich and the Muslim developers richer.

    One thing is right .. Our inhabitant have short memories.

    Batalanda Ranil’s mission is to fulfil the promises to the Vellala TNA to give a Federal State to Sambanadan.

    And punish the War Winning Srilankan soldiers, to please the Diaspora and pay back for helping Batalanada Ranil to get the PM gig.

    As simple as that..

    SLFP suckers know it, but couldn’t careless as long as they can grab all the freebies from Batalanada Ranil before the next election.

    Because these so called SLFP won’t be able to go to the villages and ask their vote, after giving the North to Jaffna Tamils and the East to Muslims.

    And forcing our Dalits in the South to watch the Tiger bosses like Suren Surendran playing Golf in the former LTTE Strong Holds, and Tiger reverend Emmanuel offering Bread and wine.

    • 1

      There are Yahapalana Masterminds, Yahapalana Crooks, Yahapalana Suckers and Yahapalana Donkeys. Vishvamittra is sucker extraordinaria


      • 4


        “Vishvamittra is sucker extraordinaria”


        Has he refused to live in your Sinhala/Buddhists ghetto.

        You are going to be on your own and lonely living in your ghetto.

  • 7

    Vishwa your analysis is rather boring!

    Today the scenario is clear: the battle for Sri Lanka is between the WORKING PEOPLE of the country and the CORRUPT POLITICIANS. It is not between the UNP and SLFP, or Sinhala Modyas and Tamil and Muslim Paerethayo.

    We need a powerful people’s movement against the corrupt political circus in the DIyawenna Parliament. People should march against corrupt politicians in all political parties UNP-SLFP-Muslim Congress who are collaborating to impoverish the masses. JVP and TNA are the exceptions.

    The delays in Financial crime investigation and tracking down the funds of the Jarapassa family and cronies held in off shore banks accounts tell us this, there is collaboration to cover up corruption between the UNP and SLFP.

    While the national economy collapses under the bad loans taken by Mahinda Rajapaksa and his family, Ranil-Sira Ayahapalanaya govt is forcing VAT Taxes at the behest of IMF on the people are asked to pay more TAXES for the crimes of the filthy politicians.

    All Sri Lankans should refuse to pay taxes until the parliament of corrupt clowns gives up tax free SUVs and cars and the cabinet of corrupt clowns is reduced to 20.

    IMF should be asked to track down and collect funds of Jarapassa family and cronies stashed in off shore bank accounts rather than forcing VAT on the people in collaboration with the corrupt and criminal politicians. After all IMF is supposed to be a global financial governance institution which should be FIGHTING FINANCIAL CORRUPTION. if IMF had done its job in the first place countries like Greece and Sri lanka that are highly indebted would not have become so in the first instance.

    • 2

      One thing I can agree with you…..Vishwa is boring!

      Why are you blaming MR for bad loans when he has what he has done to show for it. Which is very much more than one can say about the present ‘Jahapalaya’

      Our economy was in much a better shape when this ‘jahapalana’ lot took over and ruined mainly by the ‘Pamankada’ idiot,the only Finance minister in the whole world who can not prepare a proper budget!

      The ‘Pamankada’ idiot is giving tax benefits amounting to billions to all the big companies, and of course we know why, while trying to fool the people saying they have no money to service loans taken by the previous government.

      One thing they are competent is how to cover up their pillaging and Batalanda is a master in that. CB scandal 1&2,Coal,paddy,Agro chemicals,Ethanol and so on…

      The best thing this incompetent lot should do is go home and let someone who has proven ability do it.

      • 3

        Basil Jarapassa who failed his O Levels and is a high school drop out was Minister of Economic Development! He was worse than Ravi K who is a clown.

        But Basil is worse because the bugger stole from the Divi Neguma poverty fund. In other words he stole from poor people which is a double plus crime. There is nothing more sickening than this and the bugger should be given double time behind bars in the Welikada jail house.

  • 0

    When MPs are changing sides from SLFP to UNP as they play musical chairs, how can one talk about UNP and SLFP. They are flies flies attracted to some faeces. That is politics is a good way of making money. So, new blood is not coming to politics. Even if they come are sidelined. It is the old politicians and new comers, their children are the kingpins.

    Sri lankan system is completely fcuked up, and there is no one in the parliament who can be trusted to clean it. On the other hand, a military take over will not work because, CIA moles are every where to fulfill their needs. Indian congress is at the same place. So, India won’t help too.

    Tamila are abusing the situation because southern politicians are those flies landed on faeces. They are fully occupied.

  • 4

    While the Tiger Bosses whine and dine in New York on the Foreign Ministry account, the soldiers who lost life and limb fighting these terrorists need to be bailed out from trumped up charges through the hat collection of the poor man on the street. The bloke who is supposed to be the Commander in Chief is more being Commanded in Cheap.

    • 2

      Patriot pathetic

      ” the soldiers who lost life and limb fighting these terrorists need to be bailed out from trumped up charges through the hat collection of the poor man on the street.”

      Is that why Uthaya Ganapathipilla collected money from the poor people?

  • 4

    The question is what this government can offer. Indeed punishing those involved in crimes of the past regime is a must, but when some of those SLFPare shamelessly excluded from such punishment just because they pledged support to MY3 is disgusting. The indefinite postpone of elections is undemocratic. On top of that when economy is failing badly in all aspects, people won’t be fans of this government. What’s in Social media is just symptoms of this ailment.

  • 1

    I did not vote for “Yahapalana” because memories of “Dharmista Samajaya” which ended up in “Bheeshanaya” are still haunting and torturing me. Memory is a strange thing. How blind hatred towards Rajapaksha has completely suppressed Vishvammitra’s memory of 50,000 youth on burning tyres is definitely a case for psychologists.

    Vishvammitra’s analogy of an aeroplane is quite apt. Signs of ‘engine trouble’ points to an impending ‘crash landing’. I can well imagine the future historians inspecting the. ‘wreckage’.


    • 0

      We all remember those times. But honestly if Premadasa did not take action, we would still be suffering with a civil war in the South. If Mahinda did not act we are still suffering with a civil war in the North. Dharmista samajaya was not merely a problem casted by the leaders at that time. It was more of a reaction to left-wing pressures, predominantly sponsored by India at that time.
      This time we have only a few from that regime. Significantly India is on the same side. Left is weak. Tamil extremism is subdued and cornered. So it’s a completely different environment. You have to change. Otherwise we would not be very different to the nostalgic Tamil diaspora.

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