10 December, 2022


Pope Meets With President Of Sri Lanka: Video Released

By Rome Reports –

It was about three years ago, when roughly 100,000 civilians died during Sri Lanka’s civil war. Most of them, were from the ethnic group Tamil. On Friday,  Benedict XVI met with Sri Lanka’s president at the Vatican. During the meeting, he asked the president to ‘quickly’ reach an agreement to promote reconciliation.

This is the second time president Mahinda Rajapaksa has visited the Vatican, but it’s his first visit after the end of the civil war, which struck from 1983 to 2009.

The president explained some of the measures being implemented to improve ‘social development and reconciliation’ in the country.

Once again, the Pope asked him to address the ‘legitimate aspirations of all parties’

The president visited the Vatican accompanied by his Catholic wife. As a gift, he gave the Pope a vase with spices from Sri Lanka, and another vase made of silver.


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    MR is the brief carrier for the American Zionists who rule the whole world. The Queen and the Pope are in the payoff of the Zionists, hence these audiances to boost MR’s image, although MR is accused of War Crimes. What depths the world order has sunk?

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    What a great man

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    Popes at the Vatican also offer audiences to all sorts of people – despots from Latin America, established mafiosi and other assorted characters on the wrong side of the road. But by far the largest number they confer distinctions with personal audiences are decent folk. If Mrs Rajapakse is a Catholic, as it is believed, she has every reason to pay her respects to the respected Pontiff. But apparently,
    MR “forgot” to mention this when he visited that Hindu Temple in Kerala a few years ago when poor Lasantha W was alive and kicking. As result, it was believed that Kovil had to be closed for a week, washed and went through the “cleaning process”


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    A shame to see a great man like MR grovel in front of a former Nazi who heads an evil cult. But GOSL must accept whatever friends it can given the effectiveness of the LTTE propagandists at painting the SLA as the aggressor.

    Gamini’s comment is emblematic of how terrorists of different religions have a symbiotic relationship. Sadly, Israel and US have not been willing to use extreme measures to wipe out the Palestinian terror leadership like GOSL did in May 2009.

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