9 December, 2022


Prayer For No More Political Expediency 

By Mahesh Senanayake –

Mahesh Senanayake

In the wake of the Easter Sunday attack in the country, while We see solidarity amongst all Sri Lankans irrespective of their religious following or race, it is saddening to see the political expediency taking center stage. Usual blame game, glorification of certain individuals and claims that a certain catastrophe could have been prevented had the claimant or his party was in power are nothing new to the people of a nation that experienced a three and half decade long civil war with a deadliest terrorist outfit. However, nearly a decade after the end of the war; a period in which the country has achieved far reaching democratic and constitutional goals such as formulation of the 19th amendments to the constitution, right to information, laws governing human rights, what We have not seen yet is the improvement of standards of politicians, their credos and their parties, for that matter, at least most of them are lagging behind.

A sorrowful nation baffled with the shocking terrorist attack was only left to ponder over how such a barbarian attack could have been contrived by a fraction of terrorists without being tracked down  by the police or security forces. In the aftermath of the devastating incident, what was emerged that no adequate action was taken despite alerts of an impending attack has disappointed the whole nation who rely on the powers that be to ensure national security. From circulation of a memo warning of an impending attack to statements made by the politicians and state officials stand to rub salt on the wound. Usual Political blame game by the political protagonists scoring marks for their next election campaign is omnipresent, even though they try their best to hide the fact. This is a trend that people are fed up with. Avoiding efforts to find solutions and claiming that the incident could have been averted had they been in power are  hackneyed in the national context and people will use their own balance score cards to identify these politicians who strive to plant their unsubstantial politically motivated notions amongst the people. The lack of coherent efforts to formulate national policies that can sustain for decades by the respective governments and opposition parties is not lost on any one including politicians, whereas they do not appear to engage in a national discourse fearing the best would happen in their absence in power. What we have been seeing since the Sunday incident is quite reminiscent of the past where the politicians of both sides vociferously blamed each other. At a period wherein most of the Sri Lankan voters are becoming much rationale and  juxtapose every political twist, damning factor is the misleading deeds by the politicians deceiving the masses on nationalistic approaches. Pointing finger at the president and the premier by the opposition in this context is no phenomena and at the same time leaving a subject to be nurtured for political expediency is the sole responsibility of the government. Instead of finger pointing, what people want at this juncture is  immediate solutions to ensure  safety in their day to day lives , apprehending the culprits  and holding any politicians or state officials responsible for inability to take preventive steps despite early warnings which is a serious  dereliction  of duty. As revealed by relevant persons, the absence of coordinated initiatives by the state intelligence arms is quite disturbing and the government will have to fast track in bridging the gaps .

As a country which was engulfed in a terrorists war for more than three decades, Sri Lankan people are aware of the distressing results of  LTTE terrorists activities that claimed scores of lives and ruined at least three generations. Well- orchestrated efforts by the then government, three forces and the police brought to an end to the war and all Sri Lankans singularly applauded the effort and placed highest trust in national security as the country had groomed one of the cleverest armies in the world. What is now left for the nation is not only to absorb  the deep sorrows but to persuade the politicians to behave  in the best interest of the country. Such persuasion is no easy task. It can only be carried out by the people themselves where they start rejection of politicians who are opportunists and turn every incident to their advantage. As said  above, it is the right time to use our own balance score card to rank the best ones who can fulfill the aspirations of a larger nation than a fraction of political disciples. Results of such ranking can be expressed using the best weapon we possess which is called the “vote “

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    I mean, this is it. This is the last time the UNP is going to be anywhere near government for the next 20 years. Sirisena would be wise to leave the country after the elections- I doubt he’d be safe for long from the public. They’re done.

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    Can anyone suggest who that best ones are?????? For retards who believe that we are thrice blessed the reality now is thrice F—-D. JVP, LTTE and now this. Since independence the so called best politicians Senanayakas, Bandas, JR/RW, and the worst out of the lot Rajapaksas, (who are born criminals), have successfully turned non violent communities into violence. Lanka dosent have any such genuine people to score and even if we had the retarded public is not interested in them. Your thoughts may be genuine but not real.

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      Chiv, good thoughts! Well for the immediate solution, until we get somebody who can rescue this country from this abyss, JVP is the only option. Since the election process is a complete farce, the same Ruling Elite Mafia continue to win as they are in control of the two major parties UNP and SLFP. In the last PC elections, the Deep State manipulated the vote counts to push the newly formed Robbery Inc., – SLPP ( alias Pohottuwa) . This they did to revive Rajapakse Criminals to take over the system to install a Total Nazi Type regime where Gota commanding the Presidency. The Zionist masters in Washington is in need of a real Junta taking over the system very very soon before the 2019 for the 2020 planned events. Because, the South China Sea is embroiling with a looming massive War with China right now. The Deep State deviced a coup by employing Traitor Sira with the Rajapakse criminals to unseat Ranil and sack the UNP govt., and this became an utter flop as they discovered that the people were not ready for this and were refusing to back the criminal alliance as the whole thing was a shock to them. When the country was just going to harvest the Christmas season tourism boom, insensitive Sira and Mara sabotaged everything leaving the hospitality industry’s chance in recovering the past losses in tge chaos. The Zionist masters want the Rajapakses back in the seat to set up the Pro Zionist and Pro Israeli Military Base before anything happens. The so called “ISIS foreign connection” notion as promoted by Modi/ RAW, the Rajapakse media and the Sinhala Racist Network, on the cruel Easter Sunday attack, is to bring in the Zionists on a fast track mode to start the project. China, Pakistan and Iran are the focus of their military planning.

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    What a bunch of yobs we have as politicians. They have no integrity, no self respect & happy to display their incompetence by claiming no knowledge when it comes to bearing responsibility & accountability.

    We had a known drug baron & thug, Duminda Silva, claiming ammeniasia to a murder committed in broad daylight in front of the public, RK claiming no knowledge that he was living rent free in a luxury apartment owned by a financial wheeler dealer & then his family buying the property from funds dumped in the safe of the family business by an outsider with no record of the money in the company books, then a PM who was unaware that his pal, appointed as the Governor of the Central Bank by himself, was not involved in insider trading. Now we have the President, PM & the Defense Minister claiming that they were not informed of a terror attack of massive scale by the intelligence services.
    In a recent interview by Channel 4 News, a prominent SL journalist stated that the Presidential powers were curtailed by the 19th amendment, obviously trying to absolve the President, at least partially, from blame but if that is the case, why are we continuing to have a President with no powers at a huge expense to the state for his upkeep? It is time the public demand a referendum if the constitution prevents the abolition of the Presidency & demand accountability from the top.

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      Pray to whom and for what.? St. Anthony has let down all devotees.

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