12 June, 2024


Sri Lanka: 259 Killed And 500 Injured On Easter Sunday Bombing

Updated 1.00 pm: On Thursday (25th April), health officials in Sri Lanka backtracked, saying the date toll could actually be almost one-third lower than the earlier number. A more accurate death toll might be closer to 250.

Updated 11.00 am – The death toll has increased to 310, police said on Tuesday.

Updated 9.45 am –  290 people were killed by Monday morning with 500 have been injured, Police Spokesman Ruwan Gunasekara said. He also said 24 suspects are currently in the CID custody.

Updated 7.00 pm –  207 people were killed and 450 others injured the police spokesman, Ruwan Gunasekera told media a short while ago. “The government has imposed police curfew and shut down social media and messaging services, he further said.

Updated 12.00 pm – 138 people have been killed and 402 wounded, the Director of Colombo National Hospital Dr. Anil Jasinghe told media a short while ago.

At least 130 people were killed and 402 wounded, in a hate-filled attacks targeting three churches and three five-star hotels in Sri Lanka.

The explosions happened almost simultaneously between 8.30 am and 9.00 am at St. Anthony’s Church in Kochchikade, Colombo and St. Sebastian’s Church in Nigombo and Zion Church in Batticaloa.

Explosions were also reported at three five-star hotels, the Shangri-La, Cinnamon Grand and Kingsbury in Colombo.

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    Law and order in the hands of dumb Sirisena is like the donkey does the dog’s work. This swollen headed man was not letting any competent persons’ to handle it but dangerously messed up everything, and as result of it, all are dearly paying for his sins.

    • 16


      Is the Traitor, Sevalya Sirisena apologizing for incompetence? No. He just wants a second term.

      These terrorists had the wrong targets. Had they selected the right target, they could have become heroes, gone to heaven, got 72 virgins, instead of going to Hell Fire along with the Devil Satan, after killing so many innocent people.

    • 11

      Very well said. Its doubly sad that fellows of this calibre are elected to the highest office of the land. Our heads must be examined first, for electing this incompetent human being
      Its a failing that in a democracy votes are only counted but not weighed
      I can bet my bottom dollar that the PC appointed by the man himself will cover up the failing of the authorities the like most things in the land
      290 innocent lives lost in a blink of an eye. May the good lord give courage and strength to those families who have lost their loved ones.

      Bethune, you have nothing to apologise for the cowardly acts of these sub human species

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    I humbly apologise on behalf of our community for the ruthless evil hearless bombings,
    We are shocked as we are already the target to the majority and now the flame has been lit for furthere problems
    We strongly condemn killings and maiming our own human family
    My grandfather a.h.macan markar fied bring the vice president of a gentleman party mr vijaya kumaratunge
    We are hated worldwide due to these evil people
    Inspite if being warned we went unheeded
    If i was aware i would have definitely told the relevant authorities
    We are ashamed that drugs bombings in our community is widely known

    • 6

      You have nothing to apologise for.

    • 5


      What the so-called Islamists, is a misnomer. They should be called Iblisic or Iblisis, per prescient Hadith of Najd, just Google.

      Muslims, who follow God, did not do it. It was done by Iblisis, who pretend to follow God, in the n
      Name of God, did it.

      The Muslims and the Media, must apologize for NOT clearly making this distinction, when the Prescient Hadith of Najd was there all the time.

      The Iblisis, The Wahhabi-Salafies and their clones , are like the Trojan Horse. You have been fooled by the Devil.

      For a starter, say to Hell with the Devil, discard the Black Abaya, and wear the saree and Salva Kameez, fit women, and make your statement, you will not obey the Devil.

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    Colombo Telegraph what’s your spin on this now? More Sinhala Buddhist extremism?

    • 8

      Listen to Harin Fernando’s interview on CNN and read between the lines.

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      At Anuradhapura, the Methodists were attacked.

      LTTE was incentive-ised by the Sinhala Buddhist attacks on Tamils in1958, 1977 and 1983 , that killed over 4,000 innocent Tamil Citizens. So, some Tamils took the law into their own hands.

      With the constant attacks in the Muslims, are the Sinhala “Buddhists “ incentivizing the radical elements within the community as well?

      ISIS is a counter reaction to the excesses of modern western imperialism and terrorism.

      Unfortunately, it has hit home, the Land of Native Veddah Arthho.

      Paras are always trouble. Please get back to your homelands.

      • 2

        There is a reason for extremism. The Sinhalese have learned their lesson that political oppression will result in the lunatic fringe of a community acting out their bestiality.

        This resentment started outside our shores by the imperialist pigs of our world, as Amarasiri has said.

        By the way Obama accidentally started ISIS read about it on Google.

        India and Sri Lanka can be proud of gaining independance from non violence. Let’s hope we can regain our peace through non violent application of the law – apparently the death penalty is in effect?

      • 3

        your argument lacks logic. if that is the case Buddhist should have been targeted not Christians. please don’t spread fake news. People like you have ruined this country enough by these false narratives

    • 10

      For 70 years Sinhala Buddhism has been sending Water buffaloes, Afghani Donkeys and wild monkeys to parliament. That was the exasperation in CT.
      India had warned of it, yet the buffaloes claim they didn’t know. Will all those monkeys shameless saying that they didn’t know now go home instead of hanging for parliament pension. These most efficient dogs in the world always have an explanation.

  • 7

    ‘A voice was heard in Ramah, (Sri Lanka)
    And great mourning,
    Rachel weeping for her children,
    Refusing to be comforted,
    Because they are no More’.( Holy Bible)
    We weep
    We Grieve..’we don’t know what to do,but our eyes are on You’.
    In the midst of this Darkness and horror
    We Your children will continue Trust Your Word. We Bless You Who has washed us from our sins in Your Own Blood,and have given us the Gift of Eternal Life.
    In You we have Hope.
    So we will not grieve as those without Hope.
    You are The Resurrection.
    Jesus said, ..” I am the resurrection and the life.
    He who believes in Me,though he may die,he shall live..”
    “…I will build My church,and the gates of Hades shall not prevail against it”.
    (Jesus Christ).

    • 5

      ‘A voice was heard in Ramah’

      Whose voice was that Sandy? Was it yours, talking balls?

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    In order to come to the correct answer as to who is ultimately responsible for these dastardly acts, the question to ask is: “Who benefits most from the crime?”

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    Bethoune, God bless you. You have correctly apologized for the whole Muslim community. Muslims are a peace loving people. It is those who are not practicing Muslims who are committing these dastardly acts. We call upon the government to give the harshest possible punishment to those who have been convicted. Let this be a lesson to all who are involved in evil deeds.

  • 11


    • 10


      The price paid by NOT appointing Firlf Marshall Sarath Fonseka by Traitor Sirisena .

      Those bastards are following the Devil, Satan, Iblis, and prepared to die for the Devil, while taking others with them, per Hadith of Najd. Just Google Hadith of Najd and Wahhabi-Salafism and it’s clones.

      Yes, get them before the Devil gets them.

      Remember, this Satanic Ideology originated from Wahhabi Salafi Saudi Arabia. 15 of the 9:/11 attackers were Saudi Wahhabies. 50 percent of the recruits for ISIS are Saudi Wahhabies.

      Wahhabi Saudi Arabia is the ISIS that made it. Ask the Yemenis, the Shia , the Sufi, The Ahmedia Muslims , as well as the different Christian communities.

    • 3

      Only he can kill journalists and take people away in white vans.
      The streets will be cleaner of course.

  • 6

    His Eminent Cardinal Cooray…fanning the hatred ..inviting violence….He has barked ;
    ” Attackers must be punished mercilessly…” Where this country is heading to ..

    • 4

      Lion — I agree with you. Some priest! He probably supports the death penalty, too

  • 21


    I don’t know about Emil, but I will answer for myself. I have no gripe with any one community except to call out, as I see it, the nonsense that is being perpetrated by determined factions in our midst. In my lifetime I have seen events that finally pushed the Tamils to give us the LTTE – result 30 years of mayhem. Deja vu, these last few years, the goading of the Muslims, and, Surprise! Surprise! The birth of several shadowy, under-the-radar Islamic groups that are saying ‘enough is enough’. Through eight decades, I have seen small disparate groups of nationalistic Buddhist groups trying to right perceived ancient ‘wrongs’ instead of building on the future. After 2010, these groups have been emboldened by the defeat of the LTTE, and they have taken centre stage with their divisive claims, followed by acts of sheer impunity, confident that NO Sinhalese-Buddhist politician will ever speak out against them. In recent times, Aluthgama, Beruwela, Digana, Ampara, Kandy, just to name a few. The rule of law was non-existent for those criminal acts. Over the years, several churches have been blatantly attacked – was anybody charged? For the last three weeks, churches in Anuradhapura were attacked and worship disrupted – was anybody charged? And there you have it; the seeds have been sown. Now you tell me, who benefits most from all this? Over the pre-Sinhala-New-year weeks, posters appeared all over calling for the boycott of Muslim owned shops. Was anything done? As you sow, so will you reap.

    We are all creatures of circumstance – most of us had no choice in where we are born. We have a duty of care to each other. If anybody or group tries to usurp our laws, they should be contained. Not shielded by self-interested politicians.

    • 10

      Spring Koha

      You are going to be in big trouble for speaking the truth.
      What can be done?
      What should we do?
      Take care.

    • 12

      Spring koha, you were waiting to pick on the innocent Sinhalese, and thought this as the ideal opportunity, but in vain. Why then the attacks were on the Christian community but not Buddhists. Remember that attacks in Aluthgama, Gintota, etc were as a result of provocating the Sinhalese by these elements. You have to understand that in any country this would be the case. These elements with funds coming from Arab countries are displacing the majority community to make it a minority in their own native land. You have a powerful country in the north to us and a powerful diaspora living in blood mobey, bribing Western countries, but the Sinhalese do not have godfathers even in hell.

    • 1

      Sring Koha,

      ‘Deja vu, these last few years, the goading of the Muslims, and, Surprise! Surprise! The birth of several shadowy, under-the-radar Islamic groups that are saying ‘enough is enough’’

      Yes, that makes sense. A violent Buddhist minority attack Muslims, so in return Muslims attack Christians.

      • 1


        What a sad state of affairs!

        Buddhists, Muslims, Christians and Hindus all going around suspicious of each other. Decent people are losing out to the extremists, reconciliation has taken a back seat, and our leaders are in disarray and looking around for scapegoats to take the blame for the state the country is in.

        On Thursday last week, in the morning I saw a super sunrise from atop Adams Peak. In the evening, tired but happy I watched a beautiful sunset with my regular tipple from my favourite terrace by the sea. I thought to myself how wonderful to live in Paradise.
        Today, I am not so sure. Paradise? or is it Hell.

      • 0

        ISIS just wants to expand their ideology and find new recruits to keep going.
        This is not Tit for Tat for violence done by BBS

        may be ISIS was able to lure SL Muslims based on the BBS rhetoric.

        SL Muslims and all Sri Lankans should be wary of International forces that are keen to expand their power and ideology throughout the world this will not be good for anybody especially the Sri Lankan Muslims .

  • 15

    Dear PM,

    Arrest all members of The This red jamath , there is a very powerful women with political.clout she has thousands of women recruits ,they hold private meetings every week .
    All members of Thoweed jamath need to go through screening , need to search their houses ,need to check their social media accounts .
    And need to lock them
    Out if they have any connections

  • 4

    John Silva

    John , you are raising a valid question here in relation to recent Extremist Buddhist
    hatred filled attacks on Muslims in different places and this attacks on Christian
    worshipers and star hotels . They don’t add up . The mix of Batticaloa , Katana and
    Colombo make it economic and communal make up as one target . And one other
    thing is it is Christian missions and some Islamic missions that are engaged in
    converting Buddhists into their religions which is something BBS and RAVANA
    fiercely campaign against . And most importantly International direct involvement
    to the incident can never be ruled out . Srilankan Muslims as a minority , are West
    friendly and so incidents like these would , without doubt push them away from
    that centuries old relations ! At the end , who benefits from this carnage ?

    • 3

      No names, addresses, type(s) of explosives/timers used, types (except a pipe bomb) of bombs, from where – only military (may) possess explosives – so far.
      If imported, how, from where, could not be have been through the customs – could have been by boat – if so, identities/sources of suppliers are needed.
      Only with such information, and the names/ethnicity of perpetrators,
      could identities/motives be surmised.

  • 11

    Attention Muslims -(Excluding The Cows of the Thows .)
    Wakeup , stop pointing fingers .its not Israel ,its not India ,its not Gota ,its not our heroic army .
    It’s The Cows of the thows .100% local terorists.
    So what was the whole agenda ? Attack the Christians on their most sacred day more than any other , they expected the Catholics to go on a rampage & then for the government to declare emergency and arrest at random young Muslim boys and this is aimed to get the young boys to join the local Teroror group .
    The group has declared war on the state —
    Muslims get real .

    This is the 2nd And worst Teroror war just begun in.pur beloved nation.

    This is going to be the worst war , its not going to be like LTTE .

    The cows of the Thows want to also kill all other Muslims who are not cows of a the thows , the thows consider ,The tabliq as ultra orthodox Jews pretending to be Muslims and The Sufis as kabala jews pretending to be Muslims and the entire Shias and Ahmedy as kafirs .
    For them anyone who is not a cow of the Thow must die as they are all infidels .

    This war will never end and sadly peaceful innocent young Muslim boys will suffer from both the state and the terrorists just like what happened to Tamils .

  • 11

    I am suspecting these explosions at these churches occurred due to the Thorium deposits in the wickers of the Candles used inside the churches.

    As we know Thorium is a radioactive chemical and is used in candle wicker. Now, expensive high quality candles neutralize the effects of Thorium by also applying a layer of fire redardent Boric Acid.

    Cheap candles do not have that.

    Who else could be behind this? The Christians would not bomb themselves, so we have to rule out the Christians. The Buddhists are not known to be suicide bombers so we have to exclude them as well. The Hindus led by the LTTE are now a defunct entity. So, one would have to rule them out as well. The Muslims who are peace loving we know will not even hurt a fly. And even if they did, to accuse them of such an evil act would be foolish unless I want to test the limits of censorship on online opinion forums such as this. Besides, it would be also socially not acceptable to accuse the Muslims of something like this.

    So, my suspicion is on those candle wicker with Thorium substance to have caused the explosions.

  • 9

    I,already mentioned in this column to be beware of the invading invisible enemy,whose aim is to change the whole world to accept a false god and his false prophet.They,will do all sorts of evils untill people accept their idiotic theory..

  • 7

    Comedy is after his return, Karuna said the Muslim Empire of Eastern was going out. Ha ha ha… It looks like the Calipha displaced in ME by America has descended in Lankawe.

    Though East has more Tamils, after last two provincial elections, Muslim-Sinhala Colombo government forced Muslim provincial administration and Muslim Extremist governor in East.

    This big terror operation, after internal warning and external Indian warning has missed the CID vigilance. Is that telling the highly patriotic Muslims spies used by Old Brother prince turned their back on this in favor of their terror brothers? Or are their union is now demanding extra remuneration (like Thani Alaku) from Yahapalanaya to act on?

    Out of the $18B Thali Kodi money, most part of it is in ME banks. Mangala should be honest to bring it back that to rebuild Ceylon. Ranil should reinstate the 122 MPs filed coup case and have arrested the October Coup Partners without impunity. Until all extremist have confidence on Ranil’s impunity, nothing is going to go right in Lankawe.

  • 8

    The Terorist group NTJ responsible for the attacks is suppose to be a splinter group of SLTJ, says the media , whic is laughable .

    They are but one , NTJ is the military wing of SLTJ.

    That is the truth.

    • 7

      Not in our name,

      It’s not nice to accuse Muslim groups like SLTJ or NTH of such heinous crimes. Especially, in a forum like this we must strive to keep the civil etiquette at all times and never accuse Muslims or any other minority for that matter. Unless of course, you want to see “This comment did not abide by the Forum guidelines” blah blah blah.

      Even if Muslims kill 2000 next time, we Sinhalese have a moral obligation to say that it must be some external element or some 3rd party unknown factor that caused the mayhem and keep any other opinions to ourselves.

      It is also a fallacy that there Muslim extremists. Because Muslims extremist or otherwise would never hurt a fly, it is unlikely that there is anything called “Muslim Extremist”. We ought to know that.

  • 1

    In a couple of days , we might come to know why this violence happened
    and details of the criminals . Names and addresses of the criminals has
    to be released to the public so that the public identifies them . The motive
    behind the attack need to be published as well . And according to Minister
    Rajitha Senarathne , all suicide bombers are Srilankan Muslims belonging
    to National Tawheed Jamat , it was reported . There are already reports of
    attacks on some Muslims and a couple of Mosques in Bandaragama ,
    Puttalam and Maggona . The bombers certainly knew the consequences of
    their action and if so, one naturally has to wonder how they can work to
    promote a religion and then act in a way that put their followers in the hell
    like this ? So , the so-called organization must be made to make a statement
    either claiming responsibility or denying and then further actions by the
    government need to be taken to protect all citizens . And at the same time
    no rationale mind can ignore the facts that Muslims are being a target of
    racist elements without a stop and without any constructive guarantee of
    safe future ! But that doesn’t give licence to react murderous ! Everybody
    has a duty towards everybody else to live and let live !

    • 0

      Srilanka Tawheed Jamat has denied any involvement , condemned
      the attack and criticized those who pointed the fingers at them
      without knowing facts . They have nothing to do with National Tawheed
      Jamat . It looks there are quite a few orgs in the name of Tawheed just
      like some political parties call themselves “Liberation orgs”.

      • 2


        What was the reaction like within the Islamic Republic of Kattankudy?
        Any sign of over or covert euphoria among the citizens of the Islamic Republic of Kattankudy?

        • 1

          Native Vedda ,

          First of all I must say to you that I am not from the East to give you
          an accurate answer . Secondly , not only Kattankudi , there could be
          a section of citizens in all communities who feel comfortable due to
          religious , cultural , political and racial differences that outweigh
          human values in modern society . On a personal capacity , I have
          confronted number of guys sympathetic to many religious orgs ,
          new and old ones and I believe you understand the results of
          earning the wrath of faith loving lot .

  • 5

    Is there anyone wise enough to explain to this forum as to what happened to the Muslim Militia that was trained and created in the eastern province to fight the LTTE ?
    We’re they disarmed ? Can they prove it to the public ? What happened to all the sophisticated weapons they were given ? What happened to all the suicide jackets they confiscated

  • 7

    The SLTJ is the master mind behind all.this , no way we can let them.off the hook .NTJ is very much a part of SLTJ .they can fool.others ,but not us.
    Has the government a perfect statistics of exact numbers of SLTJ members in dehiwala , maligawatte , dematagoda ,kolanawa??, the largest is in the upcountry in kuranagela and east .
    They better start working day and night to first do that and then confiscate all the weapons still with karuna’s faction and the The Muslim militias .

    Another one blast the government must resign .
    Handover the matter to The Field Marshal .

  • 4

    I like to know the exact wordings on the security warning delivered to IGP. I want to know if there were any indication that it was Tamil Churches being targeted and is that why police ignored the warning.
    If anybody has any clues, please bring it here.

  • 5

    According to rumours told to a certain Hindu Tamil. there is a plan to attack every mosque after the funeral ceremony.
    Meanwhile the security forces and government and the Catholics must be vigilant , as some hate group might do this and blame it it on the Catholics

  • 3

    There is a kabala Muslim.group who use the term Sufi as a cover up but are not Sufis their main practices are sorcery and black magic of the times of the well of babul of Iraq . They also pay homage to Kali and visit Kapu dewalas .
    This must be cleared and ppl need to be educated about it..

    Sufis only practice meditation one to one exactly like the Buddhists , only difference is they also pray five times ,fast ,offer charity and use the Quranic chants to.meditate .its called about inner purification.
    Please read the story of Farukunda of Afhanistan to know about the kabala Muslims .they are equally very violent .

  • 4

    FYI .
    Everyone is aware that a group of money launders with full impunity operated and is still operating with a certain foreigner who was living in the island with fake documents .
    Start investigating bank accounts and red passports travels now today .they could be involved in the funding .

    Accept reality A new war is already on .
    we are at war again lot of of people will now mint lot of blood money, the floating armour must be used and money recovered asap because the suppliers are yet to be paid.so people wake up

  • 3

    Out of all the Muslims only 24 were extremists moved to do this. There is always an extremist element. How to prevent extremism? Ask the Americans and Israelis to find out because they don’t know or maybe it.s worth it.

    Remember what the US Secretary of defence said when asked about the 1 million Iraqi children killed?

    “It was worth it. ” It’s true, just search it. White people with black hearts.

  • 5

    There are a minor segment of kabala Muslims an omong Shafi, Hannafi,Tabliqi,Borahs and Thoweeds who don not take western medicines but use sorcery and black magic .There is a notorious ,very evil Taique sorcerer near the dematagoda bridge in.a muduku .everyone knows him

  • 4

    Money laundering by few with total impunity involved suspected in funding SLTJ and NTJ .
    Check their travel details ,people they had connections with and bank accounts .

    Why were sand dealers depositing money in a particular bank? And what was the issue of illegal sand deals in east ? Connect the dots .
    people must join force to investigate , don’t trust politicians ,except Sarah Fonseka .they will.never give him.the power to wipe this out .everyone crooked will mint money on people’s blood if this war continues and it will continue, don’t be fooled if it calms down for a short time.we are at war.

  • 2

    Allow me to explain. The recent attacks on Catholic churches follows a pattern from other Easter day attacks.

    The Catholic church in Pakistan was in alert after the .New Zealand mosque attacks by an Atheist by the way . So this is a revenge attack.

    If Muslims have been
    treated unfairly why not access the ICJ and UNand be subject to US and Israeli veto?

    Trouble has been caused by upsetting Muslims in Saudi, Iraq. Afghanistan and other places why don’t they go to the ICJ and place charges for war crimes?

    Instead of killing people who had nothing to do with it. That doesn’t even make sense.

    • 1

      Vanguard ,
      It is ISIS that is reported to have claimed this a revenge attack but P M
      Ranil is reported to have said that this attack is thought to have been
      planned long before New Zealand Mosque attack ! So , more search is
      needed to determine the real cause . And former army commander Sarath
      Fonseka has gone on reports that the whole plan might have taken seven
      years citing L T T E that took 12 years to bring the bomb that killed Ranjan
      Wijeratne ! And if you dig deeper on SF’s seven year guess , you also find
      the birth of BBS that was inaugurated by Gota ! What makes us believe that
      the attack has no message at all for Buddhist extremists ? Politically , yes it
      may be better not to take the incident deeper into where it is not aimed at
      directly but that doesn’t mean that we discount that possibility because that
      is the daily worry of all Muslims right now ! This incident just adds more fuel
      into the existing one !

      • 0

        As I have said, we all need to learn the lesson that the Government must protect its majority as well as its minorities, otherwise extremists will attack or at least it increases chances of attack from extremists. You cannot control extremists but you can stop them from becoming extreme.

        I thought the Yahapalanaya government brought the BBS under control? What happenned?

        • 0

          Yahapalanaya is not sitting idle about all these extremism but
          they are slow because of the fear of being labelled anti-Buddhist .
          Over all , Yahapalanaya managed to contain the situation well
          and for that they deserve the credit . The police and Army too
          did it well along with the support of the general public of all hues !
          So far so good ! Even this incident can now be turned out to good
          use if you act wisely , now that what happened is happened but
          never again in the future ! Time for all to get rid of all forms of
          extremism , politics and religions ! If you want it , of course you
          can and now is the time .

  • 0

    This is the last chance to learn the lesson.

  • 1

    The barbarians are at the gate. It appears Islamic State, the most ruthless of its kind already penetrated into Sri Lanka’s soil. It demonstrated its presence by carrying out the dastardly act of suicide bombing the churches and 5-star hotels resulting in 359 dead and over 500 injured on Easter Sunday. How dare they chose Sri Lanka as the base to unleash damage to this magnitude. They were able to brainwash the Sri Lankans to carry out the dirty work of suicide bombings to inflict such huge damage. Already a senior minister pointed his finger toward a couple of Muslim parliamentarians which is very serious. This time it is going to be a great challenge for our armed forces to eliminate IS from Sri Lanka.

    • 0

      My question is simple: is it easier to prevent people from becoming extremists or hunt them down after the damage is done?

      Look at the videos of these people they are totally out of control.


      “In targeting potential recruits for suicide terrorism, it must be understood that terrorist attacks will not be prevented by trying to profile terrorists. They are not sufficiently different from everyone else. Insights into homegrown jihadi attacks will have to come from understanding group dynamics, not individual psychology. Small-group dynamics can trump individual personality to produce horrific behavior in otherwise ordinary people”

      “He has identified more than 130 individual suicide terrorists, including 9/11 ringleader Mohamed Atta, with classic suicidal risk factors, such as depression, post-traumatic stress disorder, other mental health problems, drug addictions, serious physical injuries or disabilities, or having suffered the unexpected death of a loved one or from other personal crise”

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