1 July, 2022


Pre-Independence Day Thoughts 2015: The Future State Of The Nation

By Dayan Jayatilleka

Dr. Dayan Jayatilleka

Dr. Dayan Jayatilleka

In the run-up to Independence Day 2015, we must thank God for Mr. Sumanthiran. He is indubitably a moderate and an intellectual. Let us give thanks also for the Sunday Observer, which is a state-run newspaper not given to running stories or distorting them in a manner inimical or embarrassing to the government of the day. Therefore, when Mr. Sumanthiran says something to the Sunday Observer, I take it seriously because I know I am on safe ground. Mr. Sumanthiran tells the newspaper that the TNA doesn’t expect much movement on addressing the Tamil political question during the Hundred Day program. That is realistic –and anyway, who’d want to affect the UNP’s chances at the General election by pressing home Tamil political demands? He also says that the full implementation of the 13th amendment would be a good first step. Then comes the bottom-line: “The PM said that devolution will now be given under the 13th Amendment which the previous government was blocking. But we have clearly said that the full implementation of the 13th Amendment is no lasting solution.” (‘Current political trend signals harmony among communities’ – M.A.Sumanthiran MP, by P.Krishnaswamy, Sunday Observer, January 25th 2015)

There’s always that ‘but’ isn’t there? There’s always that ‘but’ even for a moderate Tamil nationalist intellectual. The truth as disclosed or rather, reiterated by the cosmopolitan, Colombo based Mr. Sumanthiran is that the proposed removal of the roadblocks to the full implementation of the 13th amendment just isn’t enough. This is because “full implementation of the 13th amendment is no lasting solution”.

Some readers may think I am making something of a mountain out of a molehill, but interestingly and appropriately the caption of the interview when reproduced on the website of veteran (expatriate) journalist DBS Jeyaraj reflected what was most newsworthy about the story: “Full Implementation of the 13th Amendment is No Lasting Solution- MA Sumanthiran, MP”.

Now this also goes some way in explaining why the 13th amendment was never fully implemented. That’s because successive Southern leaders understood that if it was fully implemented, matters would not stop there. That would not put a cap on it. The full implementation of the 13th amendment would be but a stepping stone for more. Why? Because “we have clearly said that the full implementation of the 13th amendment is no lasting solution” and therefore “we” would strive to push beyond it. Worse still, that “we” would not try our very best to make the 13th amendment work because if it did, “we” would not be able to prove “our” dogmatic, politically fundamentalist point that “the full implementation of the 13th amendment is no lasting solution”.

This shows that even on the morning after a democratic renovation, the most moderate of Tamil nationalists isn’t willing to settle for what the most moderate Sinhalese political leader is willing to implement. The deficit or gap still exists as far as the desirable goal; the final status agreement goes. Why so? What is at the root of this? To answer this we have to ask ourselves what Sri Lanka would be if the 13th amendment were fully implemented under the existing system. To my mind it would be a unitary system with full devolution or, to put it slightly differently, it would amount to the maximum devolution possible within a unitary system at full stretch. Why then does the moderate Mr. Sumanthiran reiterate the consistent stand of democratic Tamil nationalism, namely that even “the full implementation of the 13th amendment is no lasting solution?”

This is simply because Tamil nationalism has never accepted that a lasting solution could be arrived at through full devolution within a unitary state. It has always held that a lasting solution is not possible within a state that remains basically unitary. Even moderate Tamil nationalism holds the view that a lasting solution lies somewhere beyond the unitary state; even one endowed with the most generous devolution.

Mr. Sumanthiran’s answer may be that Mahinda Rajapaksa agreed to consider going beyond the 13th amendment. He did, but the distance he was willing to go even in theory was a quantitative, not a qualitative one; it was for a Second Chamber and another look at the concurrent list for the purpose of redistribution of powers between center and periphery. It would not have entailed a referendum. In any event, going quantitatively and incrementally beyond the 13th amendment within a strong Presidential system and explicitly unitary framework is drastically different from going qualitatively beyond the 13th amendment within a system divested of a strong executive Presidency.

Quite apart from the debate on desirability, there is one of feasibility. Any such “lasting solution”, indeed anything beyond the 13th amendment, would require an island-wide referendum. How does the TNA propose to win a referendum for a qualitative shift beyond the 13th amendment? Not even the help of its current political partners in the South would be able to secure such an outcome.

So far, so bad– but it is about to get worse. There is a brand new element in the mix. While the old element remains, namely that the TNA envisages the full implementation of the 13th amendment only as a first step which it intends to push beyond in its striving for a lasting settlement, the new element that arises is the proposed downsizing and downshifting of the executive Presidency. So, while the Tamil nationalists hope to stretch the relationship between center and periphery by means of a settlement beyond the full implementation of 13A, the center itself is about to diminish.

The TNA is not unaware of this. Indeed the TNA presented this as the main reason for its support for the common candidate of the Opposition. Now we have the hitherto un-contradicted Tamilnet report that the abolition of the executive Presidency and its replacement by a parliamentary system of government was agreed upon in 2013 at a meeting in Singapore, organized by a South African peace NGO and attended by, among others, Messrs. Mangala Samaraweera and MA Sumanthiran. The abolition of the executive Presidency was, according to the report, point 4 of the agreement. (‘Singapore Principles of 2013’, TamilNet, January 22, 2015).

The story is prefaced in DBS Jeyaraj.com in the following manner:

‘The “Tamilnet” website long regarded as the mouthpiece of the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) organization has in a news report revealed details of an alleged “understanding” involving among others the current Foreign Affairs minister Mangala Samaraweera and Tamil National Alliance (TNA) national list parliamentarian MA Sumanthiran that was arrived at in Singapore in the year 2013. The “Tamilnet” website claims that the understanding reached in 2013 formulated a conceptual framework on abolishing the executive presidency based on ten basic principles described as the “Singapore principles”. The news report further states that current Presidential adviser Dr. Jayampathy Wickramaratne, Colombo University Law professor VT Thamilmaran and unnamed representatives of the Global Tamil Forum (GTF) along with a lawyer from the Sri Lanka Muslim Congress also participated in the conclave. The conference was organized by South Africa and funded by two European countries alleges the “Tamilnet”. Quoting an unnamed participant in the meeting the “TamilNet” says “Mangala Samaraweera came as a ‘beggar’ urging Tamil support for regime change and abolition of the executive presidency. It was 2013. The Tamilnet report also outlines the ten ‘Singapore principles’ described as “hitherto unrevealed Singapore Principles of 2013” ’. (“Tamilnet Reveals Ten Point Accord for Regime Change and Executive Presidency abolition reached in 2013 at Meeting in Singapore Involving Mangala Samaraweera”, http://dbsjeyaraj.com/dbsj/archives/37635)

Mr. Sumanthiran is fully conscious of the relationship between the Executive Presidency and the issue of devolution. In his Sunday Observer interview he states as follows:

“…the Governor is a chief executive officer possessing executive powers. This means that there is no power devolution. The governor is appointed by the President and holds powers during his tenure. The President in the centre nominates him and gives powers and says I have devolved powers. That is no devolution. Practically it is the President who is exercising power through the governor. We want that radically changed so that power is actually given to a body or people who have been elected by the people. So that is the arrangement that we will seek to go beyond the 13 th Amendment and make it meaningful.” (Ibid.)

This brings us to the question–what is the TNA’s real problem with the 13th amendment? Is it the less than full implementation? No, because if that were the case, it would not take the view that full implementation is not a lasting solution. Is it perhaps that the concurrent list is too thick and that the provincial unit should have some of the powers listed therein? Not really because that is not mentioned. The real problem the TNA has is elsewhere—with the role and powers of the Governor, and inter alia, those of the executive president.

What does the existing arrangement as critically described by TNA moderate Sumanthiran mean? It means that the executive Presidency, as that office which rests on the elected consent of a majority of voters on the island taken as a single unit, is the repository of the sovereign power of the citizenry and is the fount from which from which power is devolved to the periphery. Thus the TNA’s objection is to the fundamental principle that power is devolved to the periphery from a strong center resting upon the broadest possible basis; a presidency that represents the nation as a whole. The TNA’s problem is with the mediatory role of the Governor, who acts as the elevator between the devolved peripheral unit and the presidential apex of the system. The TNA objects to a strong presidency representing the totality of the nation, which is raised above the peripheral unit. The Tamil moderate, Mr. Sumanthiran’s underlying objection is to the very principle that the institution that represents the totality, the whole, should be raised above the part; that the center should be above the periphery and that power should be devolved, i.e. flow downward.

In the TNA’s vision, power should flow from a center outward to the periphery, but not from an apex, downward to the unit. No wonder then that the TNA wants the Executive Presidency abolished. This means that the system is transformed—I would say debauched—from a pyramid to a flat circle, with the parliament at its center. This means the minority parties are able to influence government formation at the center, through coalitions in parliament, as well as push beyond the unitary framework which would have been weakened by the decapitation of the executive presidency and the severance of the “neck” that links the executive head with the devolved peripheral unit, i.e. the Governor.

Who will appoint the Governor under the arrangement the TNA seeks: the Parliament, the Cabinet, the PM, or the enfeebled essentially non-executive President? Or will there be no Governor at all? Or will there only be a ceremonial Governor, representing a largely nominal presidency?

With the TNA intent on moving beyond the full implementation of the 13th amendment, and pushing together with its Southern allies (now in power) for the abolition or radical weakening of the Executive Presidency, what will be the future power relations within Sri Lanka be like, especially between the weaker center and a stronger periphery historically and currently subject to the ideological and politico-strategic pulls and emotional-psychological osmosis from their 70 million co-ethnics across a narrow strip of water, in neighboring Tamil Nadu?

The TNA is strategically very lucid about what it is about. It is pushing for something beyond even the full implementation of the 13th amendment while it has simultaneously advocated and agreed upon the abolition of the Executive Presidency and thereby the radical diminution of the strong center. The division of labor is clear: the governing Sinhala elite (fronted by a non-elite political leader) weakens the center by dismantling or eroding the centripetal executive Presidency, thereby loosening the systemic ties between center and periphery, while the Tamil elite for its part, presses on far beyond the parameters of the unitary state.

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  • 21

    It should be obvious by now to most CT readers that Jayathilaka is not only a racist but also a die-hard masochist who enjoys being abused. Why else must he persist in encouraging us to diss his bullshit and write insulting comments directed at him – and this too after promising not to bore us with his drivel any more.

    What a character! One we can certainly do without…

    • 9

      with all respect to you – dont you think that all the analyses you made until last election, by which MS was elected AND MR is defeated were not even close to what people happened to face. You by your kind of articles had often been telling that MR would win the match – had you been touched with today s lanken politics, how could your predictions end up in vain ? Even by now, you seem to have changed an inch of your stance in terms of the current situation that the entire nation is facing today. Whoever whatever being uttered about the manner local media reveal them – they the journalists no means behave partially to ruling coalition – which was not the case th emanner SLTV co and other media institutions worked until the 8th – boxing day of the struggleed nation for change.
      The nature of average thinkers is if they failed to do the job as the audience expected them to, they should stay silence without moving on with usual stuff. They should ask themselves where they each went wrong. Unfortunatel in your nature – looking at the last 3 consecutive articles brought by you proved either you should be suffering from Schizoprenia of new form or just turned to a full ignorant mode – so breaking your insomnia you keep writing. Not many would praise about the sustance of your articles seems to be like playing violin to a deaf elephant (common parlance being used among sinahala). If I were you , I WOULD HAVE CONTACTED the current team and make every effort how I could be helpful to them rather than becoming an another Wimal weerawanse who stammered or twisted every single word to make it a panic situation. There he thought to acheive his political goals – fully forgetting the manner how the audience wold take them.

      • 1

        Yes indeed, as you added here, all srilanken and analysts that are capable of doing so should rally round to give their hands to the current coalition that I believe moving towards the right direction. May be some of their supporters (people) may have attacked their rival parties – but latter has been common to the counntry people from that day on – like eating kos and del. So those single incidents cannot help attacking the current regime. Almost many that see it happening to this day- though some items have been bit delayed, have no reason not to be pleased. with 20% of the 100-day is now gone, withi the shorter period they have

        a)Made price reductions in terms of sky rocketed prices of fuel
        b) Today there will be the reductions made towards the other items promised
        c)Replacing the legally accurate person to the seat of CJ will definitely lead the GOOD GOVERNANCE – as promised
        d)The bunch of thugs surrounded by former MR are being investigated

    • 6

      Who is going to acknowledge DJ as the most senior political analyst ?

      Answer: perhaps only Rajakshe men

      a) That rallied round MR until the 8th Jan – Boxing day
      b) DJ and Mahindapala themselves
      c) Just anyone who are mental sick /being unable to see it beyond
      d) Those who are ultra nationalists that still call Tamil, Muslims and Burghers are not srilankens though they behave as if we everyone should be called srilankens – best example is Dayan Jaythilaka/Silva/Rajapakshe
      e) Wimal buruwanse and DJ are both behaving like identical twins. WW is doing it in Sinhala, while DJ is moving on in English. We are all not fools…

    • 1

      This particular Jayathilaka could do lot more to change the society in the country. Since the destruction permanently made by MR regime will have long term effect – KEEPING ALL FACTS AND FIGURES ASIDE, painting an advangtageous picture in the country. All these will surface soon as was the case with any graves.

      Lankens under the guide of current regime should be made very clear the destruction can be made by politically biased statements – above all coming from head of the states and his ministers. This has now become akin changing the view of a book that has been established in a society. Taking for example that Ranil W to be branded as pro LTTE handlings have been painted by MR and his proxy journalists so that even far poor rural folks would steadily believe in what the state caved than the ground realities. These painted pictures have been rooted in every corner of the country. varied walks of the people. It was solely because of the power greediness of MR comparably to a crow that would not keep away from his pray – irrespective of any obstacles standing on the way: Alone law makers to have every rights to hold public speeches using all filthy attacks to the rivals had not been recognized prior to 80ties. The tren grew to a manner Wimal Weerawanse givng all powers to use all sharpful bad words against Maithreepala Sirisena – the newly become Prez after 8th of January. I could listen to those bad words ” Sirisenayoooooooooooooo”… etc and asked why the president siting in the same podium allowed to go all these smoothly. Latter worth more than thousand words – that Rajapakshe is the mirror image of WW and the like. Nothing happened at the time former Minster of Higher education added all similar flithy against CBK or any other men and women of the nation. So all these boomeranged Rajapakshe – cornering the very poor of the country nevertheless not changing their mind.

  • 8

    There is no one in this country except the racist fragment that rejects the idea of power devolution. But many who comment here especially the Sinhalese should understand power devolution is a process.
    The Sinhala polity does NOT trust TNA, the LTTE proxy for 30 years. And if anyone thinks MR was the only impediment for a peace, he is wrong. Let’s see who come with TNA. The people who funded LTTE terrorism for 30 years those who are NOT even ready to accept that as wrong are behind TNA.
    SLG has the responsibility to protect the integrity and sovereignty of this country as much as solving the so called ethnic problem.

    SLG’s responsibilities
    1.PROTECT the integrity and sovereignty of this country.
    2.Defend this country from hypocritical and imperial western hegemony and defend our SL from hypocritical war crime investigations
    3.Facilitate the power devolution in a manner 1 and 2 are not breached. We have a system already in place which is the 13th Amendment. Facilitate proper functioning of NPC and EPC while releasing adequate funds.
    4.Keeping LTTE terrorist fund raisers’ hands off from the NPC functioning.
    5.Take action to bring north to a civilian lead environment. North had been under military environment for 3 decades. Releasing lands to people could and should be done accordingly.
    6.And to do the above SLG needs to manage the Sinhala people and especially the nationalist segment. Otherwise this whole government would be short lived.

    RW and his government should understand they cannot do RADICAL changes. Otherwise it could backfire. And Sumanthiran talking ill about 13A when it is still in infant stage and that too in a very sensitive time in SL history, is either immature or deliberately trying to make it unsuccessful.

    • 4

      Or deleberately mis-qouted.

      • 3

        not misquoted.

        I read Sumanthiran’s interview and the other comments here rather proves Dayan’s point here

  • 17

    Initially many thought DJ suffers from anti-LTTE phobia. No he suffers from anti-Thamil phobia. In this respect he is an ally of Mahinda Rajapaksa who says there are no majorities and minorities in Sri Lanka. I have a question for DJ. Great Britain is a unitary state, but Scotland has a parliament, Wales and Northern Ireland Natonal Assembies. Does this means Scotland is separated from Britain. In fact the Scots given a chance to vote on independence said no to independence. A federal arrangement is no separation. It holds the people together and acts as a countervailing force against separation. More than half the states in UN have federal constitutions. DJ should stop thinking about Sinhalese and unitary,That is what is driving the Thamils to ask for maximum autonomy in an undivided and united Sri Lanka. Sri Lanka will prosper only when this happens. In a democracy the national minorities should be treated justly and fairly. If that is not the case then there is no democracy. What you have is the rule of the tyrannical majority!

    • 4

      Is singapore a tyrannical majority? If all its existing laws are fully implemented, SL treats all its individuals equaly and justly. A person can very well get an education, pursue a profession without a problem.

    • 2

      Dayan does not suffer LTTE phobia. He helped Preme buddy up with LTTE.

      But please be sympathetic. He is now not only unemployed but unemployable and judges quite correctly that only moda Sinhala racist will find his skills valuable.

      He even threaten to stick the the native toung but I guess he is unable to do that so he is back with us.

  • 13

    All this man trying to do is creating fear among the majority to achieve a general election victory to the opposition, Simply Rajapaksa sympathisers ( i just couldn’t work it out who is the opposition yet).

    1. Abolition of executive presidency is an agenda of Tamil nationalism in order to achieve a separate stat.

    Abolition of executive power isn’t just preferred by TNA but by all genuine intellectuals, as we are a country with old fashion hierarchy culture (we are taking our own time to come out of it) where concentration of power is dangerous. We have witnessed it with previous government.

    2. Current coalition have hidden agreements with TNA supported by international sponsors which are against majority.

    This is the simple political agenda all the previous politicians followed to ensure their election victory with majority support. This is what prevented country from finding a solution to the conflict and move forward.
    These type of racist short sighted politicians world find it difficult to stand out in a stable fast moving country

    3.Meaning full devolution of power to North is risky as we have Tamil Nadu close by.

    We are not living in 1st century!
    Tamil Nadu is one of the state of India which couldn’t even be able to play significant role in saving Tamils at the end of the war, further they never be able to influence Indian central politics foreign affairs. It was much evident by the role played by India in ending the war with LTTE.
    (He may even suggest that we should support to deepen the park strait as monkeys found it easy to build the bridge!)

    He is trying to create the paranoia to bring back the thuggery government where he can play the intellectual role!
    We can expect more from him with different headings however the theme will be similar.
    Paranoaya!! Paranoya!!

  • 13

    One thing I admire about DJ is that he does not pretend to hide the fact that he believes in majoritarianism, the root cause of the ethnic problem in Sri Lanka. And yes, with ‘Independenca Day’ approaching I would have thought that one should be writing about discarding the 67 year old failed practise of majoritarianism, not promoting it.

    There has always been a gap between what the Tamils want and what the Sinhala elite are prepared to give. Tamils want some level of self-governance and devolution of power whilst the Sinhala elite use majoritarianism to hold on to all levers of power. Weakening of the EP does not mean weakening of the power held by the Sinhala elite, that power will now be shifted to the Parliament, just like before the introduction of the EP. And of course, just as all Sinhala chauvanists have done in the past, DJ had to bring in Tamil Nadu in an attempt to scare the Sinhalese.

  • 13

    This guy keeps harping about 70 million co-ethnics across the sea in Tamil Nadu, but the people of Tamil Nadu can’t even fight for water from their neighboring state. Their own people have been killed in the middle of the sea by the Sinhala navy for decades but they could not do anything about it. This Sinhala racist is fear mongering the Sinhalese in to believing that Tamil Nadu is going to send an army to invade Sri Lanka. The fact is Tamil Nadu is not a country, and TN Tamils can’t do anything against Sri Lanka. This guy hates the Sri Lankan Tamils and he thinks the Sinhalese are fools who don’t know anything about Tamil Nadu. That’s why he is pulling Tamil Nadu bogey every time.

    • 1


      You are absolutely correct about the Tamil Nadu; it is a state within the grater India. It cannot do anything other than putting pressure on the central government. During the height of the war, TN did everything possible to make the central government to stop the war; it did not happen. India wanted the LTTE defeated without any trace. So why does DR DJ keeps on talking about TN factor? He knows that, if he is successful in convincing the Sinhala masses about the nonexistent danger of TN and instil fear into their psyche, the Sinhala nationalists will regain power. This is the thinking behind his actions. How sad!

      I for one erroneously credited DR DJ for wanting to maintain the Executive Presidency. I thought that he favours this because, the Presidential System makes the minorities relevant to an extent. After having read this article, I am horrified to see that, he wants to keep the Executive Presidency because through Provincial Governors the Sinhala can control regional politics under the 13th A. On the face of it, the International Community can be convinced that, Sri Lanka have devolved power but in reality, the centre is in charge. This fallibility, MP Sumanthiran has eloquently exposed and DR DJ has taken exception to it? DR DJ thinks that he is a smart man and the Tamils can be fooled into believing that they have devolution!

      The TNA are not charlatans like DR DJ; TNA have put everything in writing and they have presented their platform with no room for unambiguity. This is the best opportunity every to resolve the Tamil question. I say the Sinhala leadership should grab it with open hands.

  • 8

    Mangala Samaraweera would have done even worse things than begging the LTTE Diaspora to take revenge on Rajapaksa.

    But his promises to give Rudrakumaran and the Reverend their Eelaam won’t work that easily.

    Chaos , civil war and the UN intervention are a must to give Sambandan the Eelaam.

    Which is the game plan of the UNP TNA Alliance..

    Dayan has finally realized it is now a battle between the Elite and the Dalits although he refers to the latte as non Elite.

    Elite live comfortably in in Colombo.

    Or move to East London, Scarborough Melbourne or Sydney with short notice..

    When the shit hits the fan, with the UN and Cameron landing their peace keepers. Elite will take Srilankan Airlines to any of the above destinations.,

    But the Dalits in all communities will have to share the Blue Tents, feeding on corned beef and baked beans which have or are about to go past the use by date.

    This is not hypothetical, It is happening real time now, in Syria, Libya Sudan and Iraq.

  • 5

    This is from a friend of mine
    “Dayan is now known as a trouble maker who often takes up positions to suit the times and the master he is serving. His reputation as a honest academic is tarnished.”

    Here is what he sated in 2009 on the 13th Amendment

    I am sure DJ would have read this before and did not make any comments to this article

    “This situation is aptly described by Dayan Jayatilleke, the Representative of the Sri Lanka Government at the United Nations as follows:

    “The Sinhalese oppose the 13th Amendment precisely because there is something of substance in it. That’s precisely why the Tamil democrats must support it. The Tamil ultras (Prabaharan) opposed and still oppose the 13th Amendment as it does not amount to nor is it a fast track to separation, and indeed undercuts the separatist goal. That’s is precisely why the Sinhala centrists, moderates and progressives, and indeed, enlightened Sinhala nationalists should support it.”

    Does not this clearly show, that while both parties to the conflict have misgivings about the provisions of the 13th Amendment, Dayan is urging the ‘Sinhala centrists, moderates and progressives and indeed the enlightened Sinhala nationalists’ to support it not because it devolves power to the Provincial Councils but precisely because there is nothing in it that takes away any of the powers the President has over the Provincial Councils as provided for in the Constitution. “

    • 7


      your friend says

      “often takes up positions to suit the times and the master he is serving.”

      As you know he takes 64 positions all at the same time. He is not only a racist but war monger, war crime denier and great fan and supporter of despots and is willing to deny democratic rights to the people. He wanted an interim admin for NPC set up instead of electing its members.

  • 8

    I used to often wonder what would happen if Dayan stepped on a venomous snake and was bitten.After reading this piece,I am convinced that the snake will succumb to Dayans Venom!

  • 5

    Dayan, you are right in your assessment.

    Almost all the Tamil political parties and even prominent Tamils look at the 13th amendment as the first step to full autonomy to the Tamils of North East Sri Lanka. It was well known that Rajiv Gandhi was able to sell the 13th amendment to the Tamil armed groups including LTTE and the moderate Tamil parties only by promising it as the first step to full devolution though neither he nor the Indian government had made this public. After IPKF was booted out of Sri Lanka, an exasperated Rajiv Gandhi had reportedly told a Tamil armed group leader aligned to the Indians that he will get them their Eelam. Had Rajiv lived he might have given them an Eelam.

    In the days immediately after the defeat of LTTE, TNA and other Tamil parties had made it known that any settlement to the Tamil problem should go beyond the 13th amendment. At the New Delhi All Tamil Parties Conference convened by the former Congress Parliamentarian Dr Natchiappan, TNA leaders Mavai, Sumanthiran,Suresh and Selvam rejected outright any talk of reviving 13th amendment and said 13th amendment is dead and cannot be revived. They even rejected outright Anandasangari’s proposal for a Federal solution on lines of the Indian federal constitution.

    The only thing TNA leaders now prepared to cocede is that the devolution of full powers to Tamils could be accommodated within a united Sri Lanka.

    This is no secret.Dayan, you need not have wasted so many words in trying to prove Sumanthiran’s theory.

  • 8

    What ever idiotic thoughts expressed by this Dayan J maverick is now out of date and his shelf life done a goner,so why should any one become bothered or get heated up, about what he says or writes for his own entertainment.

  • 5

    Dear Dayan,

    I don’t think you are doing Mr Sumanthiran justice, and may be unnecessarily increasing paranoia about an invasion from Tamil Nadu. But maybe you aren’t. Though I didn’t take them seriously when I read them, in my father Brian Senewiratne’s new book “Sri Lanka Rape Crisis of Tamil Civilians in the North and East by Sri Lankan Armed Forces” he makes the following suggestions (listed on p151 as “Urgent Action Needed”):

    “1. The immediate admission of Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch and International Crisis Group into the North and East.

    2. If this is blocked by the Sri Lankan government (which it will be),then it will have to be done by force – by the UN or a foreign country – the most obvious being India.

    3. The UN will have to apply the R2P. There is provision in the R2P for the application of force ‘as a last resort’. That time has now come.”

    4. There is a case for a UN ‘rescue operation’ and the taking over of the Sri Lankan North and East as a UN administered ‘protectorate’ at least for the moment. As the UN Forces move in, the Sri Lankan military will have to move out.

    5. India – the major power – will have to be co-opted by the UN to do some of this under the UN flag.”


    Brian Senewiratne is a ‘senator’ of the TGTE and was promoting this book and its ideas at the recent TGTE “parliament” in the USA. He has also been promoting it in Sydney and Melbourne with plans to travel to Geneva for the UNHCR meeting. The bulk of the book’s contents were published a while back by Colombo Telegraph:


    In my opinion India will never support such moves, and there is no legal basis to use the UN’s armed might to force a country to admit AI, HRW, ICG or any other NGO. At the same time it shows that there are still efforts within the LTTE-supporting minority of the Tamil Diaspora to use various ruses to achieve “Tamil Eelam” by co-opting India’s military power.

    • 5

      It is almost impossible to do what Brian S suggests. Anyway separatism is not a dead cause as most tamils want us to believe.

      And TNA’s shameless behavior in wrestling SLMC out of CM position in EPC is troubling.

      I read Sumanthiran’s logic where he said, Tamils are the majority in EPC (which is wrong) therefore CM post should go to a Tamil ..LOL

  • 5

    I think now this man is mentally sick like Mahindapala.
    Not only these two people but also all members of Rajapaksa family is now suffering from Post Election Defeat syndrome or disorder.

    Unexpected despondency and astounding disappointment lead them to experience the swift and precipitant consequences of wrongdoing.

    Everyone those who are in politics and those who are supporting must learn a very vital lesson.

    Do not ignore the people who elected you and please do not abuse the power which bestowed upon you.

  • 2

    LTTE represented by TNA consider not the 13A but the regime change & having MY3 as the first step of their struggle, well supported by pro western Sri Lankan southern mafia.

  • 2

    DJ has his own secret agenda for himself – to find something suitable for him, under whichever govt that’s in power.The political and social phenomena which he visualizes/ creates, today will change, overnight if he was found to be in the domain of MS tomorrow. And, that is how and why his so called intellectual political and international affairs found to be taking a different shape time to time. We could remember very well what he has been telling from the time he lost his emissary office/status during MR’s time until now. In reality , he reads himself or his own mind highlighting concepts/thoughts which he clings onto( but it’s a fact applicable to all of us)Let me enlighten the reader by saying – “Being fearful of a past that is not in existence any more and being fearful of a future that has not yet arrived and doing nothing,at all at present is the stupidest thing a man can ever do (a lesson from Buddhist point of view).Therefore, all these analysis made by these expertise, perhaps worldwide on politics,defence, economy etc are based on the above mind phenomena.The solution – live in the present (moment) and consider/treat both challenges and threats to be as Strategies and Opportunities for us to use – to live. So Dayan concentrate/focus your analysis on statecraft -governing strategies , system strategies etc than fearing of an unknown demon (Billa); so that we all can discuss and learned something worthwhile – to evolve the best time to time.Because the nature of human disputes/conflicts has no beginning or end – end is beginning of another ; In reality , both end and beginning come in to existence depending on conditions. And they all happen in mind; not else where. ;but it should not be viewed as a monster – a fearful scenario that can be exploited to make citizens frightened about their livelihood – this is where scepticism/ suspiciousness leading to anger and hate based on racism is bred, instead of strategies.The Past is a testimony for same. So what we, now need is analysis on strategies to eliminate racism and , political, social and religious discrimination and not to cultivate them.

  • 6

    Dayan once wrote in Lanka Guardian,

    “The armed actions in the North are not terroristic and alien to Marxism-Leninism but are in fact typical of an early stage of a protracted peoples war of national liberation. Every Tamil there, by the very fact of his or her Tamilness, is deemed an enemy and treated as such in practice.
    This forces the Tamil people to see themselves as the State sees them at the very time it tries to deny it, i.e., as a separate nation!”

    Sorry I keep repeating the same comment, hypocrisy of this lunatic needs to be exposed. He is nothing but an academic prostitute.

  • 3


    You have disappointed your readers by your fallacious reasoning. Your article indicating a preference for MR over MS was a miserable attempt to persuade the readers to back MR.

    Now we have a Leadership Council consisting of the leaders of the parties backing the MS regime. It is like a good Board of Directors consisting of people from a variety of disciplines. The Leadership Council which includes TNA, have accepted that the implementation of the 13th Amendment is the best way of resolving the grievances of the Tamil community, no doubt with many checks and balances. We need to move forward.

  • 4

    The plan has always been :


    This is quite an impossible task since to achieve Tamil dominance in Northern and Eastern province there MUST be population restriction to esp.Sinhala people.

    As even if ALL the Tamils in Sri Lanka were to live in Northern and Eastern province that would still only be 23% of the total population of Tamils in Sri Lanka.

    So they would have to introduce laws and regulation that would keep the apartheid in place where a minority restricts freedom of movement to people within the country.

    Sinhalese have never done this to any other minority ethnic group in the country ALTHOUGH there have been ethnic clashes throughout the history.

    Soon after the LTTE defeat the Tamil leaders in Northern Province were compalining about too many Sinhalese coming….

    If the Sinhalese were to complain about the presence of ANY minority they would be branded RACISTS….IS this FAIR ???

    I would urge minorities not to use the term RACISTS without fulling understanding the meaning of the term.

    • 1

      Lets be fare here. It is true the tamil politicians in SL are racists. But if tamil people in north fear a sinhala domination that is reasonable.

      We know the sinhala people would not want to sinhalize North. Our people go to Jaffna to see the place and bring some Kotta kilangu. But that is not what these fellows think.

      So a large number of sinhala people going there is not good.

  • 3

    DJ the covert racist, has now become overt.
    The 13th amendment which works fairly well in all PCs except the nothern & eastern, can be allowed to function well by the governors.
    Much is expected of Austin Fernando, but Palihakkara is under suspicion.
    All depends on President Sirisena and how he instructs all governors to function.
    Only time will tell – but time is short, as the parliamentary elections are almost round the corner.

  • 2

    Ok, Dayan, there is now a vacancy for a Sinhalese Hawk – but not for dumb one, because even the dumbest Sinhalese knew that you were once championing for the full implementation of the 13th amendment and before that as part of EPRLF’s provincial council member. After that you championed LTTE and introed them to poor Preme. Then you did war crime Denyal stint – you failed.

    The only thing you succeeded is in exposing your total opportunistic hypocrisy to the CT readership. Now, do you think that the Sinhalese Heavy Duties want a dumbo representing them – they may not be as dumb as you are.

  • 2

    Indeed, Dayan is making a mountain out of mole hill.
    The main thrust of his renewed gripe is apparently, contained in this statement of his, ‘The TNA is strategically very lucid about what it is about. It is pushing for something beyond even the full implementation of the 13th amendment while it has simultaneously advocated and agreed upon the abolition of the Executive Presidency and thereby the radical diminution of the strong center’.
    The abolition of the executive presidency is not initiated solely by TNA and the full implementations of the 13th amendment and beyond is the promise of the former president himself . http://dbsjeyaraj.com/dbsj/archives/10003
    Furthermore TNA’s position regarding the 13thth amendment is not new.
    Excerpts of Sumanthiran’s interview with Namini Wijedasa (NW) with Sumanthiran (MA) for “Lakbima News” in 2012 indicates their position:

    Would you be satisfied with a full implementation of the 13thAmendment?
    We want proper scheme of devolution.
    Isn’t it a proper scheme of devolution?
    The 13th is not a proper scheme. We have rejected it, to quote Prof. G.L. Peiris’s own words, as “fundamentally flawed”. He has given several lectures on the subject during President Kumaratunga’s time.
    There is also a book. We agree with him, but the 13th is law today. So from a rule of law perspective our position is that you can’t be discussing whether or not you should implement the provisions of the constitution! That kind of discussion happens only in this country.
    Are you still thinking in terms of separating?
    No, I used that as an example to show we are a distinct people. A distinct people in international law have certain rights called self-determination. The right to self determination international law now says must be exercised internally in the first instance. But if that is consistently denied, then according to the Canadian Supreme Court judgment on Quebec, they might even become entitled to a unilateral secession.
    So, if Sri Lanka should remain as one country, and we think it should remain as one country, then to preserve it as one country you must grant that right to self-determination and have it exercised in an arrangement within one country. That must be given, that must be recognised. It’s not at the wish of the majority that it’s given. That is as a matter of right in international law that our people are entitled to… to have a measure of autonomy. http://dbsjeyaraj.com/dbsj/archives/4057 and http://www.vivalanka.com/newspage/266379ai-

    More recently the TNA’s position is again reiterated in the NPC election manifesto, as below
    The principles and specific constitutional provisions that the TNA considers to be paramount to the resolution of the national question relates mainly to the sharing of the powers of governance through a shared sovereignty amongst the Peoples who inhabit this island. The following salient features of power sharing are fundamental to achieving genuine reconciliation, lasting peace and development for all the Peoples of Sri Lanka:
    • The Tamils are a distinct People and from time immemorial have inhabited this island together with the Sinhalese People and others
    • The contiguous preponderantly Tamil Speaking Northern and Eastern provinces is the historical habitation of the Tamil Speaking Peoples
    • The Tamil People are entitled to the right to self-determination
    • Power sharing arrangements must be established in a unit of a merged Northern and Eastern Provinces based on a Federal structure, in a manner also acceptable to the Tamil Speaking Muslim people
    • Devolution of power on the basis of shared sovereignty shall necessarily be over land, law and order, socio-economic development including health and education, resources and fiscal powers.

    “The TNA firmly believes that sovereignty lies with the People and not with the State. It is not the government in Colombo that holds the right to govern the Tamil People, but the People themselves,” the party said. http://www.colombopage.com/archive_13B/Sep04_1378305464CH.php

    What TNA seeks is a permanent political solution so as to prevent successive majority governments to change status to the detriment of the Tamils. There is nothing new for Dayan to crow about now. As an erudite person he must be magnanimous enough to put himself in the position of the Tamils who were hounded by the majority since independence.

  • 2

    DJ has taken the mantle of chief proponent of sinhala majoritarianism from Mahinda Rajapaksa. He should also become the spokesperson for all the sinhala racist organisations in Sri Lanka.

  • 2

    There were voices that warned of armed separatism in the mid 70s. The separatists were vociferous enough to drown those warnings. It is no different now it seems. Notice the personal attacks on Dr.J? There is no rebuttal of his arguments in the responses, just abuse. What does that say?

  • 2

    Dayan hAd said, in Sri lankan TV, as soon as Mahinda Rajapoakse lost, he would be dragged to Hague.

    What happened to that.

    Dayan said a few different things like that. what happened to all those.

    Just became a cheap politician.

  • 4

    I see a lot of comments stating that DJ is a hypocrite. In fact he has never opposed the implementation of the 13th amendment. If you watch his interviews and read his material he supports it. What he doesn’t agree to is the weakening of the executive presidency which he believes should remain in place give/take certain powers.

    Those who claim he is an opportunist, I quote LAL ‘to find something suitable for him, under whichever govt that’s in power.’ I beg to differ. He would not be writing in this manner to please those who are in power now.

    I sense a lot of hatred among those who disagree with his point of view. Perhaps an informal smear campaign or to discredit his analysis. We must keep an open mind, look at the facts and evaluate the situation as events unfold in the future.

    • 2


      Think again before you start typing.

      Here is something he typed about North East Provincial Council:


      It is by no means necessary to prolong the present politico-institutional vacuum in the North. Existing legislation and presidential power permit the setting up of an Interim Administration or Interim Council. This was declared by JR Jayewardene in September 1987 and rejected by Prabhakaran, and considered on several occasions by President Kumaratunga, while never implemented.

      This then is the way to cut the Gordian knot: set up an Interim Administration for the North, vested with the powers of the 13th amendment except perhaps for police powers.

      It can consist entirely of Tamil political and civic personalities of proven moderate views and non/anti-Tiger track records such as SC Chandrahasan (Mr SJV Chelvanayakam’s son), V Anandasangaree, D Siddharthan of PLOTE, Sritharan (‘Sugu’) of the EPRLF, Nesan Shanker Raji of EROS and Douglas Devananda.


      He is not only a racist but many other who was determined to deny democracy for a substantial section of the people of this land. A self confessed war monger and went on to deny war crimes.

      “In fact he has never opposed the implementation of the 13th amendment. If you watch his interviews and read his material he supports it.”

      If you think what he is this intellectually dishonest person should have campaigned for peace, refused to serve the racist state, called for a credible independent investigation, and urged the MR government to allow for a plebiscite in the north, refused to serve the two vile men of this island, ………….

      MR being the biggest opportunist used him and then chucked in the bin, something similar to a used condemn.

      He types stories as he goes along.

      • 2

        “Self-confessed war monger”? When did Dayan J ever admit to such a thing?

        • 2

          Dr Romesh Senewiratne-Alagaratnam

          Go read old Transcurrent/DBSjeyaraj website pages.

          In response to one of my my comment he said he wanted more war.

          You are new to Sri Lankan affairs hence you may not have the necessary information to defend the indefensible.

      • 1

        when ability to analysis, wisdom and knowledge in political science is taken into consideration, you are no one in front of dayan.

      • 1

        “If you think what he is this intellectually dishonest person should have campaigned for peace, refused to serve the racist state, called for a credible independent investigation, and urged the MR government to allow for a plebiscite in the north, refused to serve the two vile men of this island, ………….”

        what sort of peace? He campaigned for peace. Even war was a campaign for peace. Dishonour the SL state as racist and call to punish the people who ended war for killing prabha?

        In other words if he worked according to your plan and your political needs he is a gentlemen.

        When LTTE was throwing little kids to front lines and terrorising the whole tamil society….you so called ‘gentlemen’ were not seen.LTTE killed Muslims and did ethnic cleansing of muslims. I dont mention crimes against Sinhala people because killing sinhala people is perfectly OK for you. :)

        When heinous crimes were done by LTTE all these things were OK for you, now talking about punishing those who ended war…aney palayan yako

  • 1


  • 2

    “There’s always that ‘but’ isn’t there? “

    Yes, DJ,

    Until in this country we have arrangements – and the political culture to support them – that will make minorities of all kinds – not only the the ethnic and religious – feel secure.

    With people like you and G H Peiris around who would make timely wails that Eelam is coming merely in order to please whoever you currently are indebted to, Tamils should be equally craven not to say “but”.

    As Acton said the true test of freedom in a country is the degree of security available to the minorities.

    You of course believe that the minorities should be celebrate and submit to whatever is doled out by what you call the most moderate members of the majority, and be content forever with that dispensation.
    That is a prescription for beggars not for free citizens.

    You have of course always melted for those who doled out to you what you thought was comfort and position. Like your friend and fellow groveller GLP.

    As a believer in democracy and in political process, Sumanthiran speaks about his satisfaction and optimism at the ongoing negotiations with the government.
    Bless him for he seems to have firmly in mind the task of securing equality for all citizens of Sri Lanka.

    Have you read what independent students of politics have said of the 13th amendment as a satisfactory arrangement for the Tamils – e.g., even Neville Jayaweera in his recent book?

    You are not a democrat. You are not into politics. You are currently a majoritarian, militarist racist.
    I say currently because, I do not know what you are.
    Or for that matted do you know who you are?

    May be you too, like us, have to wait for your next doling benefactor to come along to see what you turn out to be.

    Who knows, you may may even become a federalist.

    And DJ, as a person who has made some claims to be being an intellectual of sorts, even you should surely see that a “but” indicates an ability to make distinctions.
    Only one whose mind is crude or craven is able to say yes without qualification.

  • 1


    Why don’t you write a piece about your friend, the former Foreign Secretary Ksenuka. Where is she now. Was she involved in the coup plot?

    I will give you more titles for you to go on your freaky mission with your numb skulled nut to extend your boomeranging hobby further.

  • 1

    SO.. DJ lied ! wasn’t it YOU who wrote here that YOU would take a break from writing to the English language media? Moreover u being an intellectual should be neutral than go shopping for a defeated dictator

  • 1

    This looser never quit!
    Now his advise should be very much valuable to the Medamulana thugs,
    I am impatient to see all these corrupt opportunists to be locked behind bars.
    1. Looting public funds
    2. abusing state media and spreading falsehood on stat media at the cost of Tax payers ( Especially Dayan)
    3. I am also impatient to see the end of one minister holding may portfolios ( e,g, Arjuna)
    Looks like he is trying to save his brother and his cronies ass
    Pls see to it that Faiser Mustapha will clean the mess in Aviation
    also we should not get Arjuna involved in Sports
    let him ONLY take care of Ports
    that is BIG enough mess
    I am dying to see Rattaran, Priyath Bandu etc behind the bars.!!!!
    Else we should get rid of this Government after 100 days

    Next we sill try may be JVP!!!!

    heh he!! ;-)
    for a change eh??


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