16 May, 2022


Rape Of Tamil Women, Men And Children By Sri Lankan Armed Forces And Their Collaborators

By Brian Senewiratne

Dr. Brian Senewiratne

Dr. Brian Senewiratne

Executive summary

The rape of Tamil civilians (women, girls and even men)  in the Sri Lankan North and East by the Sri Lankan (Sinhalese) Armed Forces (at all levels), Police, specialised Police units such as the Criminal Investigation Department (CID), the Terrorism Investigation Department (TID), the Colombo Crime Division (CCD), National Intelligence Bureau (NIB), and the Sri Lankan Intelligence Service (SIS), pro-government Tamil paramilitary groups, and even Sinhalese workers relocated or sent to the Tamil areas to work on several projects, has now become a major problem.

With the brutal (Sinhalese) military and police running the North and East, treating the Tamil civilians as the ‘spoils of war’, and the area as ‘conquered territory’, backed by the Government of President Mahinda Rajapaksa that does what it likes to whoever it likes with no accountability, international intervention is mandatory and urgent.

A leading organisation for women in Sri Lanka said, on 14 July 2013, that in Sri Lanka a woman is raped every 90 minutes. With well-documented under-reporting because of shame or fear, the actual number of people subjected to rape and sexual violence in the Tamil areas, is much higher.

Rape is defined in the Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court (ICC). Rape is a war crime when inflicted with impunity by victorious armies. Broader than rape, any form of sexual violence is prohibited under both customary International Humanitarian Law and Common Article 3 of the Geneva Conventions. International human rights law prohibits sexual violence.

Sexual violence consists of actions of a sexual nature committed with a person without their consent, which besides including the physical invasion of the human body, may include acts that do not imply penetration or even any physical contact whatsoever. Examples include forced nudity or virginity tests. Covering a broad range of gender-based offences such as rape, sexual slavery, molestation, sexual mutilation, forced marriage, forced abortion, enforced prostitution, forced pregnancy and enforced sterilisation, sexual violence is defined as any act of a sexual nature that is committed on a person under circumstances that are coercive.

Acts of sexual violence may constitute war crimes or crimes against humanity.

In addition to direct criminal responsibility for crimes committed on the ground, commanders or other superiors (military or civil) may be guilty for failing to prevent or punish crimes by their subordinates.

The increased (Sinhalese) militarisation of the North and East is one of the most important factors (if not the most important factor) for the large number of documented instances of rape and sexual violence unleashed on the local (Tamil) population. The corollary is that unless/until the Armed Forces are removed from the Tamil areas, the ‘epidemic’ of rape will continue.

The Sri Lankan government’s policy of protecting criminals and allowing local politicians and others who support the regime in power, to carry out such crimes with impunity has compounded the problem.

The criminal justice system in the country has collapsed. There are serious concerns about the independence of the judiciary and the adequacy of other checks on Executive and Military/Police power. The increase in rape cases is a sign of lawlessness.

It is crucial to appreciate that rape and other gross violations of human rights are going on today in the Tamil North and East, nearly five years after the end of the armed conflict. The current problem is due to four factors:-  1)The GoSL and its Armed Forces believing that the Tamil people are the ‘victims of war’. 2) The Sri Lankan Armed Forces running the Tamil areas – behaving like an Army of Occupation with no accountability. 3) The collapse of Law and Order and even the judicial system. 4) The exclusion of internationally credible human rights groups, independent observers and the media from the area by the GoSL.

As a doctor of medicine in Australia, there have been several Sri Lankan asylum seekers referred to me who are in need of medical attention. Many of them had been raped, and have physical and psychological problems.

Since much of the rape in the Tamil areas is associated with the 26-year long war in Sri Lanka, this is briefly described.

WikiLeaks has released a document sent in 2006 by then US Ambassador (Robert O.Blake Jr) in Colombo, to the USA, titled, Sri Lanka: GSL complicity in paramilitary factions’ Human Rights abuses.The Ambassador’s report deals with two separate parts of the Tamil North and East under two (Tamil) people, Douglas Devananda (in Jaffna in the North), and ‘Karuna’ (Vinayagamoorthy Muralitharan) (in the East). This is reproduced.

The ground situation in the Tamil North and East is described, and the options available to the (Tamil) people who live there – 1)To conceal the fact that they have been raped. 2) To struggle and cope with the consequences, including pregnancy. 3)To seek (physical) refuge. 4)To complain. 5). To leave the country if possible. 6)To commit suicide.

The legal dimension is gone into in detail – both International Law, Conventions and Treaties and Sri Lanka’s Laws and the Constitution.

Major international publications on Rape in Sri Lanka are cited and discussed.

The urgent need to admit Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch and International Crisis Group into Sri Lanka in general, the Tamil North and East in particular, for humanitarian reasons, is stressed.  This, of course, the Sri Lankan regime will not allow. Hence the absolute need for international pressure, with force if necessary. The use of force is permitted in the UN R2P (Responsibility To Protect). The Tamil civilians in the North and East are most definitely in need of protection.

The question of addressing the problem locally and internationally are set out.   

The publication ends with a series of suggested actions.

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Latest comments

  • 33

    Thank you Mr Senewiratne for bluntly speaking out and laying down the facts.

    There are Sinhalese and Muslims who will ignore this, be GOSL apologists , deflect attention to this and or sweep all this under the rug but you are not one of them. For some people tribalism is all that matters and then there are people like who have a conscience and have the urge to do the right thing.

    • 10

      Actually it is the other way about. The Sinhalese are suffering due to poverty. The cost of living is so high, only a few well to do people in the city are having a good time. The vast majority of the Sinhalese are living in poverty. The Muslims on the other hand are living in fear and uncertainty. If you go to Jaffna today, you can see how the Tamils are having a very good time. They have the money (at least in the family is abroad, mostly West). The Govt. has restored everything, the infrastructure is excellent. The Army boys are harmless and working like slaves to improve the place, and the people do not bother about the Army anymore. Today, only the Sinhalese and Muslims are really suffering in Sri Lanka, not the Tamils.

      • 23

        Oh, the suffering poor Sinhalese despite living in poverty keep electing the corrupt the Rajapaksa sycophants to rule over them. My heart bleeds for them.

      • 15

        You live in a bizaroo world where up is down and right is wrong.

        Tamils are the ones suffering , something the international community and the UN are aware off and no amount of lies and propaganda from you Sinhala supremacists is going to change the facts.

        While Sinhalese have their poor they aren’t being brutalised and under an occupation army like Tamils. Muslims for the most part are fine, onyl a few isolated incidents but there is no pogrom or brutalisation of Muslim community as a whole. Muslims also are part of the UPFA, have the Colombo mayorship and other political positions. Muslims benefitted from the anti Tamil pogroms and war .While their numbers went up, Tamil numbers went down.

      • 17


        I am at a loss here. If it is only the Sinhalese and the Muslims are suffering, why you fools keep on electing the Rajapaksas? After all, the saviour of the Muslims, Rauf Hakeem has reiterated many times how grateful the Muslims should be to MR, so why cry, cry so much?

      • 14


        Very true – Tamils are certainly better off – better off than the majority of Sinhalese. But, you need to think deeply about whose fault that is.

        The Sinhalese, in absolute shortsightedness supported the discrimination of Tamils in job and education, because they felt that would be an easy way to the larger share of the “pie” – not realizing that the pie first needs to be made – and it was the Tamils who were making most of it, as history has now proved!

        The Sinhalese thought that by taking the Tamils out of the economy, the Sinhalese would all have larger shares of the pie – but didn’t realize the pie would shrink, and rather rapidly at that – seemingly a “true” reflection of the productivity of the Sinhala masses, particularly in the absence of Tamils.

        Now realization has come, but rather too late. You guys have had to send your mothers, wives, daughters and sisters to wash Arab and Korean backs to make a living – and even on that a large share is taken out to meet the “Royal” needs!

        Here is a secret whiners like you seem not to know. A country’s best resource is “human resource”. You have chased out the most productive of the Tamils, and the goon-politics has even evicted a good segment of the most productive Sinhalese as well. To add to insult, you have been enthusiastically and in gross ignorance sending larger and larger segment of the workforce (labour, domestics) to ME, Korea, China and Malaysia – only because your leaders that youelect, celebrate and worship have no capacity to harness and use resources effectively. In fact, not only they do not have the capacity, they don’t really care — Mihin, Mattala, H’Tota harbor all come to mind. The exported cheap SL labour frankly adds to those external economies rather than contributing to the SL economy, except by a the pitiful forex they bring back, most of which in any case end up paying for the Royal juntas and pleasures, and not to provide for national needs and necessities.

        That precisely is why the Sinhalese majority is under poverty as you rightly note – and it is not going to get any better! Go ahead – try voting for the Chintanaya one more time, and you will have even greater enlightenment – who said learning is cheap!

        • 5

          lol at these illiterate chauvinist fools. Do Tamil Nadu which is the home of superior Tamils where there are no Sinhalese to discriminate the intelligent Tamils have a higher per capita than Sri lanka? Even after tamil militants wreaked havoc in this country for 3 decades?

          • 6

            Yo Liberal One,

            Seems you are quite happy sending your wives, mothers, sisters and daughters – first to ME, then to Korea , and now even to Chennai and Bangalore to wash the backs of their kids – and who knows, their masters as well.

            At least Silva has woken up to the reality of the poverty among the Sinhalese. And there are many other “old-time” patriots who have begun to see some light from under the heels of the dictator. You, on the contrary, can continue to slumber.
            Do you even realize that it is those one-time patriotic-soldiers, now disillusioned by all the promises made and not kept by their leadership, who are rushing, competing with each other to send field evidence to Callum and the like for some food-money – they have no other way to make a living, unless they also can send their wives to do what yours is doing!

            Go ahead – live with your head deeply buried in the sand, while your wives, daughters, sisters and mothers beep scrubbing sahib backs all over the world to pay for your arrakku!

            Jaya wewa – you “liberal and literate” one (liberal and literate, my foot!)

          • 6

            Liberal One,

            Did you know what the SL per capta income was relative to that of India, or even Singapore, when Tamils played an unrestricted part or the then Ceylon economy?

            Do you know what the per cap income of SL would be now if your wives, mothers, sisters, and daughters were not washing sahib-backs all over the world?

            • 3

              So according to your chauvinist bird brain Tamils single handedly made Sri Lanka have a higher per capita income than Tamil Nadu isn’t it? So who are discriminating Tamils in Tamil Nadu for Tamil Nadu to have a per capita income that is equal with most improvised African countries?

              Can you even calculate the damage done to our economy by your T-56 wielding terror thugs? Getting the economy back in track is a process, the first step was getting rid of your terror thugs and the second step is rebuilding the infrastructure destroyed by your terror thugs and the third should be protecting the hard won stability from the terror rump.

              • 8

                Yo Liberal One,

                I could, in the same vein name-call you “pea-brained imbecile”, but in deference to peas, not wanting to insult the poor legumes, I will refrain from pursuing your school-boyish mode of defense.

                First of all, let me call your ludicrous, dim-witted bluff – and prove that you are nothing more than a true-to-colour RR (Rajapakse Rump) ever-ready to pull out “numbers” and “facts” from your various orifices, with total disregard to reality.

                Here is the link to a Rediff Business page that will educate you of where Tamil Nadu stands in terms of its per cap income – one of the leading states, placed 4th out of 30+ in India!

                Tamil Nadu
                Per capita income (2011-2012): Rs 84,058
                Per capita income (2010-2011): Rs72,993

                Now, if you have even the teeniest sense of pride or credibility left in you, can you substantiate your statement “Tamil Nadu to have a per capita income that is equal with most impoverished (not improvised!) African countries?” I bet you will merely renege – and just prove what a guttersnipe of a RR (remember Rajapakse Rump) you are!

                I will make this exercise of educating you simple. See if there are any statements below with which you don’t agree.

                1. Prior to Banda’s swabasha policy, tailor made to keep away Tamils from education and employment, most expatriate foreign exchange came from professionals, engineers, doctors, accountants – with Tamil professionals accounting for a larger-than proportionate share in that.

                2. The need to send Sinhala wives, mothers, sisters and daughters to earn income to compensate for the inept male segment of that population, started well before 1983 – long before your lame effort to put the blame on what you call “T-56 wielding terror thugs.”

                3. The need to carry T-56 arose entirely out of the chauvinistic Sinhala attempt to squeeze the Tamil youth, denying them any opportunity at education and employment.

                4. If SL had not resorted to the populist swabasha policy in the ‘50’s, most, if not all, of the out- sourcing Western funds in the last two decades would have found a home in Sri Lanka, instead of in Bangalore. Bangalore was only the second-best, because swabasha had already damaged the education system in Sri Lanka, the country that used to be rated No.1 in Asia by the World Bank in their Standard of Living Index

                5. It took nearly three decades for the Sinhala population to realize the stupidity of the swabasha policy – and in fact it was reversed by none other than Banda’s own daughter!

                6. Having decried, with drunken swabasha-ecstasy, the use of English that gave us global professional opportunities in the late 50’s, now the leadership and its herd is ga-ga over enforcing Korean and Chinese languages at primary school – so that the “proud” Sri Lankans can qualify for street sweeper jobs under those new-colonialists. Do you seriously think Korea and China will give you engineering, medical and financial opportunities because you are willing to dump your swabasha and embrace those Asian languages? Fat hope! Just prepare for the broom-brigade, the single avenue of income for the likes of you and Silva’s for the future as dictated under the Chintanaya!

                Any chance the above will educate you to reality? Or would you rather lie back in your dreamland and await your spouse’s next check from the Middle East for your long-needed shot of “gul”?!

              • 5

                LTTE is dead, except for the ones supporting Gota, so why is the Lankan economy getting worse 5 years after the war. Why is it getting harder and harder for the average Lankan to put food on the table.

      • 12


        “If you go to Jaffna today, you can see how the Tamils are having a very good time.”

        Please do travel to interior Vanni and you will see a completely different picture, full of poverty, fear, sexual violence, ……

        I do hope you will visit Eastern province and come back and report to us what you have seen.

        “The Sinhalese are suffering due to poverty. The cost of living is so high, only a few well to do people in the city are having a good time.”

        Agreed, hence need to force the state and the government to reduce defense spending.

      • 3

        You are contradicting reports by many sources:

        ‘’The issues that took centre stage at a meeting of the Jaffna Managers Forum that I attended last week gave an indication of the priorities of those who are community leaders in Jaffna. At the centre of their discussion was the need to empower the Northern Provincial Council to give direction to the allocation of resources in the province, and for the benefit of the people. At this time legal power is vested with the central authorities who have not been responsive to the people’s problems or to their demands. In the discussion it was pointed out that there had been a spate of suicides of business persons due to the failure of their business plans and inability to repay the loans they had taken. A number as high as 20 was given for the past few months. The non-utilisation of the local labour force by south-based business enterprises was also noted. Some of the other issues that came up were the re-emergence of army-run businesses, such as small restaurants and shops, along the main roads. It was noted that travelers from the South preferred to stop at them, but that this deprived the local people of a source of income’’ – Commander-In-Chief Must Give The Right Order For Constructive Transition, Jehan Perera (Chair, National Peace Council of Sri Lanka), 17 December 2013, http://www.peace-srilanka.org/media-centre/political-analysis/753-commander-in-chief-must-give-the-right-order-for-constructive-transition-jehan-perera

        ‘’…..The military continued to engage in activities that fall within the remit of a civil administration, ….The military continued to compete economically with small businesses run by conflict-affected people who were trying to become independent of aid. It also reportedly cultivated crops on land which IDPs had been told they could not return to….. Sri Lanka still has no legislation governing IDPs’ protection…..The military leadership continued to control the approval of humanitarian projects in the north through its membership in the Presidential Task Force for Resettlement, Development and Security in the Northern Province (PTF). The PTF places particular restrictions on the provision of mental health care and psycho-social activities. Because of government restrictions, no comprehensive assessment has been conducted in conflict-affected areas, and there is no comprehensive data on the needs of the most vulnerable groups.No IDP profiling has been done since 2007. The government, UNHCR and the UN Office for Project Services launched a survey of protracted IDPs in 2011, but the project was abandoned in December 2012 due to obstacles placed on it by the PTF ’’ – Global Overview 2012: People internally displaced by conflict and violence, Internal Displacement Monitoring Centre, 29 April 2013, http://www.internal-displacement.org/8025708F004BE3B1/(httpInfoFiles)/DB8A259305B071A8C1257B5C00268DDC/$file/global-overview-2012.pdf

      • 0

        Well if the Sinhalease work hard earn a good living the don’t have to suffer. There are no Tamil army raping the Sinhalease women. Unless KP Karuna Pillaiyan and co has started

    • 12

      Dr. Brian Seneviratna,

      Thank you. Expose the bastards, in the Dhaama Deepaya, the faith island.

      “A leading organisation for women in Sri Lanka said, on 14 July 2013, that in Sri Lanka a woman is raped every 90 minutes. With well-documented under-reporting because of shame or fear, the actual number of people subjected to rape and sexual violence in the Tamil areas, is much higher.”

      Deja Vu… have seen it before.

      One of the BIGGEST SINHALA “BUDDIST” Violence.. The Monk Mahanama Imaginations of Mahawansa. Given below is a summary of the real facts.

      Remember Somarama who killed SWRD. They were ALL Sinhala Mahanama “Buddhist” Racists . “Buddhist” because they are NOT Buddhist. They are racists. So we had a situation where the Paradeshis. the Para-Sinhala killing Para-Tamil based on Mahanama racism. That is NOT True Buddhism.

      This is what the True Natives, Native Veddas have to say about the Para- Sinhala and other Paras-, the Paradeshis or foreigners. 1. All the above descriptions support the Sinhala and Tamil as Para-Sinhala and Para-Tamil, like Para-deshi, Foreigners, as far a the Native Veddah are concerned, who walked at least 16,000 years ago when Lanka and India were connected by a land bridge as the sea levels were low. So, the Sinhala and Tamil Nationalism need to be identified as, Racism, Para-Sinhala Nationalism and Para-Tamil Nationalism. Monk Mahanama imaginations of Mahawansa need to be exposed and discarded. Why?

      Non- Confirmation bias of Mahawansa.

      Did Dr. Para-nawithana, the noted Sri Lankan Archaeologist believes the Imaginations of monk Mahanama of 5th Century such as:

      a) Grandfather of Para-Vijaya was a lion? Any DNA data in support of this imagination?

      b) Buddha visited Lanka three-times in 500 BC? any support for the Imagination.

      c) During one visit, Buddha left his giant footprint on top of Mount Samanala Kanda, “Adams Peak”. Did he fly by the Dandu Monera Yanthraya, Giant Bird, and parachute?

      d) The Veddah are the offspring of Para-Vijaya and Kuveni. Is there any DNA data to support this? No. Another Monk Mahanama Imagination.

      Sri Lanka’s indigenous inhabitants, the Veddas — or Wanniya-laeto (‘forest-dwellers’) as they call themselves — preserve a direct line of descent from the island’s original Neolithic community dating from at least 16,000 BC and probably far earlier according to current scientific opinion.1 Even today, the surviving Wanniya-laeto community retains much of its own distinctive cyclic worldview, prehistoric cultural memory, and time-tested knowledge of their semi-evergreen dry monsoon forest habitat that has enabled their ancestor-revering culture to meet the diverse challenges to their collective identity and survival. Further reference: Here some credible data and reference of the genetic Admixture. The Native Veddah were the original inhabitants of the land, well before the foreigners, the parades-his, came from South India. http://www.lankanewspapers.com/news/2007/6/15923_space.html The Genetic affinities of Sri Lankan populations – [Reproduced here on a special request made by our LNP friend MURU, this article (web site) was first found by our friend MAGHA.] Friday, 15 June 2007 – 11:25 AM SL Time Genetic affinities of Sri Lankan populations Human Biology, by Kshatriya, Gautam Kumar Genetic Admixture. Table 9 presents the estimated values of admixture for the two hybrid populations (the Sinhalese and the Tamils) based on 13 polymorphic loci, fitting a trihybrid model using the ancestral frequencies shown in Table 10. (Tables 9 and 10 omitted).

    • 25

      Dr. Brian Senewiratne

      You’re distorting the truth as usual. You were an out-and-out propagandist for the LTTE fascist murderers in the diaspora because you had an axe to grind. You carried on a hate campaign against Sri Lanka when it was facing its greatest challenge and was most vulnerable. You did your utmost to legitimize the terrorist acts of the Tigers by spouting their racist ideology. There is uncontroverted evidence that you worked to promote the terrorist LTTE. And you are still carrying on your Sri Lanka bashing without any shame even though the LTTE rump has forsaken you because of your damaged credibility and has moved on to newer faces to fool the international community.

      Can you explain why you should not be investigated for aiding and abetting the Tigers to commit war crimes against the innocent civilians of Sri Lanka?

  • 19

    This man is real poison.He is just a mouth piece of Tamil separatist ideology simply for his own personal gain.He has no balanced view to the grave issues we face as a country.He has never uttered a single word against the blalant human rights violations commited by LTTE during height of their campaign. His views are always polarized and never for the betterment of the affected Tamil civilians.Instead he always shows anti- Sinhalese sentiments whenever he can can god knows for what personal benefit. I am seriously surprised that Aussie government seek this retired senile medical practitioners assistance in dealing with refugee welfare.I am sure there must be better professionals to do that job.CT should not waste its valuable space for useless characters like this who has deranged higher functions of the cerebrum.

    • 20

      Half wit priya, you are so dumb you cannot appreciate or understand the noble and factual statements made a Sinhalese medical practitioner and a reputed human rights activist. You are soooo dumb that you cannot see the difference between senility and truth and wisdom. Its simians like you who make the world a terrible place to live. At least CT is professional and truthful in even publishing your sordid and despicable comments. I consign your comments to the cesspit of retarded thought where it rightly belongs.

    • 14

      Brian S , a Sinhalese , is laying out the brutal reality of Sinhala occuptional army, but the likes of you want it all hidden and not exposed.

    • 11


      I would be very eager to know what are the “grave issues we face as a country”?

      You mean to say that only the LTTE committed blatant human rights violations? Murdering more than 70,000 innocent civilians during the JVP uprising by your own Sinhala regime seemed to be conveniently off your radar. Add to that rapes and murders by the Sinhala regime against Tamil civilians. You know what, it is because of Sinhalese fools like you that today the country is being dragged through the mud. Look at your “godly” monks who are nothing but a bunch of terrorists terrorising the minorities. Go and look at your own back?

  • 10

    Brian- Thanks
    What about the children, aged between 7-12 brought to Colombo, from the conflict areas in lorries, escorted by the Police, during the 3rd and 4th week of May 2009 to be distributed to Colombo 7 folks and the high-ups’ in the armed forces, as servants. Where are they and what happened to them. Please take this matter up.

    • 11


      Even the Tigers and the reputed authorities like Nava Nazi Pillay, Callum Macrae, Gordon Weiss, and Frances Harrison could not think of that before. Keep up your good work in sabotaging the great campaign being mounted in Geneva, widely regarded to succeed in dismantling Sri Lanka finally.

  • 12

    Brian – Thanks

  • 3

    Thank you Dr BS for stating facts.

    Tamil women were raped in hundreds of thousands. But due to the stigma attached they don’t report it.

    According to some estimates 50% of Tamil women in SL have suffered this.

    But be careful Dr BS. Some people (even Tamils) will try to silence you. They hate the stigma of the truth.

    If Tamils have any shame they should leave SL now.

    • 10

      keep that advice of yours for the camels your enviable bed fellows.

    • 10

      Yes, you should follow the tamils and leave as your lot are under attack daily and your mosques burnt.

      • 11

        He’s not Muslim, he is typical Sinhala Chauvinist who tries to mislead by taking up names distinctly non Sinhala. Though from his surname you can tell he makes it up.

        Thers quite a few Sinhalese on CT who deliberately try to mislead by masquerading as non Sinhalese.

      • 6

        Don’t play it into his hands, he is playing games. He rejoices when Muslims are attacked. He is no Muslim. Just impersonating and writes insulting remarks against his own kind. A hermaphrodite and may be even gay. An insult to mankind and womankind as well.

    • 9

      If you and your ilk as any pride , shame or dignity you wouldn’t be holding onto the identity of those barbarian who raped and enslaved your ancestors. At Tamils retain their native identity and refused to be Aryanised , unlike you lot, who have no identity of your own.

    • 4

      Fukshitma, wait till the Venerable Attanathu Gnanasara comes back with his anti-Muslim techniques learnt in Myanmar. He will send a rocket up your backside.

    • 0

      There is free education in Sri Lanka. It is time you get some education. After all it is free. Try hard you never know. You may become educated and civilized too. Good luck

  • 14

    Firstly, my sincere thanks and appreciation to Dr. Brian Senewiratne.

    [1] The following comment by the Sri Lanka High Commision in London, headed by the morally corrupt Rajapaksa sycophant, Chris Nonis, appeared today in another Colombo Telegraph posting:



    Right to reply

    The Sri Lanka High Commission has issued the following response to the latest video evidence:

    “Your latest attempt to denigrate Sri Lanka is a continuation of your pernicious campaign that has already been exposed in the book Corrupted Journalism Channel 4 and Sri Lanka.

    Your allegations are such unmitigated and unsubstantiated rubbish that you make even gutter journalism appear to be Pulitzer Prize-winning professionalism.

    What makes your journalism doubly dubious and obnoxiously unbalanced is that you expect us to comment on footage which, in fairness, we have not even been given the opportunity of seeing or hearing.

    It is a pity that your continuing propagandist vendetta against Sri Lanka only continues to undermine the process of reconciliation and healing that we have undertaken after a near three-decade long terrorist war.

    It is certainly not going to help those in Sri Lanka you pretend you are helping but who only wish to live in peace without external meddling and posturing.

    Your crude journalism exposes both Callum and your calumny”.

    Sri Lanka High Commission, 7 March 2014

    It really is the most remarkable response to a request for a comment that I have experienced in thirty years as a journalist and film-maker. But I’m afraid it does rather illustrate the mind-set of the Sri Lankan regime of President Rajapaksa.

    Rather than confront the evidence, investigate the crimes and address the international community’s concerns, the response is to shoot the messenger.

    The problem for the government and its supporters is that at every stage our journalism has been vindicated. Every complaint made by Sri Lankan government supporters to the regulator OFCOM, has been rejected. Every time the government tries to claim our video footage is “faked” or misrepresented, new video evidence emerges which all too often suggests a reality even worse than we had previously feared.

    Instead of addressing the issues raised by our evidence, government supporters have simply mounted an increasingly hostile series of attacks on our journalism. When I announced my intention of travelling to the Commonwealth Heads of Government meeting in Sri Lanka, the response was a series of anonymous death threats.

    When the Channel 4 News team and I tried to travel to the former war zones, the train on which we were travelling was physically stopped by pro-government supporters denouncing our films, (though when we asked if they had actually seen the films, none had). Channel 4 News Foreign Affairs Correspondent Jonathan Miller was hit by a stone thrown by a government supporter when filming in Colombo.

    And here in the UK well-funded but anonymous govern supporters published a 222-page book entitled Corrupted Journalism: Channel 4 and Sri Lanka. It was an extraordinarily scurrilous and misleading treatise, full of inaccuracy and unsubstantiated allegations – but it was so widely distributed internationally that we decided we had to respond. I was obliged to write a 20,000 word detailed rebuttal.

    And now we have this latest response. A response that, as before, entirely fails to address any of the real concerns which the Sri Lankan government needs to confront.

    Callum Macrae is a journalist and director of No Fire Zone. You can follow @Callum_Macrae on Twitter.

    [2] The LTTE did also commit war crimes. But, the Rajapaksa family, the Sri Lanka government and the Sinhala racists are extremely worried that an international war crimes inquiry into Sri Lanka, will expose all the war crimes committed by the 99% ethnic Sinhala military, and that those crimes were around a factor of 5 to 10 (my guess) greater in magnitude than the war crimes committed by the LTTE.

    More than 50% of the Sinhalese population in Sri Lanka is aware of this fact. But, they very vociferously deny that war crimes were committed by their Sinhala Buddhist military. The rest of the Sinhalese are in denial.

    [3] In the Colombo Telegraph comments sections, Sinhala racists some of whom are on the payroll of the Government of Sri Lanka, write numerous comments which are simply personal attacks and slander, against people such as Dr. Brian Senewiratne and Callum Macrae.

    • 7

      Hang on folks.You very uncomfortably mention(just for the sake)”LTTE also commited crimes”.You guys jolly well know they are the worst human rights abusers not only to Sinhalese,but even to their own kind by acts such as recruiting kids as suicide bombers. They were brutal in slaughtering villages and bus loads of innocent civilians over protracted period of thirty years.You are reluctant to see that bitter reality due to your racial blindness.Yes as a Sinhalese I believe our armed forces would have committed rights abuses during the war and especially the final stages and impartial investigation should bring justice to the affected individuals. hould punish those rogue elements who disgraced armed forces to the maximum disregarding their status.If orders have come from top that should be exposed and necessarily punished as there should be no room for criminals to escape. However,at the same time I believe this was done a minor segment of the armed forces who have direct links with the corrupt hierarchy and not the majority of law abiding members of the armed forces.Even in Mcrae’s videos you will see some members were not in agreement with all the crimes committed.When you calculate the numbers of our forces if they went out hunting Tamils like what happened in Ruwanda there would’nt have been a Tamil population in North and East by now.Quite contrary to that affected Tamil civilians were taken to refugee camps and rehabilitated and most of them were released back to the community by armed forces which is commendable.No one in the west and the media like channel 4 have being able to see this achievement.There are obvious short comings and issues and everything cannot be rosy overnight after three decades of war.There are British batalions still in Germany and American bases as well in Japan after so many years of second world war.The government is hopeless in dealing with rights issues and instead of resolving them they just propagate them which is a shame. I have met the families of armed forces in south on numerous occasions..They are from the most humble backgrounds of the country and I am sure the same is true for the LTTE cadres.Who have got killed because of this brutal bitter war.The poorest of poor of this country mostly.Who have benefited form the war.Have Sinhalese and Tamils benefited. Yes they don’t have to live with fear of war anymore.But what about the benefits reaped by |Rajapakshe family,Karuna amman and KP .As long as you see these problems through a racially blinded glass you will only see a part of the problem.You fail to see the whole issue engulfed us in this grave mess.We are trapped in a mess as we are divided and the ruled they can easily control us and do whatever they want and wish because the fight is among us and not against them. The the powerless of the country is affected irrespective of the race.This is a social issue more than a racial issue. That is why I am against BS.Not because he voices on behalf of Tamil people which is of course commendable.But he belongs to the elite who destroyed the country since independence and he is also doing the same in a different face and a scale.He is not genuine in his attempts.He is racially biased paradoxically and his motives are suspicious always and it is mainly for his personal gain.

  • 2

    shame on me for giving in to the pressure of the family to not act against a rape by army personnel of one of my family members…

  • 9

    Does anyone else see the urgency of the writer(a known mouth peace of tamil separatists) to bring down an international army? Is it to protect the Tamil women or to establish another Crimea in Sri Lanka?

    Let’s put aside the question of credibility of these dollar raking human rights activists for a moment. Why can’t this expert of Sri Lankan issues who lives elsewhere come with facts and numbers for a change?
    1) What is the rape rate in north vs Sri Lanka?
    2) What is the rape rate in north when it was under the tamil separatists and now?
    3) How many rape incidences were reported to the police and how many were connected to armed forces?

    • 10

      You are an ignoramus of the first order. Do you know that in tamil society rape is considered a shame on the victim and her family and is hushed up? Do you also know that a tamil woman making a complaint of rape in the northeast is made to disappear or killed by the military? Also, FYI, one of the few things the LTTE needs praise was that it executed rapists. The Sri Lankan military are well known for their savagery, especially against women and children. Remember what your soldiers did to under age kids in Haiti?

      • 6

        So if rapes are hushed up in Tamil families we can’t know for sure how many rapes takes place in north, how much are committed by civilians and how much by military isn’t it?

        And do you or your mouthpiece have any evidence about any tamil women disappearing after complaining about rapes?

        I would be surprised if there are zero rapists in Sri Lankan army but if someone invites UN led forces to Sri Lanka(specially someone hiding in west) citing rapes by Sri Lankan military they better have some numbers to back it up.

  • 4

    Wonder what the all knowing defender of Sri Lanka Bandula Jayasekera has to say about this! The Doctor has proof, what proof can Bandula provide us to say this is not happening?

    • 9

      What evidence? There are none in this article.

      • 4

        Crimea is just the awakening from a friend where even the currency is accepted reciprocally.

        Like Hindu India’s creation of Muslim Bangala after 31st May the proof may survive.

  • 3

    Rape by soldiers of Sri Lankan armed forces?

    Dr. Seneviratne must be suffering from dementia. It was soldiers of Indian army who raped. Now they (Indians)want soldiers of Sri Lankan armed forces to pay compensation.

    • 7

      “Indian army who raped.”

      Poof you Moron ,

      So Sihala Buddhist Army who raped at Haiti did it with your professional sausage?? What a wasted space!

  • 11

    Sri Lanka became an authoritarian and corrupt Sinhala Budhist Banana Republic, many years ago.

    The Supreme Kangaraoo Court of this country is directly controlled by Mahinda Rajapaksa, and all the Kangaroo justices of this court are motivated and guaranteed to issue judgements by way of cronyism, kleptocracy, violence and a fleet of Sinhala Buddhist operated White Vans. The chief justice of this Supreme Kangaraoo Court, Mohan Peiris, is a liar, crook and Rajapaksa crony!!!!!!!

    This is one of the many reasons that an *****INTERNATIONAL***** war crimes inquiry into Sri Lanka is needed.

    Now, let me move on to a related topic.

    International human rights activists, and Tamil activists outside Sri Lanka (who are beyond the reach of the murderous Sri Lankan government), have obtained the services of world reknown and respected human rights experts and lawyers.

    These legal experts are about to make important presentations in Geneva, during the comming days.

    (Note: I just heard that Geoffrey Robertson QC, will be soon conducting a press conference on war crimes by the Sri Lankan government.)

    These highly respected legal experts have already documented most of the war crimes committed by the Sri Lankan military and government.

    Why have the Sri Lankan government, military and Sinhala Buddhist racists not hired international legal experts to document the war crimes committed by the LTTE?

    The answer is: because they know that Sri Lankan military and government have committed 5 to 10 times more war crimes (my guess) than the LTTE.

    Thus, the Sinhala side is just screaming abuse at international legal experts, media institutions, international human rights organizations and UN officials. They hope in vain that their hysterical screams and lies will act as a smokescreen and prevent the international community from learning about the scope of war crimes and acts of genocide committed by the Sri Lankan government and military.

    G.L.Peiris, the foreign minister on the Sinhala side of this ethnic conflict, has no scruples, is a shameless liar and sycophant of Mahinda Rajapaksa. He is a disgrace to the universities of Colombo and Oxford, where he studied. In the Sri Lanka government, he is supervised by Sajin de Vass Gunawardena, who is a crook, thug and high school dropout!!!!!!!

    The Sri Lankan government and military have only been able to pay hired hands, who are professional liars: several “public relations” firms such as Bell Pottinger, and numerous lobbyists !!!!!!! !!!!!!!

    Please pay close attention to the videos in this Colombo Telegraph item, which covered the two day International Conference on 28 & 29 September 2013, in London.

    The most important international legal experts (non-Tamils) who speak in these videos include:

    Geoffrey Robertson QC



    Prof Francis Boyle



    Dr David Matas




  • 5

    Rape, murder, tyranny, corruption in the land of buddah?? Where is bodu bala sena and sinhala ravaya
    ? Dont these issues be given utmost importance instead of leading people to attack mosques, churches and kovils? These are sinhala buddist men that are doing the raping. Its not just in the north, sinahala buddist are are 99% responsible for all the rape and child abuse cases in the south as well. even sinhalese women get raped by these people. Clearly these patriotic defenders know no buddism. All they do is the worse kind of things and yet claim to be pious buddist when infact they are more violent than animals. Apparently human blood is a lot cheaper in this land than an animals blood. You atleast have monks to speak up for cows, but not a single decent monk to defend humans.

  • 6

    Why should muslims or christians leave sri lanka?? Sinhala modayas say it like they own this country! Well i got news for you modayas, we are citizens too and we are going nowhere! And dont even for a second think that we are afraid of your hamaduru chandiyas. Dont mistake out patience for fear. Remember how the army had to intervene to escort out the little girls yu sent to stone the mosque in grandpass? Yes the chandiyas had to be escorted out like little girls lol. You lot are the root of all evil in sri lanka and infact its you lot that should leave this country! Take your corrupt, drunkard, child abusing sinhala population and leave to boda gaya! Christians are the majority of the WORLD, so your lot has no right to claim sri lanka because the majority in the world should be the majority in every country! Go back to india you buffoons!

  • 2

    Brian you [Edited out] tuned to Wiggie to find out what diaspora money is doing to the Jaffna society.

    You [Edited out]

    It appears Wiggie is turning for assistance to the police and services to save the Jaffna citizen intoxicated with diaspora money from engaging in vices and neferious activities.

  • 12

    Brian, You woke up again at the right time. How much money they[Die-Ass-Pora] pump to your account this time. I know that it’s only twice a year that they pump you something. In March and September. As a retired Dr.I think it is enough to sttle your bills.

    “Every minute a woman rape in SL….” OMG Already all the women and girls raped in SL. Maybe it’s a record Brian. A world record.

    I’ll tell you one thing Brian. After this March go back to your slumber again and don’t wake up in September. You better die in your slumber Brian. Sweet Dreams!

    • 4

      “You better die in your slumber Brian.”

      mean invertebrate!

      and you mean like your pop or mum may be a loved one of yours why not??

      • 2

        Javi, My mom and dad already died and they lead respectable life and died peacefully. This [Edited out] Brian [Edited out]

        • 2

          Dangerous Love Story!
          But then cant you also see that he loves his trinco tamil wife so much that he is pressing so hard??
          To top it his son who has never really lived Lanaka except a short spell has become sooo jealous that he is in the opposite camp.

  • 15

    This guy is a farce. Read carefully, there is no basis for anything what he says. He does not give a single credible evidence that rape happened as he try to potray.
    He gives a long list of gov. entities (Sri Lankan (Sinhalese) Armed Forces (at all levels), Police, specialised Police units such as the Criminal Investigation Department (CID)..etc. etc. ) whose personnel raped women. From where did he get this list?? he needs to show documents/links for readers to take this seriously. Or is it because I say so?
    he states “A leading organisation for women in Sri Lanka said, on 14 July 2013, that in Sri Lanka a woman is raped every 90 minutes. With well-documented under-reporting because of shame or fear, the actual number of people subjected to rape and sexual violence in the Tamil areas, is much higher.”
    What is this “leading organization” Why does he not want to reveal the organization?

    Then he goes on and on defining “rape” and why and how it is a “war crime”.
    Then he says the criminal justice system is collapsed.

    Now he again says rapes are going on in the NE and give his 4 possible reasons for that.

    Now he says “As a doctor of medicine in Australia, there have been several Sri Lankan asylum seekers referred to me who are in need of medical attention. Many of them had been raped, and have physical and psychological problems.”
    Does he practice gynecology in Australia? Who sent these patients to him? the Gov. of Australia? or other Tamils brought them for medical report for asylum? How long after the “rape” did he examine these subjects? how did he decide that it was rape? what did he look for? vaginal contusions, tares etc.? Can’t that happen with normal consensual sex? Looks like he has gone by the stories of the asylum seekers. He does not reveal any information of these important facts.

    He sites a WikiLeaks document that holds the Tamil EPDP supplying women to soldiers, the problem is the document also says it is not confirmed/partially confirmed!

    He states” The ground situation in the Tamil North and East is described, and the options available to the (Tamil) people who live there – 1)To conceal the fact that they have been raped. 2) To struggle and cope with the consequences, including pregnancy. 3)To seek (physical) refuge. 4)To complain. 5). To leave the country if possible. 6)To commit suicide.
    These 5 options are his own!
    He also says “Major international publications on Rape in Sri Lanka are cited and discussed.” but not a single citation is given!

    It is beyond me, why CT publish this kind of garbage and then complain the web site is been blocked.

    • 5

      “He does not give a single credible evidence that rape happened”..
      What do you want evidence for.. Sinhalese MP Duminda killed another gov MP in front of police and lot of civilian… It was open killing and in day light… then what .. anything happened even with evidence…
      What would happen even if Brain give evidence..

      • 5

        I am talking about this stupid article. I will talk about the gosl and duminda at a relevent article. You need to counter my statements here if you can. You might be better of not getting Brian to give this kind of evidence!!

        • 3

          I personally know of an orphanage for Tamil children , where minors were abducted and raped. The culprits are highly suspected to be GOSL thugs or pro GOSL Tamil paramilitaries.

          What you won’t admit is that peopel are too scared to publicly expose the criminals . Just look at what happened to Sunil from Wanathamulla, and he is Sinhalese.

          • 5

            You should go public and give all this information to a reputed news media. Otherwise no body is going to believe you.

    • 6

      You are a perceptive reader, Eusense. The points you made after reading the ‘executive summary’ are relevant, and after reading the full document carefully I can tell you where Brian Senewiratne got the idea that there is an “epidemic of rape” in Sri Lanka and his “urgent solution” – that the UN and India invade the North and East under the “R2P”, forcing the Sri Lankan military to leave, and employing the Australian-British barrister Geoffrey Robertson to take vexatious legal action against the President, Defence Secretary and Sarath Fonseka. It is no coincidence that this is the agenda of the LTTE/TGTE – Brian Senewiratne is a ‘senator’ of the TGTE.

      As to your suspicion that he is just repeating the claims of asylum seekers, in the 70-paged document he explains his method in more detail. He says, for example that when he was told that a refugee had been “stroked” or “hugged” (by a member of the armed forces) he said “you mean you were raped?”. He put words in their mouth in other words, in his quest to collect dirt on the Sri Lankan government. This is very unethical for a doctor (and no he is not a gynecologist – he also did not report the matter to the police as he should have done after sensitive discussions with the woman concerned).

      In the longer document he also gives another example of his methods, when he got Tamil Hindu asylum seekers in Australia who were held in detention pretend that they were Christians:

      “I was able to access some of the detainees by getting them (Hindus) to claim that they were Christians and wanted to attend Church. They came with two Serco guards who sat in the car. I arrived at the church, watched closely by the guards. When the service was over I took the detainees to the vestry and took their history…They, and others whom I saw on various other occasions, had all been raped.”

      He provides no evidence other than his assertion based on their apparent claim.

      Violence against women and rape are serious problems around the world. Most rapes occur within relationships, and rape within marriage is not even against the law in many countries. There is gross under-reporting of rape around the world, including in Sri Lanka, not just among Tamils, but in many cultures. (there is a higher reporting of rape in Scandinavian countries not because Scandinavians are worse rapists but because of differences in reporting and the definition of rape in countries like Sweden).

      It is shameful to see the serious problem of rape and violence against women being use for cheap political point-scoring.

      • 3

        Because you have fallen out with your father, you are the one trying to score points using a serious matter.

  • 10

    The Political Economy of Hatred

    The RAPE OF TAMIL CIVILIANS(women, girls and even men)in the Sri Lankan North and East by the Sri Lankan (SINHALESE) Armed Forces (at all levels),…… has NOW become a MAJOR problem……. international INTERVENTION IS MANDATORY AND URGENT….. The urgent need to admit Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch and International Crisis Group into Sri Lanka in general, the Tamil North and East in particular, for humanitarian reasons, is stressed. This, of course, the Sri Lankan regime will not allow. Hence the absolute need for international pressure, with force if necessary. The USE OF FORCE is permitted in the UN R2P (Responsibility To Protect).

    Hatred is fostered with stories of an out-group’s crimes, but the impact of these stories comes from repetition not truth. Hatred relies on people accepting, rather than investigating, hate-creating stories. Hatred declines when there is private incentive to learn the truth.

  • 3

    Even Brian Senevirathne is [Edited out]

  • 3

    According to this Australian Medico, a woman is raped every 90 minutes in Srilanka in the North and the East.

    That is about 20 a day and over 700 a year.

    Times by and 5 it works out to 3500 since Nanthikadal.

    He reckons they are badly bruised both physically and psycologically,

    This evidence come from the patients he has seen, obviously the refugees who have arrived since 2009.

    Has he reported this to the Australian Authorities?

    By the way has this Doctor got a current certificate to practice?.

    Because my Elders tell me Aussies are so strict that some of Lankan Doctors are doing cleaning jobs while trying to get the certificate.

    And even some specialists from South Asia and Eastern Europe are working as Nurses collecting specimens.

    One more thing,

    Would the Dr give us the rate of rape for boys and men too.

    Because Ms Jayalalitha may be able to put an urgent amendment to the draft in circulation, before it is finalized by Ms Pillai.

    It is serious in India, where you are put in the slammer for 20 years, for doing it with men and boys let alone rape them.

    Jayalalitha can even nail Manmohan on this.

  • 9

    [1] Very important BBC video interview, titled “Sri Lanka ‘will face UN inquiry'”,

    of renowned Human rights lawyer Geoffrey Robertson QC, on Saturday, 30 May, 2009.

    Which was just 2 months short of, 5 years ago!!!!!!!


    [2] According to the following Tamilnet item:


    Asked on BBC radio about the UN Human Rights Council’s acceptance last week, by majority vote, of a self-congratulatory resolution tabled by Sri Lanka, Mr. Robertson said he wasn’t surprised.

    “Well, the Human Rights Council is a highly politicised body. It is made up not of experts on human rights, but of paltering diplomats. Europe only has seven seats … We have countries like Russia and China obviously concerned to keep their own internal problems down and away from international oversight. So the decision [on Sri Lanka] is not really surprising.”

    [3] Can any of the Sri Lankans who, in the Colombo Telegraph comments section, defend or deny the war crimes and acts of genocide committed by the Sri Lankan state and its military, quote any independent international legal experts who refute the statements and views of Geoffrey Robertson QC, Prof Francis Boyle or Dr David Matas?

    I am referring to Colombo Telegraph comment writers such as:

    David Blacker (ex-Sri Lankan army officer, David Blacker ***is*** his real name)

    K.A Sumanasekera (aka “Leela”)


    Liberal One


    Fathima Fukushima


    Kutti Machan

    The Professional





    Point Man (this one, and the next, “Halt” wrote comments under the following Colombo Telegraph item:

    Issaipriya, Vany Kumar And Ananthi Sasitharan; Women Of Courage – Beating The Labelling. By Usha S Sri-Skanda-Rajah



    Siva Sankaran Sarma (this one, and the next two, wrote comments under the following Colombo Telegraph item:

    Sri Lanka: New Video Evidence Of Grotesque Violations





    Some of these comment writers are paid to do so by the Sri Lankan government, and use multiple pseudonyms !!!!!!!

    Others are trained and managed by SL government officials, such as the deranged Prof. Rajiva Wijesinha !!!!!!!

    • 5

      You write “Can any of the Sri Lankans who, in the Colombo Telegraph comments section, defend or deny the war crimes….”.
      The problem most Sri Lankans have here is not defending or denying war crimes but finding out whether these allegations are true.
      If you listen carefully even this guy Robotson uses the word “alleged” war crimes. My concern is where are the real victims? We need first hand information and evidence. The real victims need to come forward. In principal I refuse to believe reports of asylum seekers, NGOs, humanitarian organizations, watch dogs, TV channels and other lobby funded organizations who keep producing reports based on ghost/anonymous victims and without authentication of the material they use. Bring me the true victims, Civilians who were in the war zone. Lets listen ask a few questions to confirm and I will support UNHRC actions.
      Dr. Veerakanthipillai Shanmugarajah was one person who was in the war zone who narrated what happened. You can read his account and decide its authenticity.

  • 7

    [1] Geoffrey Robertson: Sri Lanka’s Shameful Attack on Chief Justice


    [2] Exclusive: Full Text Of The QC Geoffrey Robertson’s 100 Points Report – CJ Shirani Is Innocent Of The Misconduct Charges


    [3] Syndey Morning Herald article, on November 19, 2013:

    Note: Geofrey Robertson does ***NOT*** speak in the 11minute 38 sec video in the beginning of this article. You may wish to skip the video, or watch only the first few minutes.

    Sri Lanka patrol boat gift will be used against civilians: Geoffrey Robertson

    Read more:


  • 7

    Thanks Brian.

    “Tamil women coerced into SL army says C.V. Wigneswaran ” –
    Tamil women are being coerced to join the Sri Lankan military said the Northern Province’s Chief Minister, CV Wigneswaran, reports the Uthayan. Addressing an event for International Women’s Day in Jaffna yesterday, Wigneswaran, said the Sri Lankan army was going into their houses coercing Tamil women, who were too afraid to refuse, to join. Questioning why the Sri Lankan army were only calling on Tamil women to join, and not men, the Chief Minister stressed that Tamil women faced significant insecurity given the extensive militarisation of the North-East. http://www.seithy.com/breifNews.php?newsID=105322&category=EnglishNews&language=english

  • 2

    This Brian Seneviratne is [Edited out]
    This comment was removed by a moderator because it didn’t abide by our Comment policy.For more detail see our Comment policy https://www.colombotelegraph.com/index.php/comments-policy-2/

    • 7


      “This Brian Seneviratne is [Edited out]”


      This Dr Brian Seneviratne is not the rapist.

  • 4

    Who gang raped the 19 year old girl in Yaakarai,vadamaaraachchi on the 8th Mar,2014?Please include this incident also in your “report”.

  • 7

    Mr.Brian Seneviratne
    Thank you Sir.May God Bless you and Your family.
    This will end only when we get back our Tamil Kingdom taken over by
    Sri Lanka in 1940s.

  • 1

    The Mayoress if Jaffna has said that “It is my responsibility as the Mayoress of Jaffna to disclose that some members of the fairer sex had come from the Southern parts of the country to set up massage clinics and prostitution rings in the Jaffna peninsula and the problem is getting out of land.”

    Mr Seneviratne, could you please take up the plight of impoverished ‘Sinhalese ” women who ave been forever to sell their bodies to ” Tamils”,

    • 1

      This Dr does.t like Sinhala women.

      Did you miss the bit on the TNA member, sexually abusing a minor in the Temple on the MahaShirathri Day…And the Vella Restaurant which provides extras for the well heeled visitors as well as locals…

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