3 March, 2024


President And PM Quash Investigation Into Rāvaya-Gate

Ravaya, the newspaper that often champions good governance, justice and democracy, has succeeded in suppressing an inquiry into allegations that its long-time editor Victor Ivan had pocketed millions of rupees in gross violation of the Companies Law, thanks to support from President Maithripala Sirisena and Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe, Colombo Telegraph reliably learns.



“We cannot investigate it, we are under pressure, you should make a complain to the police commission” a high ranking police officer told Colombo Telegraph.

He was referring to a complaint lodged at the Police Fraud Bureau on the 02nd of July 2015 by Public Interest Rights Activist and Lawyer Nagananda Kodituwakku, who also complained to the Registrar of Companies D.N.R. Siriwardena about the same matter.

On the 6th of July 2015, commenting on the allegations against Victor Ivan pocketing Rs 10 million of Ravaya funds, D.N.R.Siriwardena, the Registrar of Companies told Colombo Telegraph that the entire transaction is illegal and completely out of the order and that an investigation is to be launched into the transaction.

Even though the Registrar of Companies told Colombo Telegraph that the Ravaya documents were kept under lock and key, Colombo Telegraph has managed to obtain the relevant documents of Ravaya which were submitted to Companies Registrar. All the documents were endorsed and issued to us by his office saying “documents not recognised/endorsed by the Registrar of Companies”. See the picture below:ravaya

Although Colombo Telegraph was able to speak with the Registrar on two occasions, all efforts to contact him for further clarification have failed.

Colombo Telegraph, at the time, published damning evidence to the effect that the newspaper had provided false information in several public appeals through ‘Ravaya Solidarity’ to keep the newspaper afloat. Although there was no intimation that money thus collected would be used to pay Victor Ivan, the former editor took Rs 5 million of the Rs 12.7 million contributed by hundreds of donors.

Speaking to Colombo Telegraph on the 8th of December, 2015, Kodituwakku said: “Ivan has no right to claim Rs 20 million from Ravaya. On the one hand Ivan has never invested Rs 20 million in Ravaya and on the other is Ravaya is a company limited by guarantee and operating as a not-for-profit organization, much like an NGO. I made a complaint to the Registrar of Companies, and he asked me to make a complaint to the Fraud Bureau as well, which I did. Yesterday the company registrar informed me that the Ravaya documents are kept under lock and key. When I contacted the company registrar two days ago he said that the investigations are proceeding.”

Following revelations published by Colombo Telegraph about Ivan pocketing money contributed by well-wishers to a fund launched to save the cash-strapped newspaper, Ravaya began paying back the donors. Kodituwakku was thereby returned the Rs 100,000 he had contributed two years later, although without interest. This was after he had complained to the Mirihana Police, which summoned Ivan and Gamini Viyangoda, and later asked Kodituwakku whether he would drop charges if the money was returned. Kodituwakku had stated at that point that he wanted all the money collected from all donors returned since it was a fraudulent initiative on the part of Ravaya.

“Boss is under pressure”, a staff member of the Registrar of Companies told Colombo Telegraph on the condition of anonymity. Whatever pressure relevant to the case can only come from the offices of the President and the Prime Minister.

The suppression of the investigation comes in the wake of deliberate attempts by the Prime Minister’s office to quash yet another investigation, that which has since been dubbed “Phone-Gate”

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Latest comments

  • 4

    With due respect to Nagananda this is an internal matter between Nagananda and Ravaya. While Naga may not agree with the manner in which the contributions were handled is there any justification for Naga to speak on behalf of the others. Have the other contributors appointed Naga to speak on behalf of the other contributors?

    • 11

      Ravayas one sided EDITOR-Ivan became the vocal of all that supported to MR at the time, he published that ” chaura rajina”. Surprisingly the very same EDITOR stayed as if he was fed with tones of clay not having same guts to stand against MOST ABUSIVE RAJAPAKSHE Regime.
      All the sinns IVAN has to pay today both physically and mentally. THere I cant help sheding happy tears.
      We the ones live in out of country were very clear, all the charges loudly pronounced by him in that book against CBK were personal attacks to be supportive to MR.
      By today, entire world – is standing against MR except few men called JO marching for Rajapakshes.
      By yesterday we heard that convicted person for murder -Duminda Silva is being treated with all high previledges while Rajaapksehe are released from charges levelled at them as if their return from prisons are seen as certain each sessions.
      Anyways, all the mechanisms are seen no strict enough to get any high criminals caught by today.

    • 10

      Please don’t split hairs asking if other contributors appointed Nagananda.
      First and foremost Ramayana is read by the public at large and it has the right to know about the utilisation of the contributions of the funds that was made.
      BTW did you find out from the contributors if they object to Nagananda acting on their interests or not?

      • 1

        Ravaya/ not Ramanaya.

        • 1

          I did not. Thus my question Is there any justification for Naga to speak on behalf of others.

          Further Ravaya may be read by public at large similar to any other newspaper. However that does not provide a right for people to utilization if their funds as it is a private enterprise.

          By the way I have no association whatsoever with Ravaya or Victor Ivan.

          • 1

            Martin Niemöller is perhaps best remembered for the quotation:

            First they came for the Socialists, and I did not speak out—
            Because I was not a Socialist.

            Then they came for the Trade Unionists, and I did not speak out—
            Because I was not a Trade Unionist.

            Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out—
            Because I was not a Jew.

            Then they came for me—and there was no one left to speak for me.

            So Gamarale,

            Do not question whether there is any justification for Nagananda to speak on behalf of others.

  • 18

    Allegations against the President and PM of interfering with Judicial matters are mounting exponentially!

    What the hell is going on with Yahapalanaya???!!!

    Are these guys no better than the gangsters they promised to replace with ‘Yahapalanaya’???

    • 6

      Yahapalanaya is practicable only in civilized society. Social media men in the country are to be said 0,4 millions of 20 million population. Most of them feel it should go the way in the west does. But they have no idea how ? Leaders got changed, but entire system filled with all kind of henchmen permamently worked for the former unforgivable regime remained.

      Both Duo are caught by itself. Thiat about it. Just to add your thought the way, that BOY alleged to be a supporter of BBS, but following his arrest/remand release, he became NORMAL, as if the boy was sent to a rehab and got healed. Very same manner, people those who just add their thoughts evasively need profound thinking about the polluted culture in the country.

      If a patient to be healed for complex health problems – he or she has to be free from all wrongful thoughts. Then only we can get her or him healed by therapies (regardless of the nature of therapy)

      Say the patient s state is lanken society – so the society should be uplifted to the levels of west, if it is to be compared with them.
      Else, I have no objections that GG principles could go even more speedly in an another poverty stricken country like SL.

      Whoever whatever being said and done – some tangible sorta of justice is being seen since 08th Jan 2015.
      If anyone would disagree evidently they should have no brain the size of a mustard seed.

    • 0

      Pandora box to be opened next days, the pressure being exercised on the duo will lead them to do so, else, there will be no chance to survive.

      Once pandora box is open, all those stay away from being convicted will have to face it. VVIP families will have to face it rather than anyone else. Gone were just 2 years but there are lot more to come …. UPFA Led by most patient president Mr My3 has to do it if not coming days than later. He is not power greedy but he has to wait all targets completed by the time, he has to say good by to the most difficult CONSENSUAL politics.
      UNPrs will start with all the good projects with effect of dawn new year. I have no doubt about that

      1) Italian investment – Rubber area
      2) GSP plus to be restored as EU is makin every effort to grant it
      3) VW project with Germans will be underway
      4) Chinese investments on Hambantota and other places of the country
      5) All other small scale investments – being under way through lanken expatriates living in EU, America and other country for such a long time.

      With new constitution being introduced to the nation in next few months, that will have to be discussed on and on, until a soltuion is reached.

      With all other developement projects started by previoius men being continued, nothing can go wrong.


  • 9

    What’s new. Same old same old.

    • 5

      Are you blind ? Or tempted to behave so.

      Have we had the free media as it is now in the days of MR ?

      Today we though against the speed of those investigating processes, but there had been no such investigations at all in the days of MR … remember ?

      And pay hikes were given to all – and even more is allocated for the benefit of all with effect from Jan 2017.

      No extravaganza parties on the cost of the public.

      No helicopter abuse or Srilanken air line abuses – as was the case in the high days of Athigaru ? Srilanken was like their PVT taxi:: REMEMBER ?

      May be you guys are suffering from Mad cow disease not to see it all with widly open eyes ???????????

      Just criticising cant help anyone.
      Besides, srilanka is an another poverty striken country believe or not right ?

    • 1

      Lanken in general forget everything for their cheap gains.

      That is in their blood. And has always been fools – being easily caught by bastard politicians.
      So long Mahinda Rajaakshe is alive in Srilanka – achieving peace in this country iwll remain a dream.

  • 3

    Although I never suspected VI of financial misdeeds, I considered his political morality to be questionable.
    The reason why he went on the attack against Chandrika K was not plain political. The book on CK by VI was a disgrace.

    Ravaya and VI have been selective in their targets and have even flirted a little with MR.
    But I will not deny that Ravaya was a necessary paper during difficult times.

  • 11

    Just goes to prove that getting trustworthy people in this country is like ” getting feathers out of a tortoise”
    From top to bottom everyone is interested in filling their pockets. YAHAPALANAYA is the Joke of the century.
    When defeated candidates were brought in on the National List and given high positions,I knew what was
    going to happen. MS, AND MR are just going round the world at state expense.
    As a professional who toiled for this country,I draw a princely pension of Rs.20,000/-
    I did not vote for these jokers and crooks, and will not trust any of these fellows. To hell with all.
    So VICTOR IVAN too is just like all the others he was exposing. Now the ‘ fig leaf’ on him has dropped and is exposed.
    We Sri Lankans as a nation are to blame. The future seams very bleak.

  • 6

    Colombo Telegraph reliably learns,

    RE: President And PM Quash Investigation Into Rāvaya-Gate

    “Ravaya, the newspaper that often champions good governance, justice and democracy, has succeeded in suppressing an inquiry into allegations that its long-time editor Victor Ivan had pocketed millions of rupees in gross violation of the Companies Law, thanks to support from President Maithripala Sirisena and Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe, Colombo Telegraph reliably learns.”

    What about the Rajapaksa crooks and cronies? They are at large.

    The definition of good governance, Yahapalanaya is changing.So need to keep learning!

    We all are stuck with the old definition of good governance, Yahapalanaya .
    The President And PM have a new definition. You should ask for the latest definition of good governance, Yahapalanaya.

    So, with the new definition, Amarasiri and the 62 lakhs may have to pull the Titles of Turncoat, Traitor, Gona and Mala-Perethaya.

  • 3

    CT, please do a search, what is the share the current runner of Rayava – Janaranjana, who is another “champion” of “yahapalanaya” received from Ivan.

    This is the sad, but true situation of our country. Big talkers like JVP get their share in side the wash rooms. Press champion Ivan gets his share through the back doors. “Sadarana Samaja” business buggers get their portion through NGOs’. Pakyasothi’s under hand transactions were too well known. List goes fast. Actions come only to ‘selected’ bunch.

    • 6

      Max, we are no in a problem not being able to get how much you have been paid for your apolo servie to JO.
      Anyways, day by day, we are also fed up not seeing the due being in place to corner you and your gurus serving us all with the promised justice.

  • 0

    [Edited out]

  • 3


    “[Edited out]”


    Thanks for keeping it brief.

  • 0

    “THAKKADIYA” – the hypocrite and king of deceit.

  • 2

    The book by Victor Ivan[Podi Athula in 1971] regarding Sarath.N.Silva and his Amorous adventures with other peoples wives was an eye-opener about the sort of folks who ended up on the Supreme Court Bench!

  • 1

    How can Parliament assume controlling power over the Judiciary? If the separation of power is not practiced, then Parliamentary decisions in relation to Judiciary should be regarded void. President and PM are to make laws. Judiciary to interpret it. How can these two interfere in judicial operations? It is unethical of the executive and PM. Mental?

  • 4

    This is in reply to certain comments made by some readers involving me.

    I really have nothing to do with Mr Victor Ivan, on whom I had some degree of confidence.

    When Mr Ivan pleaded for financial support to keep the Ravaya newspaper floating, like many others, I believed him to be a person with high degree of integrity and gave him Rs 100,000.00.

    Had he told me that he or his family had been facing severe financial crisis, I still could have helped him to the best of my ability.

    I feel so saddened and embarrassed when I learnt that he has misappropriated 5 million rupees from the funds collected our to the donations made by the concerned citizens in good faith. And I am sure many of them would have contributed with their hard earned money for a good cause.

    When this serious breach of trust was committed, I had no other option but to demand him to refund my contribution. Initially he refused to accept that I had made any donation but later when I sent him the copy of the bank deposit receipt (with my name given as reference) he had no other option but to refund the money back.

    I genuinely feel sorry for Mr Ivan for his dismal failure to portray the character he claimed that he possessed.

    But I believe he understand his own plight now, having failed to maintain a strict disciplined character that the people anticipate from such public figures, who claimed to be honest and trustworthy.

    • 1

      Mr.Nagananda Kodituwakku please dont give up your good work.

      We can still save our country if we can somehow find

      225 persons like you, to be in our Parliament.

    • 2

      The bitter truth is almost all Sri Lankans are inherently dishonest rogues. Yes, I agree there are a very small number who are otherwise.
      Look at the record – Victor I accuses CBK and vice versa; Wimal Wansa accuses the UNP/SLFP and everyone else. He is now known as a massive fraud. Ask Buddhadasa; Lalith Kotala, the childless billionaire;
      Samurdi Raja SBD, what for the telling?; Gamarala speaks like a saint but what is the reality of the massive wealth in 20 years; Our business magnates from the Sinhala community have almost all taken State banks for rides. Nagananda accuses many but he made his money at the Customs. Everyone knows what that is. I recall a friend asking another Customs man in jest “yako, kiyapang. Mey loke avanka customs karayek innawada”?
      (Is there a honest Customs man in this world)

      Not only religion has failed to find an opening in our blood-stream
      but personal integrity as well. It is the shameful truth, whether you like it or not. Fortunately for us, Gandassara appears to clean both the Sasana and politics!!!!

      Devanam Piyadasa

  • 1

    It is clear that “Yahapalanaya” is only a slogan that catapulted the current team into power. Both the President and the PM are practical politicians and they would bend or brake any rule to safeguard their interests but may not be to the extent of the previous regime. However what is not clear to me is that other than the comments by officials to say “Boss is under pressure”, what is the evidence we have that both the President and the PM are involved in a cover up? If they are involved what is the stake that they have in the matter? Will an investigation into this matter reveal many other nasty transactions, that would affect the interests of both the President and the PM?

    Let us for the argument’s sake assume that Mr. VI indeed misappropriated funds. Is it merely to avoid being broke? Are we suggesting that he had bills to pay to the tune of Rs 5 Million?

    There is something wrong but before we come to conclusions we need the big picture.

  • 2

    Most of the money which were used to prop up Victor and his black-mailing scam aka Ravaya were contributed by either NGOs or characters associated with NGOs which ultimately means money that belong to the US state department or Canada/Norway government agencies. I’m sure they don’t give a heck about a few millions as long as their political goals are been met.

  • 2

    It is just a trade off.

    So, here after Ravaya will cut down in criticizing the govt.

  • 0

    One armed bandits cannot hide their villanies
    for a long time. He first bum sucked Mahinda
    Rajapaksa drinking his best brandy. Now, he
    is bumming Maithri and Ranil. This hero, who
    once believed in bombs to come to power, now
    is a faithful believer in money. Shame on
    rascals like this

  • 0

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