19 July, 2024


President Leads Largest Delegation For Climate Change Summit In Dubai: Probably A Guinness World Record

By P. Soma Palan

P. Soma Palan

I refer to the news Report in Sunday Times of 26th November 2023 titled “President leads largest delegation for Climate Change Summit in Dubai”. I am compelled to respond with my views:

1. The country is in an economic crisis created by the Rulers of our country, which reduced us to a nation of beggars seeking rescue aid from other countries and the IMF. This is confirmed by the recent Supreme Court verdict of guilty against the Rulers of the Government, in Petitions filed by concerned parties.

2. In the economic morass we are in, the President leading a delegation of 80 persons to the Climate Change Summit in Dubai sounds moronic in economic sense and laughable in comic sense.

3. In another sense, it is a great achievement of the President, as it qualifies for consideration of our country to be bestowed with the honour of a place in the Guinness Book of World Records.

4. However, the crux of the matter is, do we need to have such a large contingent of participants at Climate Change Summit, though an important one, but of no significance in real terms to us and the world.

5. Does such a large delegation mean the President, and a small team of ‘Experts” in Climatology would be incapable of making an impactful contribution to the Summit without the combined intellectual input of his 80 strong delegation.

6. The country is reeling in a dearth of foreign exchange to meet the urgent absolute needs of the people, but we are frittering away valuable foreign exchange on cost of Air fares and Hotel and Food expenses. It is pertinent, if the President let the people know the full cost of this exercise.

7. All Governments that rule us are the same. They care not a tuppence for the country’s wellbeing. They are masters at rhetoric to bamboozle the people.

8. President’s generosity in taking with him a huge delegation is understandable. It amounts to nothing but a bribe in kind to fortify his position and harness the loyalty and support of his Government colleagues, with his yes on next Presidential election.

9. In summary, the delegates could enjoy the picnic in Dubai, sight-seeing and shopping for their families at the cost of public money. Whereas, the people are taxed both directly and indirectly with VAT, and burdened with ever rising cost of living.

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    Somapalan, I too was shocked reading the news. 80 of them to change climate, Domestic or international climate ???? Many of those unhappy SLPP / SLFP political hangers needs to be mollified before elections. BIA staff needs to keep an eye on contraband / iphones/ gold brought in by our expert “climate changers”.

    • 4

      The political climate in Sri Lanka is precarious with a possible breakup. Hence Ranil has taken a lot with him to prevent any such event.

  • 6

    The recent two constitutions of united Sri Lanka created by Buddhist Sinhala leadership was not with the participation of all the communities or not a united constitutions, purely made to protect the power hungry political families but not to unite the people or develop the country. You cannot expect a politician whose family owns the UNP political party with a 50 years of enjoyable political benefits will be changed now. The president had a dream for executive presidency to enjoy the benefits will not prepared to give up his free benefits granted or created by his uncle. He is not bothered about people or opinion of the people. The reality is that the people of the country still do not want to use their power against the wrong doers.

  • 8

    Foreign jaunts for cronies are nothing new. If I am not mistaken, the SL officials attending the last Olympics out numbered actual participants. Some years ago, I remember CBK taking an entourage to Ireland to see how the Northern Ireland Peace deal was signed but as Mr Soma Palan says, this is a time of scraping the barrel for survival. The budget deficit is ever widening & the poor citizens are burdened with higher taxation, directly & indirectly. The cabinet is bloated with politicians, including those retired, enjoying the good life, so, as far as RW is concerned, I suppose it is just another expense that would be spent in some other form, so why not keep his cronies happy with some duty free christmas shopping?
    Just wondering how many of the entourage are actually knowledgeable & the strategy for climate change once they return more enlightened. By the way, what progress have we made since the last climate change summit RW attended? Maybe he realised it was too much for his already clogged brain to comprehend, therefore, needs a team of ‘professionals’ to advise him.

    • 7

      Raj- UK , how can we forget seeing those memorable pictures of, “mother of all Kaputas” , with family and acolytes having full course meals in Italy and Namal jet skiing in Maldives, amidst peak of bankruptcy/food / fuel scarcity. Under Kaputa’s watch Malli diverted Sri Lankan airline to bring a puppy for his wife and Basil’s only demand to do business “show me the money “, Lankans fully deserve what is in return. Reportedly recent Verit’e survey shows, more than 50% Lankans believe our Politicians are the master minds of Easter attack ??? Yet RW appointed Deshabandu ( what ever that means ) as acting IGP. To my knowledge, I cannot remember Lanka’s politics without extravaganza / nepotism/ corruption/graft ………………According to news Lanka secured 20 Billion Rs from ADB, for rural road renovations, which reminded me of recent article by Sarath, on the current state of, one of the main roads ( if not mistaken Chithra Lane) in Colombo city ??????? Stupid , Sorry, Silly ………

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        Raj, take a look at the pictures on digital DM RW meeting Modi by the sidelines of conference. Note the facial expressions of Sabry , Rambuk ( God knows what this A.Hole , who couldn’t save the sick , will contribute in saving climate ) and few unknowns standing behind RW.

  • 3

    Is OC in the delegation ? After all that crawling….

    Even though he has gone so low , Ranil will not consider Leela or Vedda.

    He will not want the Dubai crowd to think he keeps the company of such dolts and foul mouths, yes bad smell emanating.

    Dubai is particular about hygiene

  • 7

    What use can be made of a “DEADWOOD” and that is “ROTTEN” unless it is allowed to “FLOAT” and “PERISH”?

  • 7

    Ranil is taking such a large group with him in order for them to carry the black money now in Dubai back to Sri Lanka. He is funding his “golayas” by this act.

    Customs should do a thorough check of all those who went with Ranil when they come back.

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    Ever since Sultan Al Jaber was appointed to head COP28, it has ceased to be a meeting about climate, and more about deals for the energy sector, ironically and particularly for the fossil energy sector.
    May be Ranil expects to make some quick deals in the sidelines of the actual summit, which in any case losing its actual purpose.

  • 9

    With such a large delegation the chances are that Srilanka would be the first to go under the sea with rising sea levels. Ranil.W. does not care two hoots for the fallout from climate change. He is only worried about the impending political change on the cards.

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