5 March, 2024


November 29 – UN Created Israel

By Latheef Farook

Latheef Farook

November 29 marks the day when the United Nations, under pressure from US, Britain and Europe, divided Palestine and created an artificial state for imported Jews in violation of all accepted norms, laws and moral principles. The main purpose of planting this alien entity in Palestine was to ensure Middle East always remains in turmoil. The conspiracy to plant Israel in Palestine began like this;

Austrian Jewish journalist Theodore Herzl first mooted the idea of a separate state for Jews with his pamphlet entitled “Der Judenstaat” in 1895. Two years later in 1897   the first World Zionist Congress in Geneva decided to establish a Jewish state in Palestine.

Ten years later in 1907 Britain decided at the London Colonial Conference, to establish a hostile power to the people of the area and a friendly one to Europe and its interests.  

Since then secret Jewish immigrants from Russia began to establish Jewish colonies in Palestine where 95 percent of the population were Palestinian Arabs who owned ninety percent of its land.  

The Jews wanted absolutely nothing except Palestine because Palestine is at the crossroads of Europe, Asia and Africa and constitutes the veritable centre of world political power – the strategic military centre for world control”.

Palestine then was a province of Turkish Ottoman Empire. During the First World War, Britain asked the Arab states to support it against the Muslim Ottoman Turks, promising them a kingdom comprising the entire Fertile Crescent which included present Lebanon, Israel, Jordan and Syria. The Arabs trusted and supported Britain which after the war, betrayed the Arabs . 

In 1917 Palestine was brought under British Mandatory power which helped Zionist Jews to create their state of Israel. Historic records reveal that as early as 1839, the British politicians were dwelling upon the idea of dispossessing the Palestinian Arabs of their land and donating it to their Jewish friends. In keeping with this policy the British Foreign Secretary Arthur James Balfour promised  Jewish businessman Rothschild, in a letter, a National Home for Jews in Palestine offering to take every possible step to achieve this objective.

In the aftermath of World War I,under the secret Sykes-Picot Agreement signed on May 1916, Britain and France inherited the Ottoman Empire, drew the political boundaries and divided the Arab world into spheres of British and French influences and installed puppet regimes  serving the West. 

This disastrous legacy of puppet regimes serving US – Europe interests continues to date

From the very onset, the British government was not serious about protecting the rights of the Palestinians.Enlightened and fair-minded Jews opposed the establishment of a Zionist Jewish state in Palestine. On July 1, 1920, notorious British Zionist, Sir Herbert Samuel, who played a leading part in soliciting the Balfour Declaration, was appointed as British High Commissioner to Palestine to implement the Balfour Declaration.  

British Mandatory Power permitted the Jewish Agency to bring in Jewish youth and train them in warfare skills often under the guidance of British officers, while Arab homes and even mosques were searched by British authorities for arms. The British also provided the Zionists with sophisticated arms including tanks, planes and adequate training needed against the native Palestinians and arrested and punished the Arabs for possessing even penknives. 

Arabs who dared to show opposition to the arrival of Jewish immigrants were hung on the lamp posts of Jerusalem. Meanwhile, Zionist terror gangs began unleashing  waves of killings to drive Palestinians out from their homes and grab their lands, while the well-organized international Zionist propaganda machine deceived the world, as they do now, by justifying these crimes.

 British supported the establishment of Jewish terrorist brigades, such as  Hagana, Stern Gang and Irgun, under the leaderships of Meacham Begin and Yitzhak Shamir who introduced terrorism to Palestine.

On July 22, 1946  Menachem Begin led the terrorists who bombed  King David Hotel in Jerusalem and killed  91 – 25 Britons, 41 Arabs and 17 Jews. Menachem Begin, went on a killing spree and within a week butchered hundreds of innocent Palestinian men, women and children – 100 in the derailment of Haifa Cairo express and 254 in Deir Yassin, a village a few miles off Jerusalem. The Deir Yassin massacre has been one of the most barbarous crimes ever committed against humanity and could be coupled with the infamous “My Lai massacre in Vietnam”. 

After dropping seven bombs on the small Arab village of 775 people Menachem Begin, backed by 15 tanks and heavy mortar shelling machines, gunned or bayoneted 254 of its unarmed men, women and children of all ages including ninety-year-old Hajj Ismail Attich and the eighteen-month-old Mohammed who was butchered on the bosom of his mother. 

The mutilated bodies of the victims were thrown into a well. The women, girls and the children who survived  were rounded up at dawn by Menachem Begin and his gangs and loaded into Lorries to Jerusalem where they were paraded through the Jewish streets, jeered and spat upon.  

Haganah was carrying out merciless attacks on other fronts. The Arabs, unarmed and unorganized, began to flee in panic shouting “Deir Yassin”. Menachem Begin and Ben Gurion wanted to get rid of as many Arabs as possible  and occupy as much of their lands as possible before 15 May, 1948 when the United Nations vote on the partition of Palestine took place to create the state of Israel in Palestine.

Commenting on this massacre, renowned historian Arnold Toynbee had this to say in his book “A Study of History”: “The evil deeds committed by the Zionist Jews against the Palestinian Arabs that were comparable to crimes committed against the Jews by the Nazis. The blood at Deir Yassin was on the head of the Irgun  the expulsion  of Palestinians after 15 May, 1948 was on the head of all Israelis.”

In the same cold blooded vein Irgun, Stern and Haganah regulars  massacred people in a number of other villages. This included the village of Nassiruddin on April 14, 1948 where all except forty, who managed to escape, were butchered by the Irgun-Stern force. The following day, on May 5 1948, Haganah terrorists committed a wholesale massacre in the area of Mazraat El Khoury, overlooking Tiberias. 

The bodies of many slain women and children were mutilated and a number of old people were beheaded and their limbs cut off. Young people were roasted alive when the Haganah locked them inside a house and set it on fire before the few surviving old people were finally set free by the Haganah and advised them to tell their story to the Arab world and sarcastically asked the Arab states to come to their rescue. 

A mosque was blown up on 6 May, 1948 over the heads of villagers who were locked in by the Zionists at Al Zeitoon, Safad. The entire population of Beit Drass in Gaza was wiped out on 13 May, 1948 in another savage attack by the Zionists similar to Deir Yassin. There the pregnant women were bayoneted in the womb, bodies of others atrociously mutilated and all the houses in the villages were finally dynamited.

In the midst David Ben-Gurion, the Executive Head of the World Zionist Organization and the chairman of the Jewish Agency for Palestine, declared Israeli independence on 15 May 1948, the day before the British Mandate was due to expire. Within minutes came the recognition from US followed by Soviet Union.

Israeli policy of atrocities did not stop after establishing a state for Jews. According to reports so far Israel has committed more than 60 genocides of Palestinians thanks to the political, military, financial support of US and Europe.

The irony is that  despite their war crimes both Yitzhak Shamir and Menachem Begin were elected as prime ministers  of Israel and Menachem Begin was also awarded the coveted Nobel Prize in Oslo demonstrating the power the Jews wield over US and Europe.

It is this very same Zionist Jews who slaughtered Palestinians in Gaza In October 2021. These genocides were committed with the complete support of US and Europe while Arab dictators remain spectator as they are today. 

Israel committed repeated genocides of Palestinian in Gaza.

In October 2021 too while Israel was  committing genocides of Palestinians in Gaza US President Joe Biden visited Israel and expressed his solid support to Israel – perhaps by slaughtering Palestinians and flattening Gaza by aerial bombings.  

In keeping with this tradition of killing Palestinians, Israel started committing genocide of Palestinian civilians in  Gaza under the guise of responding to Hamas’ 7 October 2023 attack on Israelis with the open support of US,Britain and Europe.

So far Israel has killed 15,000 Palestinians. Of them 6160 were children, 4000 women, 33,000 wounded and 7000 missing perhaps under destroyed buildings.

Israel  today, remains the most condemned country by the United Nations with more than 125 UN resolutions. Israel also remains the sole source of instability threatening not only the region but the entire world. The UN remains ineffective in the face of Zionist crimes due to US and European support. Palestinians have no one to turn to. They are betrayed by Arab dictators and demonised as terrorists by the Western media.  

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    Filastin, the original Arab name for a land area was occupied by Semitic people, Arabs and sub groups, until European nations decided to deport Jews fleeing Hitler’s Germany. The Jews were considered problematic who would destabilise the West. So they renamed Filastin “Palestine” and shipped the Jews there.
    Who were the Semitic people? Oxford Dictionary says, “… including the Hebrews, Aramaeans, Assyrians, and Arabs. Subsequently also: a member of any of the peoples who speak or spoke a Semitic language.”
    Wikipedia now has been “doctored” to say we are wrong: “Semitic people or Semites is an obsolete term for an ethnic, cultural or racial group associated with people of the Middle East, including Arabs, Jews, Akkadians, and Phoenicians.”
    No longer Arabs, Palestinians.
    And the term antisemitic is now given the weight of an outrageously obscene and foul word, referring to hostility and discrimination towards the Jewish race, no other race.
    And as the BBC selectively does, you can use “massacre”, “slaughter”, “atrocities” only with regard to Palestinian Hamas and others hostile towards the collective white races, not with regard to Israeli Jews.
    That’s how we get our brains embedded with distortions.

  • 4

    According to the Old Testament which is read and believed together with the newer one by Christians, the Jews were God’s “Chosen People” and have an exalted status far superior to any other race. This is the myth and fantasy that “believers” depend on, to defend any murderous atrocity they commit against lesser people. So, ethnic cleansing, genocide and massive crimes against humanity are reported as less evil than a few hundred inmates of a concentration camp breaking out and fighting with their oppressors, during which some of the armed illegal settlers and their military backed people were killed. The state of Israel, in its present manifestation is untenable, unsustainable and will become wholly irrelevant in time to come. It would be like apartheid South Africa, where the system was dismantled despite valiant backing by the US and its allies.

    • 0

      “It would be like apartheid South Africa, where the system was dismantled despite valiant backing by the US and its allies.”
      Formal apartheid has gone.
      But the inequality that went with it?
      Imperialism has had its way on its neo-colonial agenda.

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