13 June, 2024


President Rajapaksa’s Lies: Claims 12,000 Soldiers Left In The North But Reality Is More Than 150,000

President Mahinda Rajapaksa lied publicly about troop presence in the Northern Province claiming the military had been scaled down to 12,000 men in the former conflict zone despite 16 out of 19 Sri Lanka Army Divisions still being stationed in the region.

Declaring open the Trail Tellipallai Cancer Hospital in Jaffna on Sunday, President Rajapaksa made the claim that only 12,000 soldiers remained in the North.

Mahinda“There were between 60,000-75,000 troops in this area during the war. Today that number has come down to 12,000,” President Rajapaksa said.

On the contrary, Sri Lanka’s army has grown larger in size since the end of the war, with the military continuing to recruit personnel. From 200,000 troops at the end of the war in 2009, the number of soldiers has increased to over 250,000.

16 of the Sri Lanka Army’s Divisions and Task Forces – 19 in all – are situated in the Northern Province. (See list below). With a minimum of 10,000 soldiers per division, 16 divisions within the Northern Province would hold a total of at least 160,000 soldiers.

The country’s Defence budget is second only to the allocation for debt servicing and despite international and domestic calls for demobilisation and demilitarisation of the former war zones, the military continues to play a major role in civilian activities in the Northern Province.

Security Forces Headquarters – Jaffna (SFHQ-J)

51 Division, based in Jaffna

52 Division, based in the Jaffna Peninsula

55 Division, based in Elephant Pass, Jaffna Peninsula [3]

Security Forces Headquarters – Wanni (SFHQ-W) [3]

56 Division, operating in the Vavuniya District

61 Division, operating in the Vavuniya District

21 Division

Area Headquarters Mannar

Security Forces Headquarters – Kilinochchi (SFHQ-KLN)[3][6]

57 Division, operating in the Kilinochchi District

Task Force 3, operating in the Kilinochchi District

Task Force 7, operating in the Kilinochchi District

66 Division, operating in the Kilinochchi District

68 Division, operating in the Kilinochchi District

Security Forces Headquarters – Mullaittivu (SFHQ-MLT) [3]

59 Division, operating in the Mullaittivu District

Task Force 2, operating in the Mullaittivu District

64 Division, operating in the Mullaittivu District

65 Division, Thunukkai, Mullaittivu District Divisions

53 Division, based at Mankulam [3]

58 Division, based at Paranthan (formally referred to as the Task Force 1) [3]

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Latest comments

  • 26

    The need to maintain any troops there at all demonstrates the fallacy that Sri Lanka is “One Nation”.
    The president should be focussing on healing and nation-building; not false unity through the use of military force.

    • 31

      Mahinda is a pathological liar,
      he lied all the way to power,
      he is keeping the power by lying,
      and he will go the grave lying.
      He will also be reborn a liar!

    • 2

      If you leave your house door open and house squatters get in and when you somehow find a way of getting them out would you leave the front door open right away?
      To some, going into a 5th year with a large military presence up North since the war finished would be seen as harsh but it’s quite evident that the LTTE are still around in some form here and overseas. I personally feel time is up to reduce the presence to an extent but I and many other people don’t know what the intelligence agencies know let alone CT.

      • 5

        Dear Rajan

        .” I personally feel time is up to reduce the presence to an extent but I and many other people don’t know what the intelligence agencies know let alone CT.”

        Intelligence people are more intelligent than you and I. They Know How to secure their Job and also Loot now and then. Rape once in a while. All they have to do is to supply data to Satisfy the Goat at the Top to maintain their presence and keep the Job intact.


  • 31

    MaRa is a Hora, not just a hora, he is a goo hora, who ate tsunami funds. Who bribed LTTE, Who allegedly abducted journalists, who bought sakkiliyos top posts, who gave an ugly face to Buddism.
    Lying is not a big deal for him.
    CT must attach this above pic (without make-up?) of MaRa
    all the time when necessary. People can see what a terrifying creature
    he is.
    Cant stand the buggers.

    • 25

      Yes, he is horage hora.
      See, now he has reappointed Mervin to Kelaniya area again.
      No matter those money extortion cases were reported and even were being investigated.. nothing came like a report from any investigations as usual to this day for the other crime investigations too. Nor have the general public raised the question. They just stay mum. Looters by nature go on their efforts to bring the country further fallen into the high deeps. There is no good news to this nation after UNHRC sessions this time. World should work together to corner this man MR so that other genuine leaders could build up a better govt that would respect law and order.

      Why the donkey nation (over 70% are donkeys) seem to nodd their heads again and again to this brutal voting their candates into highly corrupted parliament we ever enjoyed in this life. I really dont know why.

      Journalists get cars without taxes while the grievances of poor of the poor let to stay dead further. What a bulshit governance ? Then the others point the figers at Opposition. They are made impotent – what are the jvpers doing… to avoid this situation. why dont they react adequately ?

      MR spends millions for foreign travels but no price reductions are being considered at least for daily essentials like kiripiti for the poor. Today there is no war – credits should given not only to MR but to previous regimes too; previous ones made the way MR to pluck the fruits.
      This man came to politics not shortly before 2005. He has been doing his kind of illnatured politics for the last 40 years. There he could also mediate bringing peace to the country… did he ?

      Roads and such physical constructions are just long term projects that were started in previous govts, but the fruits were plucked by MR regime as if he has all magical powers to do everyone wonder. Gamayata ithin magic. They need now only NASLANUWA….it is the rural idiotic masses allow MR and the co to loot further.

    • 21

      Leelage Bappa

      “Who allegedly abducted journalists, who bought sakkiliyos top posts, who gave an ugly face to Buddism.”

      What is sakkiliyos?

      He didn’t give ugly face to Buddhism, he gave leadership to ugly Sinhala/Buddhism and made use of it.

      • 17

        Examples for sakkiliyos

        a) Duminda Silva (number one killer, kudu drug dealer, rapists, criminal by all means)
        b)Mervin Silva
        c) Tranport minister kumara
        and several others that are obsequious to do anything for the MR thugs.

        • 16

          This -sakkilios- term is being used for the lowerst caste people that were then set to remove toilet silos- a few decades ago. Their work was to clean that properly. That is how the word originated.

          Mervin silva is said to have such jobs years back though until CBK terms gave him a chance to come to politics. But as dog would never change his charactor even if you put in golden cages, this filthy mouth UPFA minister even attacked CBK publicly making staments like “I could even marry someone in Bandaranayaka family”. That is how he has been trained by megalogmanic MR clique. So have they attacked also country´s FORMER CJ DR: SB calling her bitch in parliament in that so called meeting sessions…. this you may have atleast read.

          • 1

            “This -sakkilios- term is being used for the lowerst caste people that were then set to remove toilet silos”

            AKA – the ancestors of ‘Eelam’ Tamils :-)

      • 12

        What is Sakkiliyos?
        Though there is no race as such (Iam neither a racist nor i descriminate any normal human being)though there are third class, cheap, petty thieves, drug dealers, pimps ‘thrada’ fellows and ‘dudhanos’. I was simply refering to them. For instant Kehelmala, Sangili Panikkiya, DullAss, Vaas, BumChampuka, Gommanpilla, Mervin, Rattaran, Sarana, Rathana, Gandhasara, Hulangamuwa, Radaliyagoda, Hudson, so on.
        I contradict your last sentence native Vedda.
        He and his maniac sibling Gothakarumaya made this present Buddism along with racists such as Goo Amare, Nalin Silva Champuka and with some ugly Monks to fool the majority Sinhalese with one intension which is to stay in power for ever. Obviouly he is giving leadership because he has to, if not someone would be a Somarama one day. All we need is just one small crack in the slab, the rest assuared. Its inevitable in any case.

  • 21

    I guess it comes easily for him, lies I mean, like the zero civilian casualty claim LOL

    Kind regards,

    • 19

      Did not you notice common reactions became clear in the days of chogem ?

      His reactions are just evasive – as if he came out of his guhawa (cage) thinking or believing further that all others are too stupid as he is. This genetic disorder is common with siblings and offsprings too. So the shenanigans have no choice than promote these lies.

      I wonder why local brave journalists (even after enjoying perks) seem to have no balls to come forward and hold a broader interview with the BUGGER MR for the following areas
      that have been deadly paralized to this day

      a) Rule of law and order – Justice but the justic regardless of them being HIS MEN or others
      b) Reliefs for the poor
      c) NOT FORGETTING WHY no even little signs are there to abolish the executive presidency

    • 9

      I am against SN Silva former Judge. But there are also valid points that the guy have made publicly, that MR is not a leader with a vision. He is plainly a cunning charactor only. See the silly remarks he made after UK´s premier stressed the need of focusing on sky roketed human right violation record ” they throw stone being in glass houses”, can a small poor nation like us go against world powers in that way. We should be very diplomatic. That is the only way left us the tiny nations to challenge them. If he appointed bodies emphasiing the need of respecting human rights – people and internaitonal communities would get the point. That is a long process.. being in his coalition, he can achieve a lot if he pays genuine efforts…. because alone the fact that minister of justice has been a muslim and from constituent party of the ruling coalition, MR as the leader could do lot more … sofar.. Bugger´s totally parlizing behaviiour towards those alarming issues is absurd.

  • 4

    Good, keep them there as long as escaped Tamil terrorists are vying to divide the country based on ancient Tamil homeland myths.

  • 3

    Tell Tamils to leave Jaffna, not the army.

  • 9

    Has he ever told the truth? What head of state and govt! Bensen

  • 10

    Begin with one lie, then make another to cover-up the earlier one, then another and another; thus the culture of political lies continues to hoodwink both the country and the world

  • 20

    MR has been a bully all of his life; he is not going to change now is he? As long as he knows that the Sinhala village folks are with him, he will not flinch one bit. However, the IC is a big obstacle for his programme! If he is given a freehand, he will become like Mugabe of Zimbabwe! All those Sinhala Buddhists who are critical of the IC have no clue that, the IC is the only body that can restore democracy in Sri Lanka!

  • 15

    This bastard has always been a smiling liar

    • 6

      but it is high time stupid folks to ponder right ?

      Why the folks stay as if they are subjected to clinial trials reported from Germany and some parts of the US – why is that folks seem to have no guts go against the idiots.

      If southern election would be won by using all tricks, there will be uprising in srilanka – 100%: That is predictable to anyone looking at the way nnow the it winds. Poor people will have to pay it with their lives smilar to the late 80ties´s insurgency that took the lives of 50 k across teh nation.

    • 9

      He never smiles its his stupid grin.
      whenever he talks see his eyes. You can see that he is showing fake interest. The man is full of tamashas but class.

      • 1

        Sure he does – I have seen it in some pictures in which he laughed ear to ear.. especially when exchanging killing jokes with ” ape minihas”, our men.

        May also be possible when someone re echoe the loads of harm made to others, normally they cant even think of paying a good smile…
        Principle: Bokke Dadamas Hakke Budures.

  • 3

    He is not a liar, he meant 12000 in Thellipalai!

  • 6

    How many lies did he speak there?

    1. http://news.lk/news/sri-lanka/8218-government-is-committed-to-develop-the-northern-province–president

    the government succeeded in restoring the lives of people in the Northern Province within a very short time, and similarly
    the government was able to resettle several hundred thousand civilians displaced by terrorist atrocities within a very short span of time
    the government cleared the areas dotted with mines and restored all infrastructure facilities
    the government has provided all basic facilities such as electricity, water and transport to the entire Northern Province within a very short time
    over 14,000 former LTTE combatants were rehabilitated and reintegrated into society by the government,
    the government is committed to develop the Northern province.
    the government provided its fullest assistance for the development of the Northern Province and will render all assistance to ensure its development in the future as well

    2. http://colombogazette.com/2014/01/19/mr-says-only-12000-troops-in-the-north/

    the Government will ensure equal treatment for all communities in the country

    no race can suppress another race in Sri Lanka and the Government will not leave room for such an attempt

    • 0

      Panabokke, we can see what is in your bokke.

  • 1

    I guess the “north” means different things to different people. The 70,000 troops in the Jaffna district has been scaled down to 12,000.

    • 3

      My friend, check the Daily News of today – it is very clear that Mahinda said and meant the Northern Province. If he didn’t, we will see if the Daily News publishes a retraction. Surely, if they have misrepresented what the President has said in their headlines, they will rectify it at the first available opportunity!!

      If they don’t, my friend, you will have to eat your words!


      • 2

        Shame on you Sulaiman, do you still read Daily News?
        Please dont spend by that trash. People must stop watching biased state run tele channels as well.
        I reckon its high time to boycott everything that help this regime directly or indirectly. We need some organisation to make the people understand what keep this regime running.
        Its high time for people to form firums and bring an end to this hopeless dumb regime. If we are united we can do singificant damage silently without any protestsz or demonstrations.
        No need to wait for the oppositions to spoon feed us and on the other hand they have to put their house in order first.

    • 1

      @Vibushana, this is what happens when you cannot count beyond 12,000.

  • 3

    CT has given statistics of troops in the north and called the bluff of MR.
    MR by his denial,is trying to refute the fact that the north is an “occupied territory” of a victorious army at the end of a war.
    MR’s bogus pronouncement will be echoed at the pending UNHCR session.
    I hope that there will be enough persons to state the truth.
    NGOs and human rights activists need to call this bluff.

  • 8

    What a barefaced lire this SOB is. Making a statement that there are only twelve thousand army personnel,,he thinks he can fool the local and the international community and that too coming from the Chairman of the Commonwealth and before the March meeting in Geneva. This is a man who has lost his credibility.
    The international community must be having a good laugh whenever this idiot of a president makes such idiotic statements.

  • 6

    He is a Lawyer….not an Accountant.
    12,000 or 12,0000 – For Lawyers 0 has no value.


    • 3

      He neither a Lawyer nor An Accountant but a Master Bluffer.

  • 6

    The nerve this man must possess to tell such blatant lies is mind boggling. Is he an idiot, a pathological liar or has been wrongly adviced? The last can’t be the case as his brother is the defence secretary and should be able to give him the correct troop numbers. My bet is that he is a pathological liar and a devious scoundrel.

  • 5

    Mad amu lanuwa is a born liar. He has beaten Chandrika too. If there is a contest for LIARS in the world, this man will be victorious and this will be the only truth he will be uttering thinking that it is a great achievement.

  • 1

    “There were between 60,000-75,000 troops in this area during the war. Today that number has come down to 12,000,”

    he says in this area…..perhaps he is referring to Tellipalai only?

  • 5

    An excellent speech. This speech alone is sufficient proof that the present CM of NPC is several notches above an average CM. But of what use? When will all those who are deaf and dumb to understand reality learn? God save Sri Lanka!

    Sengodan. M

  • 2

    Come on guys….He is practicing to lie in Geneva….

    He is the Boru iskole Head Master.

  • 1

    From time to time various leaders of Sri Lanka, both the dead and the lving, promised that under their rule the country will become a paradise of this and that which is a long list; but cerainly they have made Sri Lanka a Paradise of Corruption and deception; a Paradise of Murderers, a Paradise of Drug Dealers, a Paradise of Fraudsters, a Paradise of Human Rights violers, the latest a Paradise of Liers and more to come.

  • 3

    Dear Readers

    Why all this debate.

    It is The Sri Lankans of all hues collectively elected the President on the first Occasion to negotiate a peace deal. They Knew including the then Chief Justice that He Stole from the beggar’s bowl ( Tsunami Donation ).

    On the second occasion The Sri Lankans once again Voted collectively a liar. He was elected in the most democratic manner!

    Then why blame him? The blame should go to all Sri Lankans! For they who elected him.

    Sri Lankan’s should kick themselves.


    • 2

      I agree Levi. And they will continue to vote for him.

    • 0


      On the 1st MR bribed the LTTE and the JVP Grama Sevakas sabotaged over
      half a million UNP votes. What is this Peace deal you speak of. Ranil/UNP were the actual winners then by nearly half a million votes.

      On the 2nd, the winner was Sarath Fonseka. It was a combination of
      deception, tricks and bribery that won the election for the Rajapakses.
      You have not forgotten the lucrative role paid by the then Election
      Commissioner did you. The man was missing for nearly 20 hours at a time when he was in the gaze of the public and news 24×7.

      Mahinda R’s greatest talent is he shrewdly utilises the various weaknesses of voters and the system to benefit him – that he did splendidly. But the harm he and his family/friends have inflicted on the country is a wound that will take many decades to recover from – unless Geneva or fate intervenes. Many people fear he has destroyed all – the rich, the middle class, the poor, the economy and the entire system of average governance. The only thing that will remain is the family and their friends and relatives with their ill-gotten wealth.

      Dr. B.I. Passe

  • 1

    MR didn’t lie. He said “in this area”. This probably means that there are about 12,000 soldiers in Tellipalai area alone.
    There have been enough and more contributors to this website that have written about ‘Rajapaksa reality’….

    • 5

      This man is a born criminal. Just judge from what he has been performing these days. If he opens his mouth…nothing comes to call as honest words. Honesty should be born in them. That is alas not the case for those siblings of DA Rajapaksa.

      He proved it many a times sofar.

      But people must finally realize – that his rule is like square peg in a round hole – will never match if we the nation want to achieve peace and reconciliation in this country.

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