30 May, 2023


President’s Brother Dudley Sirisena Accused Of Ruining Nuwara Eliya

Business magnate Dudley Sirisena the brother of President Maithripala Sirisena is accused of causing havoc to the environment in Nuwara Eliya, where the soil dug out from his latest real estate project is been dumped in the famous race course, causing serious hazardous and environmental issues.

Dudley Sirisena

Dudley Sirisena

The Chairman and Managing Director of the Araliya Group Dudley Sirisena has been continuing to pile on soil, despite Sugathadasa National Sports Complex Authority’s Ground Manager in Nuwara Eliya A.G.Piyasena having earlier reported this to his Acting Director on the 21st of September 2015.

“The picturesque surroundings and the natural beauty of ‘Little England’ and its race course is now being threatened as the water drainage and natural irrigation system is been clogged by this clay like soil substance endangering and causing a serious impact to the environment” said an environmental activist.

Nawaloka Piling a subsidiary of the Nawaloka Group has been entrusted to carry out this project on the property which belongs to the Ministry of Sport.

Strangely even the Mayor of Nuwara Eliya Mahinda Kumara Dodampagamage has also turned a blind a blind eye to this operation. He failed to answer his mobile phone when contacted by Colombo Telegraph,

Incidentally the Ministry of Maheweli Development and Environment comes directly under the purview Dudley’s brother, President Maithripala Sirisena.

Earlier President Sirisena went on to say that even though he has dissolved most of his ‘Executive Powers’ as the President,he will not hesitate to use his powers to the fullest, if for any reason any part of our beautiful island nation and its ecology is threatened.

Nuwara Eliya Race Course Care Taker's Letter


Nuwara Eliya Soil Dump 5

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Latest comments

  • 25

    Dear CT,

    Great you keep track of what members of the Sirisena clan are up to. It is vital you do this.

    However, it baffles me why CT missed lastest appointments made by “minister” Arjuna Ranatunga.

    Appointment of Dhammika Ranatunga to SLPA is nothing but a serious white-collar crime against Sri Lanka.


    • 0

      Ben Hurling,

      CT is already sold out to My3 and MR faction. CT will do anything to sell out this land and earn dirty money. My3 has launched a major plan to get rid of RW and UNP power from the coalition government and take everything to His hand. That is why he took over Avant Garde matter to his own hands and acted extremely illegally.

      For god sake please someone sue this My3 bugger in court of law. He has intentionally, calculated and callously violated the constitution of Sri Lanka and misused his office by exercising uber-presidential powers. He cannot prohibit or acquire businesses, nor can he give judgements over civil matters. If we do not take action at this moment he will do more and more damage to UNP and become more powerful and Mahinda like dictator. This is the time of his budding dictatorship period where he is testing whether he can use abusive and dictatorial power over the land and people. Please do not allow this worthless shit-man to become “somebody” but attack the fucker the first occasion we get the chance.

  • 20

    You know,Arjuna insisted on playing most of his brothers in th Sri Lanka team, when they were decent club players at best. So many good quality players were kept out of the SL side because of this. Some of them NEVER played for the country because of these clowns. Now, he wants to appoint Dhammika, who apparently , has no qulifications for the job, as SLPA Chairman, and neither MS or RW have objected to it. So, where do we, the voters, stand? Shocking!

  • 13

    Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely.

    No MY3/Ranil, do not do this to us. We had the fullest confidence in you both. Do not let the fate that befell MARA befall you too.

    Let it be Arjuna or anyone who supported your candidacy, just play by the rules or else tell them to get the hell out of the Ministry or any post.

    We voters do not want this nonsense, neither from MARA nor from you. We voted you into power and you are obliged to listen to us. Disturbingly, there is another news item where your business brother is causing havoc in Nuwara Eliya. If that news item is also true, then it is DEIYO SAKI for YAHAPALANAYA.

    • 4

      How can they object ? ? ?
      When they do the same thing ? ? ?

    • 2

      Ansar do not cry now. You have to pluck what you sow!

      • 0

        max moron

        “Ansar do not cry now.”

        And you are happily wedded to Mahinda the God Father.

  • 13

    Looks like Maithripala is playing the deaf mute with regard to the increasing nepotism in his Yahapalanaya. If he is an honest and decent person he would never let his family members act like his predecessors, especially after all the promises he made in order to get our votes.

    Is there any hope for the citizens of this country with this succession of crooks and thugs we have in the guise of ‘politicians’ who will represent the interests of the country and not themslves and their families and friends?

  • 8

    Good work CT, please keep it up. The comments from your readers are very valid and help expose the corruption that is taking place. Sri Lanka will never develop into a good governance country with crooks like these using their connection’s and family to milk the nation dry. Time for the environmental authority to exercise its powers and have this stopped with legal action being taken against this Dud…ly who happens to be MS’s brother. Another uneducated, illiterate bum using his brothers position to exploit the people of this country.

  • 10

    Dudley Sirisena eh?

    The fact that these Chena cultivators at Polonnaruwa were settled by the Senanayakes in the early days and given lands does not mean that they can aspire to be the Senanayakes!~

    • 1

      How pathetically elitist you are.

  • 2

    So, what else is new?

  • 0

    Mahinda and few of family members and Friends or Henchman abused the power and made use of county’s resources to benefit very limited Crowd around him.
    People against to that act not just because they are patriotic and to save the country but to have equal right to enjoy same privilege what Mahinda had.
    Now chance is given. Now more people use the privilege of abusing the power and base on that doing all frauds.
    This is call democracy special only to Srilanka.
    People now regret as again they made a big blunder by voting for new set of rogues.

  • 0

    “Earlier President Sirisena went on to say that even though he has dissolved most of his ‘Executive Powers’ as the President,he will not hesitate to use his powers to the fullest, if for any reason any part of our beautiful island nation and its ecology is threatened.”

    Does CT expect siri to add”except where me and my families interests will be affected”.That is understood in srilanka because that has been the culture of the people’s representatives since independence.Surely siri does not need to spell it out for us in writing.He is following his predecessors.

    The only way to stop this culture is to form a new party.This is a golden opportunity with the SLFP and UNP joining together and ganging up on the people for a new party to emerge preferably of youth under the age of 25 years who have still not got corrupted with our political culture.A youth part should be formed using the internet as a tool because it is a great communication mediem and now the youth are savvy with it,and us old timers helping and advising them through it,but not becoming members of it.

    The young are the only hope.The old are too far gone to change them now.Canada has done the right thing by electing a young handsome primeminister.C’mon the youth wake up and take the bull by the horns otherwise wait till 60 to get any position suitable for your skills and by that time nothing will be left of the country.We will help you and guide you all the way through the internet.Start forming the Srilanka Youth Party quickly,otherwise not only nuwara eliya,the whole country will be a bankrupt dustbowl for you and your children.

  • 0

    Sirisena is a crook. Do you expect a brother to be any different, assuming he is a product of the same parents? Consider also case of the SLT Chairman.

    Another case in point is Minister of Shipping Arjuna Ranatunga. Who is going to watch the cash flow at the Port Authority? You think the Minister brother is going to stop the Brother’s looting? Arjuna has other brothers too. Anyone take a look at their records?

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