19 July, 2024


Prisoners Weeratunga And Palpita Suddenly Fall Sick – Hospitalized After Three Years RI Sentencing

Former Presidential Secretary Lalith Weeratunga and former Director General of the Telecommunications Regulatory Commission (TRC) Anusha Palpita who had each been sentenced to three years rigorous imprisonment by the Colombo High Court, were taken into the Prison Hospital today. Their prison and hospital numbers are – Anusha Palpita V18068 (Hospital Number 7401) Lalith Weeratunga V18069 (Hospital Number 7402)

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    Judiciary once again taken for a joke.

    “Former Petroleum Industries Deputy Minister and former Chairman of Development Lotteries Board (DLB) Sarana Gunawardena was transferred to the Prison Hospital today.
    He was remanded by Colombo Fort Magistrate Lanka Jayaratne on September 4, for misusing a state vehicle valued over Rs.8 million, while serving as the Chairman of Development Lotteries Board during the previous regime. “

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    if they had diabetes why were they not in hospital prior to sentencing
    after mr met ranil hospitalization was agreed on as a compromise

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    When people eat “Jarawa” (dirt) they invariably get tummy upsets! Unfortunately the commission of the crime is by proxy! On the other hand we don’t know how much it actually cost? The conflict of interest is so bad that the accused, judge and jury in the tender procedure are the same people!
    If the life companion of Lalith could resign in protest when there was pressure on the securities and stock exchange, why couldn’t he do the same?
    On another note the doctors in prison are corrupt like their dictator Padeniya!!!??? Either they were paid a handsome bribe or Padeniya had a hand?? I suppose Ranil & Co. Wouldn’t do much to stop it since they can also use the same facilities

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    The other possible diabetes patients are,
    Mahinda Rajapaksha, Namal Rajapaksha, Yoshitha Rajapaksha, Vihara Maha Devi, Basil Rajapaksha, Gotabaya Rajapaksha, Wimal Weerawansa and his wife, Udaya Gammanpila, Jhonston Fernando, Keheliya Rambukwella, Mahindananda Aluthgamage, Rohitha Abegunawardana and most of the JO members.
    Prison Mafia Doctors will recommend that all these VIP’s are suffering from chronic diabetes and make sure a place in Prison hospital..

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      You are right but they become diabetics only after the court sentence is delivered, then stress is enough to cause diabetics and so seek treatment.

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    According to the latest medical tests done on both criminals, their legal team was shocked to learn that their client’s urine sample colour was yellowish yellow. Further to challenge the unfair treatments done on their clients, the legal team is now discussing with a recently sacked justice minister of SL as well as a former chief justice of SL. According to their wisdom, the team is going to request the court to send their client’s urine samples to a high end medical lab in Siberia. Until then they are going to request the court to allow their clients to get local treatment from the prison hospital.

    However both criminals objected the idea of staying any longer in the prison hospital with unbearable conditions. They complained about the quality of the services provided to them at the prison hospital. They asked their legal team to explore the options to stay at one of the best private hospital in town until they get favorable tests results of their urine samples from the lab in Siberia.

    They further point out the private hospital in town also got investment from their masters so that the management won’t reject their request to chill out at the hospital for the reminder of their prison terms.
    General public are kindly requested by the legal team not to mess up with the physical or mental status of their innocent clients in this difficult situation.

    They further point out getting legal advice from ex justice minister and ex chief justice of SL is totally acceptable in any legal or ethics terms. They further point out this situation is no different than medical professors to start a private medical college in SL to give equal opportunities to all the kids who want to become a medical doctor.

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    As an insider of the TRCSL and as a victim of Anusha Palpita, I know that Anusha [Edited out]. But he should have known better to cut his size as a patient in going that extra mile to harass us. Above all he is the so called hero who promoted the idea to the Mahinda the availability of enough of funds of TRC and out even Mr. Weeratunge into trouble, a person we all respected. He was the hero who secreted funds of the TRC to the Treasury to be in the good books of the authorities though now we know even that is strictly illegal.

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    When judgment has given by Gihan Kulatunge ,are there any Judges related that connections to Colombo Prisons? See or consulted Doctors?
    The convicted has right to see Doctors and having that doctors recommendation of convicted can go any suitable Hospital by if they suitable for fair treatments.
    Why is that case of political interfere for Lalitha Weeratunga and Palpits Docotors waited approved by Political leadership?
    Why is that new regulation has been an introduce to see three doctors only after Two convicted in Jail terms?
    Is that Gahian Kulatung judgment has been mention time of he delivered his verdicts ???
    1 Political are behind by judgment is leads to suspicion ?
    2 Violations of Human Rights of even convicted prisons by politics of Old and New leadership UNP policies?
    Human Rights of convicted prisoners which undermined by New UNP leader of MS?
    This way of politics of undermined right of convicted prisoner that UNP’s has an open Door for Democracy? Or New Dictatorships?

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    The good Doctor should have asked how they were treated weeks before the judgement whether they were in hospital. These people are without any self respect or back bone. This very behavior suggests that they are crooks.Subverting the due process of law by devious means. By acting in this manner they insult their parents children law abiding family members and above all the schools they studied.I am reminded of how Ahelepola family and Henry Pedris faced the law bravely. Its a shame and agonizing that we are compelled to live today with unscrupulous people.

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