17 April, 2024


Priyantha Jayawardena On The Prowl – CJ Jayasuriya’s Position Now In Real Danger; Justice Rajakaruna’s Resignation From SPC Kept Secret

Last October, Colombo Telegraph reported that the Special Presidential Commission (SPC) headed by Justice Priyantha Jayawardena which has been mandated to report on whether civic disability should be imposed on Opposition politicians and officials named in the report of the Presidential Commission on Political Victimisation (PCPV) is being used to create havoc in the Opposition. The PCPV is better known as the “Pissu Poosa” Commission. Among those named were former Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe, former Ministers Mangala Samaraweera (since deceased), Patali Champika Ranawaka, Sarath Fonseka, Rauf Hakeem, Malik Samarawickrema, TNA Leader R. Sambanthan, TNA MP M.A. Sumanthiran, JVP Leader Anura Kumara Dissanayake, lawyer J.C. Weliamuna, former M.P. Dr. Jayampathi Wickramarathna, senior detective Shani Abeysekera and Deputy Solicitor General Thusith Mudalige. The Colombo Telegraph article can be accessed here.

Justice Sobitha Rajakaruna

Although the current political situation and the grave crisis that the Government has put the country into has overshadowed the SPC process and it is extremely unlikely that a recommendation to strip the above of their civic rights would muster the required two-thirds majority in Parliament, Justice Priyantha Jayawardena is using the SPC to further his own goal, that is, to become Chief Justice as soon as possible. In fact, he is said to be hoping to become Chief Justice by as early as March 2022. According to reliable sources, Jayawardena is now more focused on passing strictures against Jayantha Jayasuriya, the present Chief Justice, for his role as Attorney-General when many who are close to the Rajapaksa family were indicted in courts. Jayawardena’s strategy is to find fault with the Attorney General of the day for allegedly acting arbitrarily to indict those who later complained to the PCPV.

Acting outside his mandate as the Chairman of the SPC, Jayawardena is also liaising with the Rajapaksa acolytes in the Bribery and Corruption Commission, former Justices Eva Wanasundara (Chairperson) and Deepali Wijesundara. The material used by the PCPV has been taken over by the SPC for its purposes. Jayawardena has been supplying copies of files to the Bribery Commission, dealing directly with Deepali Wijesundara. The plan is for the PSC to come to a finding that Jayantha Jayasuriya has abused his powers as Attorney General and for the Bribery and Corruption Commission to then investigate alleged abuse of power amounting to corruption.

Becoming aware Jayawardena’s cunningness and malicious intent, Justice Sobitha Rajakaruna, Court of Appeal Judge, has resigned from the Special Presidential Commission. Justice Rajakaruna is held in high esteem by the Bar and is a deeply religious person unwilling to do anything against his conscience. The vacancy created by Justice Rajakaruna’s resignation has been filled on 05 November 2021 by Justice Shashi Mahendran, the most junior judge of the Court of Appeal at that time. What is most surprising is that the resignation of Justice Rajakaruna and the appointment of Justice Mahendran have been kept a secret. It is usual for the Presidential Secretariat to issue statements on such changes, but in this case, the public has not been informed.

Justice Priyantha Jayawardena

It is also unusual for the most junior judge of the Court of Appeal to be appointed to an important commission such as the SPC. Mahendran is unlikely to resist Jayawardena’s unethical attempts to find his way to the post of Chief Justice. Jayawardena is already throwing his weight about in the Supreme Court behaving like the ‘venda’ (‘to be’) Chief Justice, much to the displeasure of the other judges. He is also known to miss no opportunity to malign Justice Buvaneka Aluvihare, who is the most senior judge after the Chief Justice. Jayawardena appears to be extremely confident that the Rajapaksa ruling clan would appoint him as Chief Justice once Jayasuriya is forced to resign. After all, he was Basil Rajapaksa’s personal lawyer at the time he was appointed to the Supreme Court in 2014. When he was appointed, the United National Party made an official statement criticizing his appointment, a very rare step for a leading political party to take. The UNP statement can be accessed here.

During the period of the Yahapalanaya government, however, Jayawardena made friends with key UNP figures. He used his closeness to a UNP lawyer, who is not in active practice, who in turn is close to Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe, to reach out to the latter. Jayawardena was in touch with Minister Ravi Karunanayake too. When the Supreme Court was hearing the fundamental rights case against the dissolution of Parliament by President Sirisena, the UNP leadership was kept informed of developments in the Supreme Court. The UNP leadership knew in advance that it would be a unanimous judgement and even that Justice Sisira De Abrew was delivering a separate judgment. The source is obvious.

The other member of the SPC, Justice Kumudini Wickramasinghe is very likely to go along with Jayawardena’s scheming. She has not made a mark for herself, although she has functioned as a State Counsel, High Court judge, Court of Appeal judge and now a judge of the Supreme Court. Jayawardena has assured Wickramasinghe that she would be ‘recognised’ for her services once he is Chief Justice, which is likely to include membership in the Judicial Service Commission.

During the last couple of months, Jayawardena has been at the SPC almost full time, working into the night. Additional Solicitor-General Rohantha Abeysuriya, well-known in the Attorney General’s Department as pro-Rajapaksa and a strong Sinhala nationalist, is leading the SPC’s legal team and is strongly supportive of Jayawardena. Abeysuriya has been instructed to be at the Commission even on non-sitting days. Recently, an application was made on behalf of Abeysuriya for the postponement of a case on the ground that he was at the SPC. The Presiding Judge inquired how Abeysuriya could be at the PSC when Justice Jayawardena was sitting on another bench.

A senior lawyer told the Colombo Telegraph that Jayawardena’s conduct was highly unethical and amounted to misconduct for which he could be impeached. A Samagi Jana Balavegaya leader said that they were aware of what was happening in the SPC and warned of dire consequences if the SPC process is manipulated to remove the Chief Justice and to take away the civic rights of Opposition politicians.

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  • 33

    Repeat of Shirani Bandaranayaka 2.0, of course without this how can the brothers survive?? Now that the promise of prosperity and splendor are accomplished, Sir has moved to his next task creating “low and odor”. This is addition to one family, one country one law should see to that.

    • 2

      Our Gota-baya s wisdom will be explained by an Indian journalist as no other would do it.

      It is like little child would have been told, that his father will touch the sky -. my gosh…. how naive Gota should be to go for ORGANIC food…. which the entire rich soils have been struggling to achieve for the last 3 years.

  • 26

    What a wonderful Country. Political Coup, Judicial Coup, Military Coup, Easter Bombing Coup are welcomed in this country by a majority of majority!
    Even Corona lost its battle with this coups!

  • 30

    I know one thing for sure. Jayantha Jayasuriya as the Chief Justice never had justice in his blood chemistry. Srilankan justice system is corrupt beyond redemption.

    • 3

      Dear HP,
      What is uncorrupted beyond redemption in my belvoed motherland ?

      Talk yourself to 100 rerpesenting a cross section of srilankan society, then outcome would be very clear to you – you dont need to rely on ” srilanken media any more”.

      With this being the fact about the people, only MONSANTO or the like companies and through their genetically modifying expertese could be useful designing – uncorurpted-srilankens. :::
      I myself spoke to teachers, University dons, Engineers, Doctors, buddhist monks (good monks), taxi drivers, bus drivers, airport working staffs and all other varied professionals to gather my own information – after collecting my own info by myself, I thought it is really a hell hole. And I have the comparision because I have been living not in the country for last few decades.

      If majority of people were uncorrupted, would Rajakashes ever be able to come back ?

      You guys attack Judges and former judges, but elephant is in the room, main stream media behave as if their senses are totally impaired.

  • 22

    Whither Justice in SL – where justice has just withered away.
    Interesting to see Priyantha Vs Bhuwaneka :…Supreme Court Justice Buwaneka Aluwihare who headed the bench that postponed Gotabaya Rajapaksa’s corruption trial by two months yesterday (25 July 2019) ensuring the proceedings will be taken up again only in the throes of a presidential election, was handpicked for legal work by the former Defence Secretary GR, when he was a prosecutor at the Attorney General’s Department. (CT News).
    So a toss of the coin ?
    But that is justice in SL.

  • 17

    “Dan Sapada”? Hoooooouuuuu!

  • 13

    Unlike the last time ……. this time around, all the Rajapakse Inc’s judicial-shenanigans will die a natural death ……. without Ranil to rescue the economy, they can’t keep the country afloat to play their games ………. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qkldB8feLHc

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6ciHwzqKOMo This shows Ranil has class and breeding but perhaps not balls, spine and political-guile …….. he rescued the economy twice, reduced the price of goods and gasoline and increased the salaries right at the beginning and sustained it for the entire duration of his tenure: wasn’t just a pre-election bait/sweetener. Anyone wants to contest the truth? Come out with your insecurities …….. let’s see what ye are made of.

    Gota and Basil are past 70 ……. domiciled in prosperity with the ill-gotten loot among the peaceful Christians: don’t have any long-term succession plans ………. Only Mahinda has succession plans, but the dunce of a son don’t cut the mustard …….. however hard poor EE tries to prop him up ……..

    Just bidding time ……. for people to suffer out of the 6.9 million.

    • 5


      Old Codger,

      Some eye candy for your big screen! Why lust after Palki Sharma: why not one of our very own? Where’s your smart-patriotism? ……… Anyway, try to focus on what she is saying; it’s good stuff! :)) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LtJqr33GKBE

      • 10

        The only thing the Mara clan have a talent for is the art of abusing the minds of gullible sinhala Buddhist population.
        Since that “gode” Sinhala people happen to be in majority, Mara and co have pulled in the votes.
        Naturally at their peril and the downfall of the entire country.
        Now the people are feeling the heat, screws being tightened on their pockets.
        The stupid people have now resorted to diverting the frustration on one another. It is a pathetic situation at the moment. People’s primal instincts are kicking in, but due to their stupidity, misplaced aggression is the order of the day.
        Anyone who takes leadership will have to un-brainwash and re- civilize the people first and induce humanity to them before anything else.
        This will be no easy task, any slight provocation could result in a catastrophic collapse of law and order. Perhaps leading to Anarchy.
        On one hand, the economic meltdown has to be halted, that is not enough because there is a huge debt burden, hence the country’s production has to be quickly beefed up to keep up with debt payments.
        At the same time peoples attitudes have to be realigned without a rebellion.
        Not an easy task for the next government. The leaders will have to be magicians to undo what Mara and his band of bastards have done to us.

        • 5

          Long before, the very same rural portions will undoubtedly become wiser. I see some positive signs through my own fact-checks.
          Look, yet today, president Gota-Baya has not addressed the most alarming issue of the day- which is the possible threat by GAS-CYLINDER-BLAST almost in every household. That say it all about the leader’s sensitivity. Also newly introducing cylinders are reported to have caused blasts across the country. Why do the responsible authorities stay mum further ?
          And not to forget, at the time, Germany’s COVID rates went up drastically (a year ago), Dr Merkel then chancellor spoke to the nation, again and again. So was the case in KiwI Land, their Premier..all these are known to the people across the world. but our leaders stay as if they are no different to කිතුල් ඇට ගිලපු උගුඩුව වගේ -like the uguduwa swallowed with kithul seeds/ sky-earth differences or not ?
          However, I have been witnessing it today than any times in the past, that very portions seem to have some palpable changes with their arguments today, I think that sound very postive.

        • 3

          It is not a talent hoodwinking/ the kind of tactics Zimbabwe’s leader kept in power for period of 30 consecutive years or more/ consequences are before eyes eyes of people in that country today🐕🐕🐕🐕🐕🐕🐕🐕😎😎😎😎

          • 3

            It is not a talent but hoodwinking/ the kind of tactics Zimbabwe’s leader kept in power for a period of 30 consecutive years or more/ consequences are before the eyes of people in that country today🐕🐕🐕🐕🐕🐕🐕🐕😎😎😎😎

  • 15

    Thank you, Colombo Telegraph.
    Without you, we would not know of all these horrible things being done by the government.
    The mainstream press seems either asleep or afraid.

    • 4

      Yes, these exposes must be taken note of.
      We can’t keep all this in mind, but they confirm that this government cannot be trusted.
      The corollary has to be that we that we undertake to accept actions that are demonstrably fair. Unfortunately, we see no such actions that can be labelled as “fair”.
      Thanks, CT.

  • 5

    I only hope that articles of this nature would not prompt the authorities to block CT being accessed from Sri Lanka. The reality is that there is no two thirds majority but one close to it. Some abaracadabra could be done like the 20th amendment. Judicial manipulation? It is as old as the history of the mankind. In spite of the overtime spent to work for a given finding, what happens if a writ application is filed in the Supreme Court against the finding? How would the remaining judges react to this? If as alleged the chief actor is unpopular among his colleagues then the findings can be quashed.

  • 4

    AFTER READING THIS ESSAY, a reasonable assumption would be that our Supreme Court is not only supine but its members fall mostly under the category of Brutus.
    The only Caesar we had in recent times was Neville Samarakoon Q.C. JRJ EVEN went to the extent of attempting to Impeach him but it misfired. The entire Bar stood by the CJ N.S.Q.C.
    Strange our Bar Association now, is always cup-sip!,

  • 8

    It was the same Tilak Maropone as a minister in the ranil W cabinet, who helped the notorious CJ Sarath Silva to dodge the no confidence motion filed by UNP in parliament. The Incomparable UNP leader ( he thinks he is very smart !) dropped the matter on Maropone’s assurance that Sarath Silva is neutral.

    The result was a disaster, the entire judiciary lost their respect under that controversial and immoral CJ Sarath Silva.

    This slimy Priyantha Jayawardena ( who really has no class or even basic standards)was a former state counsel who even as a judge today calls former AG Maropone Sir.

    Maropone has a well known reputation for making money as a Minister.

    The old man Tilak Maropone is naturally bucked for being called ‘Sir” by a judge , and has a good feeling about Priyantha Jayawardena, who in truth is a low person in a high position.

    Tilak Maropone says Priyantha is a good man, he has not forgotten his poor beginnings, and respects elders !

    Tilak Maropone’s brother the notpot Gamini Maropone meanwhile is the head of the Port City , appointed by Gota !

    The brilliant and clever leader Ranil Wickramasinghe accepted Tilak Maropone opinion on Priyantha Jayawardena .

    See what is happening now !

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