24 May, 2022


Promises And Promise Keeping

By Pamodhi Kuruppu

Pamodhi Kuruppu

Pamodhi Kuruppu

When was the last you made a promise to someone?

‘I’ll take out the trash after dinner next time’

If you are the Boss in a workplace, there’s something your co workers will always like to hear. ‘I promise we’ll give you a promotion in six months’. How often have you done this?

We make commitments to others. Most often. But the question is – have you kept your promises? It is impossible to follow through on every single promise you make in life. But knowing how many you break and how much you handle is important. It will tell you who you are and what you are. Breaking promises communicate many things. It can make the other party feel that you don’t value him or her anymore. Even when you break small promises, others learn that they cannot count on you. Even tiny fissures in relationships that we build are marked by broken promises. Not keeping a promise is more the same as disrespecting yourself, I think. And at the end it can damage our self –image and self esteem.

Promises were pumped up. Heavily. A month ago. There was stage talk. A lot. It was quite a time for politicians to reminisce the forgotten promises. That’s how things are when elections are close by. But they are not ‘promises’ always. Politicians often forget what they as time passes by. So who on earth are they convincing? This is the election dilemma. Elections are commitment games. But they are not necessarily. Voters will support the most appealing policies. But who knows whether they will follow through? All we have is their word. Their assurance. Election promises are there for breaking .

Ranil Maithri Jan 25 2015Sure that voters weigh up the honesty of a candidate. But honesty shouldn’t be the only factor to determine who will be the best. Potential of a candidate matters too.

Anyway we have chosen who is going to lead us for the next few years. . It’s over. Finally. They have made their day under the sun. Ballet boxes gone. Some won. Some lost. Elections are like anything that we play. Sometimes we cry. Sometimes we laugh. Maithripala was lucky. And guess who did the trick? It’s like a bonus for many who wanted a change. However, it’s high time to shut up ourselves now. It’s done. Dusted.


Well, not apparently. People still sing and dance about the win and lose. Celebrations aren’t over. It’s upsetting to see what’s happening in Face book and other social media sites. Some throwing hate speech among each other on Mahinda –Maithri politics. Some utterly worried about the yahapalanaya. And some talking of separatism again. There’s something we have got to do. We need to throw away the word ‘separatism’ from our dictionaries.Badly. Those who talk of separatism and those trying to bring back terror need to understand a few things. LTTE is gone. Terrorism is dead. We’ve not heard of any unofficial use of violence since the day it was ended. That was in 2009. No bombs. No curfews. No roadblocks. So it’s quite obvious that the Northerners do need peace. And they have accepted peace. This is not time for racial politics or party politics. All we need is a unification of everything. And look forward to an uncorrupted and developed country.

In bringing all the change , development and what not , Maithripala has promised us a 100 day plan. 100 days are going to be hard. Some would be even harder unless there is enough money to drag in. And look at the cabinet. It’s not the kind of thing most people wanted. Sounds like those who couldn’t make their wishes come true have already made them. Be careful. What you wish for might not be what the voters want. Cabinets aren’t there to make wishes come true or for demotions or promotions. There again qualifications and competency matters.

Don’t get me wrong. I’ve learnt that Maithripala won majority of the mandates. Thought it was him who defeated Mahinda. But things are confusing. I’ve heard some saying that old elephant story is back again. It’s more or less a Ranil show. Well, he under wooded things so far . Then what will happen to Maithripala’s promises? Will he do them by himself in coming days? Or are they going to happen the way Ranil wants?

Having said all these , let’s forget not carp at what is been done so far. There’s more to come. We are eagerly waiting to see the so called ‘ change’. People are watchful than ever before. Good luck with everything boy!

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  • 3

    We suffered for over a little four or over years watching helplessly the canards and the uppish and brutish self and arrogant life style of the so called first family and their cohorts. Whether it be politics, sports, cinema,drama or social events the ‘ chintana’ virus was evident. Every one in the ring close to the former leader were sub servient , like the days of the brown sahibs.
    The lankans through a false sense of gratitude were carrying the mantle ‘ he finished the war ‘lived through all the antics of the former leader . If not for the planned and if i may say cunning moves of the nephew of the old fox and a man with a little bit of maithree and self respect had not laid the trap, with the connivance of the JHU and JVP, the latters’ leader playing a heroic role in bringing out a meaningful exposure, we would be today under an absolute dictatorship,rabid and one family rule.
    Yes.. election promises make and break a nation and it’s people. They asked for a 100 days in the beginging and as of today it’s just a few weeks.. don’t harp nor carp on whether they will deliver now … we waited for a little for nine years for a change .. let’s wait for a little over ninety days and see the results.
    the media at times is ‘ to fast and too furious ‘ now that the leash is off the collar.

  • 4

    We specially the minority’s voted for the change! But we see the change only in the president ! Others are all the old same corrupted ministers secretaries chairman and the subordinates! How we can except a change !

    • 3

      Several years ago walking close to Eaton school enjoying Bushy we saw a white woman walking towards us at a distance then she stopped pulled her knickers down turned it wrong side and wore it then once again she did the same 3 times in all and started walking. We were taken aback but not shocked because UK has a place for everyone- you see that in the English cottage inside outside.
      This is what you voted for – same concept seeming change- an illusion only like the Pokhran – 5 mirages of Rajasthan desert where you find blue eyed blond haired aborigines.

  • 3

    An agreement is a gentleman’s promise and worth only the paper its written on.
    In the bible it is said never make a promise.

    In Hinduism – we ask how do you know the future live for the day.

    What do Sihala Buddhist do they run back into their fox hole or else what please?

    The rich always run, the rich always win and the rich always break their promises to the poor fools who vote for them.

    That does not mean I would like to see a brilliant poor bloke take the reigns because he would steal the heavens to associate with the kings of the present world eg Peter Mandelson – from passport to home.

    Go to a sexy hairdresser at flower road and she would make you pretty and the news hounds would be after you. – that is what Hillary had to say
    21st centenary belongs to minorities and women and gays.


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