6 February, 2023


Protest Planned Demanding Arjuna Mahendran’s Ouster

Anti-corruption activists will protest on Thursday demanding for the ouster of controversial Central Bank Governor Arjuna Mahendran.

The protest ‘Send Arjuna Home’ at the Fort Railway Station is organised by the Anti-Corruption Front (ACF) and will also include a satyagraha.

The front has also decided to collect signatures from the public, to demand the immediate ouster of Mahendran, and also urge the government not to re-appoint him as Governor for a second term.

Yesterday, , Keerthi Tennakoon from the ACF filed a writ quo warranto in the Court of Appeal on Monday, seeking an order preventing Mahendran from holding the position of Governor of Central Bank, for his alleged involvement in two Treasury Bond issuance last year and this year, rigged in corruption.Arjuna Mahendran

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    Look like hey have nothing else to protest. There are so much corrupted politicians like Rapjapaksha gang is out there. They never protest against them. There so many corrupted bureaucrats out there. They never protests. And also they didn’t go to courts to prove this allegations. They have no credible evidence to prove these allegations too.( may be there are genuine need to remove him.) But one thing is clear. Rajapaksha gang is using all their resources to discredit Good Governance and the government for pretty political gains. They are trying their best to spread rumors and opinion among the general public to say that “they also corrupted and we are better than them.” Arjuna Mahendran may have or may not have involve in this, who knows.But we should not fall into this trap at any cost. It is another saga by Mahinda Rajapaksha to grab the power. Arjuna Mahendran has become a another victim.Therefore the entire protest is handle by the corrupted opportunistic henchmen of Rajapaksha gang.

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      All because Rajapakshe goons feel the guy would trace their hidden billions.

      That is it. These journos should be burnt down for all the one sided information being spread about AM.

      That is really unfair.

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        Grow up. Think like an adult. This kind of comments usually come from children. If you think all these people are Rajapaksa goons MR must still have a sizeable following. I hesitate say this is not the case. It is the people who are protesting. Do not label them as goons.

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          What are they protesting about?Do they know?Do you know? for a bottle of kasippu and a packet of bath !!
          Go and do a honest day of work instead of scavenging.

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            Where have you been all these time? This is a serious issue for the entire nation than a bottle of Kasippu. Thankfully I am blessed with an honest job that I enjoy. Unlike you. You are a lost case with no idea of the topic that is being debated by several readers. Your contribution is a worthless comment on freebies. Go and get a good night sleep and clear your head.

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      Moodys has downgraded Sri Lankas soveriegn rating. The SL economy is headed for a Greece like crisis due to CORRUPTION and Politicization.

      Ranil and Sira by failing to sack and investigate and hold ACCOUNTABLE the 2 corrupt clowns who ran the Central Bank in the past- Mahendran and Nivard Cabral are DESTROYING THE SRI LANKA ECONOMY.

      Dr. Raguram Rajan who is stepping down from the Reserve Bank of India, a highly qualified economist with impeccable expertise and honesty should be asked to come help clean up the mess at the Central Bank of Sri Lanka..

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        Well said Don!! Could’n agree any more. It is surprising to see a section of SriLanka still don’t want to see a proper investigation carried out. I mean a proper one with no Govt or any other institution involved. In my view there are certainly questions to be answered and all documents and witnesses pertaining to this issue must be addressed. Only then will this saga end. If not this will continue to haunt the nation for years to come even after AM has left the CB.

        RW is adamant that nothing untoward happen, but he is in no position to make such statements. He is a close friend of AM therefore there is a conflict of interest with him that most of us know. RW is the prime minister and he is obliged to assist an impartial investigation not only on this but on other corrupt charges by BR and many other politicians and also Cabraal.

        Rather than sniping at protesters, people should rally behind them to find out the exact situation. Even MS at some point expressed his views on this issue. He said on TV he wanted to make changes to CB hierarchy. so is he too “has nothing else to do?”. This is not a blue against Green but an issue that affect the nations future.

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      Hey guys, believe, even if AM would have been removed from JOint oppo and others sights, his predecessor will be brought to courts – that is certainity.
      So, anyone woudl feel the problem woudl have been solved once AM is no longer there, the next that would join the CB will have to go for that… that is what the many expect…
      No hypothetical billions, would have been the reason, but somthign else, that is not being discussed – is what professionals feel.

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      NUMBER ONE REASON FOR THIS CAMPAIGN BY THE, JO : THE CB Chief is a Tamil and they cannot accept that ., Total jealousy.
      There are number of other facts for their HATE CAMPAIGN!!
      There is no longer a CB Chief to do the kind of “DIRTY MONEY HANDLING” . The Former CB Chief who played the game with them , by Fiddling , Burying, and Investing in Foreign lands in the name of Brand BANK OF CEYLON ECT .

      Why don’t they go and strike to protect their Own Criminals?? who are awaiting to be charged???
      They know very well it will not be fruitful.
      Most probably they fabricate the case against AM as he’s a soft Target while the President and the PM keeps mum about the allegations of corruption in the Central Bank.

      These agitations are just to keep ttheir Fantasy Alive and to feed the Modayas with Lies. Spread PROPAGANDA LIES to discredit the Yahapalanaya, hoping it will give them a win win situation.


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        Do not drag the race issue into this. Problem with our nation is people like you who still see things on a racial connotation.

        “Why don’t they go and strike to protect their Own Criminals?? who are awaiting to be charged???”
        Looks like you are aiming at the sinhalese on this matter and you have taken stance that sinhalese are out to punish Tamils. Haven’t we heard that before?

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      My dear Sapumal,
      Rajapaksa, Rajapaksa, Rajapaksa!! Same theme for more than one and half years but still no results. When some of you made allegations against them you were on the same band wagon and hailed those protests and investigations. Now when a section of the population begin to highlight their feelings on what they see as wrong people like you seem to get stung!. You sound as if only one side is at fault and the other is squeaky clean.

      (Look like hey have nothing else to protest). Are you in a deep sleep not to see other protests rising throughout the country? Why not take an impartial look at ‘Mahendran issue’ rather than showing your dislike at people protests. It is a known fact the bond issue was a scam. Only the YAHAPALANAYA led by RW who appointed his cronies as a committee found it an honest deal.

      End result! that deal will cost the nation in pay back of billions of rupees for the next 30 years. Do you consider favourable to the nation? So instead of being a Mahendran follower, have the sense to check on the back ground. If you continue to read local news media (favourable to Govt) you only see a tainted picture. Read through other media to find out what exactly happened.

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        Gamunu with all respect, can we add any corrupted events without adding the word of Rajaakshes….

        He was the former minister of finance

        He was the executive president

        He was behind all the mapping against Sarath fonseka

        His brother mr 50% was the man who ate billions. So how can we add our thoughts wihtout naming his names…. can you get it now mr ?

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          Noted your comment. Yes, there are numerous allegations made against the ex-president by various sections but none have been proved so far. You are the one who say he was corrupted so name them.
          I am not sure what you are trying to explain about mapping against SF. Need more clarity in that sentence.

          Yes, if there was corruption they must be properly and clinically investigated with transparency. I do not consider innuendo and mud slinging as evidence. So let the powers at large handle that properly.

          Have you seen what Rajitha said today? He now denies he ever said MR embezzled money. He said it was the people who were around him who were responsible. Now what is your take on that? (you must read this in newspapers.

          SF did not get enough votes to get elected at the general elections yet he now holds a ministry that makes our democracy an utter disgrace. We all disliked how MR ruled the nation and we saw them as nasty. What is happening now? is it correct to take the peoples’ franchise away by appointing these losers to the parliament. Do you not call these corruptions? Majority where he contested didn’t see him as a suitable person. He too was power hungry and thought he could become president and take revenge for being sidelined. It was he who mapped against MR. Just revenge. With the prevailing democracy an utter losing contestant with less than 5000 votes is now a minister. He is being used by RW to do the talking for him in parliament (due to sore throat) to get at the opposition.

          So consider these too are to be corruptions. I remain

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        My Dear Friend Gemunu,
        I don’t want to argue with you. But I am stand by what I said. I always in favor of Justice. Not Rajapaksha style Justice. Yes, we are have no fear for going against Rajapaksha and his gang of thieves. Also we are not fear to protest against , Maithree or Ranil collision when ever need arises. I have no party or color,race or religion to be one sided. Justice is the main reason. I always said ,If AM did something wrong, even though there is a Supreme Court verdict given , with thorough investigation take necessary actions. In the mean time they can hold any reappointment. In any case he didnt ask for extension. Only his term going to end. Why this much fuss about? Did they ask to investigate Cabraal’s notorious deal with Greek Bonds? We lost billions without trace! Did anybody orchestrated any protest? Why? If they did, they could have been disappeared by white vans. There were credible investigations and proof how rajapksha gang steal wealth of our nation. That is why they are basil was jailed several times.They took Yoshitha too. But Mahinda Rajpaksha other biggest thieves like Namal, Former Sri Lankan man who destroyed the airline is still enjoying the freedom.Thanks to Maithree and Ranil. Why cant they protest for not arresting them? All the thieves must be arrested and punished. People need Justice. NOt Mahendran. Mahendran is a qualified ,Well known banker who has proven track record. He is capable negotiator. All this saga is against the concept of Good Governance and PM. All looser’s must prove the allegations. Just stories are not enough to send someone home. That’s what I said.

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          It is not an argumet it is sharing views. I am not saying previous regime was corrupt free but my take is what is happening now. You seem to conveniently ignore Mahendran issue quoting people are free to protest. Are they really? With the present regime if any one found objecting they would lose their jobs or end up in FCID. Some ministers even make threats of physical harm or death (Hon Champika). to objectors. Do you condone these?

          Greek bonds must be investigated and people responsible punished. Do not forget some of the politicians in the present Gov were responsible for that too. So justice must be meted out to all. Not just to people in the opposition.

          You seem to think just because Mahendran is qualified he is clean. What theory are you using? Who benefitted most from the scam, how much over subscribed were the bonds? I suggest you do some more research into this before making trivial comments.

          You say that you have no party, colour or race. What a joke!!. Is this why you wrote your original comment?

          Finally, you sound as you are brave now and free to protest. So why not start a protest against the Gov for not taking action. Also against the politicians who have joined the Govt from the opposition. See what you get? Good luck SAPUMAL

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      “Look like they have nothing else to protest.”

      Saruwage Sunil the Chaggolaya of MARA raped 200 girls and the double century celebration ceremony was attended by the leading politicians of Rajapaksha regime-where were and are Keerthi Thennakoon and the gang? A haul of narcotics of historical amounts was seized two three days ago but the Rajapaksha media vassals fabricated and dispersed a completely false and perverted picture on the one who lead the raid and now they are investigating the officer who prevented the crime! Where are Keerthi Thennakoon et al? A number one thief, Mahindanda Aluthgamage, was appointed to the COPE, the very parliamentary institution set up to investigate corruption and theft! Where are Keerthi Thennakoon et al? Defeated Mahinda Rajapaksha enjoys security personnel, vehicles, funds and privileges that are comparatively greater than those of the incumbent. Where are Keerthi Thennakoon et al? When MARA suffered defeat and fled to Madamulana he and his henchmen took a greatmany of expensive vehicles with him and them. What did Keerthi Thannakoon et al did? The Thilina Gamage Ali piasco has turned the whole law dispensation system upside down and flatten to the ground. What agitation did Keerthi Thennakoon did in the society to uphold law and order? Ajith Nivad Cabraal completely destroyed the Central Bank including Bond swindling, cheating, corruption, insider trading, Greek Bonds, Hedging, failed commonwealth games canvass tour. Where were and are Keerthi Thennakoon et al?

      The complete silence and inaction over these and many other important issues by this Thennakoon gang and their overreaction against AM is a clear indication they are upto something.

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      Dear Anti-corruption activists RE: Central Bank Governor Arjuna Mahendran,

      “The protest ‘Send Arjuna Home’ at the Fort Railway Station is organised by the Anti-Corruption Front (ACF) and will also include a satyagraha.”

      Arhuna Mahendran, seems to be popular guy in Sri Lanka these days. You want AM to stay home and rest a little without being stressed. What did he do for this popularity?

      Be an old boy of “Royal” College? Are you mixing up the the so-called Royal-Thomian Cricket Match? AM’s “Popularity” is not because he happen to be a Tamil. So what could it be? Bonds and credit cards, transparency and ethics?

      The Supreme Court of Sri Lanka did not grant leave to proceed in a fundamental rights case that requested a separate inquiry into the bond issue, as no laws were broken.

      One can be unethical, and still not break any laws! Are there any laws against jilting? Jilting is to reject or cast aside (a lover or sweetheart), esp. abruptly or unfeelingly. Were the Sri Lankan Taxpayers jilted?


      Arjuna Mahendran is a Sri Lankan Tamil born Singaporean economist and banker. He is the current Governor of the Central Bank of Sri Lanka (CBSL), having been appointed by president Maithripala Sirisena in January 2015. He was the former Managing Director of HSBC Private Bank, Chief Investment Officer of Emirates NBD as well as Chairman and Director-General of the Board of Investment of Sri Lanka.In January 2015 he was appointed as Governor of the Central Bank of Sri Lanka.

      He was educated at Royal College, Colombo in Sri Lanka and at Balliol College, Oxford, he gained a MA in Philosophy, Politics and Economics.


      In February 2015 CBSL advertised the sale of Rs. 1 billion in 30 year government bonds at an indicative rate of 9.5%. The sale was oversubscribed with 36 bids of totaling Rs. 20 billion. The majority of bidders, 26, bided for Rs. 100 million or less at a rate of 9.5%–10.5%. However, a few bidders, including Perpetual Treasuries Limited, wanted interest rates of 11%–12%. On 27 February 2015 the CBSL accepted Rs. 10 billion in bids at rates of 9.5%–12.5%. The issuing of ten times the advertised bonds, and at a higher than expected rate, was alleged to cost the Sri Lankan government an additional Rs. 40–45 billion ($300–$340 million).Perpetual Treasuries was issued, directly and indirectly, with Rs. 5 billion in bonds at 12.5%.

      Perpetual Treasuries was one of the primary dealers in the sale and is owned by Mahendran’s son-in-law Arjun Aloysius. This situation became a controversial political issue in Sri Lanka as the newly elected Sri Lankan Government of President Maithreepala Sirisena came to power with a slogan of good governance in the country. A three-member Committee of eminent lawyers was appointed to investigate the issue and the report produced by the committee claimed that there was no direct involvement by Mahendran in the deal.

      The Supreme Court of Sri Lanka did not grant leave to proceed in a fundamental rights case that requested a separate inquiry into the bond issue, as no laws were broken.


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      Is Arjuna Mahendran Popular? Ranil wicjramasinghe Popular? Maitripala Sirisena Popular?

      “Anti-corruption activists will protest on Thursday demanding for the ouster of controversial Central Bank Governor Arjuna Mahendran.”

      The answer is blowin’ in the wind….

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    This mess at CB was created by our politicians when they deviate from the rules governing good governance.The Governor’s position at CB should be given to the most Senior Deputy Governor.The history of CB shows the period when this position was filled internally, the Cream of the country’s intelligentsia was available at CB to advise,decide and also to implement the way economy should function.The top team at CB was answerable for all their actions, economy was well managed.There was good coordination with the Treasury at the Finance Ministry.There was the all powerful Budget Division at the Treasury Headed by Competent Administrators who prepared the annual budget for the Finance Minister to present to the Parliament.This is what people expected when the regime changed in 2015.We have the expertise in public service and private sector to put things back on track. It is not too late, the time has come for the politicians to rethink what their role should be in taking the country forward.Get the right people at the right place to do the right thing.

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      Agreed. Politicians in the previous regime was responsible for politicising the CB. That is why they were kicked out and replaced them with the current lot. But what have they done. RW and RK went ahead and appointed a an old school pal into the most important job in the country. The result is mayhem.

      Due their close relationship and other conflicts of interests the prime minister cannot and won’t get rid of him. When this was high lighted at the beginning RW appointed a committee of his own and got the verdict he wanted. Even MS wasn’t happy but he dug his heel and corruptions continued with abuse of credit cards, expenses, and numerous foreign jaunts at the expense of the nation.

      Why on earth are they still keeping him there? We had a bd lot but we seem to have replaced them with another lot who are no better.

      People are at loss. Even the president with all his power seem to be unable to convince the Govt to remove him. Shows the calibre of the present regime. I fear for the country

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    Something fishy about this protest ‘Send Arjuna Home’
    Does anyone have a clear list of the wrongdoings of Arjuna Mahendran with proof!?
    Poor public are being taken for a ride lol.
    Why not organize a protest ‘Send Rajapaksas to jail/The International Criminal Court’!?
    Why were these protesters blind to that all this time!?
    Go after the big criminals The Rajapaksas without wasting time with things like this…

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      The ” Smelly Fish “is the Race Hate which nobody wants to admit including Gamunu above.
      The age old problem the Race played the biggest part in the Buddha Land for centuries,
      No one can pretend it’s not there anymore.

      • 0

        Do not tread into this dangerous area just because you have no sensible views. Blaming sinhalese and Buddhists is a very cheap shot by people who are bankrupt with ideas. My posts have been aimed at the corruption issue and I never due to racism. You guys have a real problem with other races in SriLanka. That was the reason for decades of violence.

        When a Tamil speaks of race it is one thing but if a similar issue was raised by a sinhalese it is a racist remark. You guys have used that in the past and still continue to do so to get the sympathy from the outsiders.

        Do not go down that path to insult Buddhism. It never encouraged aggression. At no point did buddhists describe Hinduism as racist. It is not the religion that is at fault. It is the Tamilness. You have a “chip on the shoulder” and would blame any one but yourselves for your predicament. You will never want to live in peace with sinhalese. Let alone with buddhist. So it is futile for me to even respond to your rubbish. People like you are a disgrace for man kind.

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    MaRa has replaced the Batteries to his Remote device; Also to coincide with President Premadasas Birthday!

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    nothing has been proved; Allegations,accusations and disquiet remain.
    To prove or disprove there should be an investigation
    The allegations are serious; The governor of the central bank auctioning bonds for 10 billion rupees when he advertised for only one billion; then awarding the bonds to his son in law at in interest rate higher tha therate the governor advertised. The loss to the country and tax payer is 40 billion rupees because we go on paying this high interest for 25 years.
    Then the governor has the audacity to repeat same modus operandum one year later.
    Was there any investigation? Answer is no. Who was responsible for accounting the Governor to account? Not the Prime minister, but the elected President.
    Who should have instigated the investigation? It is the president and not the Prime Minister. When the bond auction took place In February 2015, the President was in UK,shaking his hand with the Queen of England.
    Who appointed the commission of inquiry/ Prime Miinister , Ranil, who had no authority to intervene. But Ranil appointed three hand picked people who were lawyers and members of UNP and also personal friends of Ranil.
    The Elected Presisent then cries foul and begs Ranil , the Prime minister to dismiss him. Ranil Refuses.
    Where did this money go. Immediate profit of 1 billion rupees was given to UNP for its election propaganda.
    the profit accrued by Aloysious the son in law iof governor is set to make a profit of 30 billion in the next 15 years.
    Did the President order an impartial inquiry or appoint an independent commission? Answer is no. Then the COPE committee was charged by Speaker of the house of Parliament to report. Just one day before the COPE committee comp[rising of 12 members of MPs was to submit to the Parliament, the parliament was dissolved by the Mas responsible for the Central Bank, that is the President. His name is Maithreepala Sirisena.
    The love triagle is very clear. Maithree, Ranil, Mahendran.
    So nothing proved ; and the elected president and the corrupt Prime Minster along with the Governor of the Central Bank of Sri Lanka robbing the country to the tune of 40 billion.
    The crime does not end there. The governor wdid it again in March 2016.
    The black suited Elites of Colombo 3 and 7 do not care about the country or the poverty stricken villagers. They are all together. They are all part of the vast organisation run by NGOs , funded by CIA, Nirway, Vatican, and Diaspora. They are succeding in their attempt to make this country another Iraq or Afganistan or Brazil
    Ranil is the Ali Baba of the forty thieves.
    We ignore this to our peril

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    This decent looking ‘gentleman’ propagated falsely as a wiz-kid of the financial world, by ‘you know who’ should have the decency to step down and say ‘good bye, and thanks and no thanks’. Arm of law should should be activated to prosecute him for wrong doings so glaring to the lay public. Those responsible for his appointment should consider ‘harakiri’.

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      If people who appoint AM as the CB governor should consider “Harakiri” , what about those who appointed Cabral as the Governor, Sajin Vaas as Sri Lankan and Mihin Lanka CEO, Mahindananda Aluthgamage as Sports minister and new coop member, and sasasthara Sumane as Director of NSB and many more in the list? We must Remember one thing. AM is a former employ of Central Bank and renown banker with financial and economic management back ground. Not like Cabral. If he has done something wrong , ask authorities do proper investigation and ask them to take decision based on the findings. Not like “kekille decision”. Those who accuse doesn’t have any love for the nation or people. Just hate him and leaders because their personnel gains.

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    The leading activist in this whole mud campaign against AM is Keerthi Thennakoon. Who is this Keerthi Thennakoon? This [Edited out] was once a UNPer and he was a bad apple in the party supporting the splinter faction of Sajith Premadasa. He is a traitor who betrayed the party leader RW and engaged in conspiracies to weaken the party. He had underhand dealings with Mahinda Rajapaksha. He is the one who wrote a book aimed at creating a revolt within the party against RW. Now under the cover and in the name of Yahapalanaya for the creation of which his contribution was zero, this [Edited out] has entered the second stage of his conspiracy contract from MARA for attacking RW. Even though on the surface they show they are attacking AM on cooked up charges of corruption deep down they are engaged in a more secretive project of destabilizing RW. On the face value they wave the flag of anti-corruption and yahapalanaya promotion deep down they are engaged in a project for grabbing the political power of the country. Those who are in the forefront of this project are SLFP and sectarian refugees displaced by RW’s strong reentry to governance. Sarath Wijesuriya is a born SLFPer, Dewasiri socialist ideologist floating around without anything to cling on to, Gamini Viyangoda is a self-styled opinion builder without any roots in any organized system who switches from agriculture, chemical fertilizer, MR riddance, yahapalanaya to anti-corruption. The rest are following the footsteps of the leading buffalo down the garden path but in good faith and all of them have been taken for a ride by Keerthi Thennakoon who is carrying out the contract of Mahinda. The individuals in this yahapalanaya activist pack have their own personal agendas and ambitions too but under a RW led government they are unable to fulfil those ambitions. So all of them want a Prime Minister and a President whom they can tweak into realizing their personal ambitions-but their wagon carries the name board “Yahapalaniya”! The now displaced SLFP refugees want a new stage without the conspicuous presence of Mahinda. If hope if they can somehow remove RW they will be able to manipulate MS and appoint a pliable PM so that these nobodies can be somebodies under the cover of yahapalaniya. Yesterday they staged a dramatic show at yahapalanaya gathering where a diehard Rajapaksha henchman demanded a minute’s silence before the meeting commenced over which a huge uproar was created. Their intension was to show that they have a wider rift between Rajapakshas but the truth is they have the Backing of Rajapakshas too but in a covert way. Keerthi Thennakoon is this covert link and others just follow his tune. Dayan Jayatilake too is behind this conspiracy the telltale signs being revealed in his recent utterances and attempted lecture to MS in an attempt to brainwash the president. Their entire hate towards RW lies in the fact that RW does not suck up to them and work single-mindedly towards achieving the collective goal of the country because he is talented to think and take appropriate actions for himself and use talented people of his choice towards achieving those goals. xxx

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    This is the problem with Ranil. A repeat of what happened in 2002 is going to happen soon due to his arrogance. No one is indispensable. Arjun Mahendan should go!

    • 3

      There is no problem man – things will come to surface sooner than later.

      In the worst case, AM should go, but he is still no corrupt… listen to BBC telecasted from S pore… AM is more popular as a well experienced banker in OUTSIDE world than to locals. Rulers should have made it clear not waiting long, that AM has done nothing wrong, those hypothetical sums would have been saved – even by others too.. if they could decide differently.. that is common not only to AM but to his predecessors worked from Independence.

      Professionals, please nagitiyaw – breaking the silence and inform your fellow citizens, where had it been wrong ?

      • 3

        Sam Fernando,

        This bond related low interest rates was very intriguing during Rajapaksha era. The deliberately kept the interest rates low without keeping it in par with the inflation rates for stealing the money of depositors, EPF funds and EPF contributors. People were given a meagre interest rate for their hard earned money while they were also exploited by charging higher interest rate for loans. This was very unprofessional central banking and bad economic governance. After UNP came to power they adopted a policy of maintaining realistic interest rates and this fact too should be considered in the bond issue.

    • 2

      Mervyn Silva,

      “This is the problem with Ranil. A repeat of what happened in 2002 is going to happen soon due to his arrogance. No one is indispensable. Arjun Mahendan should go!”

      Ammage redda! Dream on! This time it is an insurmountable and invincible RW who has ascended to the political arena of the country. Very soon he will take on the unparalleled and majestic status and proportions JR Jayawardena characterized. No one would be able to match the seniority, respect, maturity, experience, wisdom, and statesmanship of RW. If you cannot understand what I say take this scenario into account: MS cannot take this country ahead for a single month without RW. All the countries in the world, UN, the investors are coming and helping SL not becuase MS is the President but only because RW is the chosen one by them to take this country to the next level of its progression. It is only RW who has the key and the code that keeps this country on correct track without disintegrating. If you don’t believe just take RW factor out of the equation and imagine the scenario that will ensue-the now neutralized army of thieves of MR who are lurking in every state institution, police station, three forces, judiciary, Sinhala and Buddhist hegemonic elements, wheeler dealers and the underworld will bulldoze the entire political and yahapalanaya landscape of the country and MS will have to run for life. It is MR who still has the upperhand in the SLFP camp and he is lurking out there. RW is the fortress who protects MS. Therefore there is no way of recurring the incidents of 2002. Even Chandrika who was responsible for the destruction she caused to the country in 2002 repents it today. In 2002 people learned what happens when they sleep with the dogs, this time they will not fall into the pit in the daylight that they did in the darkness. How the fucking hell do you say AM should go without even conducting an investigation into the allegations? This stupid clim goes on to show what kind of a buffalo you are without an ounce of brain.

  • 7


    • 2

      The news about SPIN doctor — he is now trying to get posted to anywhere… feeling bored according to his family circles. This is my inside information about him. That was the reason why he made efforts to get closer to Mr. Sirisena.
      In that interview he also added ” first of all an invitation should come to him from Mr Sirisena”. This spin doctor is said to be very oppotunist even within his family circles. I called him Katussa from day one onwards.

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    ooh grow up folks, so just because the general public isn’t protesting against mahinda Rajapaksa that doesn’t mean that we approve all he’s doings.. and nor could you brand the protest which is being planned tomorrow as pro Rajapakas’.

    so if one is brandishing anyone and everyone as Rajapaksa loyalist then what do you say about moodys downgrading Sri Lankas soveriegn rating?? does that really mean that Moody.inc is also supporting the Rajapaksa fraction??

    folks please read between the lines, The actual reality is that the Sri Lankan economy is heading towards anarchy, in a laymens term we are on the brink of becoming another ‘Greece’, and sadly the prime minister nor the finance minister doesn’t understand the gravity of what happened..

    RW is adamant that nothing untoward happens, and it is sadnning to see that he is making every attempt to thwart the investigation.. and for the 1st time in Sri Lankan history a respected politician has come forward to defend a salaried public servant who is the central bank governor, mind you he is in no position to make such defensive action, instead if Mr.Mahendran was so correct then why doesn’t he be a man an come forward to defend he’s own self rather than hiding behind political bigwigs??

    – so bottom-line: please read and understand that despite the change which occurred on January 8th still CORRUPTION and Politicization exists in our society, so the protest which has been planned tomorrow isn’t only targeting Mr.Mahendran and he’s bigwig son-in-law, it is being planned in order to showcase our opposition towards corruption as a ‘whole’

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    Is Silva saying that there is no wrong done by Mahendran /RW? No conflict of interest in their actions?

    It is acceptable to appoint your own party lawyers( sorry I forgot eminent lawyers!)to investigate a case concerning one of your partners? These allegations are all a part of a conspiracy? We must just let the weirdos and queens do as they please and just cheer on ?

    When these Colombo based boys from so called elite schools rule the rest have to just shut up?

    When a average lawyer whose whole career was built up by uncle JR, and has been a failure whenever in power, says he is an authority on economics, governance, international affairs, sports , literature, history we have to accept it humbly?

    MR was bad , but the clean up of this totally messed up rubbish society is only beginning

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    With all these allegations and protests a right minded person will be decent enough to resign from the post till he is cleared . He should respect the opinions of the people and the members of the parliament unless he is hell bent on continuing the same saga with the backing of RW.

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    This is an attempt to understand the frenzy surrounding the bond issue and the reappointment of Arjuna Mahendran albeit from a different angle. After all, there is a popular saying that how you see the world depends on where you sit, which when compounded with another maxim – where you stand, depends on where you sit – leaves much to one’s imagination.

    The casework

    At first blush, the casework method may have an immediate charm to understand what’s going on: Study, diagnosis, prognosis, intervention and disengagement are neat categories that allows one to seek, order and evaluate the evidence that support the case. Moreover, a medical test and scan in the form of an interrogation or public scrutiny on websites such as Colombo telegraph and its comment spaces could easily reveal partial or complete remission. But the casework method must be rested, literally. This is because of its over reliance on empirical evidence and logical arguments. The logical argument being that of a conflict of interest because Mahendran’s brother in law was the major beneficiary of the bond game. ‘Logic, like lyrical poetry, is no employment for the middle-aged,’ argued Keynes. Let the logic rest.

    Civil society

    Civil society has also entered the fray, with a supposed nineteen society members meeting the President and Prime Minister to ask for Mahendran’s removal. Since the word civil emerged independently of the word society, it is also worth looking into how civil and society originated. The word civil has its origins in the 17th and 18th centuries and encapsulates a major transformation in Europe in relation to urination and defaecation in the streets, which was popular practice at the time. If a person could pass gas at the dinner table with less of a noise, then that person was considered more civil than a person who booms and draws the attention of the entire table. The paradoxical position is when Chandra Jayaratne and Nirmal Ranjith Dewasiri make more of a noise by governing their guts in front the President to make themselves more civil. Indeed, the German sociologist Nobert Elias has researched bodily functions and table manners to document forms of speech that are today considered civil. This is captured in The Civilizing Process, a celebrated book.

    The word society, on the other hand, emerged in the 16th century and meant an association with one’s fellow men. By the 18th century, the word had metamorphosed and referred to those displaying taste, etiquette and fashion. The paradox again is supposed members of civil society like Chandra Jayaratne finding it difficult to keep his shirt tucked in his pants.

    It will thus be worthwhile to examine what made John Locke to develop a social contract theory that calls for a powerful society to limit the powers of the state. Anyone who wishes to believe that John Locke did not have an influence on Yahapalanaya or the ‘Gut’ Governance of activists like Chandra Jayaratne must remind themselves of Keynes’ maxim:

    The ideas of economists and political philosophers, both when they are right and when they are wrong, are more powerful than is commonly understood. Indeed the world is ruled by little else. Practical men, who believe themselves to be quite exempt from any intellectual influence, are usually the slaves of some defunct economist. Madmen in authority, who hear voices in the air, are distilling their frenzy from some academic scribbler of a few years back. I am sure that the power of vested interests is vastly exaggerated compared with the gradual encroachment of ideas. Not, indeed, immediately, but after a certain interval; for in the field of economic and political philosophy there are not many who are influenced by new theories after they are twenty-five or thirty years of age, so that the ideas which civil servants and politicians and even agitators apply to current events are not likely to be the newest. But, soon or late, it is ideas, not vested interests, which are dangerous for good or evil.

    Back to John Locke then. In his Second Treatise of Government, he refers to ‘bonds of civil society.’ There are two reasons as to why John Locke is being invoked here. The first is to demonstrate the power of his ideas on the conceptualisation of civil society and as to how it lingers in our post-colonial state. The other is to show the limitations, which were well-expounded by G.W.F. Hegel when he turned civil society upside down and stood it on its head by claiming it to be a form of market society.

    We must consider the shape which the perfect embodiment of the spirit assumes – the State

    For Hegel, civil society was bürgerliche Gesellschaft, a German term that he used to argue that civil society was really bourgeois society that was in connivance with the diktats of capitalism. The fact that we have elite Colombo-based LGBTI activists like Rosanna Flamer-Caldera, who despite fighting for equality prefer to maintain their dashing Govigama Gay identities will be a lasting testament to Hegel’s position. Although some have considered Hegel to be a nationalistic apologist for the Prussian State of the early 19th century, his totalitarian idolization of the state seems to ring a bell for Chandra Jayaratne. As a former chairman of the Ceylon Chamber of Commerce and the de facto Mahanayaka of the private sector, Chandra Jayaratne’s wish to protect the new capitalist UNP-led state is in every sense Hegelian because the constant surveillance of the state is imperative to sustain the UNP.

    Move over Hegel. Enter Marx.

    Marx agreed with Hegel on the unholy alliance between civil society and capitalism. However, Marx parted company with Hegel when it came to the idolization and worship of the state. For Marx, the state was the defender of the bourgeoisie and therefore it was best to allow the state and civil society to wither away since civil society was the defender of the bourgeoisie.

    Gramsci’s CPR on the drowning victim

    Hegel began nailing the coffin for civil society, while Marx thought he had driven the final nail. However, Gramsci single-handedly resurrected civil society back on its feet again. To understand the CPR that Gramsci delivered, it’s easiest to go back to Venedikt Miakotin’s obituary for Lenin that echoed with keywords for a fledgling civil society:

    Lenin lived his whole life ‘remote from the broad life of the people and its complex, mutually interconnected needs, interests and problems.’

    The Soviet regime treated with contempt any social formations that did not fit their template. Having learnt of this, Gramsci departed from Marx and reconfigured civil society as a tool for problem-solving rather than as the problem itself. The rest is history. The New Left used civil society to defend against the state, the market and the erosion of democratic will. The Neo-Liberals latched on to this idea and began thinking of civil society as an application to counter communism and authoritarian regimes. Civil society thus takes on an important place in the New Left as well as the Neo-Liberals and explains how two persons from opposing creeds – Chandra Jayaratne and Nirmal Ranjith Dewasiri – can come together as civil society to meet with il presidente in carica. Scott Fitzgerald argued that the “The test of a first-rate intelligence is the ability to hold two opposing ideas in mind at the same time and still retain the ability to function.” Boy, I went mad trying to figure this out. As such, I will leave out the post-modern interpretation for understanding civil society.

    A primer on René Girard

    The following excerpt from an article by a professor should serve as a powerful primer:

    The starting point for Girard’s theory is “acquisitive mimesis”. Girard proposes that much of human behavior is based on “mimesis”, an all-encompassing expression of imitation, but focuses on acquisition and appropriation as the object of mimesis, contrary to most of the extant literature on imitative behavior … Girard describes a situation where two individuals desire the same object; as they both attempt to obtain this object, their behavior becomes conflictual, since there is only one object, but two people. “Violence is generated by this process; or rather, violence is the process itself when two or more partners try to prevent one another from appropriating the object they all desire through physical or other means”

    I, for one, am envious about a couple of things that Arjuna Mahendran has. Prime on this list are his degrees from Oxford, the million rupee suit, the helicopter transport to Yala, the First Class tickets to Singapore and the position of Central Bank Governor itself. I can even conjure up images of myself throwing my weight around at the Central Bank and dining at the bank’s expense at the Kingsbury Hotel next door since I have never had such an opportunity in my career. Such brutal honesty should serve my case for interpreting what transpired from a Girardian perspective.

    As Chandra Jayaratne and Nirmal Ranjith Dewasiri compete for that helicopter ride, their attention shifts to blocking Mahendran from taking that ride and eliminating him. As the two of them are “mutually intimidated and identical,” they rediscover the object of their original desire and deflect their destructive energy from one another onto a substitute. This brings us to the second step in Girardian theory – the identification of a scapegoat, namely Mahendran.

    Among contemporary thought, the work of René Girard stands supreme for he avoids the pit-falls of theories that attempt to explain society, be it civil or otherwise. For instance, John Locke’s theory assumes the existence of shared values in the form of natural law that predates his contract theory. Some have argued that Locke’s philosophy is not based on natural law at all, but instead on natural rights, like the philosophy of Thomas Hobbes. This is a big controversy in Locke interpretation today and lends succour to the pit-falls of his theory.

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