22 May, 2024


Public Service Commission Says Anusha Palpita Should Be Suspended

The Public Service Commission said today that Anusha Palpita, who was appointed as the Additional Secretary to the Ministry of Home Affairs, should be suspended with immediate effect.

Anusha Palpita

Anusha Palpita

Incidentally the announcement comes, despite Home Affairs Minister Vajira Abeywardena claiming that Palpita was appointed to the ministry by the Public Service Commission and the Sri Lanka Administrative Service Division after he requested that steps be taken to fill in several existing vacancies at his ministry.

Palpita, the ex-Director General of the Telecommunication Regulatory Authority (TRC) is embroiled in corruption charges, and is currently out on bail over the misuse of funds at the TRC amounting to Rs. 620 million which was allegedly used in former President Mahinda Rajapaksa’s presidential election campaign.

Soon after his appointment to the Home Affairs Ministry, Abeywardena defended Palpita saying that ‘everybody is innocent, until proven guilty.’

“At this rate, all ministry secretaries must be guilty then. Even everyone who worked for Basil Rajapaksa has been produced in courts, but that doesn’t mean they are guilty. Yes, there are charges against him (Palpita), but nothing has been proven,” Abeywardena told the Colombo Telegraph on May 25.

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  • 9

    In such approaches, no one will be guilty. What a beautifully manuplative joke!!!

    • 11

      Vajira Abeywardana , Wijedasa Rajapakse , John Amarathunga ‘s portfolios need to be stripped off ASAP , they have already done enough damage to this Good governance regime . MY3 and RW please act swiftly , these people are having mega deals under your noses.
      Vajira and Wijedasa were the main culprits behind that infamous Avan Grade fiasco.

  • 9

    Yes Vajira too is guilty of many a things till he is proven not guilty!

    • 0


      Not easy to agree to that. Anybody isn’t guilty until he/she is found guilty.

      Any innocent person can be charged in a court without difficulty.

  • 3

    Anusha Palpita should be suspended says the Public Service Commission.[PSC].
    But the Minister of Home Affairs-Vajira Abeywardena claims that he was appointed by the PSC!
    Is this the form of Governance that the people voted in on Jan:09th 2015?
    This is as bad if not worse of the previous regime!

  • 4

    Anyone can bury their heads saying innocent until proven guilty! Truly a misconception believed by those trying to bury the truth and walks around believing they’re innocent.

    Those who have been bailed or continue being questioned by FCID ( Walk the Talk ) , PREFACE or CID will remain guilty.
    The truth is they will remain guilty until proven innocent and released a free man or woman to face the world as a freed human. Not until that moment surely.

    • 1

      To prove the point!

      I do not get summoned by the FCID ( Walk the Talk )?, CID , PRECIFAC OR any other so called law commissions , My travel papers ( Passport ) are not impounded. I can travel when ever and where ever I want!! No problem , because I am a free citizen of my country .

      I sleep at night peacefully as I am not GUILTY OR AWAITING TO BE PROVED GUILTY!! For Stealing , Murdering, or Drug Dealing ect,…
      Ah!! What Lovely Feeling !!

      I do not need to CRACK 10000s of Coconuts in front of Lord Shiva asking to curse others or protect me ,

      Nor offering Sil Reddi , offering Money , Gold, Expensive Vehicles and Lands to the Local Theros and Mahanayakas Not forgetting the LAVISH DANAS OFFERED TO HAMUDURUWOS.!!! Asking for pardon or Save me from evil.
      Did Lord Buddha asked for these???
      Did Lord Shiva asked for these wasteful offerings???
      These utter nonsenses WERE and ARE practiced by thieves and murderers OF OUR LAND.
      That itself proves the LOW IQ NEH!!’

      My point here is until these crooks and thieves NAMES ARE REMOVED FROM THE LAW COMMISSIONS !! They will remain guilty until then.


      “A Guilty Conscience has nowhere to Hide”. By : Bangambiki Habyarimana. The great Pearl of Wisdom.

      Guilt keeps people imprisoned in themselves, By : Iris Murdoch.

  • 8

    Lalith Weeratunge aka Sil Redda should have his pension suspended until the conclusion of the court case involving Palpita as well.Lalith was part of a high trio of robbers at the Office of Mahinda Rajapaksa.The others were Sajin de Vass Gonaawardene and Gamini Senerath.Lalith Sil Redda Weeratunge was an arrogant man who did what he pleased, including driving on the opposite side of the Galle Face Centre Road when his way was blocked.He ordered for himself a Super luxury Volvo SUV worth 860,000.00 dollars of government money and behaved in a manner no other Presidential Secretary did.His first wife whom he ditched to live with a mistress was part of a den of criminals.They will be punished by natural justice if the laws of Sri Lanka don’t .

    • 0

      Look like you know a lot about their inside deals and the past. Let everyone of us know more about what they have done in the past please.

    • 0

      Pelpita should be interdicted in terms of the E Code… It aooears thst the P.S.C is not conversant with the E Code

    • 0

      Sudath, wasn’t it this same Weeratunge who was depositing the Tsunami Aid funds into MR’s private bank account?

      And to think that Yahapalanaya still has this criminal (not to mention his ‘sponsors’, who should also be in jail) as part of their so-called administration?

  • 1

    “At this rate, all ministry secretaries must be guilty then. Even everyone who worked for Basil Rajapaksa has been produced in courts, but that doesn’t mean they are guilty. Yes, there are charges against him (Palpita), but nothing has been proven,”

    You do not have to wait for a court of law to prove that a public servant is guilty.

    In any country that has a properly administered public-service, there are strict rules and regulations for public servants to follow. Any public servants who contravene these regulations are guilty of not following the laid-down procedure and should be interdicted until a proper internal inquiry exonerates or finds them guilty.

    Vajira Abeywardena is the guy who brought that Avan Grade guy to meet the president. Wijedasa Rajapakse’s only goal is to enrich himself while the sun shines. Unless Sirisena and Ranil nip all this nonsense in the bud now, Yahapalanaya will become even a bigger joke than it is now.

    It’s time for John Amaratunga to retire gracefully and pass it on.

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