23 May, 2022


R. Sampanthan’s Hour Of Reckoning

By Malinda Seneviratne

Malinda Seneviratne

Malinda Seneviratne

Objection to Rajavarothiam Sampanthan being made Opposition Leader has ranged from rank communalism, justifiable fears given his and his party’s unabashed endorsement of a terrorist outfit, through a questioning of representational power to the machinations that are claimed to have disenfranchised over 4 million voters by the simply and pernicious presidential act of looting the coalition that came second in the General Election by a relatively small 350,000 votes.

The Tamil National Alliance (TNA) and its constituent parties have hardly ever waxed eloquent on matters that concern the entire country. The focus has been consciously, deliberately and understandably, issues of the Tamil community. It is also true that the TNA, Sampanthan included, have indulged in Eelam-speak for years, going as far as to name the LTTE as ‘the sole representative of the Tamils’, and later in reduced circumstances after the LTTE was defeated reverted to federal-speak and other devolution tongues. There’s nothing wrong in all that. Ideological choices and aspirations are not the preserve of any community or any political party, after all.

R. SampanthanThe more compelling objection has been about the legitimacy to represent ‘The Opposition’. Sampanthan’s party polled a mere 5% of the total vote (515,963). Those who neither voted for the winner, the United National Party (UNP) nor went along with the promise of that party regarding ‘a national government’ (or more correctly a ‘coalition government’ between the UNP and the Sri Lanka Freedom Party (SLFP)), returned 95 members to Parliament through the United People’s Freedom Party (UPFA) of which the SLFP was the main constituent. Today, that number has dwindled down to 8.

The objectors (to Sampanthan) argue that the number is higher, pointing out that over 50 wanted Kumar Welgama to be the Opposition Leader. However all SLFP MPs have to be considered part of the ‘government’ for several reasons. First, their party has signed an MoU with the UNP. Second, many have received ministerial portfolios. Thirdly, the leader of the SLFP (whose near-dictatorial powers in the party were amply demonstrated recently) is also a part of the Cabinet. Object as they might to the way things happened, they are nevertheless trapped as lesser-members of the ruling coalition. Ergo they cannot propose any in their ranks for the post of Opposition Leader.

The TNA is, for all these reasons, the party which has the highest number of seats among those groups that are not part of the Coalition Government (misnamed as ‘National Government’ and ‘Unity Government’). The number of votes polled ceases to matter the moment the results are announced. From that point onwards the arithmetic is limited to parliamentary composition. In 1977, one remembers, the Tamil United Liberation Front (TULF) polled a fraction of what the SLFP did and yet returned more MPs to Parliament and thereby secured the Opposition Leader’s post.

In any event, the fact that SLFP MPs are suffering from a debilitating identity crisis (perhaps handed down by their leader), automatically disqualifies any of them from being considered for the post of Opposition Leader. For all intents and purposes, in a multi-party democracy, clarity with respect to status vis-a-vis the ‘government’ is a non-negotiable ‘must’ in the office of Opposition Leader. No one in the SLFP can claim this.

Sampanthan, like all ‘opposition leaders’ will be expected to lead ‘the opposition’, in and out of parliament. That opposition is made of all communities, all parties other than the UNP and SLFP. He has pledged to do so. His ideological preferences aside, Sampanthan is eminently qualified to play this role given his considerable experience as a Parliamentarian and a politician who has at all times, even while supporting the LTTE, acted with decorum and dignity in debate. As a person who first came to Parliament on the Eelam-pledge of the TULF and who has seen first hand where that took the country and especially the Tamil community, one expects him to do much better than A Amirthalingam.

He has, by default, earned the right to represent over 4 million voters. None of them will expect him to articulate all of their political aspirations, but they will hope that he will be as representative of he can be of general citizens’ concerns on all matters. It is not impossible. There was a time, after all, when the sole member of the Communist Party, Sarath Muttetuwegama, was a virtual one-man Opposition to the J R Jayewardena Government. He has his work cut out for him. The Government pledged ‘Good Governance’. If he leads the handful that make the opposition after the UNP-SLFP marriage (made in hell?) to cry ‘foul!’ if and when the Government strays, he will be applauded.

Rajavarothiam Sampanthan’s hour of reckoning has arrived. It will last a few years. We must wish him well.

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    The Opposition leader is from a party that has gained LESS than 5% of the popular vote. Would it make it more difficult for those SLFP MPs who oppose government bills, as it would appear that they are working hand in glove with those following the terrorists’ agenda.

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      Hey folks, be real – was the opposition leader apponited from UPFA/SLFP, would you guys have thought – what a govt that would be – today, TNA leader whose party won 16 seats in the parliment is appointed as the oppo leader of the parliament – with the next oppsotion party -JVP being given the key organizing role makes it the best as it should be in todays context. Those who have nothing in brains would go on saying against.
      Dayan Jayathilaka who by various means fought to bring his god father as the PM but failing it today to go against the appointed Oppo leader we dont even to think of.. since Dayan jayathilaka s views are just lower ot street men and women who have no edcuation – to this date. Buggers of that kind being nationalistic forever – beign against any kind of federal or far close federal thoughts – the like are the stumbling block for the peace in this country. We all should be treated equal should be made clear to anyone. Regardless of us being majoratarian of the island nation, we need to work on the sustainable peace to be achieved. Rajapakshes and their supporters and their agendas were very clear to the nation – they only thought that this country is only for sinahalyas – no matter minority folks would feel so bad – but they should eat the cake withoout sharing. Latter should be rejected by newly elected politicians from urban to village levels, then the dream of acheiving permament peace in this country will be a reality soon.

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    Why not we try to find the positive side of Mr. Sampanthan becoming the Leader of the Opposition? He is now willingly or unwillingly “Tied” into the main stream politics on National Level. All these years he has been a representative of a segment of the voters in the North and the East and particularly the “Tamil Speaking” population. Can he do that now? No. He has to NOW change and get involved in National Issues that affect all people living from North to South and East to West. To do that effectively, he is compelled to educate himself of the wishes and aspirations of the people of all ethnic background and cater to their needs. Of course he has to learn a LOT, because all these years he was a representative of a particular group and for thirty long years he was also at the back and call of a “Terrorist” outfit. He cannot do that any more. If he is wise enough, he can make himself a real National Leader by building that “BRIDGE” to establish friendship; understanding and consensus among the ethnically divide and work towards for lasting peace. That is the WISH and ASPIRATION of all people of this country. So Mr. Sampanthan: Change your heart and be a National Leader. Please do not let go this opportunity.

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      “If he is wise enough, he can make himself a real National Leader by building that “BRIDGE” to establish friendship; understanding and consensus among the ethnically divide and work towards for lasting peace.”

      You got your one sided analysis right however the other side of the story is missing, as you know there two sides to a coin.

      Sam is alright, he has survived and come this far and would go places.

      However you haven’t mentioned as to why his talent was not used in the development and progress of this island.

      The majority never helped him to be part of the mainstream either. Going by the discussion here in CT and news and articles generated by the so called smart ass patriots, I doubt that the majority is ready for change and to break with their past anti minority stance.

      What is your advice to the noisy minority (with majoritarian mindset) who had mislead this country for the past 67 years? Have they helped the minority in anyway to bring a durable reconciliation process to the nation? Be honest with you.

      Pleas don’t miss Dayan’s typing, he reinforces what I have said above.

      You should also look at the issues from other people’s point of view. We are discussing about people, the state should be subservient to them and not other way around.

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    On the advice of a certain British person who advised on a system that suited British very well so they could keep right-wing parties with little British historical significance in place, present regime conveniently used voting system to translate Lankan votes into party seats via flat-ground electorates (literally), thus cleverly negating the true voter results of our historically sturdy JVP, and translating them into a very few seats.

    In this day and age of computers and virtual-reality, over-the-ground technique would have connected up the JVP votes to give factual representation of overall polity needs, and without the ethnic factor.

    Sampanthan representing Tamils is a good thing. However, after over 30 years of LTTE terrorism, it is shocking that he has already spoken very emphatically about acute devolution and federalism even before his first day in office.

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      What about the more than 60 years of Sinhalese state sponsored terrorism against the entire Tamil population in the island? Very quiet about this. This resulted in more than 1 million Indian origin estate Tamils made stateless after living in the island for more than 150 years and earning most of the island’s foreign exchange. More than 300000 (145000 in May 2009)Indigenous Tamils deliberately killed by the all governments and around 1.2 million of then ethnically cleansed and forced tor flee the island. The large scale illegal settlement of Sinhalese and Muslims and land grabbing in the Tamil east, that has resulted in the once overwhelmingly Tamil majority in this ancient Tamil land now reduced to a voiceless minority of 40% in the east.
      The was no LTTE until 30 years ago. The LTTE is the child of State sponsored Sinhalese raceme and terrorism against the Tamils and Indian opportunism. They were bad but what they did was nothing compared to what the Sinhalese and their backstabbing fake Arab Indian origin immigrant Tamil Muslim allies did to the Tamil population and also what the IPKF did.
      The LTTE is dead and gone more than six years but still the racism and discrimination against the Tamils continues. Proves it was not the LTTE that was the problem but a racist Sinhalese population. Very quiet about the cause of the problem but want to blame the victim for fighting back . Even after another 10 years or 50 years , the Sinhalese and the racist Sri Lankan government will still be blaming the LTTE for their racist behaviour. First they blamed the British now the LTTE for their own horrible behaviour. They should thank the British for the position they are now in and not the other way around. It is the Tamils who should curse the British, for merging their once independent lands with the so called Sinhalese lands down south to create a new colony called Ceylon in 1833 and then handing power to this Tamil hating racist Sinhalese majority with no adequate protection to the Tamil speaking minorities. Especially the ancient indigenous Tamil population from the north and east of the island, whose ancestors had lived in the island longer than the vast majority of the so called Sinhalese, many of whom are descended from fairly recent immigrants from Tamil Nadu and then Tamil Kerala

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        What you say is very true, that there was state sponsored terrorism against Tamils by Sinhala government. However, it was severely retaliated to, by the LTTE, and for very long time. The reason was because Tamils wanted to take over the whole of Sri Lanka right from the beginning, in spite of being only 3 million, over 16 million Sinhalese.

        Both races, while probably being one original race (for over a million years), divided into two 2,500 years ago, with especially many more Indian Tamils coming over to the Northern areas, throughout history, more than to any other area of Sri Lanka (Northern areas having the closest proximity to India, and the speaking of the same tongue).

        Now is a time for National Unity that can work very well. If Sampanthan is there to give a good oppositional voice for an all-Island government, he would be the solutions for Lanka’s ills. In fact, if he could have been Prime Minister or President, it would have been even better. But it is seen that his one and only ambition, even before he has begun office, is for nothing but Separatism/Federalism.

        Indian Tamils brought in foreign exchange into the island, after Sinhalese(and Tamils) were driven off their lands so British could make money for themselves. What they left us was a monetary system that can do little for our national sustenance.

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          Ramona there are lots of holes in your argument. The LTTE were not saints but they were just a guerrilla force that was fighting a racist Sinhalese state and armed forces that was hell bent on denying the Tamils their due just rights and committing genocide on them. They have achieved this on a very large scale. Reduced the island’s Tamil population from over 26% to now 16% with 60 years by large scale killing forced assimilation and ethnically cleansing more than 2 million from the island. This meet all the criteria for genocide and it is a war crime. A state has the right to protect all its citizens and treat them equally irrespective of language religion or ethnicity. Not just a certain ethnic group or religion. Understood. This is what you and 90% of the Sinhalese fail to understand. If you want national unity and reconciliation them recognise the island’s Tamil speaking minorities first the indigenous Tamils the Indian origin Tamils and the Tamil Muslims( They are Tamil Muslims and not Arabs or Moors. That is a fake heritage. A little bit of Arab in very small percentage of their population does not make them Arab/Moor) their ancient history in the island and their undisputed historical claims to the North East and the Puttlam district in the island. Just mouthing national unity and unwilling to recognise this historical fact does not amount to anything. Unity comes with respect dignity and equality.
          Trying to equate the genocide atrocity and the suffering inflicted on the island’s Tamil population by the Sinhalese state. with the LTTE resistance and stating now equal shows the arrogance and racism of Sinhalese like you, who still do not want to understand what you had done and are and were the main cause of this genocide and war. The LTTE was the symptom not the cause. If you eradicate the cause the symptom disappears or will reappear. Your argument is like the German Nazis trying to justify their immense war crimes against the European population with oh there was resistance against us from these populations against us. So everything is fine. LTTE were no saints but like one British journalist wrote what they did was miniscule against what the Sri Lankan government and armed forces did to the Tamils.
          The Tamils nor the LTTE did not claim the entire country as theirs. Show any place where they had claimed the entire country as their. What they claimed is land that is justly and historically proven is theirs. Not Sinhalese or Tamil Muslim land. The north and east of the island. Where they had lived from pre historic times. Lived ruled there. The Muslims only arrived there as refugees a few centuries ago fleeing Sinhalese and European persecution. Other than very small pockets of Sinhalese in a few isolated border villages. They were only illegally settled there in the past 6o years to deliberately to change the demography. Especially in the east where they were not only settled but many adjoining Sinhalese regions from Uva were deliberately added to the newly crated Amparai district to make it a Sinhalese majority area. The vast majority of the Sinhalese to the east were only settled in the last 30 years. They have no right or claim to these lands. If as per you the India origin Tamils even after living in the island for 150 to 200 years and producing most of the island’s wealth have no right and have to be deported. Who are these Sinhalese who only were illegally settled in the east in the last 60 years by a racist Sinhalese government have right to these ancient Tamil lands?
          The land that the LTTE and the Tamils claimed as theirs has been recognised as the land of the Tamils by the Portuguese the Dutch the British the BC Pact of 1958 the DS Chelvanayagam pact of 1965 and the International Indo Sri Lanka accord signed by Rajiv Gandhi and one of the biggest anti Tamil JR Jaywardene. Even the Sinhalese Nampota written in the 14Th/15TH century recognises these lands as the land of the Tamils calling them Demala Pattanama. It does not matter whether we are 1 million half a million three million or 10 million this is our land and not yours. Don’t try to bring these stupid majority arguments to justify genocidal racist agenda. So the Sinhalese are around 15 million making up 75% and claim 70% of the island as theirs so what is your problem with the Tamil speakers who make up 25% of the island claiming 30% of the land? Scotland has only 5 million if Britain’s 65 million yet Scotland makes up around 30% of Britain’s land area. You don’t see the English dancing up and down and stating how dare they, as they are more enlightened and know that this land is legally the land of the Scots and the English have no right to this. Learn from them
          The Indian origin Tamils never displaced anyone large scaled. The were forcibly brought here as indentured slave labour for the tea estates and much of the area where they live and where the tea estates where created was in virgin forest land. This people did not come here and have wonderful time at the expense of others. On the contrary they were the most oppressed ( and still are) discriminated segment of the society. It is their hard work that created most of the island’s wealth. Not the Sinhalese the indigenous Tamils or the fake Arab Indian origin Tamil Muslims. They have known no other land for after living in the island for 150 to 200 years. Many of the so called native white populations of Latin America Australia USA Canada have not lived that long, but yet they are called native but this is denied to these Tamils by a racist Sinhalese majority just because they still maintain their Tamil identity and to deliberately reduce the Tamil population in the so called Sinhalese Kandyan area, whilst they were doing the opposite in the Tamil areas by illegally settling Sinhalese on a large scale.
          OK so they are foreign imports by the White British colonials,so what about the foreign imports that was brought into the island from Tamil Nadu and then Tamil Kerala by the Portuguese and the Dutch colonials. The so called Sinhalese Karawa, Salagamma Durawa, Etc now making up 50% of the present Sinhalese population, Shouldn’t they also be made stateless and deported. What about all the Kandyan Radalas the so called low country Sinhalese aristocracy like the Bandaranaickes, Jayawardenes. etc 90% of them are all so recent imports from Tamil Nadu. What about the Sri Lankan Moors. More than 90% of these fake Arabs are recent Dravidian Tamil Muslim imports from Tamil Nadu/Kerala. As per you let us all make all these recent foreign imports stateless and deport them back to Tamil Nadu and Kerala. This means 70% of the present day Sinhalese. 95% so called Sri Lankan Moors and around 5% of the so called Sri Lankan Tamils will be made stateless and deported. Basically what will remain will be largely the Eelam supporters happy?

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            Sinhala armed forces agaist guerillas, can hardly be called ethnic cleansers. So called by the Tamils – state sponsored pogroms – were always a retaliation to 12% Tamils insisting on their right to owning the whole Island , (as you insist that 50% Sinhalese are actualy Tamil).

            If Sinhalese were ethnic cleansers, 50% of Sinhalese, which you say are Tamil, would not have been accepted into the Sinhala fold. Any Tamil Muslims really perfer to interact and assimilate with Sinhalese (in spite of religious differences).

            Scotland is a mountaineous and relatively unproductive place, that can take no more than 5 million. So 30% of Scotland doesn’t do much for the rest of England. And there is no Scottish-Nadu to the North of Scotland for the rest of England to ever fear invasion. Also, the mountaineous areas of Sri Lanka were always very productive. Before virgin forests were razed for estates for British, millions of Sinhalese altually lived in productive hamlets within the forestry environs. It can be explained by the millions of Sinhalese beggars the former Slfp govermnent had to rehabilitate after independence.

            You mention that there are 15 million Sinhalese, and the rest are Tamil. Truth is, the remaining 3 million would prefer to be known as Sinhalese, and/or interact with Sinhalese, and are probably very much part of Sinhala heritage.

            From the ever being Tamilized North, you have continually attempted to demean the Sinhalese with racist calls. I feel sad to see Tamils in this way ( being part Tamil myself ). But you have forgotten the vast Tamilian state above you, and still want to insist on Tamil hegemony and power in a small island like Sri Lanka : the one and only land for Sinhalese people with their unique heritage.

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    Malinda Seneviratne, Mahinda Rajapaksa Shill and White-washer

    RE:R. Sampanthan’s Hour Of Reckoning

    Can you write an essay about Mahinda Rajapaksa’s Hour Of Reckoning.

    You never wrote about that.

    May be you should sing Jaya Mangala Gatha, on the Original Pali, about, MaRa’s Mara’s and his cronies hour of reckoning.

    Malinda, you shills are doing a great disservice for your boss, MaRa and the country. You shills are sending Mara up a “Murunga” tree*, based on the nutritional value of the fruit or vegetable, for MaRa to fall down. Murunga in Sinhala, Drumstick Tree in English, Murungai in Tamil.
    [Edited out]

    Based on the Book of Protection (Paritta Sutta) from the Pali canon, the Jaya Mangala Gatha is sung here in a rare recording by the Mahabodhi Society of India in original Pali. The Jaya Mangala Gatha is a chant recommended by the Buddha to destroy negativity and to generate auspiciousness. It proclaims the 8 major victories of the Buddha which are:

    1) Victory over Mara ( MarRa)
    2) Victory over the demon Alavaka (Wimal)
    3) Victory over the wild elephant Nalagiri (Udu Gamanpila)
    4) Victory over serial killer Angulimala (Gotabaya)
    5) Victory over the evil intentions of Cinca who sought to defame (Pavitra) 6) Victory over the haughty brahmin Saccaka (Vasudeva)
    7) Victory over the serpent king Nandopananda (Susil)
    8) Victory over the false views of Brahma Baka (Yapa)

    English translation:

    Creating thousand hands, with weapons
    armed was Mara, MaRa seated on the trumpeting,
    ferocious elephant Girimekhala.
    Him, together with his army of Cronies, did the
    Lord of Sages subdue by means of generosity and other virtues.
    By its grace may joyous victory be thine.

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    Appointing Mr. Sampanthan as leader of opposition has been done in keeping with the with the tradiition of appointing the leading party in the opposition which is the ITAK.

    It is now appropriate time now to integrate as SriLsnkans and not on a racial basis. This is the only way the minorities will get confidence that they are equal citizens.

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      Now that have been given their due place are they willing to commit to a peaceful cohabitation system rather than keep on harping about discrimination and aspirations for irreversible power Transfer and not devolution?
      That day! Pigs will fly!!

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    Lets be honest. There are only two candidates who could be the opposition leader. Either Sambandan or Anura Kumara.

    There is no one in SLFP who is good enough to be the opposition leader even if they were acting independently. Guys like Susil Premajayantha and Anura Priyadarshana should not be even in parliament.

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    I disagree when you say, “TNA going as far as to name the LTTE as ‘the sole representative of the Tamils” in today’s context, they did some time ago certainly against their wish ,because they feared for their lives.
    In this election they did not include any rehabilitated ex-LTTE’rs as TNA candidates & says much about TNA.

    It’s very logical that Mr. Sampanthan got Opposition Leader post, because SLFP/UPFA leader Pez, Sirisena is the head of Govt. , added to that SLFP & PM’s UNP signed an agreement in public , in front of worlds’ media, so SLFP could never claim opposition leader post in this parliament.

    Just imagine if SLFP got Opposition Leader post ?? How can we answer the whole world ?

    Of course TNA should represent Northern People, should become the voice of Ceylon Tamils , it has to be.

    In addition to that Mr. Sampanthan should do the role of leader of opposition representing all Sri Lankans , I think he has more than enough political experiance to do that. Not to forget JVP leader is the Chief Opposition Whip, JVP certainly not a communal party, so lets see.

    If I remember right my elder brother told me, Mr. Amirthalingam as opposition leader, came to Moratuwa University when there was a student protest with huge publicity, with the support of academic staff as well & it was the first time a student was on hunger strike ” fast unto death” , so he was received with a huge applause & when the student started fainting , JRJ govt. had nightmares for the first time & had many frantic calls to & from Uni. Authorities & govt, big wigs, including Minister Lalith Athulathmudali MP of the area.

    Malinda’s question about representing some 4 million voted for UPFA , yes Prez. Sirisena is already there.

    But for 8 few remaining MR faction MP’s , I don’t think any sane man would do it, leave alone Mr.Sampathan.

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    Malinda must be right. He says the same things as Wimal Weerawansa and WW has copyrights on the absolute truth.

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    Malinda Seneviretne,

    With great difficulty You have modulated yourself to recognize the inevitable of Democratic principle for R. Sambandhan becoming the Opposition Leader, though with tremendous reservation for raw filth mobile dictionary Welgama not becoming Opposition Leader, of Parliament of Democratic Socialistic Republic of Sri Lanka

    Though you accuse His Excellency, as of dictatorial manipulations, for all the actions preserving and upholding the traditions of democratic principles in Parliament and avoiding dangerous precedent, you have failed to considered fact that the 56 MPs did not hand over the letter of demand to the Speaker, because as usual has been dictated by whom you are paid to do so.
    In fact all the 56 MPs were still under the clout of how everything happened during the Previous Regime to whom your shedding tears that fill your pen.

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    Malinda’s essay and the nature and tone of the comments that follow, are indicators of what we can expect in the coming days, months and years, as the various issues including the impending UNHCR report, reconciliation, constitutional amendments, new constitution , devolution etc., come up.

    The role of Mr.Sambanthan as the opposition leader cum the leader of the TNA parliamentray group, will be synthetically made the eye of the storm, by extreme elements on both sides of the communal fence,in and out of parliament. Gammanpila gave a foretaste of what is to come on the first day of parliament and GGP Jnr’s Jnr has already started a signature campaign (re: the inquiry into war crimes) in Jaffna.

    Mr. Sambanthan fold up your verti or role up your pants and brace yourself(euphematically!) for the brucing battles ahead! I pray members of the TNA will not add to your woes. There are signs portending this already.

    Dr.Rajasingham Narendran

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    Native Vedda: I have not forgotten the “Other Side” of the coin. The “CLEANING” of this “rusted” coin has to be done on both sides. No doubt about it. At present both the parties who hold this “rustic” coin uses it to “camouflage” its value and “hoodwink” us for their own survival and benefit. To realize its true value, it has to be “polished” on both sides and bring out its “glamour”.

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    I hope, in the same spirit Ranil, Maithri, JVP and even majority MPs of UPFA acknowledged and paved the way for the appointment of Sampanthan as the Leader of the Opposition, they should now start in earnest a dialogue to devolve more powers to the Tamils. Now that TNA has taken the first step to join the mainstream politics of Sri Lanka, it is time they are given further encouragement to sit down and talk with the government on sorting out the remaining issues of the Tamils. With its present two-third majority, it is possible for the government to make necessary constituional changes to accommodate the rights and interests of the Tamils. This should now be the priority for the government.

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    Please explain how the new Opposition will represent the party that opposed the UNP in the last election.

    There are several reasons for the strategy the UNP is carrying out, though these may not be the only ones.

    The UNP – SLFP MoU makes sure there is no opposition to what it wants to do in parliament. If the UPFA was in the opposition, the UNP would have faced a stiff opposition. The TNA is unlikely, read never, going to oppose the same things that a UPFA opposition would have opposed, like three regions, or federalism.

    The section of the UPFA that wants the coalition may be of the view that they could also get some concessions.

    The minority opposition is isolated to the extent.

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