2 March, 2024


Racial Discrimination; Enact Laws To Protect All Citizens

By Nagananda Kodituwakku

Nagananda Kodituwakku

Nagananda Kodituwakku

During the recently concluded election campaign for Executive Presidency, people witnessed extremely disturbing racist remarks directed at ethnic minorities, particularly against Tamils and Muslims, by the former President Mahinda Rajapaksa, inciting racism, with intention of swing majority Sinhalese voters towards him.

Post election Rajapaksa declared that the majority of his voters were Sinhalese and that his defeat was solely a result of the ‘terrorists’ supporting the main opposition candidate. This assertion is grossly unfounded and uncalled for as it has been intended to provoke controversy and racism amongst the people.

The people of the northern and eastern provinces overwhelmingly rejected his ‘divide and rule’ doctrine, whilst the substantial number of voters in the southern demographic voted against him for his blatant failure to observe the notion of good governance. His unpopularity stems from the undermining of the Judiciary, the lack of respect to the Rule of Law and the above all condoning corruption at an unfathomable scale.

The modern civilised world promotes freedom of speech; nevertheless, racial remarks direct or otherwise are not tolerated at all, especially by individuals holding high public office.

UKSri Lanka can learn a lost from the proven vibrant democracy, the UK, the mother of social equality, a country with total population of 64 million. This is a good example where ethnic minorities from over 60 countries live in total harmony with the majority white community.

In the UK a zero tolerance system exists for any form of discrimination. The laws prevalent are comprehensive and discrimination of any person on race, colour, nationality, ethnic or national origin, is absolutely forbidden and it covers education, employment, vocational training and access to goods, and other services as well. The relevant laws have been designed in such a way to cover four main types of racial discrimination, which include all forms of victimization and harassment. It also prohibits stirring up hatred against a person or social or social group and all authorities are required by law to eliminate unlawful racial discrimination and to promote equality of opportunity and good relations between people of different racial groups.

The effect of law is far reaching as it includes provisions that should apply to all schools and other higher education institutions to produce race equality policies, with a written statement promoting equality.

The new administration elected to office must not show a blind eye to such dated and immoral ideology, which permits a social hierarchy where the majority dominate. Now given the opportunity the new regime must introduce political correctness by enacting stringent penal provisions by law against any form of racial abuse or discrimination whether verbal or physical with no exception.

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    I applaud Mr Kodituwakku for proposing anti-racist laws to be enacted in Sri Lanka. It should be enacted as soon as possible tor prevent racist elements in all communities raising their ugly heads.

    The Rajapaksa brothers, Weerawansa, the BBS and other racists will try their best to get back into power by whipping up racism against the minority communities. I hope the new President and the Prime Minister will take urgent action to pass laws to prevent racists from using the race card to create disharmony between the races. The country needs to stay united to rectify the damage done to the economy and the social fabric of the country and its people.

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    I don’t believe majority live in SL could understand the main points you put here. They should understand white people in the West are imperfect people like us and no better than us. But they have been worked hard, struggled hard achieve these levels of living and they are continuing to maintain and improve lives of all citizens.. If Lankan, Indian, Bangladeshi (& Africa) people work hard and enhance their ethical values, human respect, human migration will be balanced in the world.
    There was an article saying 40,000, mainly illegal migrants (Africa/Asia) coming into EU per “day”…… Latin Americans parents pushing their small children across USA border, thousands a day… How unhappy those people would have been lived in their own countries?

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    This is a primarily Buddhist Country belongs to Sinhalese. Other communities can live here but as President Rajapakse correctly said cannot demand any special recognition which they will never get in this country. We don’t care what other countries do. This is Sri Lanka we have home grown solutions to the problem.

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      yes yes this is a Buddhist country with a Bar in every junction. Buddhist country which won the award from google for hoghest SEX search. Buddhist country where the monks themselves break the head of Buddha statues in search of treasure. This is a BUDDHIST country where we can here everyday father rapes infants. Yes this is a BUDDHIST country where father kills mother, son kills mother daughter kills father every day. Yes Yes . This is a BUDDHIST country with a high rate of suicide.This is a BUDDHIST country where the monks utter shitty filthin Public and still venerated by the masses.

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      SL is Buddhist country only by name, not in words and deeds. What good has Buddhism done to this country? It has caused more problems with other religious groups fighting for dominance and recognition from day one, even when they have all the protection and fostering guaranteed in the Constitution. What is it that racist Gnanasara talking even today? ‘We don’t have Buddhist leaders to address issues of the Sinhala/Buddhist people’. It is to their credit that none of the new leaders, in fact no one considered him seriously thus far. When we have a multi-cultural, multi-ethnic and multi language speaking people, everyone needs to be given equal and fair chance, a crack at the jackpot in every sphere of activity, be it sports, academic or in professional circles. It should not be just for a selected few from a single group only, as was practiced by the previous regime. This is the only way to repair the damage done, and make everyone feel truly Sri Lankan first and then to whatever else they belong.

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      Kalpana, The day fools like you and your spiritual guru Granansara practice pansil is the day this country becomes a Buddist country. Ironically, that will be the same day Tamils, Muslims, Christians and true Buddhists in this country will start to live peacefully without fear. All you racists do keep peace away from this beautiful nation in stark contradiction to the very Buddhist principles you pro port to protect. You morons are no different to ISIS or Taliban.
      Kalpana,You are clearly the biggest enemy of Bhuddism. Hope some day soon people like you realize and rectify your wrongs and become Buddhists again before we end up in a bigger mess than we’re at. If you really must help in protecting the country, first mend your ways and then I suggest helping keep those who rule us honest.

      (panatipata veramani sikkhapadam samadiyami) – injuring or killing any living thing
      (adinnadana veramani sikkhapadam samadiyami) – theft or taking that which is not given
      (kamesu michchhachara veramani sikkhapadam samadiyami) – immoral sensual enjoyment
      (musavada veramani sikkhapadam samadiyami) – false speech or lying
      (sura-meraya-majja-pamada-tthana veramani sikkhapadam samadiyami). – intoxication as tending to becloud and weaken the mind.

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    Nagananda Kodituwakku –

    Racial Discrimination; Enact Laws To Protect All Citizens

    American Had zBlacl Slaves.
    Now America has a Black President and many others.

    Will Sri Lanka ever have besides a Sinhala Buddhist as its leader, other citizens who are eminently qualified, like Tamils, Muslims, Burghers, Malaya, etc.

    When when Sri Lanka thinks like a Nation not on Ethnicity.


    Its Failure and the

    The Civil War.



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    Laws to outlaw discrimination only means the discrimination gets more subtle and moves underground.

    By all means put some laws on the books that outlaw discrimination but do not enact any law that outlaws so called “hate speech”. Unfortunately I think Sri Lanka already has blasphemy laws.

    UK isn’t the multicultural harmony that media makes it out to be. A lot of the Native Whites are angry there has been too much immigration , this is why UkIp has soared in standing and why the National Front in France is also getting more popular. It’s just that these Western countries don’t see the kind of ethnic violence prevalent in South Asia but there is a lot of resentment .

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    ” The modern civilised world promotes freedom of speech; nevertheless, racial remarks direct or otherwise are not tolerated at all, especially by individuals holding high public office.”

    This is not a positive, racial remarks should be protected under Free Speech. Unfortunately Europe has laws against so called “Hate Speech”.

    It is perfectly legal in the USA to make racial remarks.

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    Imagine Sri Lanka infested with people from all over the world. Will the So-called Buddhist tolerate it. We must ask ourselves before pointing finger against other nations I believe.

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    Sri Lanka is Buddhist country only on paper.

    The so-called buddhist people too only Buddhist only on paper (birth Certificate).

    Except few all monks are only robe bearers not practicing what Buddha taught.

    If people of Sri Lanka truly practice what Buddha taught which teaches tolerance and respect the wellbeing of other people and other living being with love compassion and care then one can say SRI LANKA IS A BUDDHIST COUNTRY which is far from truth right now.

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      They have been buddhists for their selfish agendas. See all these leaders about to be proved as if they could even worstthan to Gadafi, Mugabe, Suhartho, Mubarak or any highly corrupted state heads of untold countries in Africa.

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    Greatest philosophy of Lord Buddha has nothing to do with politics.

    It prevail for over 2500 years and will prevail for another 2500 years or so and with the deterioration of human values it will disappear.

    It need not have protection by a provision in the Supreme Law, the Constitution and it is up to those sravaka sangha to promote Lord Buddha’s teaching.

    What Buddha preached is not practice by those who claim that they are true followers of what Buddha preached. Those who realised the FOUR NOBLE TRUTH with naturally pervades love, compassion and care to all humans and other living beings alike.

    Unfortunately, this is far from what is being practiced by most sanga today, particularly the mere robe bearers in the Bodu Bala Sena.

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    This is a good article by Kodittawaku,the new regime should enact laws to give peace and harmony to all citizens of Srilanka.
    The leaders will be blessed for it,unlike the Rajapassa regime where the racists were given a free hand to hunt and kill their fellow citizens,they even killed the unborn minority human beings where as the Buddha preached love and compassion to all.
    In Singapore ,one has never heard the people say I am a chinese or tamil or malay ,they will say I am a singaporean .
    The regime must act fast before Rajapassa and his merrymen act

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    Timely requirement. also for child protection,

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