25 June, 2022


Racism: The Final Rajapaksa Refuge

By Tisaranee Gunasekara

“Increasing light throws darker shadows.” – AC Grayling (Toward the Light of Liberty)

In an election campaign predictably marred by violence and malpractices, the unlooked for, the unimaginable also happens.

PL Keerthisinghe, the OIC of Wanduramba, resigned after 18 years of service, in protest against political interference in police work. “He charged that despite the political pressure on him, none of the senior police officers were willing to take action against the politicians…”[i]

Such an act of courage would have been unbelievable just days ago. That it actually happened is one more indication that something is changing in Sri Lanka.

Mahinda LionThe Rajapaksas obviously sense this change and understand that it bodes them no good. In the next two weeks they will do everything, from zany to violent, to get ahead in the election campaign.

On Monday, the Sri Lanka Rupavahini Corporation carried a news item indirectly blaming Maithripala Sirisena for the inclement weather conditions. A tamed-astrologer was used for the purpose. In 2009 Chandrasiri Bandara made history, inadvertently, by becoming the first astrologer to be taken to the Fourth Floor[ii]. He had predicted governmental collapse and was promptly arrested. Mr. Bandara emerged from his ordeal as a born-again Rajapaksa-devotee. Last week he promised to shoot himself if Mahinda Rajapaksa does not win a third term.

Asked for an astrological analysis of the current spell of bad weather, Mr. Bandara said that nature-gods are angered over the evil acts of an evil person. He claimed that the inclement weather began on November 21st, the day this evil person commenced an evil campaign to divide the people[iii]. This act of superstitious buffoonery was aired on the main news telecast! Lankan state television has an inglorious record in sycophancy; but never has it stooped so low or sounded so antediluvianly stupid.

Last week saw a sudden hike in election-violence. But according to Basil Rajapaksa, the opposition is not being attacked; it is attacking itself. At a recent party hosted by the chairman of the Ceylon Tourist Board, a journalist had asked Minister Rajapaksa about election violence, with particular reference to the Wanduramba incident. According to Irida Divaina, the Presidential Sibling’s reply was: “You are mistaken. Who will attack those? The whole world knows that if a stage like that is attacked at a time like this, popular sympathy will go to the other side. What if they did it? They plan and attack their own stage. People think they were attacked. We knew early on, that in an election like this, they will use such cheap tricks.”[iv]

In the next two weeks, the Rajapaksas will churn out more drivel and unleash more violence. But their real dependence will be on racism.

Racism is in the very blood of Rajapaksa politics. The Siblings can neither retain power nor rule without inciting majority racism and minority phobia. Without racism, the Siblings cannot retain the support of the economically distressed Sinhala masses.

The Siblings know that if this election is fought on economic/cost-of-living grounds they cannot avoid defeat. That is why they are making a desperate attempt to reframe the election from a democratic exercise to a war. In this rendition, the election is really a continuation of the old Eelam War and the first battle of a new Jihadist-war. If the Rajapaksas lose, separatists and Jihadists – and their Western backers – will occupy and dismember Sri Lanka.

The Rajapaksas are deliberately sowing the seeds of a renewed ethnic conflict and a new religious conflict in order to retain power. They obviously do not care about the consequences of making Sinhalese hate and fear their Tamil and Muslim neighbours – and vice versa. They obviously do not care that embedding such a fear psychosis in Southern society will create a fertile breeding ground for race riots. They obviously do not care that majority violence will sooner or later give rise to minority violence, to the common ruin of us all.

That is why a Rajapaksa victory – and a continuation of Rajapaksa rule – is unaffordable from the point of view of national unity, societal peace or popular sanity.

Rajapaksas Cannot Build Peace

The Rajapaksas made substantial use of racism even in the 2010 Presidential Election. During his inaugural election rally (in December 2009), Mahinda Rajapaksa proudly claimed that neither “his government nor he would seek money from LTTE leader Vellupillai Pirapaharan’s parents for any matter and will not betray the nation by doing so”[v]. With this statement, he made Vellupillai Pirapaharan’s parents responsible for the crimes of their son, even though they were never members of the LTTE. (A few months later this theory of familial-guilt was used against the war-winning army commander and defeated Presidential candidate Gen. Sarath Fonseka.)

Mr. Pirapaharan’s mother died in February 2011. Hours after she was cremated, some unknown persons brought three dogs to cremation site, shot them dead and dumped their poor corpses on the ashes. The message was clear – the mother was guilty of the crimes of the son[vi]. Predictably, inevitably those responsible for this barbaric deed were never caught.

Most Tamils had some relative in the LTTE. How can reconciliation be possible, given this Rajapaksa doctrine of familial-guilt?

Post-war, national security depends not on keeping North and East garrisoned, but on winning over Tamils to the idea of a common Lankan future.

Not only are the Rajapaksas incapable of performing this indispensable task; they are busy antagonising at least one other minority. If they survive this challenge, by the time they leave, Sri Lanka will have not just an unresolved ‘Tamil issue’ but also a full fledged ‘Muslim issue’.

More than 25 years ago, Yesoshaphat Harkabi, a former Israeli military intelligence chief, warned, “To offer an honorable solution to the Palestinians (or other repressed peoples) respecting their right to self-determination: That is the solution of the problem of terrorism. When the swamp disappears, there will be no more mosquitoes.”[vii]

The Rajapaksas do not want the swamp to disappear. They need the swamp, not just one but many swamps. Without suitable enemies, how can they retain their relevance as ‘saviours’?

In his blazing criticism of the Roman Curia, Pope Francis mentioned those afflicted by a “sickness of considering oneself immortal, immune or indispensable”[viii]. The Rajapaksas depict themselves as indispensable to national security but for this claimed indispensability to have even a passing validity there must be a visible national enemy. That is why the Rajapaksas will continue to feed the swamp instead of draining it.

The state must become the state of all peoples and must take seriously its duties and responsibilities to its Tamil and Muslim citizens, if Sri Lanka is to be peaceful and whole. The Rajapaksas have proven that they are incapable of fulfilling this essential task.

If they win this election, the attempt to maintain peace at gun-point will intensify and spread from North to East and South. Money which should have been spent on education, health and employment and income generation will be wasted on maintaining a mammoth military. This huge defence expenditure coupled with the wasteful mega infrastructure project will leave the country with a stark choice: between financial bankruptcy and vassalage.

[i] Daily Mirror – 23.12.2014

[ii] http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/south_asia/8120859.stm

[iii] http://www.rupavahini.lk/main-news/sinhala-news/4921-2014-12-22.html

[iv] Irida Divaina – 21.12.2014 – translation mine

[v] Daily mirror 19.12.2009

[vi] http://www.thesundayleader.lk/2011/02/27/prabhakaran%E2%80%99s-mother%E2%80%99s-ashes-desecrated/

[vii] quoted in Noam Chomsky’s Interventions

[viii] http://www.thedailybeast.com/articles/2014/12/23/pope-francis-denounces-the-vatican-elite-s-spiritual-alzheimer-s.html


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Latest comments

  • 15

    This is a decisive election for us in Lanka. the election result will not only define the future of our country but will also define who we are. Win for Rajapaksa will be confirming that majority of Lankans are racist, does not have a vision and simply put a selfish lot.

    However I and a sizable lot think differently and would want to change this regime. I am under no illusion that the common opposition front will be free of corruption, no government is free of that if u take rest of the world as an example. What they have proposed is checks and balances to counter such acts.

    any one who watched yesterdays business forum meeting could see RW is a leader with a vision he has got a honest man in MY3 who can rally the masses and drive us towards prosperity with cohesive decision making for the good of nation.

    Lets hope things will be put right on 8th Jan 15, or forever rot with a dictator. MR is passed expiry date he should be sent home as RW suggested let him buy Mihin Air with his ill gotten money, pump that money back to SriLankan.

    • 20

      “Racism: The Final Rajapaksa Refuge” “Racism is in the very blood of Rajapaksa politics.”

      Says Tisaranee the prophet!

      Rubbish, racism is the very blood of Sinhala Buddhist politics starting with D S Senanayake, who disenfranchised upcountry Tamils:
      Tisaranee, if you think it was not racism, what is it?

      Please be honest to yourself, especially since you are a journalist, you must expose the truth, not your own prejudices.

      Rajapakse, and in fact Sirisena too, are following the same racist footpath paved by the pioneers such as DSS, SWRD, Srimavo, JR, Chandrika and others.

      Please stop writing distorted stories to suit your own agenda.

      • 7

        Rajapaksa being a Sinhala Buddhist Racist is very good for the Tamils. As long as the next President also remains a Sinhala-Buddhist Nationalist (Rajapakshe or Sirisena), why should the Tamils vote for them? Why should the Tamils worry if the President is a corrupt familial dictator?

        It is true that Mahinda Rajapakshe is not going to do anything good for the Tamils but his Anti-western and Anti-Tamil (racist) policy will ensure a continuous support for the Tamils from the West, UN, and Tamil Nadu. In the long term, it will help the Tamils to have a referendum to separate from the Sinhalese. If the Tamils want to hope for the best (long term gain) then they should ensure a 3rd term for Mahinda Rajapakshe by not voting (boycotting) to any Sinhala-Buddhist candidate.

        On the other hand, getting rid of the known devil Rajapakshe and bringing in the JHU dominated Maithreepala Sirisena is also not going to do anything good for the Tamils but his pro-western policy will only ensure that the Tamils lose their support in the West. If the Tamils think of short term gains and help to elect Maithreepala Sirisena, then they should get ready to prepare for the worst. The same problem will remain for another 6 years with no International support.

        • 5

          If Tamils are willing to accept the culture of Sri Lankan way just like the Muslims, I believe they’re going to receive more political gains and diplomatic support.

          Regarding the conflict and human rights violation, as Maithripala has promised that he will proceed the domestic investigation under his Government and ensure the verdict is fair and openly proceeded.

          You’ll got to understand that Sri Lanka doesn’t have any legal binding agreements with the Rome Statute. As the result of this Sri Lanka will do the investigation locally with the basic rules from UNHRC’s requirements and the evidence.

          Anyone who found guilty of war crime including the Rajapaksas will receive punishment accorded to the local capital punishment law.

          If tamil continues to strike for Eelam Tamil or two country solution, The buddhist will not agree on this, thus they’ll continue to put tougher and tightened economy trades with north and eastern. If the Tamils surrenders to the government and doesn’t talk about Eelam Tamil state, Then the Government will provide more support and political gains for the Tamils within the Sri Lanka national.

          Anything relating to two-solution state will never be accepted by both candidate including the UNP will also reject the solution.

        • 2

          Ravi , what are you promoting? A continuation of agitation?
          The Tamils current set of leaders need to make way for younger generations to take over , the current older leaders are still part of the war effected group
          What Tamils need is a new thinking on sitting down with the government and continue to negotiate a viable solution on a equal basis as any other Sri Lankan community be it Muslim or even the majority Sinhala community, the current Sinhala leaders are not in the mindset of negotiating in a equal basis after a recent military victory, however nothing will change for the Tamils under the current government due to its pro extrinsic leaning leadership
          However with a change of government, good governance would lead to better democratic rights to all communities, benefits of that would be a civilized sociarty overall
          Now in a civilized society people negotiate, negotiate and negotiate to achive a reasonable compromise
          But if Tamils only goal is to keep agitating and blame everyone else inorder to have the western countries behind them , then they are better of migrating to those countries since they will never achieve that goal just like VP could not achive that goal, VP missed a golden opportunity when provincial councils were established to make peace and negotiate with strength, This election is another opportunity

          Let not waste the chance ….100% of Tamils should vote in this election for a change and hope for the best at least

  • 8

    Very true. They have already attacked Sri Kotha this morning.

    They just cannot afford to lose. Even if they win by hook or crook, people will not accept it and they will be isolated by the international community. Either way it is not going to be easy for them.

    I am a great believer in Karma and will solely depend on Devine intervention for a smooth transition.

  • 2

    Is Ms T Born Again?..

    No other nation ever endured the Fear psychosis our Southerners had to put up with for thirty years.

    It is the secret pacts which Ranil and Sira have signed with the God fathers of those fear merchants which will make the fear psychosis return..

    35 000 brave soldiers died to prevent the North East becoming a SGA under Prabakaran.

    And the PM who signed the pact to give the SGA to Prabakaran has now done it again, behind the back of the whole Sinhala Buddhist population.to give TNA & Sambandan more than what Mr Prabakaran wanted.

    Implementing this secret pact obviously will cause dissent among the Muslims who are the majority in the East.

    Ms Pillai’s War Crimes Investigation which has been sugar coated by Sira and Ranil to fool the Armed Forces and their inhabitant is another issue which will bring fear to our inhabitants.a

    Does anyone in his right mind think Cameron Harper , Pillai and Diaspora will allow our brave Army commanders to enjoy their retirement?.

    • 17

      Sumane, again and again you forget your origins and how dravidian Sumanasekeram came and bastardised the Sinhalese race to create Sumanasekera’s, Jayasundera’s (Jayasunderam), Wijesooriya (Wijesooriyan) and now you Sinhalese suddenly think your origins are Aryan without checking that the cheeks of your arse’s are still blooming brown and black and not white like the Aryans.
      When you state southerners, I presume you mean the Sinhalese. The Sinhalese will always continue to be insecure and have the fear psychosis. This is because, Sinhalese leaders have fed them shit since independence, of the ever coming threat to the Sinhalese and their so called twisted form of Buddhism (Theravada – which is simply 96% Dravidian Hindu rituals with just 4% Buddhism in the form of Pirith, loudspeakers, decorating Lord Buddha like a Christmas tree etc). The trick was that these Sinhalese leaders used this weakness to antagonize all minorities to gain support of the Majority Sinhalese. This is a nation that is wreaked with racist attacks on minorities since 1958 and not even one Sinhalese upto now has been identified, arrested or punished for the same. Bastardised Sinhalese Sumane, remember terrorists are not just born, they are created by the failures in society. Society is the one who elects leaders and when society fails to identify and nominate effective leaders, bastards like Rajapakse have a playing field. Why aren’t their terrorist’s in the west or USA? Isn’t it because they have efficient leaders and a knowledgeable public?
      Now you have to stop using the term Pillai’s Investigation. Pillai has long gone and now in Sinhalese term their is a thambiya in her place. So now you Sinhalese can proudly rename this investigation thambiya’s investigation. That is your culture, isn’t it? Something that is going to show the shameless cowardly crimes that the Sinhalese committed on innocent Tamil civilians needs to be shrewdly twisted by using name calling terms. Nevertheless, this investigation commission by the UN is not comprising of Sinhalese who will act like monkeys like the many that we just saw lately on CJ43 and SF.
      Army commanders and soldiers can be called brave, if they are ready to allow an independent honest investigation to take place. But here we have a unique situation where this is not allowed. Oh why, oh why, if genocide did not happen, why the fuck do you Sinhalese worry about the outcome of the investigation? That says a lot, without saying.
      Secret Pact…oh comeon, if you stop putting your nose inside Mahinda’s arsehole and inhaling his fart, your brain would not be so befuddled.
      Again I ask you to find your father Sumanasekeram in Dravidian south India and find out your true Sinhalese origins so that you will have a better understanding of what you are, the Sinhalese race that you belong, the indigenous Jaffna Tamil race that is predominantly found in the northern areas of Sri Lanka, the estate Tamils found in the central hills, the Eurasians and burghers and the Tamil speaking Muslims and moors.

      • 0

        Spark [Edited out]

        One simple question for my pundit friend.

        You said “Sinhalese leaders have fed them shit since independence”.

        What about your beloved sun goat terra leader podian Preba and TNA lip servicers fed you loosers with for last 30 odd years?

        Better than Sh*t, was it? Please do not blame Sinhalese for [Edited out]

      • 2


        “..Oh why, oh why, if genocide did not happen, why the fuck do you Sinhalese worry about the outcome of the investigation? That says a lot, without saying. Secret Pact…oh comeon, if you stop putting your nose inside Mahinda’s arsehole and inhaling his fart, your brain would not be so befuddled..”

        Good call for a pig like Sumanaya! Spark, you said it all in your comment. This whole Sinhala nation is a conditioned and brain-washed nation into believing the very dark and negative. This nation is a crude, uncivilized nation unfit to enter the civilized world. On the other side Tamils too have their own “Sinhalese” attributes too. That is why it is of paramount importance that a leader like RW with the welcome combination of Maithreepala, Sobitha, JVP and others in the common candidate platform must take the government into their hands and direct the country and its uneducated and uncivilized people into decency and development like the other civilized countries have done.

    • 4

      @Sumanasekeram, No other nation ever endured the Fear psychosis our Southerners had to put up with for thirty years – it is just like how the northerners went through 30 years of terror in the hands of the southerners.

    • 8

      KAS:”No other nation ever endured the Fear psychosis our Southerners had to put up with for thirty years. “

      There is no other majority race in any country in the world who have a minority complex as the Sri Lanka Sinhala Buddhist Majority trace

    • 0

      K.A Sumanasekera, you wax lyrical about our brave soldiers but what has been their reward? There are many injured and incapacitated whilst on duty but the Army (most certainly prompted by the Defence Secretary Gotabhaya) had dropped them like the proverbial hot potato just to save on their salaries.

  • 18

    Dear Friends,

    This horrendous dictator Mahinda Rajapaksa is very dangerous monster.

    Gotabaya unkindly pulverizes our youth and university students in our country when they cry for their future prospect.

    Gotabaya has stolen colombo city lands and people’s houses, not only from Tamil people but also from sinhalese.

    Uneducated and uncultured Namal Rajapaksa and other two boys have completely destroyed our youth spirit.

    Uneducated and untrained Wimal Weerawansa foolishly destroys well educated and well cultured characters all the time.

    This your final time.
    Please use your bain and expel Rajapaksa regime.

  • 13

    No member of the minority can have even an iota of faith, that they will be safe and secure, under the Rajapaksa regime. They have been let down numerous times, when the state sanctioned thugs in saffron robes, incited, and became rabble rousers, resulting in racist mobs attacking homes, places of worship, businesses, and property belonging to the minority in this country, and those who have vowed to give them security did NOTHING, because it played into their devious schemes. The Rajapaksa’s have revealed their racist side to the world, used the minority to their advantage, and now throwing them to the racist wolves.
    The minority must do their part in voting these criminals and liars out of office. They are desperate, forging documents, shooting and burning rally stages, and acting like uneducated goons, to win this election.
    No one can trust them, and people are already expecting the usual hanky panky tactics, Rajapaksa style.

  • 7

    Racism card has been used successfully in SriLanka to confuse the voters
    and MR is an exponent in this game. But he ( & his henchmen) must realise
    every assension would have to descend.And that time has come now. Even
    the policeforce have begun to show that openly! It will not take many more days for the momentum to build up to cause his drop to the black hole.They might be on the fringes of evacuating, but beware, as already
    predicted by some writers, that that country may have to be prepared.
    Newton has proved beyond any doubt that EVERY ACTION WOULD HAVE AN EQUAL & OPPOSITE REACTION.

  • 16

    This is a fervent appeal to Maithree Sirisena…

    I am a Tamil – Jaffna Tamil. I desperately want to see you becoming President on the 9th Jan 2015 morning. But so far you have not directly addressed us. MR at least made a token attempt to woo us. Even spoke in haltering Tamil. MR posters are put up all over Jaffna peninsula. There is a large omnipresence of MR promotion in the north by Douglas Devananda. You are not seen in the North at all.

    We, the Tamils are a proud nation. Quite rightly so. This is not unreasonable. Please give the respect we deserve i.e. make attempt to directly address us. We do not need great promises. We know you are on a delicate tight rope walk. We understand that. We are not insensitive to that. That does not mean that you can ignore us and expect us to vote for you. Please do not believe that because we do not want MR to be President we will vote for you. You have to do a simple thing, address us directly – ideally in Jaffna peninsula. That would pave way for us to enblock vote for you.

    Also remember an endorsement by TNA sans your direct wooing will not make the Jaffna Tamil to vote for you enblock. This would only bring in a trickle of votes. Not as a block for you. Remember we voted for SF last election enblock because he addressed us directly.

    Please, please do so soon. (PS. we still have not seen a Tamil copy of your manifesto. A big shortcoming)

    • 10

      Dear Mr MS, please do take serious note of Mr Assaipillai’s appeal. He is perfectly right in what he says. Do address the Tamils and the Muslims. The Muslims will vote enbloc for you, but do take heed, TAKE HEED and address the Tamils in the North and East via satellite or something.

      • 7

        From Picture Book Island to Sihala Buddhist Scum Regimes for 66 years- this Stupidity.

        Can someone convincingly enlighten us as to why anyone should endorse the continuation of sihala buddhist only governance please??

        Please don’t tear this world asunder
        Please take back This fear we’re under…..

        `NO COMMENT`Then INSCRIBE“NO CONFIDENCE` ON BALLOT PAPER! ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ஜ۩۞۩ஜ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬

        Satakaya Hato! Sarema Hato!

        Mara Maiti Modi Mooth Maro.

        Sovereignty lies in all the people from 1932 exercise that franchise the alternative to party poop- “No Confidence` and let there be another and another till the joy arrives.

    • 2

      I understand reader Asaipillai’s feelings. But my friend, if Sirisena
      shows signs of making concessions to Tamils in the future, he is finished. That is because much of the Sinhala electorate still seethes in anti-Tamil venom. So be patient. He may say something relevant at the very last moment.

      Sirisena or anybody – Tamils have justice and global support on their side. They can delay justice to Tamils but they can never deny it – indefinitely. Wigneswaren is a patient man of deep learning. Sampanthan is a widely respected elder Statesman.

      Please be patient. The Sinhalese will regain their sense of justice and reason – gradually.


  • 9

    Rajapakse is incredibly cunning. The alleged agreement between my3 and Ranil is a forgery. He makes a press release the day before he releases his own manifesto.

  • 3

    Absolutely agree with the writer. A well written article.

    That is the very reason they hatched a plot to announce there was a non existent Pact – it was a forged document. Shows to what extent they will go to create racial disharmony to exploit to their benefit.

    Not sure how these people sleep at night? How can the public expect individuals like this to rule the Country? MR has been given ample opportunity to turn the Country around. But it has been a DISASTER. It’s certainly time for a change and a new Administration to take over.

  • 8

    PL Keerthisinghe, the OIC of Wanduramba
    You are the pride of the nation
    you are the true son of the soil
    May your job be returned to you and also promoted not because of your right
    but the nation need people who serves the nation

  • 8

    Majority of the people cannot now be sold the racial story. Some of them do not even believe even true stories because they have been told so many wrong things.

  • 2

    This election gonna be a testing time to us Sri Lankans. Continuation of MARA regime means we are so miserable. A change means we still have some fortune. At last, as per my belief it is the almighty who decides what we deserve

  • 3

    Dear Maithree

    It is really very important that you consider Asai’s and Humbug’s appeal above very seriously. We Tamils are a very proud nation that we would not attend even our own sibling’s wedding unless invited formally in accordance with the tradition. But we attend even a sworn enemy’s funeral unfailingly. It is for you to decide whether you expect us to attend your wedding or funeral.

  • 0

    As the election heats up, will we have our Aquino moment, which happened under Marcos ?

  • 0

    This is indeed an important election for the Lankans. It is also true that the Rajapaksas have made many mistakes. However, to just brush aside the threat of an Islamic plot to destabilise the country, to eventually carve out a Moslem majority area just like the Tamil Eelam – these are real threats. Those behind the Islamic plot went to work 30-40 years ago, and started the exponential growth in numbers of Moslems all over the country, but particularly in the Eastern Provinces. Today the success of their efforts and the success of the “family planning” effort of the Sinhalese is abundantly clear. The Sinhalese are still continuing their “small family is beautiful, golden” theme, having one or two babies at most, and the demographic bomb will explode as early as 2020 – 2025 when the Moslems turn the majority. The smart voter should think about all this. In a Moslem majority Lanka, like in every Moslem majority country, the non-Moslems will be gradually subjugated. The Sinhalese civilisation will be wiped out and their ancient monuments destroyed, just like Pakistan, Afghanistan where even today the likes of Bamyan statues are being dynamited. In 20-30 years, as late Moslem fanatic Ahsraff predicted, there will be a Moslem President. Very soon the Sinhalese can kiss their 2500 year civilisation good bye.

    The thrust of this election should be to avoid that disaster. Rajapaksa is unfortunately surrounded by a lot of corrupt people, no doubt. But would a triumphant Sirisena have the ability to stop the Moslem onslaught and prevent disaster for the Sinhalese? That is the ultimate question.

  • 1

    Older days Tamils then sold their community for rewards as ministers and thus, they are suffering now.

  • 2

    All voters are guided by political promises – they being fulfilled is another matter. The Tamils are being given some space in that on 23-4-15 a National Govt. is to be formed as per MS Diary. In keeping with International trends of the 21st century, the National Govt. may find a way even for a Trial Federal set-up by way of negotiations? Life is all but hope.
    MoD has already moved an Army Unit to Polonaruwa, probably based on the
    logistics and planning of the services of retired Army Officers engaged
    by them. This will be used to curtail voter turn-out in places known
    to vote against MR, on a large scale specially in N/E. Election Monitors
    can only make a written report of such with no effect of the unfair

  • 1

    @ Hey Gay Chambers: Forget about Muslim take over paranoia and chase this racist rascal goon family and acolytes away for the good of the nation and people, including you ! Cut off your venomous racism, stop displaying your dirty racist imaginations and bigotry so that you can live happily and longer. Even if Muslims take over, it will not be worse than MR’s ruin of rule. You and your worry about the stagnant, corrupt, 2500 year perverted Sinhala-Buddhism can go to hell. Start practicing true Buddhism for a change. Things and people change all over the world and accept the concept. Malaysia and Indonesia were Hindu countries then and Muslim countries now…so what ?! So is Pakistan and Afghanistan.

    Changes cannot be avoided and there is a god or an almighty above, deciding things. You or Mahinda cannot do anything to stop it. Just learn to accept changes whether you like it or not and stop spreading hate if you really love Buddha or Buddhism, seriously.

  • 2

    Mr Asaipillai

    As a Sinhalese, I recognize that Tamils are equal to us culturally, intellectually and by every other such measure. Even you would recognize, however, that being a relatively small minority, it would not be possible to expect the national leader ( President or Prime Minister) to be a Tamil. It is also not possible to have a separate country for the Tamils in this small Island. Attempts to achieve this has only ended in disaster for the Tamils.
    The question then Mr Asaipillai is, what are you prepared to accept to call yourself a Sri Lankan – like in India where whether they are Gujarati, Punjabe or a Tamil, they are first and foremost, Indians?

  • 0

    I just watched the movie ” The Interview ” online.
    Intellectuals, not the idiots who comments with hatred go watch it & see what are the American intentions. Do you remember Cuba, Castro or Che still?
    Please don’t make Ranil & Chandrika to make this country an American base !!!

  • 2


    I have come across only few humane and rational thinkers like you in Sri Lanka although there could numerous not known to me. Your article deserves to be published for every Sri Lankan to read in Sinhalese and Tamil.

    I think all the Muslim and Tamil votes enblock will go to the common candidate.

    No Tamil will ever forget what Mahinda did and it will be suicidal for the Tamils vote for Mahinda even the supporters of Devananda.
    How irrational it would be for Rajas to expect Muslim votes after what happened in Aluthgama and Beruwala and an announcement by BBS of a repetition of a pogrom in 2015 to celebrate the centenary of 1915 riots. Raja and gothabaya will learn their bitterest lesson for organising BBS to attack Muslims in Beruwala and Aluthgama.

    Tisaranee, Please continue to keep doing the good work you are doing for the country and its people.

    However, I pray the election will end in peace.

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