25 May, 2024


Racists Abhor Breathing Space For Tamils

By Kumar David

Prof Kumar David

There’s no need to hold the punches, let’s say it straight. Vermin who gladly enjoyed and exploited the Provincial Council system for 25 years, JHU, JVP, SLFP and an assortment of Councils included, are now up in arms at the thought of Tamils in the Northern Province having an elected council of their own for the first time since 13A was enacted! What is the mental makeup of these rats? I do not hold back in declaring them racists. If you belong in this bunch of bigots that want to deprive the NPC of rights other PCs enjoyed for a quarter century, well you now know what I think of you. I hope it makes your distilled chauvinist blood boil to hear me reckon that one reason may be that you fear a Tamil led PC (led by TNA, Douglas or anyone else) could achieve more than the other eight!

Being abrasive is a delight when one is not Tamil, nor Sinhalese, neither Greek, nor Turk. I do not wear patriotic, national, religious, caste or communal labels, and I am in good company. Gautama did not genuflect before mind numbing stickers that disfigured his universality. Let’s call a spade a spade, and when necessary, call it a bloody shovel. A moral stance, however, is only the starting point; next is the tedious business of expatiating on political conditions, making sense of options facing important actors, and figuring out likely outcomes. Readers may assign different weights than I do to outcomes; in politics, like the weather, there is no crystal ball of unassailable certainty. As usual with this column, I assume readers are reasonably familiar with the state of play and moves afoot among principal players; my job is to be analyst and assessor.

At sixes and sevens

Truthfully, the government is in a quandary; there are options but also pitfalls. I do not expect it to make a hash and blow things up in its face (provoke a CHOGM boycott for example) but short-term damage control is difficult and long-term political, economic and social contradictions are multiplying making the regime weaker by the year. There are three main options or possible combinations thereof.

(a)    The do nothing option; that is hold NPC elections in September 2013; blow hot air, make noises to distract the extremists, but basically do nothing about amending or repealing 13A. The hope is to placate the international community, cool the Tamils, SLMC and LSSP-CP and fool Sinhala-Buddhist extremists with yarns of valiant efforts and promises of future bliss in nirvana.

(b)   Abuse the judicial system; blatant interference with the courts has brought the judiciary to heel, so there is mileage to be had here. The plan would be a road-show by some put-up cockroaches petitioning courts that, for this reason or that, NPC elections should be postponed. The courts may oblige; I am not sure. I drew attention to this as the most likely scam the regime will try in my 2 June column and am doubling my bets. Mutton heads in Delhi,Whitehall and Canberra, and their dim-witted diplomatic entourage in Colombo, will declare: “Oh well, the Pakses had to respect the law”. (Ha, haa; since when?). After CHOGM it will be the usual game and back to normal; not one of these international worthies will bat an eye.

(c)    The fallback option, if I am too sanguine and (b) does not succeed, the next option is the hard way. Amend 13A, repealing up to four provisions. Remove explicit references to (i) police and (ii) land powers; (iii) repeal the provision allowing two or more PCs to merge; (iv) prevent a PC from evading legislation that it opposes but other PCs accept.

Readers will observe that there are two suggestions doing the round of the political circuit that I have excluded; call-off the NPC elections explicitly, not by trickery as in (b); repeal 13A in its entirety. These are non starters though much loved by Gota, JVP, JHU and the monk and chauvinist brigades referred to in my opening paragraph. They are not doable; CHOGM will be kaput, the US and UK won’t be able to play dead any longer, and even spineless Delhi will have an erection. If NPC elections are to be called off, the likely ploy is via the judiciary. But the regime defecated all over the Supreme Court in the CJ impeachment affair; the court’s subsequent majority mood remains untested.

Allow me to comment on options (a) and (c). If NPC elections are held without any amendment to 13A, it will put the JHU in a very difficult position where it may consider leaving the government. The JHU is not a clown like Wimal; it has a political position pertaining to the place of Sinhala-Buddhism in Sri Lanka, which if seriously eroded would render its position in government moot. The JHU is not in government for perks, petrol allowances, jobs for the boys and goodies like Dead Left, SLMC and Thonda; at least not to the same extent. Though JHU departure would cost Rajapakse only a few MPs, the psychological impact would be huge; hence desperate efforts to thwart it, and the thankless assignment given to Gota. All this makes option (a) a tough call.

The SLMC has, after some toing-and-froing, had to bend to pressure from its Eastern Province ranks and oppose amending 13A. On Sunday (9) the LSSP Central Committee decided likewise, unanimously. The Communist Party will join; and Vasudeva, though servile to Mahinda, will have little choice but to follow the two larger parties. Rumour has it some SLFP MPs and the Liberal Party may duck. The JVP will not back Mahinda’s amendments though it detests 13A. The gist is that amending 13A – option (c) – may fall short of the required two-thirds majority, and more seriously, attempting to do so and failing will impact adversely on the regime. Whichever way he approaches the imbroglio, Rajapakse faces a difficult three months to September.

What should the Tamils and the TNA do if NPC elections are called after deep amendments are made to 13A curtailing devolved powers? My position remains unchanged; contest nevertheless, but make the campaign a great deal more aggressive and rouse the people to rage at the injustice to Tamils yet again while Sinhalese councils enjoyed privileges for 25 years. The yell that methods which once created a Prabaharan and an LTTE are being repeated must be uttered loud and clear. But to do this, perish any thought of boycott; enter the fray, contest and fight.

Colonial Motors not Panchikawatte 

I will summarise what I said last week about the UNP constitutional proposal of 29 May because it is important and bears repetition. It is not a hodgepodge of parts and pieces picked from Panchikawatte and stuck into a document. If anything an analogy with Colonial Motors is more appropriate as generous dollops of Donoughmore have been stirred in, nationally and provincially. Whether partisan politics has so soiled and corrupted the national ethos that the soothing hand of shared responsibilities and committees envisaged in Donoughmore can be restored, I do not know. But it is worth a try.

There are three valuable elements in the UNP proposals. It puts forward options for the executive (a Westminster option, a directly elected PM option, a directly elected Head of State – HoS – option). In all three cases a dispersion of powers between Parliament (via a Speakers Council; hence shades of Donoughmore), PM and HoS is envisaged; a big step forward. This is also a good opportunity for public debate on alternative models of executive power. Later the Opposition can zero in on one.

The second valuable element is that it explicitly takes up the question of devolution of power to the provincial level. Devolution is a dirty word in the Sinhalese dictionary and the JVP is the spokesman proclaiming its pornographic status. Now the cat has been belled; even Sobitha cannot hide his candle behind an “Oh let’s talk about it later” bushel. The devolution issue has hit the streets and everybody, JVP included needs to grasp the nettle. Excellent!

The third useful feature of the UNP draft is the injection of Donoughmore concepts. I have made mention at the level of the central executive, but there are also proposals to inject them into Provincial Councils and Provincial Boards of Ministers. It is would require superhuman efforts in the months ahead to take these ideas down to Lanka’s half brain-dead public, and I doubt if the UNP has sufficient non brain-dead manpower for the job. The best thing is lots of discussion where public interest organisations take the initiative. No, you don’t have to be for or against any specific item; I am asking that independent groups, including the left and the Socialist Study Circle, fashion forums for sharing views.

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    NCP and 13A, have brought out the true colours of various groups with regard to racism. Others are still hiding their faces hoping that the question will not be asked of them. The same reasons are up for grabs for the repeal of 13A as the 83 pogrom ie. dont allow the Tamils to come up in life, keep them under control, deny them any opportunity, grab their lands etc. Similiar emotions were behind the recent moves against the Muslim community. It is good if they realise that they are racist and such emotions do not succeed in todays world.

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      Safa, you and your learned professor think that the litmus test for a racist is 13th … How simplistic you and your professor … 
      Do you think calling others racist depending on which side you in the debate on 13th could fool srilankans to give up rising momentum against 13th to destruct the golden path to Ealam of racist Tamil  LTTE rump?

      Professor KD’s writing in this article reminds me a person who had taken Viagra shots but forgot to arrange a place to download … He is in pain and behaving pathetically … 

      Remember that the 13th had never been discussed in public until now even though majority of parliamentarians of many  parties were dead against 13th at it’s introduction to SL by our ‘friendly’ thug neighbor … Premadasa, Athulathmudali, Gamin Dissanayaka and many powerful UNPer’s , whole SLFP’ers including Mahinda Rajapakse, full party of JVP ( the party even went so far as to violent mode result in around 60,000 dead) to name the few who were extremely against 13th at it’s introduction …
      Supreme court were evenly divided of the legality of the 13th … It was not passed in freely in the parliament ..  Many MP’s were locked into hotels prior to the vote in Parliment ..

      Prabha’s terror campaign for thirty odd years diverted the attention from 13th … Why now, you guys question? 
      It is because real 13th was never implemented so far and it is now close to it’s implementation due to PC election of North … Main reason is that Srilankans had never discussed freely about 13th upto now …

      13th which supposed to be a panacea to all ills in SL is so old and the situation has been dramatically changed in present modern Sri Lanka…. LTTE rump and the people with hidden agendas want to suffocate this necessary extremely important debate by labeling racist tag .. Srilankans are too sophisticated to these knots of haters of SL …

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        Dear Bruno

        My point is mainly why this was not taken up many moons ago. Even the President has been going around the world and at the UN promising 13+ and 13++++ etc. Isnt it rather stupid to bring this up when the NCP elections are to be held in 2 mths time. This too a promise made by the President to India.

        Then again this debate and controversy being headed by extremist and racist groups like JHU and BBS who hold no significant representation in parliment.

        I dont think they were asleep or busy all this time other than attacking the minorities. It just stinks of racism. If at all it should have been brought up at least a year or two back.

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          Dear Safa

          Bruno is slightly off his head and hence he cannot think wisely.

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        Bruno Umbato Or is it “Wambotta?”:

        When you get the Rajapassa shoe polish off your tongue you could better utilise that piece of your anatomy in putting a shine on Kumar David’s footwear. At least, you might, by some miracle, absorb some basic intelligence through your protuberance then!

        If I can decipher what you mean when you say, “Srilankans are too sophisticated to these knots of haters of SL …,” it is a claim of some degree of “sophistication.” The only greater exaggeration than that claim would be of one of “intelligence” on your part!

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    A LTTE man calls others racists. You are a man who valued suicide bombers as an technological advance.


    • 0

      Read the Tamilnet article carefully.
      He highlighted the building and flying of planes as a technological advance by the LTTE.
      He said nothing about suicide bombers.
      He exposes the hypocrisy of JHU,JVP,SLFP & others who enjoyed the power,perks etc. of the Provincial Councils for 25 years,but are now denying same in the North.

      • 0


        No one enjoyed provincial councils! The provincial councilors who were elected may have but for sure we the Sinhalese and Muslims never enjoyed it! It’s a great burden to the provinces that can’t even support themselves and now we see the morons who are elected going berserk! No one wanted it and it the biggest white elephant we have at the moment!

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    Professor Kumar David,

    You say ” Racists Abhor Breathing Space For Tamils”
    Better to Say

    Racists Abhor Breathing Space For Those who do not Belong to their Race.


    1. Sri Lanka Racist Sinhala Buddhists (Buddhists?). Is this the reason why there are hardly ant Tamil Buddhists?

    Another reason Why the Racist Monk Mahanam Myths need to be Expunged.

    Sri Lanka’s Tamil Racist Hindus and Christians chasing out Sinhala and Muslims from the Northern Province.



    Dr. Farzana Haniffa on North Muslim issues – SLT42b

    2. German Nazi Racists ( Christians?)

    3. Japanese Racists (Buddhists)

    4. Burma Racists (Buddhists)

    ADD YOUR LIST, but provide credible support.

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    Thank you,Mr. Kumar David for a brilliant summary where the Tamils and the Tamil National Alliance stand.
    To me, it is like the oppressed and the oppressor are in two corners of the ring for the last round.
    if you were the coach for the oppressed, i sincerely would hope that you’re contender will heed you advice.!
    the eleventh hour,has finally come!

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      Halal Thambi, you want to go to Allah abode to see 72 virgins ? then join Tamil mutts & we’ll meet at Nadikadal Lgoon , & see virgins quickly.

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    Racists abhor breathing space for Sinhalese.
    Racists abhor breathing space for Muslims.

    Particularly in Jaffna and Colombo CMC.

    In Jaffna there were 25,000 Sinhalese and 50,000 Muslims in 1971. Today there is none. Their breathing space has been abhorred and robbed.

    From 1983 to 2008 Tamils bombed Sinhalese out of Colombo CMC area and colonized it.

    Why these facts are not mentioned? Why it is one sided?

    • 0

      Some Evidence how KUMAR DAVID BECAME A RACIST.

      ” Prof David says, “In a modern knowledge-based world the true measure of progress is the sophistication of human resources capital; technology is not things, not machines, gadgets and electronics, rather technology is the knowledge and ability inside people’s heads,” and explains the human skills needed to accomplish a feat such as the recent attack on Katunayake.
      ” … its not just a matter of smuggling in a light aircraft kit or two and assembling them in the jungle.

      Prof David questions the shortsightedness of political leaders on pursuing military solutions and urges Sri Lanka’s President Rajapakse to take charge of the peace process.
      He advocates the use of the Majority report of the APRC as a suitable starting point for negotiations.
      Professor David was formerly attached to the Department of Engineering at Peradeniya, and currently the Dean of Engineering at HongKong’s largest Engineering School. ‘

  • 0

    Look at racist parties.

    TAMIL National Alliance
    MUSLIM Congress

    Tamils and Muslims vote for these MONO ETHNIC RACIST parties.

    But SINHALA Urumaya has been REJECTED by the Sinhalese.

    Racists are begging for another Nathikadal and I’m sure SL is more than happy to give it to them.

    • 0

      the minorities vote for these parties since they trust their own people above the sinhala people. when exactly did the majority call for equal rights for the minorities? how exactly are the minorities to vote for the slfp or unp when they all tow the “sri lanka for sinhalese” policy?

      also, how exactly can you call the SLMC racist when they didn’t bother defending their communities in the wake of all the stuff that the BBS put them through? Hakeem and his folks stuck by your precious UPFA, and you call them racist? What have you been smoking?

      And if racists are begging for another nathikadal, where were you and the other sri lankans who were “happy to give it to them” when Gnaanasaara stood in front of the Daladaa Maaligaawa and yelled utter filth, not only being openly racist, but also destroying Buddhism as we know it? Always selective application of rules, for you people.

    • 0


      It is my understanding that the SLMC was founded in 1981.

      Muslims voted for UNP, SLFP and some for LSSP.

      Why did it take 33 years for the Muslims to form SLMC?

      Because, apparently they were taken for granted, and marginalized.

      So, the Muslims did the right thing. Have their own party to represent their interest only, because the UNP and SLFP were representing the Sinhala Buddhists or Sinhla Mostly.

      The LTTE tried to use the Muslims, and failing that expelled them.

      So, given the history, Muslims did the right thing.

      JHU is represented by SLFP and UNP. The Sinhala are already REPRESENTED BY 2 PARTIES.


    • 0


      “But SINHALA Urumaya has been REJECTED by the Sinhalese”

      Instead the Sinhala/Buddhists have elected the UPFA the real stuff, institutional racists.

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    I am a Tamil only because my mother tongue is Tamil. Mr. Kumar David is a Colombo Tamil who does not speak Tamil, has grown up in Colombo and enjoyed the advantages that the south has to offer. I do not know if he owns land in the “North”. But he and other leftists loved it when a soldier hit with the rifle butt Rajeev Gandhi who was inspecting the guard of honour. BUt very soon, based on what Lenin or Stalin said, all the leftists changed their tune and began to support the LTTE that killed the democratically elected Tamil MPS like Canagaratnam, Amithalingam and many other leading tamil intellectuals, teachers etc.
    The left embraced racist politics as it decided that it is an uprising for `self-determination’. The left even accepted that there are “EXCLUSIVE” Tamil homelands. This made the leftists like Kumar David wittingly or unwittingly supporters of Racism and terrorism. If the TNA, the TPNF, the TULF, and the Diaspora have rejected the 13th, why is David supporting the effort to force it on the North? It is supported by India, some Western countries and some self-styled `Friday-forum’ types in Colombo? The friday forum, or the leftists represent probably only a few thousand votes in the whole country.

    I live in a suburb of Colombo, and I have no wish to see an “exclusive” tamil homeland created in the North that will ultimately put pressure on me to “go to the homeland”. There may be a case for a “Tamil homeland”, in the same way as there was a case for a “Kandyan” sinhala region. But the tamil homeland or the Kandyan sinhala region cannt be “EXCLUSIVE” to Tamils or Kandyans respectively.
    The “Kandyan” claims died down over a generation, and I think the Tamil claims will also die down when dinosaurs like those of Kumar David’s age, and older individuals, pass away.

    I agree with Johnpulle, Rasalingam, DBSJeyaraj and others that the Sinhalese and the Tamils have to learn to co-exist EVERYWHERE in the country. The whole provincial council setup should be reversed, and we need to go back to the old DRO system that worked very well, as in the days of D. S. Senanayake. I might even go as far as Sebastian Rasalingam and say that the sinhalization of the North, and the Tamilzation of the south is the best guarantee of peace in the country. See
    …….(etc)…. Here is a short extract”

    I strongly believe that the State should have a clear program of settling Sinhalese in the villages of the North, and at least some Tamil IDPS in the villages of the south. The Sinhalese, with 75% of the population, would be demographically highly pressurized and hence the move to the sparse regions of the North and the East would be no different than the move of the White-Anglo-Saxon-Protestants (WASPS) of the US East coast to the “homelands” of the Hispanics West in the USA. Such redistribution of population, and NOT devolution of power into the hands of corrupt regional lords, is the best investment for long-term peace in Sri Lanka. Such a redistribution of population will also strongly undermine the Caste and gender discrimination endemic in traditional Tamil society with its Manu Dharma. Sinhalese society is far far less caste conscious, and accords greater power to its womenfolk.
    The Sinhalese, lving in the prosperous and modern Southern Sri Lanka would need state incentives to settle in the sparsely populated North which needs labour as well as investors for its development. The pro-LTTE expats have done little to help the North, and instead push their “boycott Sri Lanka” campaigne which hurts the poor Tamils more than any other ethnic group.
    Instead of emphasizing divisions and differences,
    we need to emphasize the close similarities and common basics of the citizens of Sri Lanka and not separate out the groups.

    Remember how, in Singapore, no street is allowed to be purely of one ethnicity. A good mixed crop is more healthy than a mono-crop in every ecology.

    • 0

      Mr. Manoharan:

      It is common that LEFT needs RACISM in order to thrive. Kumar David thrived in Sri Lanka using the Sri lankan system. Now, he moved overseas now he spread racism. See how many articles ha had written praising LTTE and LTTE activities.

      Modern socialism is mixed with RACISM.

  • 0

    “There’s no need to hold the punches, let’s say it straight. Vermin who gladly enjoyed and exploited the Provincial Council system for 25 years, JHU, JVP, SLFP and an assortment of Councils included, are now up in arms at the thought of Tamils in the Northern Province having an elected council of their own for the first time since 13A was enacted! What is the mental makeup of these rats? I do not hold back in declaring them racists.”

    The crux of the problem defined in a nut shell and without ‘Holding the punches’. However, they are ‘racists’ in a country that has largely one race, but speak different languages, practice different religions and live slightly different cultures. They are ‘Communalists’ and ‘Extremists’. But the word ‘Racist’ gives a connotation and obnoxious flavour they deserve. They are the barbarians of the 21st century!

    Dr.Rajasingham Narendran

    • 0

      KUMAR DAVID should have used the word TRIBALISM instead of RACISM.

      Tamils thrive in Tamilnadu as TRIBALISTs. Tamils lived in Sri Lanka as Tribalists since the day they found that Ceylon would get independence from British.Even the present, 13th amendment is not what Sri Lankans wanted. IT is what India wanted. Tamils want 13th amendment and more because they want to build their monoethnic enclave.

      IF some one talks against that Tamils accuse Mahavamsa, Buddhism, and SWRD, racism, and every thing else.

      • 0

        How do the Sinhalese live, as per your definition? Universalists! Internationalists!

        Please stoop labelling and characterising people to suit your purposes. We are all humans trying to find a place in the sun and grow into something we aspire to be.

        Dr. RN

        • 0


          Jimmy Softy is at least honest about his brand of Racism and has been openly stating what he thinks in his bigoted head and how he wants to treat the minorities.

          Bigotry is a state of mind:

          “The mind of a bigot is like the pupil of the eye; the more light you pour upon it, the more it will contract.”

          – Oliver Wendell Holmes, Sr.

      • 0


        “IF some one talks against that Tamils accuse Mahavamsa, Buddhism, and SWRD, racism, and every thing else.”

        No one in their right mind would accuse Buddhism.

        However, where necessary political Sinhala/Buddhism should be condemned as an evil, before and after every meal, on a 24/7/52 basis.

        Mahawamsa is the Sinhala/Buddhist perverted version of history.

        If SWRD was not a racist how would you describe him as a Buddha, Gandhi, Mandela…?

        Racist are racists.

        “13th amendment is not what Sri Lankans wanted.”

        If its true why do the stupid Sinhala/Buddhist periodically vote for the provincial council elections. They could always boycott the elections and the councils.

        You can’t have the cake and eat it.

        The 1972 & !978 constitutions were forced on to people by parliamentary majority so was 13A. On both cases no referendum were conducted to obtain people’s consent/approval.

        Why are you making a big fuss about nothing. Others do not have to waste their time energy to prove that you are a racist.

        Out of sheer hypocrisy you are doing it splendidly. Your stupidity and double standards immensely help you in your endeavour.

        Keep up your good work.

      • 0

        If Jim Softy means Casteism as Tribalism, I don’t have to say both major communities practise this within their own societies.

        You can fool yourself. But the 13th is a joint-creation of both countries. You can disown JRJ now – but he enjoyed 5/6th majority in Parliament. In fairness to the Tamil side, from the beginning they said it did not address their immediate demands.


        • 0

          Which amendment in the Indian constitution has ever been jointly created by Sri Lanka and India? Sri Lankans do not want to meddle in the muddy waters of Indian politics. The 13th amendment to the Sri Lankan constitution was something shoved down the throat of JR by the Indian bully. Sri Lankans do not accept the 13th amendment. Keep a referendum in the country tomorrow and you will see the result. Indians should mind their own damn business.

          • 0

            Nothing useful will come out with a debate with Lanka Peiris as he seems to be unaware of the basics of the issue.

            As to a Referendum, if it was held in the NEP by the people of that Province in 1987 or a little later, then one could have believed it represented the voice of the people. But if you mean an All-Island Referendum – with over 75% of the voters highly charged anti-Tamil Sinhala – such an exercise will be meaningless.


    • 0

      “Vermin who gladly enjoyed and exploited the Provincial Council system for 25 years, JHU, JVP, SLFP and an assortment of Councils included, are now up in arms at the thought of Tamils in the Northern Province having an elected council of their own for the first time since 13A was enacted.”

      I would say that this is a one big brain fart!

      If JVP/SLFP could promote a Tamil as the foreign minister of the country, why on earth would they be so concerned about Tamils running a provincial council just because they happen to be “Tamils”?

      Its not the Tamilness that has got them so agitated but the fear
      what these so called Tamil leaders would do after being elected.
      After all these leaders were called Tiger Nominated Agents only a
      few years ago. If they caved in to Tigers then what guarantee is
      there that they won’t cave in for TGTE in future? Have they said
      anything to gain the confidence of the South since 2009?

      What surprises me is the ease with which KD rushes to calls everyone
      who is opposed to TNA being given full control of North racists while
      being mute about TNA’s own questionable past.

      What do we call people who said, if the military of the country
      were to so much as set foot in the Tamil Homeland, they would be sent
      home in body bags pronto in parliament? Racists? Terrorists? Traitors? Fools?

      It is said offense is the best defense. What “racists” among Tamils
      do is to accuse anyone who confronts their racism “racists” and hide behind minority label to get sympathy.

      • 0

        navin,you say”What surprises me is the ease with which KD rushes to calls everyone
        who is opposed to TNA being given full control of North racists while
        being mute about TNA’s own questionable past.”

        I agree with you that TNA are racists,but so are many of those that oppose the tamils getting the powers to manage their own affairs.They bring out excuses such as what the TNA will do if they are given control of the provincial council to try to stop the tamils from living in peace and dignity.They want to control the tamils and keep them under their thumb and send the message across loud and clear that this is a sinhala bhuddhist country and the minorities can continue to live here as well behaved guests.Chief amongst these types are modawansa and chimpanzika ranawaka.once a racist will always be a racist and they are on both sides of the divide.There may be some people who may not be racist but harbour genuine fears about the TNA but many others just play on that fear to stop the tamils from getting any political rights.After all what can the TNA do with the 13th amendment.Pillayan said he could not even shift a chair without the governors permission.See what has happened now to the eastern provincial council.It has stopped functioning because the governor won’t allow the chief minister to fart without his permission and the chief minister in turn won’t allow the members to fart without getting the governors permission.

        So these are just excuses brought out by the racists knowing fully well that the TNA’s hands are tied up now,whatever their past actions were.If they were genuinely concerned about what the TNA would do then they would have let the TNA run the northern provincial council and if they do something against the countries interest then they can point it out to the people and try to curtail its powers,but what they are doing now is a preemptive strike to get rid of even the limited powers that the provincial councils have and even to get rid of them altogether.

        • 0

          There is no Racism here. It is Tribalism.

          Only way to handle Tribalism is Tribalism.

          Tamils and their supporters are dishonest.

          SO, only way to counter act that dishonesty is with dishonesty.

          • 0

            Jim softly,You seem to be a chap who thinks he is clever and plays around with words.What does it matter whether it is tribalism or racism,the fact remains one race/tribe is not allowing another to live with respect and dignity in traditional historical habitat.

            BTW a tribe is a group with common ancestry and culture whereas a race is a group with common history,nationality or geographic distribution.Also it can be distinguished as a separate group by genetically transmitted physical characteristics.The tamils have all of these and they are a distinct race.As for the sinhalese,the original ones from Bihar may have been a distinct race,but after absorbing so many from southern india who look more like tamils themselves,the sinhalese may now be more apropriately considered a tribe because the low country sinhalese outnumber the upcountry ones who are the original sinhalese and don’t have the same physical characteristics or colour as them.These converts are the ones who shout the loudest about sinhala bhuddhism,example if modawansa can be considered a sinhalese then karunanithi also can be a sinhalese.

            You yourself say you are dishonest towards the tamils and seem to be proud of it.It must be in your genes because once a lowborn always a lowborn they say and in your ancestors must have been very proud of being dishonest.You also say that tamils have been dishonest,why don’t you elaborate and give examples?

          • 0


            “Tamils and their supporters are dishonest”

            So are the Aryan/Sinhala/Buddhists.

            Both of you not only dishonestly grabbed my ancestral land but your people also wrote a myth the perverted Mahawamsa to justify your greed and deceit.

            I hate to agree with you.

  • 0

    Kumar David,
    1) “..up in arms at the thought of Tamils in the Northern Province having an elected council of their own for the first time since 13A was enacted! What is the mental makeup of these rats?..”

    Rats like you don’t (want to) understand ,or say, that PC would be used to achieve “Eelam” of Tamil Racists holding brief to VP the mass murderer /Monkey Emmanuel led Diaspora terrorists & INGO mafia, their local agent TNA

    2) “..I do not wear patriotic, national, religious, caste or communal labels, and I am in good company..”

    You got blood sucking LTTE terrorist clothing & good company of INGO mafia hellbent on dividing Sinhala Land Sri Lanka.
    Just go to hell man you would never achieve dream Eelam.

    • 0

      Let me repeat: the slang term for those living off the avails of the oldest profession in the world is “John.” Only too obvious why it isn’t Jim or Jonas, right?

  • 0

    Socialism and racism go together.

    • 0


      May be true in Sri Lankan case.

      SLFP, JVP, NFF, CP, LSSP…. all started as Socialists and ended up as racists, all because Sinhala/Buddhist are racists just like their Tamil/Saivaite brethren.

      • 0

        You all are talking like saints.

        See here in this web site, every one is crying out loud for Tamil domination, muslim domination or Christian domination. They all gang up against Sinhala Buddhists.

        They all want to subjugate Sinhala – buddhists so that they can have there way.

        • 0


          “They all want to subjugate Sinhala – buddhists so that they can have there way.”

          No Jimmy they all want freedom from Sinhala/Buddhist subjugation. All includes Sinhalese and Buddhists as well.

          In my case I want to free the land from Tamils, Muslims, Saivaites, Christians, Sinhalese, Buddhists and most urgently from Sinhala/Buddhists.

          Do you agree with me?

  • 0

    This is a humble request for learned people like Professor Kumar David, Dr. Dayan Jayathilake and Professor Gerald H. Peiris who are the leading opinion makers and analysts on the issue about the 13 A. Could you please enlighten many of us who wanted to create a country where everybody could live with dignity and the opportunities to do so are not decided by the race, religion or elitist social background:

    1.What “affairs” (i.e., police and land power) need to be devolved or decentralized to the peripheries so that “ethnically based aspirations” (Sinhala aspirations in South and Tamil aspirations in North) are fostered and catered for?

    2.What are the “affairs” that peripheries (provinces) could attend with the devolved power under existing 13A?

    3.Is 1 and 2 aligned? If not where the misalignment? How such misalignment could be redressed?

    One could argue against my 1st point, claiming that “decentralization” has nothing to do with fostering “ethnically based aspirations”. But isn’t that the basic premise on which homeland for Tamils in north and east is clamoured for?

    Just think for a moment that Tamils within this geographical entity obtain all the powers to conduct their own affairs to foster their aspirations. How this “homeland” could foster aspirations of the 52 percent of the Tamil population who are living outside north and east provinces?

    4.If the desired outcome is creating a governance structure to foster “ethnically based aspirations” and given that for most of ethnic groups are scattered all over the country in a real mix, how on earth “geographically” oriented devolution cater for such “ethnically based aspirations” which are not geographically concentrated?

  • 0

    Go to hell David. We Sinhalese,Tamils, muslim, burgers are Sri lankans.

    Separatism never in Sri lanka. Your time is out for New Sri lanka!

  • 0

    Protecting the Unitary status of Sri Lanka is most important and it is not racism by any count. When a party that has a good chance of winning the Northern Province elections through racist politics and also happen to be a proxy of the separatist LTTE and are today adopting identical tactics the LTTE used, other than violence, then a Govt is duty bound to ensure unnecessary powers are not devolved to Provinces. Had TNA been a normal patriotic party, then the proposed changes to the Indian forced 13th amendment to the SriLankan constitution, not yet legally inacted, could have been ignored.

    • 0

      raja what nonsense are you talking.What is the difference between the TNA and the DMK of karunanithi when he at one time was clamouring for separation.What nehru did was to cut the ground from under his feet by first giving the carrot to the tamil people by giving devolution and then the stick to karunanithi by making it unlawful to ask for separation.Tamil people lost interest in separation and karu ditched it.

      When it comes to racists like you it is always the stick,stick and stick only and then you have a whinge about how the other guy is asking for separation and the world is supporting it.Think of the carrot(devolution)and then the stick if TNA misbehaves.

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