19 August, 2022


Rajapaksa & Company’s Crocodile Tears & Their Public Stripping

By Vishwamithra1984

It is the wisdom of the crocodiles, that shed tears when they would devour.” ~Francis Bacon

‘Come on, man’…that’s how President Obama ridiculed those who believed that Donald Trump was a sincere politician who professed to rule the United States of America and ‘Make America great again’ as a ‘successful’ businessman. Donald Trump winning the elections is another matter altogether and I have already written a commentary on the savagery defeat the Democrats and Hillary Clinton suffered. I have also repeatedly emphasized that ‘wide acceptance of an idea among a majority group is no proof of its validity’. I use the same phrase that Obama used to subject the former President of Sri Lanka, Mahinda Rajapaksa to utter scorn and ridicule. ‘Come on man’, do you think that the people of Sri Lanka were born only yesterday? Step down from your portals and witness what is real and factual. Open your eyes and ears and behold the unprecedented harm and injury you have brought upon the good name of our nation and in the name of patriotism.Mahinda

Mahinda Rajapaksa’s article ‘Media Repression Is Now a Cornerstone of Yahapalana Policy’ is an unmitigated insult to the rudimentary intelligence of every man, woman and child in this country. After committing atrocities of monumental proportions on the men and women of the mass media during his regime, Rajapaksa’s plea to the mass media cannot be construed in any other way than as a preposterous joke. He has lost all his credibility on this single article he is supposed to have written to the newspapers. Unfortunately for the Rajapaksas, the atrocities visited upon the men and women in the media have been well catalogued. They have been illustrated and presented in a book that is currently in circulation. It’s titled “Rajapaksa & Company” and authored by dahamipurawesifoundation– Righteous Citizens’ Foundation- a very credible presentation of facts and figures, cataloguing the range of atrocities committed by the Rajapaksa family and their relatives, cohorts, and henchmen. It is indeed a graphic description of an alleged commission of dastardly acts by a set of politicians headed by the First Family of the time.

In such a context, how on earth can the former President utter such nonsense? His transparent wickedness and apparent disregard for the immediate past is deplorable. And the total rejection of the people’s power of memory is appalling and contemptible and must be condemned by all those who yearn for good governance. Good governance- Yahapalanaya- did not have a place of recognition under his regime; Sri Lankan civil service and constitutionally independent institutions like the Central Bank were servile serfs. The defense cum military establishment was a lapdog under the command of a sibling reminding one of some third or fourth world dictatorships whose only goal was enrichment of themselves and their closest comrades-in-arms.

Maintaining all the time a ludicrous self-righteous stance, basking in the glory of the war-victory against the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Elam (LTTE), bragging about being brave and courageous in the face of the imaginary global enemy while incarcerating the real war-hero General Sarath Fonseka, stripping the then Chief Justice Shirani Bandaranayake of her position, desecrating the roots and powers of the Attorney General, the Supreme Court and the Central Bank, these political vagabonds made history by letting go of a unique opportunity to establish tangible good governance after the war. Such opportunities come but rarely in history and those rulers who refuse to recognize such opportunities must be condemned to its dustbin. Great rulers right throughout human history have identified those jewels of times and opportunities and acted in accordance with the utmost sacred principles of humanity, fairness and selflessness. They had brought happiness to their subject people; they had made their people fearless and courageous and creative. All the architectural edifices and religious stupas left behind by our ancient ancestors stand as great monuments to our religio-cultural heritage. What is the legacy of the Rajapaksa regime?

Here is the legacy. Here are some excerpts from the creative booklet of Rajapaksa & Company (pages 103, 104 and 105):


KILLING OF JOURNALISTS DURING THE RAJAPAKSE REGIME ( 18/11/2005 – 08/01/2015)killing-of-journalists-during-the-rajapakse-regimekilling-of-journalists-during-the-rajapakse-regime


T. M. G. Chandrasekara, Rupavahini, 2007
Anurasiri Hettige, Rupavahini, 2008
Lal Mawalage, Rupavahini, 2008
Ranjani Aluthge, Rupavahini, 2008
Keith Noyahr, TNL Television, 2008
Upali Tennekoon, Rivira, 2009
Poddala Jayantha, Divaina, 2009


Sonali Wickramatunge, Sunday Leader
Iqbal Athas, Sunday Times
Upali Joseph Fernando, Lankadeepa
Rathnapala Gamage, Lankadeepa
Anuruddha Lokuhapuarachchi, Reuters
Mandana Ismail, Sunday Leader
Romesh Abeywickrema, Sunday Leader
Sanath Balasuriya, Divaina
Sunanda Deshapriya, Lankadeepa
Prasanna Fonseka, Silumina
Shantha Wijesuriya, Lanka-e-News
Jayampathy Bulathsinhala, Pathula


On 5th January 2009 where damage was caused for more than Rs. 200 Million to the TV stations. This was 4 days before they killed editor of the Sunday Leader Lasantha Wickrematunge.
(Source: Rajapaksa & Company, pages 103, 104 and 105)

While the Rajapaksas are waiting in their drawing room cushions, day-dreaming about an unprecedented political comeback, the people at large are still awaiting justice and they are beginning to lose their patience. Facing such formidable obstacles, it is laughable that the former President has decided to throw stones at the present regime without realizing that his bubble is not all that hard and solid.

They have to answer these allegations. If not, suspicion remains and it alone is sufficient to keep them away from many an election victory. Human folly is pardonable provided the culprit shows adequate and genuine remorse and repentance. If he or she decides to deceive the machineries of justice and law, wheels will turn against him or her and devour them unmercifully. Law must be equal to all and at the same time totally blind in that whoever the accused is, his or her background and profile must remain invisible to the law-givers. While being power, grinding the mills of corruption and nepotism to the hilt, distributing the residues to the henchmen and relatives with an utter carefree attitude, emptying the government coffers to the bottom and now pontificating to the country of ‘good governance’, this clan of rulers shaped and defined the true measures of avarice and greed. Such avarice and greed should not be satiated, such avarice and greed should not have any place in our midst. Jean Paul Satre stated thus: “Politics is a science. You can demonstrate that you are right and others are wrong.” Former President may take full meaning of that wonderful quotation. The people at large who voted him out of power are right and he was wrong. Demonstrable results are still coming out.

*The writer can be contacted at vishwamithra1984@gmail.com

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  • 18

    But the point is whatever 180 degree tured thought of MR is not criticised by media yet why ?

    This man had paid a visit to Mangalaramaya on the 11Nov2016. That Mad Monk thought he can even do more harm to and made racial statements against the tamil people met with the problems. Sure, that has lot to do with court investigations, if there are injustices being faced by SInhalese there, but a Monk of that kind whose wording could cause even more harm between folks, why to allow the same monk to stay there ? He belongs to a therapy centre as LTTE or JVP facists makers were to be rehablitated, why not he kind of the monks who have got records to have gone against anyone sofar. May be the monk may have done some good work during the heights of the war. But that alone cant help if his wording has turned out to be the most powerful weapon to this date.

    I really dont know why the monk is not yet arrested or warned adequately.
    Why colombo monk – whose records are even the worst in lanken history, BBS dog is let scot free even today.

    • 7

      It is just Derana, Hiru and others are servile to MR and goons.

      Without those goons, there would not be those biased media in the country.

      Sirasa is also partly biased but being with Sajith and their respresentative Daya Jayathilaka and few otherss that are often seen in discussions these days.

    • 3


      RE: Rajapaksa & Company’s Crocodile Tears & Their Public Stripping

      “But the point is whatever 180 degree tured thought of MR is not criticised by media yet why ?”

      Question: Why are the Criminal Sinhala “Buddhist” Monks scot free? Why the Double Standards?

      Is Mahinda Rajapaksa considered a Sinhala Buddhist Monk and given the same privileges of Impunity?

      Is that the reason why the media does not expose and criticize Mahinda Rajapaksa?

      Or is it that Mahinda Knows all the corruption carried put by the media during his years, and M had paid them?

      MaRa MaRa ChaTu Mara
      MaRa MaRa AmaNa MaRa
      MaRa Maa HoRa MaRa
      MaRa MaRa DhushaNa MaRa

    • 4

      Come on man, Ranil Wickramasinghe is also insulting our intelligence with his Bond Scam and attempt to bribe politicians with salary hikes and SUVs, while the poor have to pay VAT taxes to pay for the massive “Parliamentary Privileges” at Diyawenna Oya and of the gigantic UNP- SLFP Cabinet of corrupt clowns.

      Today Sri Lanka is in a massive debt trap to China and IMF / Washington and there is little to chose between them!

      Ranil is following Mahinda Jarapassa’s lead on Financial corruption, bribery and Crime and looting Lanka and taking it to a higher level.

      Today the only hope of Sri Lanka is that Anura Kumara of the JVP will run for President at the next election and beat the corrupt clowns of the UNP and SLFP squarely.

      JVP and TNA are the only relatively clean folk in the Parliament of Corrupt Morons of the SLFP and UNP today.

    • 7

      Vishwa: Any guesses as to why Sira-Ranil Jarapalanaya govt is protecting the criminal Rajapaksa gang?

      So they may emulate Jarapassa’s financial crimes in the Miracle of Modayas?!

    • 2

      Hey Guys, you may all have heard about to have found the longest crocodile in the country lately. The creature did not harm the nation that much. But most abuse Crocodile of the nation should be MAHINDA JARAPAKSHE.


    • 2

      Alone the resonnace given by the commentators to this article show it clearly – that people dont take anything serious. They dont care today whoever whatever harm being done. This ballige putha all along destroyed the country – abusing the claimed war victory against the nothern srilaknens. He ate the cake by their family to be in good books of the people. Those who are really heroes were cornered by his rule. Today, PEOPLE are no knowledge about anything but letting some extremists to raise their head up, the current govt too does much less in curshing those radical buds. Like the case for that unarrested Mad monk from Managalaramaya who provoked the tamil srilankens as no other did ever did. There the tamil GS joined to the records being that patient and civilized, not having taken the provactive derogotory terms being rained on him. Police was standing next to the rabid dog Ampitiye Cheewara dariya, but failed to do the due. This is the case for those extremists. If anyhting the kind of thing would have happened in Gemrany, entire bunch woudl have been locked up for long until everything will be made clear. Anyways, our animals leaders do much less sofar. We are so torn by our thoughts.

    • 1

      As it is the case for other developing countries – if MR et al could see it right as the previous regime, things would have worked even better for the sake of the nation.

      Those who really want to see the people of this country moving forward, they must nto stand on their way. Why MR and his men always see otherway around in terms of chinese investments or any others is a greater question to all srilankens by now.

      Number one culprits.

  • 17

    If I were to give orders to function this country, I would not allow former President MR to travel foreign destinations. His mouth has to be guarded – his wording can only cause new forms of ethinic clashes – mad monks in Batticalo and colombo did it already abusing his visits to those places.

    • 5

      Dear Samuel Jayaweera

      Your Calling MR member of Parliment Kurunegala District as former President is a Misnormer. He is in fact a dismissed President. Rejected by his employers ( The People of the Country) a unsuited for the post. The Present Government giving him a pension itself is in principle wronr. No dismissed Government Servant is Given a Pension. He does not deserve wasting time on.

      Come next election This Good for nothing ***** will leard his lesson.


      • 6

        We are made helpelss by the folks themselves.

        Even today, there are masses, that would voluntarily want to get raped by Rajapakshes. That is the nature of some stupid srilankens: Those men and women are born vulnerable folks for any kind of abuses.
        They dont care about the valuablity of universal franchise, which is the noble right of the citizen. These people betray the very folks that work diehard to make it a change eleminating all these culprits from the active mechanisms of the country.

        What more we need to talk about the self-mistakes being repeated by own folks make it even worse in this country. Media men have not done their job yet well – they are the third force of a country.

        Derana, Hiru and SIrasa are all working for their PVT gains. Just one or two of their programs can be comparably beneficial to the masses, but they can do lot more… not even 30% of their duties are being not done compared to those of a developed country.

    • 3

      Samuel Jayaweera

      “If I were to give orders to function this country, I would not allow former President MR to travel foreign destinations.”

      Send him, Maha Rajaneni, to St. Helena Island, like Napoleon , to live his last days. Maha Rajaneni is 71, and ruled for 10 years, That is enough for all Paras and Veddah Aethho, alike.

      Barak Obama ruled for 8 years, and is still 55 years old. Is he eligible to retire in America at age 55?

      Napoleon Exiled to St. Helena, 1815

      After his defeat at the Battle of Leipzig in October 1813, Napoleon retreated to Paris where (due to a lack of support from his military marshals) he was forced to renounce his throne in April 1814. The European powers exiled him to the island of Elba in the Mediterranean. Within eleven months, however, Napoleon was back on the European continent at the head of a hastily-raised army intent on restoring Napoleon to the throne of France. Napoleon’s defeat came in June 1815 at the Battle of Waterloo.

      This time, the European powers were not going to take any chances on Napoleon’s possible return. They exiled him to the island of St. Helena – a barren, wind-swept rock located in the South Atlantic Ocean.

      The Fall of an Emperor

      Among the small entourage that accompanied the deposed Emperor into exile was the Comte de Las Cases who kept a diary of his experience:

      “August 10

      This day we cleared the Channel. We had now entered upon the dreary unknown course to which fate had doomed us. Again my agonies were renewed; again the dear connections I had abandoned resumed their sway over my heart… Meanwhile we advanced in our course and were soon to be out of Europe. Thus, in less than six weeks, had the emperor abdicated his throne and placed himself in the hands of the English, who were now hurrying him to a barren rock in the midst of a vast ocean. This is certainly no ordinary instance of the chances of fortune, and no common trial of firmness of mind.

      October 23-24

      The Emperor Napoleon, who lately possessed such boundless power and disposed of so many crowns, now occupies a wretched hovel, a few feet square, which is perched upon a rock, unprovided with furniture, and without either shutters or curtains to the windows. This place must serve him for bedchamber, dressing room, dining room, study, and sitting room; and he is obliged to go out when it is necessary to have this one apartment cleaned. His meals, consisting of a few wretched dishes, are brought to him from a distance, as though he were a criminal in a dungeon. He is absolutely in want of the necessaries of life: the bread and wine are not only not such as he has been accustomed to, but are so bad that we loathe to touch them; water, coffee, butter, oil, and other articles are either not to be procured or are scarcely fit for use…

      St. Helena Island
      We were all assembled around the emperor, and he was recapitulating these facts with warmth: ‘For what infamous treatment are we reserved!’ he exclaimed. This is the anguish of death. To injustice and violence they now add insult and protracted torment. If I were so hateful to them, why did they not get rid of me? A few musket balls in my heart or my head would have done the business, and there would at least have been some energy in the crime. Were it not for you, and above all for your wives, I would receive nothing from them but the pay of a private soldier. How can the monarchs of Europe permit the sacred character of sovereignty to be violated in my person? Do they not see that they are, with their own hands, working their own destruction at St. Helena?’

      ‘I entered their capitals victorious and, had I cherished such sentiments, what would have become of them? They styled me their brother, and I had become so by the choice of the people, the sanction of victory, the character of religion, and the alliances of their policy and their blood. Do they imagine that the good sense of nations is blind to their conduct? And what do they expect from it? At all events, make your complaints, gentlemen; let indignant Europe hear them. Complaints from me would be beneath my dignity and character; I must either command or be silent.'”


  • 12

    SAM , just remember the no of votes he obtained as his presidential candidate and after losing as a president, to be elected as a MP , it only shows that there is a sizeable number who will never change their mind in this island.

    They prefer to starve than let see the nation in peace, only because their hearts are filled with hate ,and minds are prejudiced to such a extend there is no turning back , they just want the Hitler back ,they want him to fulfill his and their agenda, that is ,Muslims in particular should be stripped off all their rights and confined to camps ,let us face it ,is not what is being done to The Rohngyas today exactly one to one same as what Hitler did to The Jews , please tell me what is the difference? th only thing missing is the gas Chambers ,but that has been replaced with burning alive, remember the words of Dan Priyasad .

    This government is taking it so easy and Ranil seems to have not learned a lesson or he just do not care.

    The only hope Muslims and other Minorities and the Sincere Sinhalese Buddhist have is that next election , Premadsa is elected as PM and Sarath Foneskea becomes the Minister of Interior and of cause while Maithree retains his second term as president ,hopefully Premadsa gives Azath Sally a good Portfolio along with Mano Ganeshan , they wil change ,just fed-up of Ranil’s biased selective game of only the rich.

    maithree should be very careful and stick with chandrika for advice .for the sake of his and his family’s life.

    • 6

      The problem has been – there are crucial parts of the bond scam which is not known to masses. Like I heard last night, alleged bank deposits in Dubai Bank by Rajapakshe family (the govt though have already documents to prove)are connected with Arjuna Allocius- and thus the problem is believed to be even more complex than appeared to be. And the bond scam the size of it is just not even 1/5 of the size of the theft money grabs which Rajakashe family has been alleged to have masted during MR adminstration. Actually, Ranil can end up with his clean record, if the investigations would reveal all the truths about Rajakashes. Consequences then will be Rajakashes to be away from freedom of speech any further. Not only just Athigaru, but all the men that s whereabouts are in the records will have to enjoy the jail sessions.

    • 7

      But there will be an another problem.

      Rajapakshe junior will have not the knowledge to perform. He can be a good orator, so long he louds the way Wimal Weerawanse has been upto. But in terms of foreign policy, Premadasa is zero man.

      I really dont know want a candidate with lack of know to get back to fool us again.

      Premadas did it.
      Rajapakshe did it to all worst ends
      Then Premadasa –

      Let s say, Abasarani to us.

      All the young good politicians in UNP have equal talents to become good ministers and even leaders of the country, since they do lot more being not fallen to the silly levels of their seniors.

  • 9

    Samuel Jayaweera , his trip to china is to fulfill his agenda about unfinished business with the Muslims.

    I will not be surprised if he and his gang are meeting someone else from another strong anti-Muslim group ,other than that there is no need for his hurried travel to china.

    I am sure he may meet a few Chinese officials a means of decoy.

    Such a disgusting man he has become. No humanity ever existed in him , his siblings or the guys with him.

    I still can not get over how a Malay Muslim worked for so long in the Ministry of defense against not only the entire Muslim community, but also helped to suppress the death of one of his own.

    What surprises me more is why was he let to continue to work in the Defense and why has not the government taken him into any investigation ,? but have just let him go scot-free…

    And Thajudeen’s story has slowly died a sad death soon after This guy was exposed.

    • 7

      Hope not that the current authorities would not take due actions sending their intelligence officers too to get everyhting what will be discussed by the corrupted man. Actually, had the lawbound authortieis been able to put the man in Jail forever, nothing would have gone this far. I am very against the way the current consensul duo have been that kind not taking any rigorous actions against the malicious men.

    • 1

      Dont we have enough experts to help out in terms of cornering Rajapakshes for their high profile frauds yet ?
      Why cant the govt be wholehearted with that ?

      Udayanga Weerathunga is still out being arrest ? Why Ukraine govt cant be helpful wit hthat if Interpol was requested ?

      If western politicians would NOT be captured easily, they make consecutive efforts until the alleged men are arrested, why the lanken govt say nothing about those arrests ?
      I have the feeling the govt is no that powerful enough or interested in getting them caught SOONer why ?

  • 8

    Mel Gunasekera is missing from this list. I wouldn’t be so certain that her killing was non-political. A drug addict went to jail for her murder but wasn’t that the way MR’s murderous regime had lots of people killed or just disappeared? Most of those ended up in jail – assumingly while receiving money to support their family – with the promise to get them out of jail asap. And then MR ensured that most of them got killed – about 30+ or so were shot dead while at the prison roof – how convenient! If you would see the footage of that shooting, it’s the police who just empty a dozen machine guns at the protesters, no police force of any other country would just should for five minutes continuously. I really hope that will be looked into (although I have little hope given how little has been sorted out so far by this new government)

    • 5

      Yes the female journalist was killed out by a poor guy that way.

      Meaning the state was not means safeguarding the rights of the people to tha ttime. Today the very SAME BIG MOUTH – WONDER MAKER shows to be very sensible with any slight changes being made to Journalists.

      I wonder why the kind of men are that shameless and the very same people stay still deaf and blind supporting the bugger et al. reactions.

      Only reasons can be – these men have no what soever feeling about the real grievances of the people.

      Authorities OVER TO YOU – dont let MR or the like men to rise up again.

    • 5

      Mel Gunasekera murder is no doubt a [Edited out] job. The way they portrayed the police dog doing a Rajapakse gig at the neighbor’s CCTC camera tells it all. It also says much about the IQ of the officers behind this “psychological operation” aka psy op but speaks much about their arrogance too which assumes the rest of us are bottle fed babies.

      Thank you for highlighting the Mel case. We should not let these vultures get away!!

  • 9

    This Nation never had a dirty, greedy politician like Mahinda Rajapakse. He robbed the Nation in an open daylight and still wants to destroy this Nation and the Religion (Buddhism).

    • 5

      It is still better to have dirty and greedy, but the kind of malice and deviousness – and backstabbing and all kind of talents to mobilise the Sanga on behalf of his political gains, you would not find by any other leaders the country prodcued sofar. He is born rascal and will stay and die as a rascal. I sometimes thought, Premadasa was exploded that way, not even reaching 10% of the cunning politics that of Rajapakshe.

      Even day before yesterday I heard him speakin ot a gathering even more lying… as no other times before. How dare he point fingers at Bond scams or whatever the few issues being revealed by current govt, his govt was the worst and highly abusive we ever experienced in this country. There records about the men and their handlings -revealed to the current regime, but for some reasons they are little taken aback to bring them before the courts. May be possible, communal violence as was the case in last few days, would cause an another blood bath, putting the blame on the current regime, if anything woudl have been the case.In such a sudden change, Rajapakshe will emerge again in this stupid country – like or not.

      • 1

        With all charges against him why this shameless rogue is allowed by the President and the PM to give speeches on platforms condemning everything the present government doing.??
        Is it not permitted )?
        Is our government so powerless To tame this ANIMAL WITH NO BRAINS??

  • 0

    [Edited out]

  • 5

    Well Sri lanka had all the opportunities laid on a platter that no other nation had , since 1977 , but the Bigots and racists kept on screwing and robbing the country .

    I have very little hope in Sri Lanka ever making it. How blessed are the people whoever made across the seas , it was like escaping from Egypt’s Pharaoh.

  • 5


    Mahinda Rajapaksa’s article ‘Media Repression Is Now a Cornerstone of Yahapalana Policy’

    he amazes me.. that too to say it on CT ..OMG

  • 2

    Low caste uneducated greedy lying filth pretending catholics?
    Get this article translated for the masses?

    • 1


      “Low caste uneducated greedy lying filth pretending catholics?
      Get this article translated for the masses?”

      What exactly did you mean “Low caste uneducated”?

      Are you a high caste educated? If you are then are you blessed with double the number of organs compared to the low caste uneducated?

  • 2

    MONKEYnda RapePAKIsa is not an aberration but a natural child of the SinHELLa society made of beast-human hybrids that crawled out of a jungle in Bengal. Mass murderers and sexual predators, whether jackbooted ones or saffron-clad ones, are all celebrated and venerated as heroes by this society.

  • 2

    The author of the book must mention a connected murder, but in 2005: Late Mr. Dharmeratnam Sivaram (Editor) on 28th April, 2005. Its investogation comes under
    Sagala Ratnayakes List of missing records! Case closed!!!!

  • 0

    Sam De Silva: Who other than Aloysius who took Yoshitha with a Power of Attorney to transfer the money in the bank in Dubai? Mr. Mahendran was also an accomplice in the matter as he was also working in the Banking circle. Do you think that PM does not know all what was going on? All these rouges are well connected and support each other in case of a need to protect. Now even the Judiciary is playing up. The innocent voters are kept in the dark and made to divide and fight while all the rouges have fun and frolic. That is the name of the game. For you information, a ” print copy” of this “Bank Account” is available and it is expected to produce it to the appropriate investigating team as and when an “Investigation” commences. The President is aware of it and that is how he signed a letter of “Authority” to the team who went to Dubai bank. But that “Team” bungled it and still unable to establish a correct course of action. Ask what happened in that attempt from ex DG of the Bribery Commission and the Lawyer Waliamuna. They too are “Compelled” to observe silence. At the moment it is “Silenced” and remain so. It is nothing but a BIG GAME played and we watch it all day.

    • 1

      Looks like this Aloycius bugger acted as Rajpuss es coolly from gutter? To obey orders of the former government crooks.

      This is what happens when you sleep with Ticks you wake up with more Ticks.
      Worse when you’re a Tamil !! Easy to be get fingers pointed by the very own Tick friends.

  • 2

    Why can’t you be honest about Sarath Fonseka’s heinous role in some of those attacks instead of being afraid of him? Come on man! We all know it was SF who was directly involved in the abduction and rape of one of those traumatized journalists. We all know SF was in cahoots with the people in power back then. We all know what was written in the Leader about SF’s daughter wedding and his self aggrandisement that was relentlessly attacked by Lasantha. 2 weeks before that journalist was subjected to that rape assault, that person exposed SF awarding himself medals he wasn’t entitled to because of his blemished military record. Come on man stop trying to blame only the Rajapaksas. You really aren’t that brave are you?

  • 1

    Wah Wah black Sheep have you any fools
    yeshe! yeshe! three bloody fools !


    2) Booorwasyan

    3)Paxxxya dried punkin

    Sri Lanka’s Joint Opposition calls on govt to follow India and ban Rs …
    2 days ago – Colombo, Nov 21 (NIA) – Sri Lanka’s Joint Opposition member, Udaya Gammanpila, on Monday called on the government to ban the Rs.5000 …


    Moda’s Gimmick misfires

    Search Results
    Scenes Of Panic In India As Gold Price Skyrockets After Currency Ban …
    7 days ago – Scenes Of Panic In India As Gold Price Skyrockets After Currency Ban. Tyler Durden’s ….. Gold has shot up to as much as $2,800 per ounce, if you can find it. Lesson for ….. How would this stop black markets, counterfeiting?

  • 1

    Can we have a list of all media persons killed in the last 50 years

  • 0

    Dias ,Can we let go the past and move on. because this witch hunting is not letting us unite neither progress.

    We will then have to start from the first Insurgence Resurrection ,Starting from late Madam (Mrs) Bandaranaiyake , to Late ( Hon)Premadasa . and not forgetting to include abuse and rape of civilians and personal revenge .

    I think either we the people suggest the present government to come up with a homegrown amnesty (Not involving international members) and compensate the victims family and follow it up with new and harsh regulations that will permanently put an end to the recurrence of similar crimes in future,or else we can live and die by hate and revenge and ruin the nation.
    The choice is ours .

    We must develop and maintain the capacity to forgive. He who is devoid of the power to forgive is devoid of the power to love. There is some good in the worst of us and some evil in the best of us. When we discover this, we are less prone to hate our enemies. Martin Luther King, Jr.

  • 2


    Have you read the Batalanda Commission report. Why don’t you collect the names 60,000 people perished during 86 to 89 and Journalist perished during UNP regime from 1977.

    Why don’t you collect the names of poor people killed when Hon MR. JRJ declared war against Tamils in 1977 and then in 1983.

    Majority of Politicians are corrupt. At least Rajapaksa made Sri Lanka a safer place for you and your children to live free and walk free anywhere in Sri Lanka except for freedom for Singhalese to live freely in the North.

    What you should do is to start a campaign to educate masses get rid of all corrupt politicians not only Rajapaksas. That would be great journalism.

  • 0

    It is the same” SHIT WITH A DIFFERENT SMELL”, only worse.

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    A lot of “bullshit” is spoken. The voters get what they deserve. They get fooled by the politicians who are only interested in lining their pockets. One is as bad as the other. The present lot seem to be outdoing the previous. God help Sri Lanka from these blood suckers.

    I am happy to see that there are a few honest ones left. The majority are corrupt.

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