26 May, 2024


Rajapaksa First Cousin’s Illegal Arms Deals: Sri Lanka To Send Investigation Team To Ukraine

Minister of Foreign Affairs Mangala Samaraweera met Ukranian Ambassador Oleksandr Shevchenko, who is based in New Delhi, at the Foreign Ministry in Colombo. The meeting was held in the late evening yesterday. During the meeting they discussed the possibility of Sri Lanka sending an investigation team to the Ukraine in early May to inquire into allegations levelled against the former Ambassador Udayanga Weeratunga, says the Minister of Foreign Affairs.

Weeratunga, first cousin of the former President Mahinda Rajapaksa, had allegedly involved in arms sales to separatist rebel fighters in Ukraine.

Mangala and  Ukranian Ambassador Oleksandr Shevchenko

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    its show time for WW, Gaminpala, Nimal, Vasu et. al. to stage a protest and to block the roads to BIA to sabotage the investigation team going to Ukraine. WW can also stage a fast unto death hungerstrike!

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      Minister of Foreign Affairs Mangala Samaraweera,

      “Weeratunga, first cousin of the former President Mahinda Rajapaksa, had allegedly involved in arms sales to separatist rebel fighters in Ukraine.”

      Was he the only one? Who else provided arms to separatist Unranians?

      Who provided arms to Syrian Rebels? Libyan Rebels?

      Who Provided Arms to LTTE? India?

      Why the hell do you want to be distracted by a business deal by this guy UNLESS Sri Lanka lost out on the deal? Focus on the problems at home, get the current curses investigated, and prosecute the crooks and criminals.

      This is all freaking show, no action.No heads have rolled so far. Why?

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        And who provided arms to isis rebels and those fighting against them? To vietnames resistance fighters? To those who toppled Saddam etc? Mangala should expand his investigate all these.

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          Charity begins at home. Clean up the mess at home. The Liars, the Crooks and robbers are sleeping in the parliament. Hope they will start a hunger strike and die, who wants these idiots who cannot divide 2 by 2 to govern a country.

          Given below is a representative sample of the Idiots, who are with Mahinda Rajapaksa, the liar, called Wimal Modawansa.

          EEEya, EEEya, EEEYa…
          Anura Kumara Dissanayake’s Speech on Wimal Weerawansa


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    What a soap opera by Yahapalanaya! Intrigues galore!

    What is there to be investigated Mangala? Have you located your own Ambassador for 8 years at one of the most powerful posts in the world? Just where is that corrupt monkey who wasted Sri Lanka’s resources for 8 years in Moscow? One of the most expensive cities in the world. Just how much money have we spent maintaining such a useless, criminal crony there? Who kept that guy there for 8 years to achieve nothing? Who violated Sri Lanka’s admin procedures by keeping him there for 8 years? Why aren’t they punished? Why not? Coz’ you don’t have the required backbone or integrity yourself.

    Quit misleading the public with teeth less press releases about investigating. Yahapalanaya has to date put nobody behind bars in Sri Lanka. How can you investigate in Ukraine, a nation in turmoil and war. All utter BS.
    Sri Lankans must be idiots to believe these SLFP & UNP bigwigs.


    PS: Putin backs Ukraine rebels. Rajapassa was one of Putin’s favorite lap dogs. Supplying weapons to Putin’s separatist allies in Ukraine must have been an easy way to profit for corrupt extended family of Rajapassa. Solved! Spare sending the investigating team to Ukraine. Send them to Hambantota.

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      Ben Hurling

      “Supplying weapons to Putin’s separatist allies in Ukraine must have been an easy way to profit for corrupt extended family of Rajapassa.”

      Weapons don’t kill people. Only people kill people. On that basis Gota would have sold weapons to people. It is purely a business deal.

      Much ado about nothing really.

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    That half-wit GR probably misdirected himself he was super-clever in dabbling in the arms trade when the Rajapakses were in untrammelled power. Of course! there is a lot of money there (in US$) to be stashed in overseas banks. But it is an undesirable, unethical and risky business for any one or government to engage in. The UN and intelligence agencies of the US, Britain, India are watching 24×7 for mutts to commit suicide in their assumption they are super-brilliant brains. If these countries and their agencies can establish a case against the Rajapakse brothers of their culpability here, that is the end of the family – locally and otherwise. MR made far too enemies in countries that matter. For them it is pay time now.

    It is rumoured some of these arms – and the idea – came from the network of crooked Pakistani Generals – long in the racket and who were partners in the crime.

    Ben Doubt

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    All in the Family. No surprise. This family seems to have a lack of conscience, and a strong instinct to stoop to the lowest crimes, no limits to the crime, or thought about who ends up hurt. It must be a disease in the family. Are there ANY honest human beings in that family?

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    Should we send a group to Ukirain and waste our little money as well, that money could been spent on poor people or spent on farmers to improve the yield. Another way to treat(Bribe) well to do people by giving them luxury holiday – what they are going to investigate – bull shit. Our government and people have no priority – baggers attitude.

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    It is a day for celebration. The law has allowed to do its first job by arresting the master of corruption Basil Rajapakse and his buddies. The time has come to arrest the master of murderer and white van head Dr gotapaya Rajapakse? Well done Maithiri!

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    This act of selling arms to rebels/terrorists is a very serious matter and our reputation as a country in the world is in question. The present government has to see the bottom of this accusation and clear our name. Therefore the actions taken by our Foreign Minister is laudable. Our ex ambassador
    to Russia and Ukraine is accused in this case and we understand they are unable to trace him.

    Trust the government would do best to locate him and carry out further investigation. If it is establqished that they sold arms to Ukraine rebels through “Avant Garde”there may be possibility terrorists in other countries also may have had some business transaction with them which woukd be very serious.

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    Was Mangala not a MR stooger and [Edited out] Another parasite to SL politics. If MR returns, this parasite will be with him. Typical bloody Sinhalese mentality. Sorry to say this. Who ruled SL since Independence? Was it Tamils? Muslims? Burghers? NO. It was a bunch of corrupted and egoistic Sinhalese morons. Its high time you all accept this fact.

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    Hey!They are all innocent. Look at the magnitude of all what they have done, both good and the bad.What is making a few rupees here and there, a buck or two. Why not organise a new ‘ World Robbers Bank’ to rival all other banks or canal banks. Boy!!what a spell we all would be caste under the pervading stench. The price of offerings at the places of worship would go up, giving all the vendors a golden opportunity,and not forgetting the kappang karayas of the pavement kind.

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