27 June, 2022


Rajapaksa Grilling Continue At PREFIC, FCID

Former Defence Secretary Gotabaya Rajapaksa, and Namal and Yoshitha, the sons of former President Mahinda Rajapaksa continued to be grilled by the Presidential Commission and the Financial Crimes Investigations Division (FCID) during the week, over their alleged misuse of power, and money laundering.

colombotelegraph mahinda rajapaksaGotabaya was summoned to the Presidential Commission of Inquiry to Investigate and Inquire into Serious Acts of Fraud, Corruption and Abuse of Power, State Resources and Privileges (PRECIFAC) on Monday where a statement was recorded over his alleged misuse of aircrafts and helicopters belonging to the Sri Lanka Air Force, while functioning as the defence secretary.

On Tuesday, Namal was summoned to the Presidential Commission where a statement was recorded from him also over the misuse of helicopters and aircrafts. Speaking to the media, Namal said that the Commission was making an inquiry based on an anonymous complained they had received. “They wanted to know from where we found the finance to pay for the aircrafts and helicopters that we used mainly during the election period. They are not asking where we went, but they want to know why we paid and from where we got the money,” he said.

Namal added that it was strange that the Commission was interrogating them for paying bills. “The Yahapalanaya is such that even if you don’t pay bills you will fall in trouble, and even if you pay the bills you will fall in trouble,” he added.

Meanwhile, Yoshitha, the second son of President Mahinda Rajapaksa who was remanded for alleged money laundering at the Carlton Sports Network (CSN) was summoned to the FCID on Tuesday with regard to the ongoing investigations against him. Yoshitha has once again been summoned to the FCID on Wednesday for further interrogations. He is currently out on bail.

In April last year, Finance Minister Ravi Karunanayake said that due to the misuse of Air Force aircrafts and helicopters by the Rajapaksas and their Ministers, a huge loss had been incurred amounting to millions of rupees. It was reported that Rajapaksa loyalist, Wimal Weerawansa alone had used SLAF aircrafts some seven times for election campaigning, but had not paid the bills.

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  • 13


    the record keeper for the nation

    Could you update us on all those visits made by clan members to the commissions and other investigating offices.

    Could we have itemized details on each person, matters pertaining to each case, …………….

    Why hasn’t the commission invite Basil to question him on various matters?

    Why haven’t the commissions investigate MR? Are the commissioners scared of him or has MR got files on each member?

    • 4

      Native Vedda

      “Why haven’t the commissions investigate MR? Are the commissioners scared of him or has MR got files on each member?”

      A lot of Whys. Why

      Because they all are of the same Tribe, the Para-Sinhala Buddhist SLFP Tribe.

    • 1

      Our President attends the Anti Corruption Summit in the UK .

      What is he going say about the 55 Names of Srilankans and SLankan companies named as best cheers ltd, IQ Hotel, genius China,… . Donkey kong ltd and Idiot swindlers & Co is missing.!!!

      The Politicians and the officials of SL Swindled the Foreign Aid for the last 50 years given in good faith to be used ON THE POOR stashed away those cash in Panama. and bought Properties and Business premises in the UK, USA, China , Singapore ! Malaysia , Dubai Ect, ect ,ect. These so called people we trusted and voted to look after the affairs of OUR COUNTRY !! Stolen the FOREIGN AID and looked after themselves and their Families and Friends which left our country BANKRUPT.




      What will the President say at the summit to The P M of UK David Cameron???
      Will he say yes even the Ministers from my present government are Corrupt and have Fiddled all the Foreign Aid for their use ???

      DISGRACE !! EQUAL TO FEW OTHER Most Corrupt Countries.

      • 1

        State Corruption includes ::::

        Giving tax Free Vehicles , Free Vehicles and Perks for the Ministers , MPs, Doctors and others Benefiting

        freely from these AIDS which were meant to spend on Poverty, Malnourishment, Education and Healthof Poor

        and Not on those wealthy people mentioned ABOVE!!

  • 5

    They will keep grilling, hoping the Senior will succumb and do a deal with Batalanda Ranil, to give Vellalal Sambanda at least half Eelaam.

    • 19

      KASmaalam KA Sumanasekera

      “to give Vellalal Sambanda at least half Eelaam.”

      How come, have Indians authorised Ranil to part with Eelam?

      “They will keep grilling, hoping the Senior will succumb and do a deal with Batalanda Ranil, “

      Did you mean senior crook in chief?

      Don’t worry Ranil in Jan 2015 has already promised the crook a safe passage. Nothing will happen to crook and his clan.

      • 2

        Dear Native,

        Take it easy mate..

        You keep barking crook. crook..But no name in Panama list or anywhere else.Not even in Appollo Land Title or in the CSX..

        I hate to say this because you are my mate.

        But your brains seem to function on the same frequency as Rajitha Junior and Gay Mangalan as far as these missing Billions are concerned.

        Who would you prefer to be out of the two ???

  • 20

    For How long Sirs RW and MS the Circus Masters will conduct The Circus of FCID and PRECIFAC
    with the Animals of the last Regime in the Ring??

    General Public are the spectators who are enjoying this never ending Circus .
    Who is paying for it .?
    Will the circus go on until the spectators desert the show ?

    • 0

      Till August 16th 2017 when RW will be PM no more.

  • 10

    Much like the Marcos billions in the Philippines, I strongly believe that the plunder of the last regime will never be found, if it is even identified in the first place. Only a fool would believe that they actually robbed with their own names attached to the robberies. Anyone interested in reading about the Marcos billions, and the investigations that are ongoing even 35 years after he was deposed, should read: http://www.theguardian.com/world/2016/may/07/10bn-dollar-question-marcos-millions-nick-davies

    Unfortunately, the Yahapalanaya government seems to believe that the people are all fools, whilst large swathes of the media salivates on the borderline as they haven’t had it this good since the war ended. In the mean time, the realities of life lie forgotten by the wayside.

  • 19

    Namal Baby ran the ambitious Indian Film Festival in Colombo – a disastrous failure. On these he ran heavy bills to the railway for that new line he forced from Katunayake to the Colombo Railway Station – since abandoned. He also ran unpaid bills to several star hotels where on his urge most of these Indian actors and visitors stayed – gratis.
    It is time details of these are brought to the notice of the public.
    Namal must be held responsible for these unpaid bills.

    A.D.J. Perera

  • 14

    The “grilling” continues. But if these guys are “grilled” any further they will be burnt to a crisp!

    Maybe that’s the intention of the Yahapalanayas, instead of using the information they have to put these criminals away and save taxpayers’ funds.

    Stop the farce – enough is enough!

  • 2

    Yahapalanayas fear that the southern crowd is still with the rouges of the previous regime. They are not worried about the truth or the misdeeds of MR and his family but inform the public what happened and sway them to their camp. Once they believe the public is with them they will abandon their investigations. In politics enemies and be friends and friends can be enemies what does not change if the self interest of the politicians.

  • 1

    While Bodhi Sira and Batalanda Ranil is busy Grilling MR and family IMF have fried the hopes of all common folk. Way to go Yahapal Naya.

  • 0

    Rajapaksa Grilling Continue At PREFIC, FCID

    So what, it continues for five years. that is all.

    Public resources wasted.

    they won’t die this much, if they did not steal public wealth.

  • 0

    They have to be grilled or even Barbequed for the type of swindling of public money. We need proper justice

  • 3

    “The Yahapalanaya is such that even if you don’t pay bills you will fall in trouble, and even if you pay the bills you will fall in trouble,”

    Hey hey… why does this surprise you? You did not pay for the bills for many things, such as the massive electricity bills of the night races. It is only normal to ask you to pay for it.

    You paid a lot of ‘bills’ for the CSN, but you did not have the official money to pay for it. It is only normal to ask where you got the money to pay those bills

    See, mate, your father said his family was indebted to Chamal because he had to take a job as police officer to feed the family. Now, you can tell us your net worth now, and from that day to this day, how you guys amassed that much of money?

    Unfortunately the government is dragging its feet in getting a couple of you to the big court. Probably your $ is still at work,

    Also, mate, it seems that one of your best friends and teammate, whose mother used to give your guys watalappam, biscuits and tea, was killed and burnt and NOT died in an accident. Aren’t you angry that you have some responsibility to bring the killers to answer?

  • 2

    When is MR going to retire from active or parliamentary politics, so that he can become a mentor for the younger leaders.
    Mother Lanka needs good mentors to produce smart patriots like MR.

  • 1

    “No disciplinary action against anyone who went to Kirrulapona” says Yahapalana Minister Dilin Perera.

    He says , Mahinda Rajapaksa wll be soon with them fighting the Local Govt Elections against the UNP.

    I mean it is obvious that as it is ,even Dilin will be out of bounds in the South no matter what Election it is.

    That is another story..

    But this UNP Police grilling Rajapaksas is a blessing in disguise.

    Is Dilin’s public statement putting a Rocket up Batalanda’s ass?..

    Batalanada Ranil’s life won’t be worth living, if he can’t give Sambandana , and his Vellalas, both local and in London something after a long two decades of waiting.

    Batalanda can not afford to goof it this time, because there won’t be another time.

    Smart punters might say Batalanda and Bodhi sira have pushed Maha Rajpaksa in to a Win Win position.

    And he deserves it just for one and only one thing.

    That is chasing the Terrorists away and telling the Terrorist supporters to get off..

    • 3


      “And he deserves it just for one and only one thing. That is chasing the Terrorists away and telling the Terrorist supporters to get off”

      Bravo Sumanasekara, you really are the archetypal Lankan modaya!

      Now go worship at the altar of your saviour.

  • 2

    I saw the results of these trips to the Commission when MP Namal Rajapakse, after giving a statement getting into a Three Wheeler to go home. Just see how those “trips” have made him a “pauper”. Ane Paw.

  • 1

    Sorry. He was Yoshitha not Namal who got into a Three Wheeler. Now these Commissions can defray the expenses because the three wheeler drivers can earn something.

  • 0

    In other countries they record statements from junior,middle,senior staff and finally go in for the big fish and if found guilty indict.In Lanka we happily record statements all the time,media gives the suspect attention,arrest for a day or a few days,bail given and the person goes free thereafter…even for murder.

    Same goes for all deals and dealmakers and career politicos for life.

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