15 August, 2022


Rajapaksa Has Been Forced To Cancel His Keynote Speech

By  and / The Guardian –

The president of Sri Lanka has been forced to cancel a keynote speech in the City of London after concerns about the threat of large demonstrations by Tamil rights groups.

Mahinda Rajapaksa, who has been accused of presiding over human rightsabuses after allegations of war crimes by Sri Lankan armed forces, will still attend a lunch for the Queen, hosted by the Commonwealth secretary general at Marlborough House on Pall Mall.

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    When will the Lankans in Colombo take to the streets to get rid of this criminal and his white van goon brothers. The Rajapakse regime is and INSULT to Sri lanka and has been DESTROYING EDUCATION which is the tree of life of any society and country the most UNPATRIOTIC thing to do and destroying the cournty’s culture. They are looting and destroying Lanka;s ability to generate knowledge.

    Sri Lanka today is more corrupt that it has ever been in its post colonial history. It is the regime with the most number of murders on its hand and the one that has undermined every single institution by appointing its stooges who lack qualifications and expertise. People must get on the street and call for impeachment of that criminal at the Cenral Bank Nivard Cabraal who is crashing the economy.

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    Rajapakse is an international pariah! Bringing shame to Lanka.
    You do not need to be Tamil to understand that The Debacle of Asia is Rising! Welcome to Rajapakse land – Banana Republic and military dictatorship in one with a jumbo Cabinet of goons, fools, criminals and geriatrics!

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    This regime is a disgrace to Srilanka and the patriots of SL. It’s a saddest day for Srilanka. The reason for this is this regime. The behaviour of this disgraced president his wife and his big fat entourage brought disgrace to our country. Even as a member of the commonwealth this government and his entourage has brought embarassment to this institution and not to mention of her royal highness the queen of England. Take for example the village peasants does not have the confidence of challenging this regime ,Only the thugs MP’S and the thug ministers have the confidence to party with this regime and ruin our country. The ultra egoist president must have learnt his lesson for the 2nd time in the most gisgraceful manner in GT. BRITAIN. Our Srilankan flag had been disgraced as the Met police ordered the presidential vehicle not to display the SL FLAG . So what’s in store for our president?.

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    Good question. What is in store?
    Here is what Senator Casey said in the Senate confirmation hearings of US Ambassador designate Michelle Sessions.

    He urged an independent investigation into alleged war crimes, saying the issue would not go away “until the world sees results.”

    end quote”

    Senator Casey is the Chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, which over looks all matters on Sri Lanka including US AID and Human Rights matters. He has chaired hearings on Sri Lanka in 2007 and 2009 regarding human rights violations.

    Sri Lanka has the dubious distinction of graduating from HR violations to War Crimes, thanks to the leadership provided by the Rajapakse brothers and General Fonseka. Most of them are also US citizens and Permanent Residents and therefore come under US jurisdictions including the US courts.

    As President Mahinda Rajapakse enjoys immunity in the US, as long as he remains the head of state. That is another reason the “term limits” constitutional amendment was removed and he could with the help of his own election commissioner, and military has the possibility of being a President for Life.

    What a nightmare scenario where he will leave Sri Lanka totally bankrupt being indebted to China, Russia and all the other institutions. In 7 years as President new loans from the IMF, World Bank, and ADB exceeds over 6-7 Billion dollars which the future generations have to pay back in US dollars with interest. And where is the income coming from other the house maids in the middle east and the entire diaspora, sending $6 billion dollars (estimated for 2012) keeping the economy from bankruptcy.

    Middle east incomes nor numbers employed have not increased in the last few years due to the Arab spring and the world recession.

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    He looks drunk !!

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    This pimp President is a anti social pariah of the highest order, see what happened to Charles Taylor, and the Serbian – Melzovich, his days are numbered as there is a powerful God above to judge the inhuman injustices done to innocents civillians both Sinhala, Tamils and the Muslims – sri lankan citizens. Retritbution is SLOW BUT SURE FOR THIS BIGOTTED EGOIST AND HIS PLUNDERERS OF THIS NATION.

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