20 April, 2024


Rajapaksa National Convention – Live

The National Convention of Sri Lanka Sri Lanka Podujana Peramuna(SLPP) at Sugathadasa Stadium.

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    What are they going to promote to the Para-imbeciles, mean IQ 78?

    Even after a Muslim doctor sterilized Sinhala women after a cesarean operation, we have a cure and solution by Ratna Thero and Wimal Modawansa to cure them, and getting them pregnant .

    We Para-Sinhala are Liars, including our President,MPs, Monks, Doctors as well as our Judges, and of course the Rajapaksas as well.

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      Para-Muslim not happy?


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        Even the Para-Sinhala , with high enough IQ, are not happy, because the Rajapaksas will loot the country, sell to the Chinese, just like many others have done.

        Only the low IQ Para-Sinhala imbeciles would be Happy, and they would not know what hit them, when the Debt is twice the GDP. Then the Paras can eat grass along with the Mee-Harak.

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    Sri Lankans – please accept our deepest sympathies.

    So sad .

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      We Sri Lankans are having our Hitler moment. But we do it in style unlike the crude Germans. The tyrant is anointed and consecrated by the noble Buddhist monks and the token clergy, and dynastic power is bestowed by the celebrated older brother. Come December, the patriotic masses will dutifully queue up and tick the box, and then it is done.

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    Old King’s face is not really happy. His feeling during the ceremony is “This is a Kadan Vaanki Kaliyanam”. Host in the wedding Party on borrowed money is a person doesn’t appear happy during the wedding celebration. He stands here losing his dynastical dream. China can still hack the computers to keep him their boot. If he follows the pattern of earlier decade, West will withdraw its corporation. Even if the UN Electric Chair not becomes reality, almost all their properties on the foreign Banks & lands are in jeopardy. Old Brother Prince was an out of control buffalo while Old King was an almighty president. Now Old King has vainly said that he will be controlling the government with the feeble 19A prime minister position.
    Ranil’s team is saying that they will easily win the election because the Slap Party Candidate is Old Brother Prince. Comedy Thamai. We need to see if any novel idea may come during the election from pus headed Ranil and clan.
    The Yahapalanaya idiots, convulsed for 4 ½ years, and have cut the branch they were sitting. They are falling down now. They are trying to cover with pompous talks instead of doing something constructive. Mr. Modi was 5 years in power. He has made the BJP as new dominant force in India. Congress had so many desirable policies. They were, though a Brahmins’ party, maintained secularism for 70 years. But they set the example to UNP follow.
    Modi’s India is on the full watch after cleaning the Kashmir problem. While 2015 election was taking place, the US State Secretary was, mild mannered, John Kerry. But now, it is Pompeo.
    It was said UNP and SLFP were propagating racism for easy victory on the destruction of minorities & the country. So Jon Kerry forged a Unity government to take care it. Now UNP and & SLFP stands together destroyed. So the unavoidable question is “Is UNP & SLFP guided Sinhala Mahajan to destruction or Mahajan guided the political parties to destruction?

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    91% of Tamils will vote for Gotabaya Rajapaksa !!! (+ or – 10% of 91%, dependent upon the level of thumbscrews of the Tamil 9%).

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      ramona therese fernando you are a prostitute of the Rajapaksa dogs. The majority of the Tamils have dignity still intact. These pariahs are a bloody curse on this beautiful island and its people. If you think these pariahs are a blessing, why don’t you leave the U.S., and go and live there to bum suck these filthy bastards? Similar to Vellupillai, who was a bloody monster, these rajapaksas are no different.

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        Tamil from the north : Not at all. I’m an unknown entity having an objective view. I would have gone back to Motherland, but UNP keeps taking over. But I agree. We can’t have one family doing all the campaigning because it might not bode well for electing results. But it is Gota for president. As for PM, candidates can run from Sirisena, to Weerawansa, to Gammanpilla to Mahinda himself.

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          Actually better is Gotabaya and that baby-face Karuna guy.

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        The person with the psedonym ‘Tamil from the north’ appears to be a Muslim. It clearly indicates that most Muslims don’t want Mr Gotabhaya Rajapakse to be the president. Most Tamils fear Mr Gotabhaya Rajapakse, even now and cant’t expect to vote for him. Therefore Mr Rajapakse will need more than 70% of the Sinhalese voltes to win. Alternatively he must make an effort to win over some of the minority votes.

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    After Interdependent from 1948 Ceylon after Sri Lanka has been an established THREE Capitalist Political Parties as follows’
    1 United National Party in somewhere 1947? By leadership of Senanayake family oriented …………UNP .

    2 Sri lanka Freedom Party in 1951 led by SWRD Banadarake of SLFP.

    3 Podu Jana Permuna or led by Mahinda Rajapakesa of SLPP….2019 .

    The path and model of cause base on Development of Capitalism an Island?
    Last two parties had different mission and vision from having different set of policies of UNP.
    On of that mission undertaken to building nation decolonization by SLFP and SLPP ; and which that upheld of Sri Lankan.s Sovereignty and Unitary features of Democratic STATE,

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