28 November, 2022


Rajapaksa Nikaya Trying To Turn The Tide Towards Muslims

By Mass L. Usuf

Mass Usuf

Demonstrations, protests, sit-ins, vigils and camping out are now trending in the capital city of Colombo and in many other cities of Sri Lanka. The youth of this country has apparently taken charge to effect a change to a system rife with corruption, rampant nepotism, waste of public funds, mismanaged fiscal policies, food, fuel, medicine and other shortages. And, most of all Racism. “Enough is enough” reads several placards held by young protesters among the thousands.

There were various attempts by the authorities to stifle the demonstrators but nothing seemed to have borne fruition. As protests intensified and were continuing unabated, new turns in the modus operandi were seen to emerge. The people gathered outside the homes of several Members of Parliament of the government. Even the President, Prime Minister and other Ministers’ houses were not spared but surrounded by the high-octane crowd. The Presidential Secretariat in Galle Face is virtually under siege and has become the battle front with the establishment of the ‘GOTAGOGAMA’.


The major and minor political parties wanted to distance themselves of these ubiquitous uprisings all over the country. There reticence was based on the point that the organisers of such events are not known. In the height of their foolishness these leaders of the various political parties failed to plainly see that this is a spontaneous eruption of the hitherto suppressed frustration, disgust and aversion of the general public. Something very significant is that the protestors are in no mood to forget the misdeeds of the opposition politicians too. They, too, were at the receiving end of criticisms, condemnations for irresponsible politics. The myopia of the opposition politicians also lost sight of the several hundreds of Sri Lankans living in U.K., USA, Australia, Canada, New Zealand and elsewhere around the globe, coming out to sympathise with the protestors in Sri Lanka.

Little wonder these political parties, dwelling in their fantastic realms of idiocy, were quick to disassociate themselves from the general call to the entire citizenry of Sri Lanka to come out on April 03rd, 2022 to express their discontentment. Despite this, the continuing build-up of anti-establishment sentiments began to tremble those in authority who earlier dismissed these protests as sporadic and destined to a natural death.

Day Of ‘Cataclysm’

The 03rd of April may be identified the day of cataclysm. Fearing this public rally, President Gotabaya Rajapaksa declared an island wide state of public emergency with effect from 01st April 2022, via an Extraordinary Gazette No. 2273/86 – 2022 dated 01 April 2022, using the powers vested in him by Section 2 of the Public Security Ordinance (Chapter 40), as amended by Act, No. 8 of 1959, Law No. 6 of 1978 and Act, No.28 of 1988. The state of emergency gave wide powers to the President. He can authorize detentions, seizure of property and search of premises. Even to change or suspend any law except the constitution.

An island wide curfew was imposed by the government on 2nd April 2022 effective until 04 April 2022. Access to social media platforms like WhatsApp Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube were blocked after curfew was declared. This ban was lifted the next day amidst widespread criticism for smothering and/or denying the freedom of expression which is a fundamental right.

The Human Rights Commission of Sri Lanka, the Bar Association of Sri Lanka and Western diplomats voiced their concern on the proclamation of emergency rule. They feared that the freedom of expression and the right for peaceful assembly of the people will be hindered by this, as draconian laws like the notorious Prevention of Terrorism Act can be brought to bear on the protestors. The Emergency regulations were revoked with effect from 5th April by the President on the face of growing criticism.

Rajapaksa Nikaya

Among the inhabitants of ‘Gotagohome Gama’ there are Sinhalese, Tamils, Muslims, Burghers, Malays and other communities. It must be remembered that all of these people who belong to the various communities, religions, ethnicities are citizens of this country. As citizens, they have all the right to join and support any camp that they wish. This is a citizen’s fundamental right. It is a clear fact that the Muslims are in full support of the ongoing protest.

I picked up from a witty Youtuber this name, ‘Rajapaksa Nikaya’. The Pali word ‘Nikaya’ has several meanings. One of which refers to the monastic divisions of Theravada Buddhism.

The Rajapaksa Nikaya monks targeting the Muslims are spreading their trademark hate, suspicion and division by instilling fear in the people that the Muslim participation is with ulterior motive. The usual harangue which is now outdated. Nevertheless, this labelling of the Muslims is a clear act of gross discrimination, denial of a citizen’s right, an absolute violation of the fundamental right of a Muslim. This is a protest of the nation, of the people who are suffering, of the people who have been unfairly and unreasonably oppressed for so many years. And, the Muslims are part of this country.

It is the duty of every citizen to stand up against this type of oppression and suffering that has been cast upon the fellow citizens irrespective of whether they are Sinhala, Tamil, Muslim or whoever.

The Rajapaksa Nikaya monks must understand that the Muslims do not want to invade this country. It is the Mahanayake brothers of the Rajapaksa Nikaya who are selling this country. The Muslims are also not interested to make this a Muslim country. They have better things to do. Anyway, Muslims have been living in this country for thousands of years, is it only now that the Muslims have suddenly realised that this should be made a Muslim country. Is not there a limit to the stupidity, absurdity and idiocy of the Rajapaksa Nikaya monks?

It is interesting to analyse, to know who are these anti-government, anti-system and pro-reform protestors. Are all of them or the majority of them, Muslims?

1. Civil society organisations and Civil activists across the citizenry.

2. Labour and trade unions – CEB, Teachers, Principals etc.

3. Doctors and nurses, Farmers and agriculturists.

4. University students.

5. Artists – actors, actresses, dramatists, musicians, singers.

6. Veterans like Professor Sunil Ariyaratne, Nanda Malini, Victor Ratnayake.

7. Sportsmen like Roshan Mahanama, Sanath Jayasuriya and others.

8. Finally, the general public.

Bogus Monks

These monks who have been allegedly, as the public accuses, been in the Rajapaksa’s payroll by way of cash, kind or other forms of gratification would do anything for their survival. Not only that, these cohorts have also enjoyed impunity under the Rajapaksa regime. For example, there are umpteen number of complaints made to the Police against Venerable Gnanasara Thero a notorious monk with a criminal record but are collecting dust. They are above the law. By the way, my Sinhala friends blame me for calling him venerable.

The Sinhalese people have now realised, though very late, that these monks of the Rajapaksa Nikaya have taken the entire Sinhala people on a right royal ride. It is a positive and encouraging development that the Sinhalese are now rejecting such monks and have in no uncertain terms condemned the abuse and misuse of the saffron robe. In the long list of evildoers who have plunged this country to the present dark abyss, these Rajapaksa Nikaya monks also have to be named and shamed. They misled the innocent rural Sinhala folks by sowing hatred against the Muslims. Moreover, fuelling racism and false ethnocentric nationalism. These bogus monks are a threat to Buddhism and bring shame upon the truly dignified venerables.

Every civic minded citizen should pray for the success of this historic struggle so that a united, just, fair and equitable society can emerge free from corruption, nepotism, racism, and hatred. A country where a person will be able to get a square meal and live in peace and happiness.

Name and shame the bogus monks.

Long live the citizens’ struggle!

Rise up Sri Lanka!

*The writer is an Attorney at Law and a former Legal and Corporate Advisor. He can be reached via email: ctcolumn@yahoo.com

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Latest comments

  • 7

    I fear that there is a bit of spicing up here, but if believed it will only discourage Muslim participants by frightening them.

    • 3

      Hello sensitive commenters,
      Please check how a tourist explains it having watched the demonstrations.

      • 1

        Dear Leelagemalli
        I have just watched this lovely video but, alas, cannot hear a single word.

        I wonder if anyone could give me the gist of what the tourist is saying, or maybe even turn it into a piece for CT.
        As someone said of such another time (& suddenly I cant recall who did or of what):

        “Bliss was it in that time to be alive!
        But, to be young, was very heaven!”

        Certainly, I shall never forget the few hours at GFG one evening last week. It is simply amazing.

        After all the terrible years of conflict & violence & communal tension that have battered us (at least since I chose to settle down here in 1975) that the people’s anger & despair can be transformed into such joy & oneness is something to be nurtured & cherished to the end of our days.

        I hope & pray that all those who have transformed the Green into a place of great light these days will emerge from it strong & unhurt, carrying their victory to all corners of this island.


        • 1

          I slightly misquoted Wordsworth above. He wrote: “Bliss was it in that dawn to be alive…”
          And, yes, of the French Revolution.
          May yesterday’s tragic death not be repeated in any way.

      • 0

        Thanks, LM.
        Videos of this sort will do us some good ; the makers of this will send the message round the world that the protests are peaceful. Yesterday, I met two London girls at the supermarket in Bandarawela, and it led to my doing some re-thinking.
        I had agreed glibly with my Belgian neighbour’s observation that no tourist would come here, but I’m wrong!! What a bonus for them! They make no commitment, but get all this goodwill, and remember that it is after getting Rs 330 for every dollar that they cashed. Need transport? What seems an exorbitant fare to us, is peanuts to them. No foreigner is ever going to be in the slightest danger in this situation.
        The girls I met in Bandarawela, one white, the other black, were staying in Ella. I didn’t spend more than a couple of minutes talking to them, but they were nice. None of the condescension that I sensed in this video. I’ve made a YouTube comment.
        Panini Edirisinhe in Bandarawela

  • 13

    However, it is also true, that they were trying to take over the ancient Thamizh east for themselves., with inside and outside help. Many especially after May 2009 were openly claiming and declaring that the east is theirs and Islamic. Busy Arabizing themselves and everything around them as much as possible. Arabic name boards. dress, planting date palms, Arabic dress. In this regard, they were encouraged by both the Rajapakse and the Sirisena governments, who were deliberately giving all the important positions in the east to the Muslims and then Chingkallams only completely ignoring the fact the Eezham Thamizh is still the largest community in the east and together with the Thamllized Hindu Vedda are the ancient and indigenous community of the east, whose chieftains ruled the east until European colonization. Everything about the east reeks of Thamizh. Muslims arrived here a few centuries ago, as refugees, and 99% of the Chingkallams only after independence, the vast majority in the past 40 years. All this Islamization and arrogant claim that the east is Islamic and not Hindu Thamizh as it was for the past 3000 years only stopped with the Easter bombing.

    • 11

      “Rajapakse Nikaya trying to turn the tide towards Muslims”. Similarly Islamic Apaya is trying to turn the tide against Tamils. Go through comments in social media by Muslim racists such as “We are afraid that Srilanka is going to be a state of India” and “If Rajapakse gets Tamils overseas to help, LTTE sympathizers will occupy important positions in government”. What is wrong if suitable and capable Tamils are given their due, to uplift the country. It is time Muslims stop this dirty game of putting Sinhalese against Tamils, to ward off rising anti Muslim sentiments among Sinhalese, and these tricks will not work.
      “Muslims are not interested in making this a Muslim country”. Then why are Muslims claiming that eastern province belongs to them, when they went there as refugees 400 years ago. This is the worst racism in Srilanka, and committing murder and ethnic cleansing of Tamils to achieve this. Presidential commission on Easter bombing has said that Muslim extremists were funded and armed to create trouble to Tamils. This is why Europeans do not want Muslim refugees to come, as they will behave in the same manner after few years. Muslims must first eliminate anti-Tamil racism, before pointing fingers at Sinhalese.

      • 3

        Dr. Gnana Sankaralingam,
        “Then why are Muslims claiming that eastern province belongs to them,..”
        Neither the descendants of Muslims who came to Sinhale from Hindusthan as refugees and saved by Sinhala Buddhists when they faced persecution by Portuguese and allowed to settle down in Sinhale nor the descendants of Demalu who came to Sinhale as invaders, mercenaries and coolies to work for Portuguese and Dutch and occupied land belonged to indigenous Sinhalayo in NE where they had their Kingdoms Anuradhapura (377 BC to 1017 AD) and Polonnaruwa (1056–1232) which were destroyed by Dravida invaders who invaded this country from 3rd Century BC can claim North or East of Sinhale as their territory.

      • 1

        Yes, the strange thing is they are of Thamizh ethnicity but anti-Thamizh in the name of their religion and an imagined Arab ancestry that they hardly have but are brainwashed to believe they are. Their ancestors arrived from Thamizh South India . Then Kerala and Thamizh Nadu. There is hardly any Arab in them and if there is, it is confined to a few hundred families and that too a distant male Arab ancestor. This does not qualify them to be classified as Arabs Moors, Turks, or any other western, central Asian, or North Indian people. They are Dravidian Thamizh, with a dash of Arab, whose ancestors converted to Islam not here but in their original South Indian homeland. DNA has also now proved this. Sri Lankan Muslims have below-average Arab DNA and a basically a South Indian people, closely related to the Island’s Chingkallams and Thamizh, who again are very closely related to the people of South India. They are doing all this to the Thamizh, as they feel, the Thamizh are now weak with no outside help and they can get away with it, especially with Chingkalla and other outside help.

        • 1

          Never will dare to act or do the same to the Chingkallams or claim Islamic homelands, down south, as they are fully aware of the consequences. Want Islamic homelands in Thamizh areas, despite speaking the same language and belonging to the same ethnicity. Arrived a few hundred years ago as refugees in the east and were given refuge as fellow Thamizh, now claiming a homeland in the name of their religion and a fake Arab origin. Thamizh when it suits them but at all other times anti Thamizh fake Arabs.

      • 1

        Why are they afraid of India, Tamil Nadu, and Tamil people? They are Tamils and originated from Tamil Nadu South India. Not from any part of the Arabian Gulf, Morocco, or Pakistan. If there is any Arab in them it is minimal and even that occurred in South India and hardly here. Strange all this hatred towards your own language, ethnicity, and the land of origin and love for another culture, language, and people, all in the name of religion.

      • 1

        “Muslims must first eliminate anti-Tamil racism, before pointing fingers at Sinhalese.”
        Rotate the words Muslim, Tamil and Sinhalese in any order in the sentence above and you will find an equally valid statement.

    • 3

      Pandi Kutti,
      “Everything about the east reeks of Thamizh. Muslims arrived here a few centuries ago, as refugees, and 99% of the Chingkallams only after independence, the vast majority in the past 40 years.”

      You are a Thamizh misled by separatist Tamils who came out with a manufactured history of Sinhale presented in Vaddukkodai Resolution to justify their bogus claim ‘Traditional Homeland’ to support their demand for a separate State. Please attend a tuition class and learn the true history of Sinhale, the Land of Sinhalayo and Vedda Eththo before using the keyboard.

  • 1

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    For more detail see our Comment policy https://www.colombotelegraph.com/index.php/comments-policy-2

  • 3

    “They misled the innocent rural Sinhala folks by sowing hatred against the Muslims.”

    Guys who live in glass houses should not throw stones at others. We know how Wahhabi Muslim preachers who worked in Madrasas sow hatred against Sinhala Buddhists and changed Muslims to be fundamentalist extremists who even were willing to sacrifice their lives becoming suicide bombers.

  • 2

    Don’t be the part of politics. We are strong when we come together.
    The protesters realized the truth behind politics. Specially the subject matter purposely diverted into Tamils and Muslims issue in this forum is very clear that racist elements whoever it be has to think twice and has to change their attitudes by only blaming racist regimes. All are victims of racism today. We are pointing out some past incidents need changes by seeing this young generation with their unique togetherness we have not seen in our time for not show.
    Muslims in the east was under the late Devanayagam and Rasadurai lived peacefully and they given preference to them then their Muslim MPs. Later Muslims became worse victims of arm groups in the north and east and subsequently it spread to other areas. Don’t spoil the young generation. Today Sanakkiyan mp has become a role model whose humble appeal is not to remind the past to divide Muslims and Tamils also extending his hands towards other communities. Time has come we Mature people should act wisely.

  • 0

    “And, most of all Racism.”

    Where is the racism? Has a Tamil or Muslim ever been deported from Sri Lanka? Last week the UK came out with a new law to send asylum seekers to Rwanda for processing. Meanwhile, “white” refugees from Ukraine are being welcomed everywhere, immediate citizenship. Recently, there is “Quran burning” going on in Sweden. The French Presidential candidate Le Pen is running on an open platform to ban halal meat and burkha. Gnanasara was called a racist for telling Muslims to integrate? Actually Gnanasara was correct, as the Easter Bombings showed.

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