28 October, 2021


Rajapaksas In The Dock

By R Hariharan

 Col. (retd) R.Hariharan

Col. (retd) R.Hariharan

Sri Lanka Perspectives: February 2016

Armed forces and accountability

Sri Lanka government while going through the difficult process of implementing the UN Human Rights Council resolution to carry out a “credible justice process” to inquire into the alleged war crimes during the Eelam war seems to have run into bit of trouble over the issue, at least with sections of the armed forces.

According to a report in the Sunday Times, foreign minister Mangala Samaraweera had assured security force commanders and divisional commanders that the government would protect the interests of the security forces, when he addressed them recently in Jaffna. Apparently this was in the context of implementing the UNHRC resolution and inquiring into war crimes. However, he rejected a proposal by Major General Gallage, GOC of 51 Division, to include a military representative in the task force appointed by the government to enforce the provisions of the Geneva resolution. Days later, Gen Galage was transferred out of Jaffna to take over as director general of infantry at the Army Headquarters. It is interesting to note that Gen Gallage was formerly in charge of presidential guards during the Rajapaksa regime.

Well known columnist DBS Jeyaraj has quoted former naval chief Rear Admiral Sarath Weerasekara as telling the media “the sudden and unwarranted transfer of war hero Major General Gallage from the North to Colombo for voicing his opinion is a case in point and the government has victimized those who spoke against its actions inimical to the country’s interests.” The admiral was probably expressing the feelings of sections of the armed forces, which are increasingly concerned over the ambivalence in government’s attitude while deciding on the issue, unlike president Mahinda Rajapaksa who had out rightly refused the demand for an international inquiry into the war crimes allegations.

The armed forces are a powerful pillar of support to the government all along. The public hold them in high esteem for their victory in the Eelam war which eliminated the Tamil separatist insurgency after decades of struggle. So it would be fool hardy for the national leadership to antagonize the armed forces. Moreover the Sirisena government would not like to provide political space for former president Rajapaksa to use the issue to whip up Sinhala nationalist sentiments to stage a comeback.

This is probably the reason for the national leadership to indulge in a bit of doublespeak particularly on the issue of international participation. It also reflects the differences within the ruling elite. While president Sirisena is opposed to it, prime minister Wickremesinghe’s stand is not clear as he would like to retain the support of the international community which supports him without antagonizing the public at home who voted for him.

On the other hand, foreign minister Samaraweera, though fully aware of the popular feelings of Sri Lankans, has been speaking for international participation in the process to improve the country’s credibility at home with minorities as well as with other UN member countries. In an interview in the U.S., the foreign minister had said that Sri Lanka was looking at all options including foreign judges, forensic experts, investigators, prosecutors etc. He added that in the next five or six months the “contours and architecture” of the court would be worked out after consulting all parties including the Tamil National Alliance.

Whatever be the process the government finally adopts, pro-Rajapaksa opposition would not miss out the opportunity to channelize popular opposition and turn it to its advantage. In view of these sensitivities, the Sirisena regime is likely to take the final decision after damage control measures are in place. So the ambivalence in government pronouncements is likely to continue till then.

Demand for a Muslim state

Basher Segu Dawood, chairman of the Sri Lanka Muslim Congress (SLMC) has once again revived the party’s original demand for the creation of a separate province for Muslims. The party secretary general Hasan Ali said the demand would be included in their proposals for constitutional reforms. However, many of the community leaders including Aman, son of MHM Ashraff the founder of SLMC, have condemned Segu Dawood for raising the “outdated” demand. Aman clarified that his father had originally demanded the creation of a separate Muslim province in the early stages of SLMC’s creation only in the context of granting the Tamil demands for a separate province.

Generally, the SLMC is considered representing the liberal segment of Muslims. So it is not clear why its chairman Dawood has raised the demand now. With the constitutional reform process under way, he was probably vocalizing the concerns of sections of Muslims on preserving their distinct cultural and religious identity, lest they are missed out by the constitution makers. Dawood’s demand also probably reflects his desire to consolidate his leadership position within the SLMC which is ridden with factionalism. Perhaps this is the reason for the silence of Rauf Hakeem, the senior leader of the party and minister in the Sirisena cabinet, who has not commented on the issue so far.

The demand for a Muslim state is unlikely to gain more support from the community; many members of the community are happy that the present national unity government has put the anti-Muslim Sinhala Buddhist fringe groups like the Bodu Bala Sena under pressure unlike the Rajapaksa regime which had ignored their attacks on Muslims. But if Dawood persists with the demand it would give a lease of life to the anti-Muslim fringe elements struggling for political space since the dethroning of Rajapaksa from power.

Rajapaksas in the dock

Non-payment of ITN dues: According to the Colombo weekly Sunday Leader, the Presidential Commission on Large Scale Fraud is to take legal action against former president Rajapaksa and a few others for not paying the dues of the state owned Independent Television Network for airing election propaganda during the last presidential campaign. The Commission is said to have already completed questioning several people including the former president in this case.

Inquiry into media excesses: In yet another case of investigating the excesses committed during the Rajapaksa regime, president Sirisena is appointing a Presidential Commission to probe into the attacks on several journalists and media organizations including Sirisa TV and Lankaenews. Already the investigations have been reopened in two other cases botched up earlier – murder of Sunday Leader editor Lasantha Wickrematunge and the disappearance of cartoonist Prageeth Ekneligoda (now confirmed as murder). The investigations in these cases have progressed and the judicial action is likely to commence shortly.

Thajudeen murder case: The Colombo additional magistrate has ordered the arrest of six suspects including two sons of former president Rajapaksa – SLFP parliament member Namal and naval officer Yoshitha and the personal chauffer of the former president in connection with the murder of national rugby star Wasim Thajudeen. Yoshitha is already in custody in the case of money laundering by the Carlton Sports Network in which he was a director. Both the Rajapaksas have denied their involvement in the two cases.

*Col R Hariharan, a retired MI officer, served as the head of intelligence of the Indian Peace Keeping Force from 1987 to 90. E-mail: haridirect@gmail.com Blog: http://col.hariharan.info 

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  • 12

    Col R Hariharan,

    The greatest external threat to Sri Lanka, in the past, at present and in the future, is India. Sri Lanka can’t help it; India can’t help it. It’s the hand fate has dealt us; our global location.

    Unfortunately, what Sri Lanka has to guard against, more than our stupidity of dealing with India, is India’s stupidity of dealing with Sri Lanka.

    One of the most monumental acts of India’s stupidity was instigating and foisting the “Tamil insurgency” on Sri Lanka.

    For you, it was a planned clinical operation/exercise where you thought you had control from start to finish.

    You only took into account all those tin-pot leaders of TELO, PLOTE …….. whom you could control at will. None of you Einsteins who planned this foresaw the black-swan that appeared in the form of Velupillay Prabakaran. Take out Prabakaran from the equation; you would have had your wish.

    When you could not control Prabakaran and saw the danger of Tamil Nadu seceding if Prabakaran was successful in establishing a separate state in SL, you turned around and helped SL, out of the goodness of your heart. Oh, yeah!

    For India’s lack of foresight and monumental stupidity who paid the price? Not India but Sri Lanka, for 30 long years. The price India paid was minor; 2000 odd deaths and Rajiv Gandhi.

    What you couldn’t tolerate was JR’s leanings towards the West; the USA didn’t want a foot-hold in SL, they already had Diego Garcia. Did any of you bright-sparks foresee that you would be in the USA camp two decades down the line? Doesn’t look very intelligent, does it? So, what makes you thinks that your current musings will be any different?

    India doesn’t give a toss about the SL Tamils, they are there to be used for whatever India thinks is fit to achieve India’s ends. All the more reason for the SL government to attend to the Tamil grievances and make them full stake holders in the country. To eliminate them as a fifth-column for India to take advantage of them again. I hope the imbecilic Sinhala-hardliners will see the danger posed by a Tamil population with a feeling of “hard done by.”

    • 12

      nimal fernando

      “The greatest external threat to Sri Lanka, in the past, at present and in the future, is India.”

      If Sri Lanka is the Sinhala State of Hindia, how can it pose external threat to this island.

      As far as Hindians are concerned it would be an domestic issue, a subject matter that Hindian Home Ministry deals with among other things.

    • 7


      You have put in a nutshell how most Sri Lankans feel about India (state) – an opportunist, devious and evil entity. Their adventures in Sri Lanka were marked with humiliating outcomes for them; first with a “rifle butt salute” to their dumb former prime minister and, at the hands of “ever grateful” Tamils who gave the Indian military a damn good hiding. India is not trusted by any of her neighbours, a fact India cannot escape from. We can only hope that that there will be an implosion of sorts in that squalid, parasitic state that would enable Sri Lankans and millions in its neighbouring states to live with dignity and without fear. (Of course China is exempt from Indian threats for they have given India a well deserved bloodied nose some 50+ years ago.)

    • 6

      Well said, and well put. This wannabe spy and gaseous Indian will never speak the truth nor even offer a mea culpa.

      • 1

        Lal and Mano you have missed the last few lines of the Nimal’s comments:
        “India doesn’t give a toss about the SL Tamils, they are there to be used for whatever India thinks is fit to achieve India’s ends. All the more reason for the SL government to attend to the Tamil grievances and make them full stake holders in the country. To eliminate them as a fifth-column for India to take advantage of them again. I hope the imbecilic Sinhala-hardliners will see the danger posed by a Tamil population with a feeling of “hard done by.”

  • 0

    Now, I can understand why Mahinda Rajapakse sidelined Mangala Samaraweera.

    Mangala Samaraweera was living his dream at the expense of the country. He got money from USA and from British LTTE Tamils, and he ran so many webs sites.

    Now, Mangala Samaraweera is paying back the money he got. He is actually not representing the yahapalana govt, he is talking on his own.

    Transferring the Officer Chagi gallalage was completely pre planned.

  • 4

    Is the information re arrest of suspects in Thaujdeen’s murder case is correct ? We have doubts whether the courts have ordered any suspects by name to be arrested?
    Appreciate if correct information can be announced.

  • 7

    if both Rajapaksa sons are suspects in Thajudeen murder case along with former Presidents’ chauffeur, why have they not been arrested….are they waiting for all the witnesses to be killed ….by the Rajapaksa’s of course…

  • 0

    rothschild banks own sri-lanka like most of the world, they who control money owns the country, it does not matter the cunt politicians, they are rich puppets who destroy their own country. there is one true commander right now that the whole world depends on, that is commander Vladmir Putin, he does not suck dick, he openly puts rothschild banksters in prison, only way to sri-lanka to have no war is to have its own banks , meaning money regulating between your own country men. do research about iceland did to rothschild jewish cunt banks, they chased them out, but leaders need to get educated how the fucking is done, then you do not get fucked, if you are real then you educate your own nation, therefore you will not go to war against your own country men. I am not dead yet.

  • 3

    Rajapakses have more interesting Court Cases coming up than the present
    ones and have to hold a threat by attempting to split the main political party with the assistance of his corrupt henchmen, which is obvious to us, the readers.

    a) Case No: B35/15 at Kaduwela M.C. re ownership of Marriot Hotel in Dubai with N.Lokuwitharne and M.Rajapakse ( Rs. 48 to 190 million)

    b) Case No. B27453/1/15 at Hultsdorf M.C. about Lanka Logistics Arms importing connected to G.Rajapakse, P.B.Jayasundera, Mohan Peiris, J.Wickremasinghe.

    c). Case No: B/663/15 at Fort M.C. re Bank of Ceylon, Seychelles by M. Rajapakse & family

  • 4

    Col R Hariharan,

    Where is Subramaniam Swamy now? Is he in meditation?

    Will he come to defend Mahinda in the dock?

    What an humbug he is- an anti-Tamil mad man who was paid for his service by the wicked state of Mahinda Rajapakse.

  • 1

    It is normal to misuse the power when in the power by any politician , but Rajapaksa reign had huge different to any body else , because his era terminated with eradicating the most vicious terrorists in the world which was involved good things and bad things , I meant it wasn’t an easy job and in there could happen any thing . But ,most people today hate Rajapaksa than terrorists ,this is the different in this country . Present regime does its job perfectly to make Rajapaksa bad man and all his associates are thieves . But how many know today it is a tool which use to suppress Rajapaksa ‘s return to politics . I do not say Rajapaksa was clean ,but things are not as bad as some people make it

  • 1

    All the fringes surrounded the Old King have been transferred to New Royals. Hakeem to Champika…. to the private soldiers fought at the war. Wimal did not have the Building Ministry. And Dinish and Cornal Hariharen…… just few within one man’s hands count. After splitting his head for long time and thinking where to lean, Cornal Hariharan has come with his master piece. What is loss for him, Sonia, Old King, the corrupt world whom feed him all gone with no hope of coming back again? This time his main target is splitting SLMC.

    While Hekeem was going to UNHRC, to America to Mrs. Clinton, to Middle East, …..wearing Burqa to hide his beggar wound head, to carry out Old King’s orders, the Che Guevara Dawood was pulling off even his pants and falling and prostrating in front of the Old King and begging for a minister post. After a month or two of release during election, now the threat of the court proceeding by UNP has put the “Puttu Kaddi”(Pittu Pebbles) inside the mouth of Hakeem. So Che Quvers Dawood back on action. (Recently Latheef wrote, in order to save the Muslim leaders’ pride, it is just a political deal with Ranil that is why Hakeem is not talking.) Cornal Hariharan too was trying to jump into wagon of National Government through his writings as he political probagandist, at the start, when it was formed with Tilak, Champika, Arjuna, Hakeem….. But little bit media freedom has rendered his ministry no longer needed to New Royals. Unlike in tightly guarded old system where Cronal Hariharan’s defense ministry released only news of the pictures it draw of PM Manmohan Singh under Jayalalitha, now some News are leaking. So the Cornal Hariharan’s subtitle to the pictures of the defense ministry is no longer worthwhile to read. To show vengeance for this on UNP, now disappointed Cornal Hariharan is using Che Quvera Dawood to split Hakeem party. But sorry, there is nothing left to split.

    Some comedies he wrote to show to impress the readers that he is a journalist with some insider information, In addition to his ugly deed on SLMC,
    1.”to inquire into the alleged war crimes during the Eelam war seems to have run into bit of trouble over the issue” Nobody know when that happened? Is it after signing the Resolution or during or before that? Did he read the wording “foreign and commonwealth” in the resolution? Why he thinks the ambiguous word were forcefully introduces there?
    2. Cornal Hariharan does not want the wages for the crime he committed. If someone wants they can give it Sunday Times. “According to a report in the Sunday Times…” and rest of the wages are for ” Well known columnist Dubious Jeyaraj”. This is what in Tamil they call Chameleon is the witness against the fence!
    3.” he rejected a proposal by Major General Gallage” Is that all what went there? Is Cornal Hariharan is protecting the IPKF or the Rapist Sinahala Army? Is he confused under whom he is deployed to wrote these?
    4. “president Mahinda Rajapaksa who had out rightly refused the demand for an international inquiry into the war crimes allegations.” So why did he ran out of the temple Tree house without out rightly staying that and out rightly implement that? Is he consulting Sonia or UNHRC? Where did he get the word out rightly? Cornal Hariharan has a selective memory. The Old King rightly did not wanted to investigate the rapist army but even after the third (2014) UNHRC resolution he has been out rightly demanding to investigate Cornal Hariharan’s IPKF for its war crimes.
    5. “The armed forces are a powerful pillar of support to the government all along. The public hold them in high esteem for their victory in the Eelam war which eliminated the Tamil separatist insurgency after decades of struggle.” Does this insider military Journalist knows there were two public elections in 2015 and in both, Old King lost? Otherwise, is Cornal Hariharan saying Tamils votes do not count because they are from Tamil Eelam? Where the Public is holding what that high after two elections? Why the Old King is not coming forward to lead the joined opposition if he still the high esteem of people?
    6.”Inquiry into media excesses:…The investigations in these cases have progressed and the judicial action is likely to commence shortly.” If that is true why the Pillayan case is not coming forth? Do you know after the government laboratory contractors said the mix-up of collection of many people DNAs is the one making them years to identify the rapists on Vidya’s rape case, now UNP has told that is a one sided love affair? Is Cornal Hariharan is telling others Yoshithe is facing a premeditated kidnapping, torturing Murdering and evidence elimination charges?

  • 1

    Hariharan is talking about Rajapakses.

    Modi came saying he would fight against corruption in Hindia.

    What happened in HIndia is different, Fell more in the corruption index.

  • 0

    Mangala Samaraweera is a traitor to Sri Lanka, merely seeking revenge from the previous regime for chasing him out. His motive is not the welfare of the country but personal glorification from international sources. The sooner he is removed, the better for Sri Lanka.

    • 1


      “Mangala Samaraweera is a traitor to Sri Lanka,”

      Could you define traitor in your own words and explain as to why Mangla is one.

      Is it because the crook in chief was defeated in January 2015?

    • 0

      Mangala is a big disappointment to Sri Lankans who love their motherland and wants to maintain the sovereignity of their country. His proudly nationalistic relatives like Anagharika Dharmapala and Anil Moonesinghe must be roliing in their resting places for the betrayal of the motherland. Shame!!!

    • 1


      Managala Samaraweera is a traitor to Sri Lanka

      Your above uncouth remark does not speak well about
      your character. He has not sold our country like what the former govt. tried to mortgage it to communist China .First of all, FM Mangala is one of the very few ministers who does not get involved in corruption and nepotism, although he comes from an educated & respectable family in the South and he also would have liked to help his relatives but he is a gentleman.Secondly he works with diplomats and Foreign secretaries
      of various countries and he cannot twist and turn for local consumption
      on agreements reached in writing with UN and with various countries.

      MS/RW can do somersaults, denying agreements they signed with UN and other countries and play to the gallery, on local platforms, like what MR promised the Indians in India that he will go beyond 13A on the Tamil issue but on return he denied, but the FM and his UN rep. and ambassadors cannot afford to do that as he spear headed the campaign to get around the countries who were against us during the last regime,
      to our side and he succeeded and today, we are in a respectful position
      in the world with many countries coming forward to help us, in many ways. He even went out of the way to speak to Tamil diaspora, overseas in an effort to bring in reconciliation between the two major
      It is easy to cast dirty remarks on a person but one should know the meaning of those words, before writing such remarks.

  • 0

    “…the former govt. tried to mortgage it to communist China.”– Lanka Watch

    Some call China “communist” when they want to attack China; and to attack socialism, they will tell us that China has given up on communism.

    China cannot underwrite the economy of this country. It came to the rescue of the country on many occasions since the Rubber-Rice Pact of 1952. China’s friendship with Sri Lanka has survived changes of regime far better than any other country’s. China is on the road to be an imperialist power, unless revolution stops it. So far, it has not tried to control any country the way ant Westen power has, or for that matter India has.

    The US is proportionately more indebted to China than this country is. Is the US dominated by China?
    The economic policy of Sri Lanka has always been dictated by the IMF (and WB) since 1977.

    The US liked Ranil W to rule the country from 2005 and the General from 2010, neither idea worked. The US wants absolute loyalty, it was for lack of that, Saddam H and Gaddafi were punished and Bashar al-Assad was given a tough time.
    The US and India invested heavily on regime change here and got their reward. But that is not as good as they expected.

    The pro-West lobby here also wants Sri Lanka to go fully under US imperialist control. Some newspapers and senior editors are dedicated to this mission. They hoped that the change of regime will see the departure of Chinese influence. But that has not happened.

    To reject US-led imperialism is not to encourage any other domination.
    But to point a finger at China in order to surrender this country to the US is simply not right.

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