10 August, 2022


Ranil Failed To Address Accountability Crisis: TGTE

Commenting on Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe‘s pledge to act on the OISL war crimes report to be published in Geneva next month, the Transnational Government of Tamil Eelam (TGTE) says that Wickremesinghe has failed to explain the credibility of his government on why during his seven month in office failed to give access to the OISL team.



Issuing a statement the TGTE said; “This seven month old regime was voted in on trust, given time and space but failed to deliver or even built up trust or confidence that the people expected of them, for transparency, good governance, justice, accountability, a process for an honest reconciliation and for a permanent political solution for the Tamils.

“He failed to explain the credibility of his government on why during his seven month in office failed to give access to the OISL team, AI and HRW to gather information from victims and witnesses in Sri Lanka and:

  • Release women and children who are still in custody;
  • Failed to provide the list of all those in custody and release political prisoners;
  • Release houses and land grabbed by the army to their respective legitimate owners without delay;
  • Remove or reduce the army from the Tamil areas or from civilian duties;
  • Why proscription of individuals and organization is still current.

“This is again, unlike the confrontational previous regime as he claims, a well-orchestrated, calculated Sri Lankan Government ploy to derail international investigation. The new regime has plenty of evidence if they really wanted to bring law and order, good governance and justice, through domestic prosecution, however trivialized the depth and magnitude of the atrocious crimes committed. They had the opportunity to do it and prove with good faith, but on contrary continued to drag on from the previous processes to protect, promote and continue to make further political appointees.

“It has been the belief in some quarters that the changing of the guard would result in change in institutionalized impunity in Sri Lanka. The Tamils have seen numerous regimes changes with promises since Sri Lanka becoming an independent State in 1948, and none of the regimes made any sincere effort to address Tamil grievances.

“The promotion of former Army Chief Sarath Fonseka to Field Marshall status and the recent appointment of the former Commander of the notorious 57th division, Major General Jagath Dias, to Army Chief of Staff, both of whom have been implicated in grave international crimes by reputable INGOs, is not only a slap on the face to the victims, but also to the OISL, an open flaunting of the accountability demanded of the Sri Lankan State.

“So far, none of the Sri Lanka’s domestic mechanisms, commissions, including the one that had the International Independent Group of Eminent Persons, has been successful. Accountability and justice are processes that must be credible in the view of the victims, ensuring the free participation of the victims, and complying with international norms and standards. Further, given that the exclusively Singhalese Sri Lankan military apparatus is still intact, and given the intense militarization of the NorthEast where the Tamil victims live, the Tamils will continue to be fearful to participate in any in- country process.

“Given the history and politics of Sri Lanka, a domestic or hybrid mechanism will not meet these standards and thus the only fair option is an international process led by the United Nations, and as demanded by the ‘One Million Signature Campaign’, to refer the OISL Report on Sri Lanka to the International Criminal Court.”

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    MR in addition says that resurrection of LTTE is imminent, and that only he can counter the threat – by his earlier military/state ‘counter’ terrorism.

    Any party which seems to be ‘soft’ on tamils is immediately accused of promoting ‘separatism.

    The election seems to be fought more on tamils’ existence as full and equal citizens – which they demand – more than any other national issue.

    • 7

      What equality is lacking for Tamils when Compared To Sinhalese?

      • 2

        You seem to have awaken from your long slumber.

        What is the truth in it the transactions alleged to have made between MR and LTTE as read on news papers these days ?

        Are u still bound to your thoughts to help most abusive leader of the nation MR ?

        You as Pera product – not similar to that of Malina Sen s harward, but we recongnized it as one of the best among few in the country – should be aware of all these very well.


        • 4

          Will you please answer my question rather than beating around the bush?
          I would be satisfied if you tell me in your opinion what inequalities Tamils are subjected to compared to Sinhalese.
          By the way peradeniya is where I was thought to be inquisitive.

      • 0

        Justice and eusense

        “What equality is lacking for Tamils when Compared To Sinhalese?”

        Both, Para-Sinhala and Para-Tamils are equally Paradeshis, Paras from India on the Land of Native Veddah Aethho.

        Both came equally by Illegal Boats, Hora-Oru and Kalla-Thanis .Both should get back to their Native Land, Maha Bharat, Dambadiva, India.

        The DNA is their bodies is proof, that they are Paras from India.

        Even their Para-Chronicles, convoluted as it is, claims that they are Paras from India.

        • 4

          Are you still obsessed with your para thing? Why don’t you come back to the real world?

          Can I take your answer as there is no inequalities between the Tamils and Sinhalese?

    • 3

      As the US and westren nations cant survive without wars going on the world – due to their commercially dependent weapon deals – MR et al cant live without their all far distant realities in terms of LTTE or any other wars in the country. If they would not create new clashes between the minorities they would fail to consolidate their way of politics in the country. Their way of politics are entwined with all highly considered abusive nature. TOday, using the very same gatherings the man dares to open his voice that nothing is abused by him. Very same gullible, vulnerable gawky gatherings look and him with all uncertainities, asking why then the man failed to go against price hikes of the daily essentials. However, his kind of evasive answers satisfy low IQ GATHERINGs but this time, it will not be easy he or anyone to cheat people the way they did before.

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    Put it this way: ‘TGTE too Failed To Address Accountability Crisis’ because the much needed accountability of Tamils hurting the Tamils have not taken place.

    Where are the wealth or the investments of the LTTE in the diaspora? To what extent the LTTE funds are under the control of the LTTE fronts and its previous operatives?

    In the founding stage, I fought with the LTTE and sacrificed a lot but the loot of the LTTE was taken away by the others.

    TGTE must make a public statement about:

    1. The loot of the LTTE.
    2. List of the Tamils killed and maimed by the LTTE to win Tamil Eelam.

    When we found the LTTE, it was to protect the Tamils. Why did it become a lethal force to kill its own people.

    Will TGTE answer?

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    Is it your deliberate and vicious strategy to the stir the pot of witch’s brew, just a week before the General Elections?

    Dr.Rajasingham Narendran

  • 2

    Batalanada Ranil gets done even by Tiger Eelaam PM Rudrakumran..

    How sad.

    Batalanada looked really depressed in his supposed to be the mega interview on Election even, which was on Adaderana.

    This is what Batalanada said to the host , when quizzed about his desire to close Army camps and give the Land to Sanbanadan.

    Quote ” Why you ask me this . I can’t do anything because the SLFP Chairman who is the President is responsible for National Security. All armed Forces are under him.

    He asked me to give just 1000 Acres in Sampoor . Which I did That is all”.

    When asked whether the West will be allowed to conduct War Crime Trials on our Ranaviru Soldiers, Ranil was really uncomfortable, and blabbered something about the Constitution.

    How sad, for this PM who offered full Eeelaam to Pirahaparan under the guise of ISGA.under his previous watch, to waver and babble on his Eelaam dream , after signing that big ass MOU in Singapore and London with Sambandan..

    Is Ranil pretending to be weak hoping to score and then go full bore to please Rudrakumaran and Sambandan?.. .

    Perhaps he may be .

    But can he do it when Champika, the arch enemy of the LTTE is now in the UNP . and is going to be a powerful Minister in Batalanada Cabinet.

    And Bodhi Sira is still keeping the the Armed Forces under his belt”..unquote..

    Poor Batalanada is between a rock and a hard place .. Isn’t he?.

    Wonder how even the Vellalas in Colombo feel?..

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    There are no political prisners, women or children in detention, but those in detention are terrorists and will be kept there as long as necssary. The Transvestite Government of Tamils ought to remember that they lost the war they started and terrorist murderers have to face the law of the land. A change of government will not change the fact that murderous thugs will be treated any differently. Field Marshall Fonseka and General Jagath remain heroes to the majority of Sri Lankan citizens for ridding the terrorists. Their new appointments are justified as rewards for their services to the nation. Isn’t six years sufficient to get over the humiliating defeat? Seems not as long as we continue to see this sort of articles in CT.

    • 4

      lal loo

      “There are no political prisners, women or children in detention, but those in detention are terrorists and will be kept there as long as necssary.”


      Since you are dead sure those who are in detention are terrorists, may I ask you a favour? Could you supply the following information as you seem to know a lot about the detention camps, probably you have access to insider information:

      Their names, age, gender and address
      The details of camps where those terrorist are being held
      How long have they been held?
      How many of them have been charged under PTA and other draconian laws?
      How many of them have been found guilty and serving sentence?
      How many of them have been released after serving sentences?
      What is the length of sentence each were given
      How many of those detained have not been charged and why?
      Six years or more is more than enough to conduct thorough investigation. Why is the delay?

      I have other question that I will pose later.

      How long do I have to wait for your complete reply?

      Thank you in advance.

  • 0

    RUDRA’ & TGTE,

    Another thing:

    Ranil had referred to the economy of the country in 2050 . Can you remember what Jim O’Neill(Goldman Sachs) predicted about the future economies of BRIC countries and BRICS-with South Africa? He will try to take the credit saying that that was his prediction.

  • 0

    These days Ranil looks very so deflated in these pictures for a good reason; he together with Sira are now getting the heat up their backsides and finally lose the elections to the position. While MaRa is a corrupt man, people are willing to favor him compared to the traitor and loser Ranil and then the deserter Sira.

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