7 June, 2023


Ranil Hopes To Boost Relations With China On His Maiden Visit

Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe, who will undertake his maiden visit to China on 06th April 2016, is looking to advance the relations between the two countries to a new level during a three day visit, which is his first official visit since President Maithripala Sirisena was elected to power January last year.

Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe

Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe

In China, Wickremesinghe is scheduled to hold high level discussions with Chinese President Xi Jinping, Prime Minister Li Keqiang and The Chairman of the Standing Committee of The National People’s Congress, Zhang Dejiang, in an effort to advance the relations between the two countries to a new level.

Wickremesinghe will be accompanied by his wife, Prof. Maithree Wickremesinghe, while Foreign Affairs Mangala Samaraweera, Minister of Transport and Civil Aviation Nimal Siripala de Silva, Minister of Special Projects Sarath Amunugama, Minister of City Planning & Water Supply Rauf Hakeem, Minister of Housing & Construction Sajith Premadasa, Minister of Development Strategies & International Trade Malik Samarawickrema, Secretary to the Prime Minister Saman Ekanayake, Additional Secretary to the Prime Minister Saman Athaudahetti, UNP’s Co-ordinator for International Relations Mahinda Haradasa and Special Assistant to the Prime Minister Sandra Perera, will form his entourage.

Wickremesinghe’s visit is expected to promote co-operation mechanisms between the two countries in the spheres of economic affairs, investment and technology. It is also expected to bolster co-operation in science, sports, tourism development, financial services and water resources management along with initiation of mobile clinics for kidney patients. Several multi-lateral agreements will be entered into between the two countries during Wickremesinghe’s visit.

In a gesture that will renew the strong and historic ties between the United National Party and the Chinese Communist Party, Prime Minister Wickremesinghe will also hold talks with the Minister of the International Department of the Communist Party of China, Song Tao.

Meanwhile, a group of business representatives from Sri Lanka will also hold discussions with leading Chinese entrepreneurs, in an effort to enhance Chinese investments in Sri Lanka.

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Latest comments

  • 11

    This requires serious laughter from the posterior orifice.

  • 16

    Yako, meka hari vedakne.

    These buggers won the election charging that Rajapakse was getting too close to the Chinese. The Americans and the British helped them for the same reason.

    Now, after one year, they are crawling back to the Chinese, with the entire Cabinet on tow!

    So where is the help of the yankee friends who coached Ranil on regime change. Is Mangala going to get a cream pie from the Chinese?

    Hope they will chase this shameless gang with aaa broom stick!

    • 7

      Wait and see, how the current rulers will corner Rajaakshe for all thei high crimes abuses done to this nation. Those were multiple times more than the harm done to Tamil srilankens in the war end. Not only human losses, but also losses that will not end up reliving the general public as a whole.

    • 4

      Boom Boom,

      That is where Sri Lankan currency notes are printed in large nos. No country is prepared to give loans in good currency.

    • 2

      and they paid a cool $5 million out of our pockets to a PR firm to make Sri Lankan and China friendlier just before Ranils visit. Yeah the same government that tirelessly worked to anger China.

      I’m sure the PR firm in question is tight back to close aids of UNP stalwarts. So they win-win. While ignorant public lose-lose.

  • 3

    This is what you call ‘catching a tiger by the tail’; once you have caught it you can’t let go because the tiger will attack you. Behind the screen China (the tiger) would have threatened serious implications and that may be why Ranil is now trying to pacify China.

    • 3

      It has been reported that “Port city” is going to haunt the yahapalana and the SL people ;accordingly, they want some hundred odd million Dollars as for the compensation alone or some extra land from the port city . wonder how RW going to tackle this very issue with Chinese politburo . either way Chinese not going to lose much , it’s us who are going to lose every thing .

  • 10

    What a joke..What a joker.

    Chinese funded Mattala was turned into a Paddy warehouse. Hambnatota Harbour was denigrated as Chinese Shit house.

    Now he is taking the begging bowl to the great Chinese people.

    And this great Yahaplanaya leader intends to plead the Chinese leaders to write off the debt.

    Wonder what he did with the USD 6.85 Billion which his mate the Singaporean borrowed from the Western Bankers, Pension Funds and the Diaspora?.

    • 3


      China is a great builder of airports and runways and they
      knew very well that Mattala will not work as they would have done their own feasibility study but still they built the airport.

      The people should understand the motive behind it.This is the way they
      helped the smaller nations. Ranil is not smarter than the Chinese, so
      he should think twice before he commits anything there. It should not
      be a ‘from the frying pan to the fire’ story.

  • 8

    A mammoth delegation off to China! Seems the Chinese aren’t as evil now as they were in 2015. Have they obtained permission from Mr Modi and Mr Obama for making this trip?

    • 4

      lal loo

      “Seems the Chinese aren’t as evil now as they were in 2015”

      Chinese are good people. It was the clan that was evil then and evil now.

      Chinese were only the prop in Sanni Yakuna Tovil (exorcism) ceremony in order to drive the evil spirits away.

    • 6

      The Modis and Obamas have no money hun. .so let’s go where the money is.. soon they will be knocking on Packers door too… lol

    • 1

      Mamooth delgation is a lie. Only experts will join the delgation for sure.
      RW is not a clay eating man that would abuse srilanken airline flight for their trip. Knowing the gravity of the problem, Meeharaka Rajakashe abused srilanken airlines for his entourages, Mervin, his wife, son and almost their dogs were loaded onto those flights. Musalaya never thoguht that he in that way highly abused the poor tax payers funds.

    • 1

      It is said that through diplomatic missions the government has clearly stated that the government is disappointed about the level of support and foreign investment flowing from the Western bloc and the government is forced to balance relationships with China and Russia. Hope Ranils brain will not go dead again and decide to bite back China after getting what he needs from them.

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    No doubt People Republic of China is our friendly nation since 1952 during Rubber-Rice pact. The UNP present leaders has forget that friendship between two countries and Ranil. W… and his political comrades turn into anti-china policy by his Western political roots and ideologies of anti-communism principles.

    There are system differences of US-Imperialism and Socialist China of different social system is concern. Ranil W.. having similar line of thinking and having every right do what his class conscious forced to do.

    As nation, sad to say these Ranil W… principles has been undermined our key capital investors and ongoing major projects funded by China.
    China capital we want for ours capital formation and for its development of National GDP. That is vital interest of People of all Sri Lankan.

    Globalization has change into upside down without knowing to USA economic hegemony has been declined. That created new political phenomenon of democracy of co-existence between develop and developing countries.
    The very Global class forces has progressed into new height, that class struggle has turn into higher level, well which that People leadership and their political outfits has been lack of New vision of Marxism and Leninism.
    Socialism base of Marxism and Leninism is current immediate alternative solution for 7 billions of world People.

    Ranil W…. of UNP and their group being to China is not going to change socialist China. UNP is too small for to change People of China.

  • 6

    This man the PM will be the ruination of the country further.
    He is similar to the kettle calling the pot black.
    All those persons trailing behind him are like ducks in a dessert when they should be spending time in the wetlands. He is no more better than the former regime.
    In reality as someone mentioned in another article he is a democrat and nothing more. He does not have the foggiest idea of governance and competency. All he wants is to have people less knowledgeable than himself under him and only his cronies. He would sell his soul and the country to the devil to occupy the high chair.
    What he needs is a complete transformation of his self physically in many ways. He does not have charisma, he is uppish, he is self centered, he does not have the gracefullness like western politicians or some skilled asian politicians even though he dresses western attire, his inner life is not good ( even though what he does is behind closed doors ), he emits negative vibrations, his religious life ( no concern of others ) does not bring genuine blessings, he does not want to associate with people higher than his intellectuality, he is not straight forward, he looks a coward who will dessert his flock if the wolf appears, etc etc.
    He may not be corrupt, but thats not proven yet and God knows if he is or not.
    The above mentioned is important criteria for clean politics and governance and powerfull tools for positive outcomes in all things.

    Anyway like all politicians he will sell the country to the chinese, retreat to his comfortable home in colombo 3 when he is defeated at the next elections, blame his wrongdoings on someone else, and leave the future generation to pick up the pieces and pay the bill.
    Then after rest and relaxation he will dissapear to some dark and gloomy hindu temple in south india to inquire from the gods if he has a another chance of coming back to power.

    He would have done well as a actor in comedy films such as ” Mad Mad World ” , ” Tom & Jerry ” , ” Around the world in 80 days ” etc.

    All is not lost in Sri Lanka and only a genuine miracle can bring the country around, and miracles do happen. Lets all pray & fingers crossed.

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    “Ranil hopes to boost relations with China”


    I guess MR will be in his cabinet in the near future.

    Can’t help India, the UK and the USA; that’s politics.

    What a shame Punchisigngno; We’re going to have a coalition of GG and DG

  • 4

    Harvard training has failed…..MR must be gigling
    We relish our own vomit. Don’t we? This visit is a manifestation of that…………… Where are those friends of Sirisena he has been talking?
    Now to business………………we will be dealing with the Chinese.
    First things first……….
    The loss incurred due to stoppage of the Port City Project is high on the agenda.( who is going to meet the losses? USA or India)?????
    OR will Ranil agree freehold land to China in lieu of losses?

    Next on the agenda are the Chinese priorities No one knows what they are including Ranil. He will be dealing with that hawkish Li Keichang the Chinese PM .

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    So far nothing special has happened. But a lot is to happen in time. It seems China wants to demand, “Me or India and the West- No compromise”! Ranil’s election stand of the Port City is about to pay off. Lankawe made many countries to wag their tails and reel behind it during the war time. Old King this technique paid him off well. He came back to power in 2010 with super majority and swindled in billions. It appears it was the same techniques Ranil had planned during the election time- may not to swindle money, but to cheat everybody at the same time. He wanted to give as many promises to America as he can and thought to keep China to beg him for the projects he wants to put on hold. When Chandrika started Nuraicholai, Old King put it on hold andthat and made China to beg him. But at the end of his term, China had hijacked Nuraicholai by hacking the computers. Ranil failed to understand what had happened to Nuraicholai just before the election. He just blindly put a halt on the China Projects thinking it was still Chandrika time and China may come back begging. Unlike Amerika, China had learned its lesson when Old King played that game. So it did not give a chance to Ranil to play around.
    Whatever the fancy words mght have been se to advertise on the media’s news, the trip is about the loans and stalled projects. Further it is not of the time Kanangara gave rubber to free rice or not even the time of Chandrika when she negotiated the Nuraicholai with free hand. It has passed a millennium year after computer hacking and eventual full surrender. While Ranil was fooling the west, he was trying to put China on his leash. But, now everything is on jeopardy. European Union is yet to respond on anything of Lankawe’s request for GSP+ or fish exports. Here they are not taking the lead of America. They took America’s leadership only up to the recall of the SLMM. That was a very hard deal Ambassador Robert Blake made to EU. After that, so far, they are on their own on dealing with Lankawe. So now Lanka has only American GSP+. There was one way out for these that is being sincere to the West on the words and have implemented at least one or two of the words given to them.

    Everybody like to trade with China. It is walking around with trillions $ in surplus (even in its down turn). It would have been no harm for Lankawe if everything had stayed at Chandrika’s time. In fact it could have turned out to be good business for Lankawe. But, for Lankawe’s unlucky, the time has changed. The 5000 years old civilization history country has learned a lot from dealing with the 2500 years old civilization history country. It is unlike the 500 years old civilization Country America still slugging to learn from Lankawe’s lessons. JR beat Rajiv and Reagan. Old King beat many middle powers and all three super powers during the war. But now Ranil has got stuck with China and the West.
    China exports everything Lankawe exports. It does sell anything Lankawe wants. So it is a tactful political and economic maneuvering for Lankawe to sell to the West competing with China and then import services from China showing the tail to West to whom Lankawe sells and get the dollar. But the problem is the trade relationship with China is no longer floating freely, but it is uneasy and rigidly crystalized by the extreme commission milked from China and sale of even sovereignty like in cases of management of Colombo Port and building of Port City. There is hardly any way the crystal can be dissolved into liquid and Lankawe being brought out of this crystal cover.

    China, which is at this excessive level of favorable Balance of payment in its balance sheet with the trade on the economic giants like America, EU, other BRICS partners, is not looking for pennies and cents from the trade with Lankawe. It wants recognition in the world arena as a friend of small democracies, unlike the west, which is bullying these, showing their human rights violation under hood of their fake democracies. Like in the movie of Chemmeen, the low cast father of Karuththamma, when he had earned money, wanted to marry to higher class women Pappi Kunchu, China is looking for battered, high caste democracies to marriage to boost its image. Once the wealth & Caste get married, that is the family name communist China want to have in the world- it is the friend of small democracies. The Silk route will stabilize only by this name. That is the time China plans to run the West to “Parikutti bankruptcy by the Chemankunncu”. Lankawe’s one time love affair with West, their style democracy, their liberal, laissez-faire capitalist economy, name in human rights and many other things are now in line for survival. The Poppi Kunchu lady, one time that lived a rich life on rubber and Tea exports is running an extravagant life on the newly found boyfriend, Chemman Kunchu’s savings.

    Modi on his arrival to power talked tough with Lankawe. But, quickly he realized that how much deep China had dig into Lankawe during Sonia’s time. He wanted to fix the India’s problem Sonia created urgent and left Lankawe to start to feel the pain of the unwanted entrenched relationship with China. But Secretary Kerry continues and defeated Old King. He wrongly thought New Royals are his friend. He failed to learn from Ambassador Blake’s lesson. Unlike America, China did not treat even the Old Royals as its friend. Kept an arm length dealing with them too. Paid their commission and took the benefits. That is absolutely not a trade relationship or friendly dealings. They are unlikely to make any real concession to Ranil or treat him friendlier than any of the Yahapalanaya ministers visited to China so far. He too will be given the option of money in the stretched out hand and gun on the raised hand and told to take the one he like. Even if Ranil did not, some ministers like Hakeem who are visiting with him unlikely to leave money back in China and come back home empty handed. I am not sure if this visit will offer anything Ranil has been seeking from China. But there is a good chance of a down fall could come out of this. That is for the first time, West is going to start to suspect’s Ranil’s sincerity in implementing any of the promises he gave to the West.

  • 4

    konil has gone to china with his begging bowl…china should not give him anything

    • 0

      Ballah, so you had a nice weekend having eaten the heaps of extrements left by Rajapakshes. Please wait and see how RW et al will master it. They are no fools, there are experts to shae up the handlings with china, india or others … in the current govt than in previous one led by Meeharaka.

    • 3


      “konil has gone to china with his begging bowl…china should not give him anything”

      “Who Let The Dogs Out”


      Who let the dogs out

      {Woof, woof, woof, woof}
      {Woof, woof, woof, woof}
      {Woof, woof, woof, woof}
      {Woof, woof, woof, woof}

      Who let the dogs out {woof, woof, woof, woof}
      Who let the dogs out {woof, woof, woof, woof}

      {Woof, woof, woof, woof}

  • 1

    I am not sure how the Hon. PM of Sri Lanka is going to face the Chinese leaders for what he had uttered about them and China during and after the Prez and General elections! His thick black glasses won’t hide his past (or his nakedness, as his critics say), though he thinks nobody can see him, like the Australian ostrich that hides its head in the sand from aboriginal hunters!
    I hope he would not make a fool out of himself in front of Chinese leaders, and handover Mother Lanka unconditionally as a hostage in return to cover up his past mistakes and foolishness like his uncle JRJ did before the power-hungry Indian RAW in 1987. Hon. PM should know (since he compared Prof. G.L. Peiris to Napoleon a few days ago) what Napoleon had said about China: “Ici repose un géant endormi, laissez le dormir, car quand il s’éveillera, il étonnera le monde”: (“Here, lies a sleeping giant. Let him sleep, for when he wakes up he will shock the world.”).
    (Attached to the original French version, please find the English translation; otherwise Hon PM will blame CT that he does not read French. A few days ago, he cunningly and ridiculously avoided MP Gammanpila’s questions in Parliament by saying he doesn’t read Hindi.)
    Mr. Prime Minister! The West and the Rest are well aware of the above fact about China, but do you know that they strategically use small, defenseless countries like Sri Lanka as a sacrificial goat to check if the ‘sleeping giant’ is still asleep!

    • 0

      How can you be sure of anything so long you bark for the most abusive bunch of the nation ?

      Just go and see it mirror what you have been doing is okay ?

      At least for the future generations you guys should sense it. Longer you lie with dogs, more certain is the problem you guys would face with ticks.

      gOOD LUCK

  • 1

    This is the worst part of the article! I hate it!
    “Wickremesinghe will be accompanied by his wife, Prof. Maithree Wickremesinghe, while
    1. Foreign Affairs Mangala Samaraweera,
    2. Minister of Transport and Civil Aviation Nimal Siripala de Silva,
    3. Minister of Special Projects Sarath Amunugama,
    4. Minister of City Planning & Water Supply Rauf Hakeem,
    5. Minister of Housing & Construction Sajith Premadasa,
    6. Minister of Development Strategies & International Trade Malik Samarawickrema,
    7. Secretary to the Prime Minister Saman Ekanayake,
    8. Additional Secretary to the Prime Minister Saman Athaudahetti,
    9. UNP’s Co-ordinator for International Relations Mahinda Haradasa and
    10. Special Assistant to the Prime Minister Sandra Perera,
    will form his entourage.”
    I had a dream during the election time that, after his victory, Hon. PM would make a surprise landing to China with his Field Marshal Sarath Fonseka and act like King Gajaba who during the Anuradhapura period, with his army commander Neela went to Southern Indian Chola king and terrified him in front of his cabinet! I was surprised then, the Hon. PM would raise his index finger and order the Chinese leaders to write off the high interest loans on Colombo Port City, Hambantota Port, Mattala Airport, and all Highways. He gave only five minutes! When the Chinese pretended they wouldn’t understand the deadly warning (as they habitually do), Field Marshal SF would raise his middle finger and do the same! He gave them no time!
    Honestly, I’m disappointed when I see the entourage! Now, I don’t know who would raise which finger at whom and where!
    P.S. What about the spouses of these VIPs? Are they scared to travel with their own PM, Ministers, and top officers! Don’t worry! air travel is safe nowadays even for pathological liars!

  • 0

    There are of course many good reasons that Western world and China to not trust UNP current politicians and their coalition partners of MS and CBK those in power since 2015 January 9th.
    Not only that UNP Ranil W….governments but their mendacity and corruptions ,but also frequent underperformance of government when compared with Peoples expectations as voters. We are democratic nation of praticiesed of Parliament democracy since 1948.

    Moreover we are better informed and heightened media scrutiny is prone to highlights UNP that misdeeds ,mistakes and inadequacies of UNP led corrupted governments. As last 16 months results the low level of trust of Mathripala Sirisena, Ranil W…. and CBK regime that are now common have become chronic. This need and we want to change.

    We really want to restore country trust in government and their political leaders ,parties and ruling class. For this to happen we will required profound changes in the way political ruling parties organize and operate and in how they screen, monitor, well holding accountability and promote or demote their leadership-its leaders.

    UNP leaders did not adapting such changes as national political party of ruling to 21 century is a priority.

    What any political power of US or Indian or China has to learn lessons UNP, MS and CBK still retain substantial political power. But beneath the surface they are as fragmented, weakened and polarized as the overall political system of democracy which they are embedded since last 16 months.

    In fact today Ranil.W.. MS and CBK most old-line political parties are unable to muster the power they once had.

  • 1

    The Chinese are well aware of the saying “in politics there are no permanent enemies or friends”. A lot of very immature comments who seem to think that te chinese took ranil’s election big talk seriously. they will lend and support any government in sri lanka if it is in their political and commerical interests. the details and agreements to be signed on this visit woul d have already being worked out. that is how dimplomatic visits work.

    this is what he chinese foreign ministry is saying –
    China and Sri Lanka are traditional friendly neighbors. Our two peoples feel deep amity towards each other. Bilateral relations are founded on the basis of equality, mutual respect and mutually beneficial cooperation. We commend the government of Sri Lanka for its positive policies towards China and would like to take this visit as an opportunity to consolidate traditional friendship, promote practical cooperation, and elevate China-Sri Lanka strategic cooperative partnership featuring sincerity, mutual assistance and long-lasting friendship to a new height.”

  • 0

    We are not that puppet of Chinese or US of West or Indian , we respect principle stand that set of policies originated by what ever the county, nation and people respect each others.

    We are base on principle stand on unity that we against double stand policies which undermined and undercut vital interest politics of people. That is a political double stand is line of reactionaries classes and counter-revolution by politics of UNP.

    The Unity of with democratic forces of masses can accepts unity only up to certain point.

    Our unity of world democratic forces with them as long as they fight against US and Indian counter-revolutionaries. We are against unity with them as long as they ally US and Indian for the counter-revolution. To evade this main and fundamental issue through non-committal phrases about that what political version of “in politics there is no permanent enemies and friends” which we are no in position to endorsed by such pattern of politics in democracy- Sri lanka.

    Thereby glossing over the unity or co-ordination between a section of revolutionary masses of democratic movement and counter-revolution has no meaning with of that “no permanent enemies and friends” would be illogical and foolish.

    Ours- Sri Lankan overall national sovereignty cannot be a contradictory stand. Current national democratic forces are growing resistance of ongoing counter-revolutionary by UNP led forces is an urgent problem posed by political reality.

    The phrases like a clearly expressed will of people and so on, will not do. A will ,if it is the will of state, must be expressed in the form of a rule of law established by the Sri-lanka Republic of constitutional state. Other wise the word ‘will of people’ is an empty sound.
    The moment we thought ‘good governance’ and ‘rule of law’ of that UNP leaders ,would have certain to recall that the Constitution of a Free Democratic Republic cannot detain, arrest, ban public meetings, peaceful demonstrations or any mass action by any party or group.

    Needless to say the people of Sri Lankan are revolutionary democratic ,they want to be truly revolutionary changes and be truly form of government of democratic, must break with that PAST, must regain themselves for the People of all Sri Lankans.

    The main enemy of the people is politics of UNP neo-colonialism.

  • 1

    He is taking along THREE secretaries and his wife too.

    Normally, only national leaders – like the President – travel with spouses and rarely take along, a single secretary.
    Here a lot of freeloaders who will not have any time during the three days to do anything, are also going – the numbers are far less than those taken by MR.

    Sirimavo and CBK took along their makeup/dress assistants.

    No doubt, a whole raft of “bilateral agreements” which are needless will be signed.

    Sri Lanka is indebted to China to the tune of many Billions and the annual servicing of these consume a large fraction of national income.
    Can the interest rates be brought down to international lending rates – this would be an achievement.

  • 0

    [Edited out]

  • 1

    Ayyo Ranil! Why are you going back to China, an autocratic socialist hell hole according to your earlier logic? Didnt yankees nor brits give you a dime? Thanks for messing up the country man, in the end brown skinned Sri Lankans dont deserve to enjoy a life quite like your white skinned masters do they?

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