30 June, 2022


Ranil Promises Economic Revival, As JVP Calls For ‘Political Cleansing’

While pledging to not privatize state institutions, Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe promised to boost the country’s economy, and double the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) by 2023.

Speaking at the UNP’s May Day rally in Campbell Park, Colombo, Wickremesinghe said, “we will take this country forward, without family rule,” he said.Ranil Wickremesinghe @ May day 2016 pic RW FB

“We won’t privatise state institutions, but we will also make sure they will not be a burden to the public,” he said.

The Premier also said that the government will not increase the taxes on the essential items, while carrying out work to develop the country with the assistance of the international community.

Wickremesinghe also promised a new salary scheme for public servants, which will be introduced by 2020.UNP May day 2016

Meanwhile, leader of the Janatha Vimukthi Peramuna, Anura Kumara Dissanayakeat speaking at the JVP May Day rally at the BRC grounds in Havelock Town accused the UNP and SLFP national government of failing to solve the economic issues. “What the country needs is for it to be cleansed from bad politics, and introduce socialism, because that is the only concept that will help the economic and other political problems the public is facing,” he said.

Dissanayake added that both the SLFP and UNP were obviously not qualified enough to govern the country or to even do politics.JVP May day 2016

JVP May day 2016

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    RE:Ranil Promises Economic Revival, As JVP Calls For ‘Political Cleansing’

    “Speaking at the UNP’s May Day rally in Campbell Park, Colombo, Wickremesinghe said, “we will take this country forward, without family rule,” he said.”

    “Meanwhile, leader of the Janatha Vimukthi Peramuna, Anura Kumara Dissanayakeat speaking at the JVP May Day rally at the BRC grounds in Havelock Town accused the UNP and SLFP national government of failing to solve the economic issues. “What the country needs is for it to be cleansed from bad politics, and introduce socialism, because that is the only concept that will help the economic and other political problems the public is facing,” he said.”

    “Dissanayake added that both the SLFP and UNP were obviously not qualified enough to govern the country or to even do politics.’

    Data Supports the above assertion by the JVP.

    Both are needed.

    Without JVP, there is no guidance.

    JVP is a God Send for Sri Lanka.

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    How many drunkards were there at all the UNP and SLFP rallies this time? How much money was wasted? how much paper and plastic was wasted? How much green houses gases did these bloviated leaders discharge to the atmosphere. UNP is thrilled to have massive rallies now after being in the wilderness for so long. USA and UNP are thrilled to see the SLFP spilt. MS is meandering incoherently. MR is clinging on desperately. Same old same old. Rallies to bus in idiots with low IQ to boost egos of straight leaders, homosexual leaders married to women, single men, openly gay men, bisexual men etc all in the pretext of talking about workers rights. Aney appa mungey booru kama kaata kiyannada? People get bussed in, provided buth packet by UNP mudalalis and venture capitalist at a bigger rate than before because they won the election. When MR was in power, he too got the same treatment with massive enthusiastic crowds. Arrack sellers must have been thrilled. Someone should take a breathalyser to these workers rallies(exception perhaps is the JVP rally).

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    Batalanda Ranil pledges to double the GDP by 2023.

    All I can see doubling in size is Batalanada’s belly.

    Because our Economic growth dropped to 4.4% last year which was the first Yahapalana financial year.

    That is nearly a 40 % drop from the previous year and in fact the preceding 5 years since Nanthikadal where the growth rate averaged over 7.5 %.

    Last quater of this year, the Economy hasn’t grown even 1 percentage point.

    Can anyone see this rate of growth taking the Yahapalana suckers to a USD 140 Billion Economy in 2023.

    But Batalanada’s Singaporean mate’s Family Trust will be close to that in LKR in 2023.

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      K.A Sumanasekera the previous regime has sapped the country out many filling their own pockets and all Ranil was left was the bones.But Ranil is now rebuilding the country indebted to its neck thereby burnt down to the ashes.People talk highly of development during the last regime but if anyone is given a blank cheque and asked to develop it will be just plain sailing. Development at what cost is the question.
      Ranil is honest and Mr.Clean he doesnt have to stack away millions for his offsprings and he doesnt run after wealth since he was born with a silver spoon.

      As he is 2 years away from his 70th year he wants to serve the country and there is no other to match his ability and vision.His multi cultural approach is one of the reasons he is bound to succeed, He has already got the EU to lift the fisheries ban,working on the restoration of the GPS plus,succesfully negotiated a deal with the IMF thereby resulting Moodys giving a positive view on Sri Lanka for foreign investment.Further he has mended fences with China thereby allowing China to be a player in reviving our economy and has sent Malik Samarawickrema to the US who has done a good job in clearing the air in the US for prospective investors.

      Ranil has picked a dream team for his economic revival like himself,Malik Samarawickrema,Harsha de Silva,Arjun Mahendran,Sarath Amunugama,Eran Wickremaratne,Ravi Karunanayakeand having such educated and knowledgable personnel on board God Willing he is bound to succeed.
      So Sumanasekera without trying to bring out some old rubbish about Batalanda just back Ranil’s efforts if you are a true patriot of Sri Lanka since if the country prospers you and I and the future generations are bound to benefit

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        Dear Colin,

        At least you seem to be a little Economically savvy Yahapalana sucker.

        And I appreciate it.

        If you think you can double your per capita income by 2023, on the back of Norwegians depleting our valuable Fish Stocks and getting more of your village girls to stitch undies for White chicks in London, you ought to be kidding.

        Norwegian or Japanese or Chinese and Indians in particular, love to bottom trawl our rich fisheries and make a quick buck.

        Our poor fisher folk, whether Tamil or Sinhalese or Burgur get jackshit.

        Now at least our poor inhabitants can buy a kilo of Tuna at least occasionally, instead of Keeramin every day.

        Decent big fish selling for USD 6 to 7 Dollars even in Fishing towns like Galle and Matara does not indicate any over supply despite this big ass ban that you lot are carrying on about.

        Tell me one country in the Developing Block, which has been developed by the IMF and The World Bank ,let alone by the Western Governments which Batalanada and his mob suck up to,and I will rest my case.

        Greece is a full member of the EU.

        Obviously our Yahapalana suckers who are cheering Batalanada all the way to the US, EU, and England don’t know much about the state of the Greek people who live in the oldest democracy in the World.

        I don’t think even some of the hard core Yahapalana suckers will give the thumbs up for your Dream Team.

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          Has it ever crossed your cranal area why Ranil had to go to the IMF to borrow? Isnt it because he inherited a country upto their eyeballs in debt.We have been in debt traps in the past but the trap Ranil was saddled with was unprecedented in the history of Sri Lanka.If the country did not get this bail out from the IMF we would have sunk right to the bottom economically.
          I do not say the West loves us but are you aware that over 75 percent of our exports are to the Western bloc and the inevitable lifting of the GSP plus will create jobs for thousands by the reopening of the small garment producers who shut down due to cockeyed policies in the past.
          When you shout Batalanda,Batalanda you clearly show your intentions as your remarks are of a personal nature and not for the love of the country.
          Your cat is out of the bag as the Sinhala phrase says “Puhul hora karen danay”

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    Re RW speech. Revive Sri Lankan economy? Be realistic, you are incapable of doing any such thing. Are you capable of sacking the Central Bank Governor and scrap Sri Lankan Airlines. Are you capable in forcing My3 to quarter the number of Ministers and Deputy Ministers – most of them who are unelected refuse from the MR Mafia and corrupt to the core. What really have you done and plan to do that will attract foreign investment. How can you guarantee that such investment will be safe in a still shaky political environment that is Sri Lanka at the moment. Flamboyant speeches listened to by a loyal green hatted unquestioning crowd will not deliver anything. The situation on the ground should change. Anyway good luck.

    Re AKD’s speech. Communism or similar systems in the guise of socialism has not delivered the goods in any country who tried the system so far. In fact many such systems became authoritarian and committed heinous crimes against the people and never delivered any tangible results other than poverty. Given the non compromising mindset of the average Sri Lankan, the inherent blood lust that has been amply exhibited in the times since the British ceded governance to locals, the Mahanama myths that influences the majority of Sri Lankan people, I shudder to think what will take precedence if the JVP should come to power – economic revival, vengeance on behalf of tens of thousands who were butchered not too long ago and/or continuance of Sinhala Buddhist hegemony over minorities. What is the guarantee that it will not descend to a Polpot type of horror. I was in Vietnam recently and saw the country progressing well. I saw more of capitalist type of economic activity and the emergence of a new elite business class and saw very little socialism there. It is time JVP changed its mindset – socialism is not the panacea to all human ills.

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    Government should be more transparent and get the participation of professionals and learnants.

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    Did Price Anura, the Red baby Elephant say it?.

    Can’t believe it..

    Has the Prince paid that LKR 25 Lakhs to the UNP treasury after returning from Dublin?.

    Was it is Irish Pounds?.

    Has he got anofficial receipt from Malik Samare, in case our Yahapalana Buddha Sasana minister confronts the Prince again..

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    Socialism is like a Brassiere; It only uplifts the downtrodden masses!

    The JVP needs to be pragmatic!

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    Its all BS. Nothing will be done. Same old, same old.

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    Whether you like it or not Ranil is the only guy who can save this country. There is no leader in the horizon who can do this.

    Some tough decisions are required and hopefully they will be rolled out during this year.

    Increase in taxes
    Reforms in subsidies
    Pension reforms
    Labor reforms
    Restructuring SoEs
    PPPs to take over idling state assets in Hamabantota
    Consistent policies to attract FDIs

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    The only worthy to hear and much expected thing to happen, I heard only from the former President and the District MP for Kurunegala, Mr. Mahinda Rajapakse. He said: ” My son Namal will be arrested; My brothers Basil and Gotabaya will be arrested and I will also be arrested and it will happen very soon. All of us are ready to go”. He also turned to Mr. Wimal Weerawansa seated on the stage and asked: “Are you ready”. He for whatever reason excluded his wife. There is a saying in Sinhala: “Kate Masurang Danna Ona”; that is said when some one utters a TRUTH. Who knows better than himself and it is PREMONITION. Thanks a million times for knowing the TRUTH and telling the TRUTH to the people on this Historic Day. So now, Mr. President and Mr. Prime Minister expedite those investigations and even set up a Special Court to hear those pending cases and prove to the PEOPLE: Justice is Justice for everyone. But please also remember to RECOUP that wealth siphoned off from the Pubic Coffers, even from their moveable and immovable assets. That will definitely leave a lasting impression on the peoples’ minds. Thank you.

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    You won’t be able to compete with Singapore. Please stop your bullshit. Singapore believes in meritocracy, but you don’t. I have been living in Sri Lanka for the last twelve months and I have seen, heard and read enough to understand your ideology.

    Singapore Tamils don’t listen to New Delhi or the Western Powers to destroy their own people and their motherland in the name of freedom. You do not know enough about yourselves and Lankan Tamils that is why you think that you can compete with Singapore.

    Singapore Airlines is doing very well, your national Airlines is in a bloody disaster. In Singapore a person who has similar qualification and experience as me would have got a high profile position. But here is impossible for me to find a high profile job, unless we are part of the inner circle of rulers.

    It is clear, you don’t act in the best interest of the country, but to keep your power by pleasing your party, family members, relatives and rest of the vote bank. It doesn’t matter whether MR, Ranil, My3 or Sampanthan rule this country, smart Lankans go nowhere. For this reason, if I call our leaders as bastards it is a nice word for them.

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    “The move (VAT) is part of the government’s plan to meet a repeated request to raise revenue from the International Monetary Fund (IMF), which on Friday reached an agreement with Sri Lanka for a US$1.5bil bailout to help the island nation avert a balance of payments crisis.”
    Mr. PM and Mr. Prez both said they increased taxes not because of IMF! Mr. Prez said he would send home those who advise to raise taxes! Who is the liar here? Our main problem is these politicians’ failure to face the reality and tell the truth to the people! For God’s sake ‘be honest’ and tell the truth! people will understand it and help you!

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    Instead of borrowing from IMF why not obtain the hidden money from the previous Government It may be from Panama,swiss or even USA

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