30 May, 2023


Ranil’s Niece Openly Backs Gota, Shares Propaganda Videos On Social Media

Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe’s niece and senior staffer at Temple Trees Ishini Wickremesinghe aggressively promoted propaganda videos to celebrate Gotabaya Rajapaksa’s nomination as SLPP presidential hopeful, Colombo Telegraph can now reveal.

Ishini Wickremesinghe

A few hours after Colombo Telegraph revealed clandestine negotiations between Temple Trees and Gotabaya Rajapaksa’s aides about forming a national Government after the presidential elections, Colombo Telegraph readers perused Ishini Wickremesinghe’s Facebook page. Readers left several bemused comments regarding the content shared on her profile on August 11, soon after the SLPP held its convention and nominated Gotabaya Rajapaksa as presidential candidate.

Colombo Telegraph did its own perusal of Ishini Wickremesinghe’s Facebook page after being alerted by readers. Our investigations revealed that the Prime Minister’s niece had actively shared a 51 second propaganda film featuring about a decade worth of footage of the former Defence Secretary’s key moments in public life. Further perusal showed that the video had been shared under the “public” privacy setting meaning it was available for viewing by anyone on the internet, both on and off the Facebook platform. Ishini Wickremesinghe had also shared the video five times on her Facebook wall at regular intervals.

At 4.13 AM on August 12, she shared a post by Eliya – the civil society movement mobilising support for Rajapaksa, congratulating him on the nomination.

At 4.34 AM, she shared the propaganda film for the first time.

Thereafter, the video was shared 5.22AM, 9.07AM, 9.51AM, 11.25AM and 2.29PM. (See the posts by Ishini Wickremesinghe below).

Social media experts told Colombo Telegraph that this type of content sharing at regular intervals on social media is referred to as “aggressive promotion”. It is designed to get maximum reach for content a user wishes as many of his or her followers and friends on Facebook to see.

Colombo Telegraph also learns that TNL TV the channel owned by Ishini Wickremesinghe’s father Shan, who is also brother to the Prime Minister aired significant footage of the SLPP convention and Gotabaya Rajapaksa’s nomination.

In her open letter to Prime Minister Wickremesinghe earlier this week Ahimsa Wickrematunge the daughter of Sunday Leader Editor Lasantha Wickrematunge who was murdered in 2009 referred to Ishini Wickremesinghe’s blatant promotion of the SLPP candidate.

“Because it is election season, you are publicly attacking him as a killer. But even as you do so, your Chief of Staff Sagala Ratnayaka and other ministers are visiting him and spending hours at his residence, your government is allegedly issuing him irregular identity cards and passports and your senior aide and niece is openly promoting Gotabaya Rajapaksa’s campaign propaganda on social media.

Ishini Wickremesinghe is a close associate of media moghul Dilith Jayaweera, who stands accused of stock market manipulation during the tenure of Mahinda Rajapaksa’s presidency. Together the pair are the masterminds behind the negotiations between the Prime Minister and the Gotabaya Rajapaksa camp.

Ishini Wickremesinghe currently serves on the Prime Minister’s staff. Formerly a member of Mangala Samaraweera’s staff before the Finance and then Media Minister realised she was a Rajapaksa mole, Ishini Wickremesinghe was instrumental in securing Jayaweera’s advertising firm TRIAD the UNP publicity campaign for the February 2018 local government election. The ad campaign cost a whopping Rs 200 million in exchange for the most lacklustre and inane taglines and advertisements “api UNP”. During the October 2018 coup, in the presence of several UNPers including Samaraweera and others Ishini Wickremesinghe declared that if the UNP did not nominate Ranil Wickremesinghe as presidential candidate, the Wickremesinghe family would throw its weight behind Gotabaya Rajapaksa. (By TB Bambaradeniya)

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    JD even better, why not elope with Ranil ? ????????????

    • 2

      Guys! This is the ULTIMATE GAME of the RULING ELITE MAFIA which is the GOVIGAMA CLAN CRIMINALITY at its BEST PERFORMANCES in the century old Domination of the local politics. Beginning from the ANAGARIKA aDharmapala who drew the lines for these SKUNKS to follow in years to come with their Hitler’s same ARYAN MYTH ideology backed by the THEOSOPHICAL EVIL Teachings of H.P. Blavatsky & H.Steel Olcott whom have co-organised the Mind controlling of the early generation of CRACKPOTS in the likes of Sinhala Buddhist Bourgeoisie class comprising the GOVIGAMA stalwarts who are BRITISH invented slave sluts. These SLUTS are surely JEWISH blood connected who are 99% Evil inclined SECRET FAMILIES and their progeny hell-bent on spreading corruptions in the earth. This is the AMAZING TIMES where we all can see how the GOVIGAMA MAFIA family members are coming out in the open to support each other in their evil projects and plans that serves only in the securing of their DOMINATION in the power structure of the state. All these SKUNKS are internally connected to each other and support each other and that’s where the GLOBAL MASTER ZIONIST JEWS and the HINDU BRAHMIN (Secret Jews) RSS Criminals came to their help in defending their criminality and these SKUNKS are helping to establish the ZIONIST project by dividing the people of SRI LANKA – The real TAX payers who are shouldering their sins.

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      So, under the GRAND GOVIGAMA Domination, every GOVI Blooded criminal has to come out to help their brethren shedding differences in the party poli-tricks which designed to serve as a divider of the population under various guises and that which is engineered to CAUSE VIOLENT CLASHES that erodes any sign of uniting the TAX PAYING population to rescue this nation from the downward spiral that these guys have put into motion. When you look at them they will all look like BARBARIANS but in WHITE CLEAN CLOTHES. Just look at the faces of GOTA, MAHINDA, BASIL, LOHAN RATWATTE, SHAN WICKREMASINGHE and ISHINI…. they are ZOMBIFIED figures designed to scaremonger powerless, innocent people. RANIL and others may look somewhat human but internally UGLY, Demonic ghosts who go to any low depth to secure their family GOVI bandits. Shan started/initiated the modern day racism/ Sinhala Buddhist evangelical propaganda through his TNL channel by fielding the MONK GANGODAVILA SOMA to Trend-set the ISLAMOPHOBIA by the NENA PAHANA programme that targeted the Muslim community. Then they brought many Evils under various categories just to keep the population divided through Sinhala Racist groups and entity. Thus the BODU BALA SEN/JHU (undercover agents of GOVIGAMA CLAN) enjoyed STATE PROTECTION under Mahinda Govt., as well as Ranil/Sira govt. The real reason unknown to many as to how these RACIST TERRORISTS are enjoying total impunity and being the DARLINGS of the media, is the GOVIGAMA SCHEME. The Media is owned by the same evil GOVI’s. So, they all work differently but to the same evil cause of the GOVIGAMA initiated ONE RACE GOVT. The Fake Sinhala Only agenda…which is made only for Mass Killings, outright robbery of National Resources and National Wealth stealing and depositing the looted money in Zionist owned Banks.

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    ranil’s niece should become a politician as she has deceit written all over her face.Compare hers with that of ahimsa’s angelic face.

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    {“Ranil’s Niece Openly Backs Gota, Shares Propaganda Videos On Social Media”}
    If this news is credible it means Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe’s niece Ishini Wickremesinghe holds views different from Ranil. SLPP feeds on opposition to reconciliation. Ishini may sympathise with SLPP but Ranil?
    Shan W abandon Ranil W???
    Another ploy to keep GR in the news.
    All this within hours of the announcement of MR/GR intentions.
    PS: CT and TB Bambaradeniya have swallowed hook line and sinker!

    aggressively promoted propaganda videos to celebrate Gotabaya Rajapaksa’s nomination as SLPP presidential hopeful, Colombo Telegraph can now reveal.

  • 4

    I am sure Dr Shafie could easily win the presidential election, thanks to modayas like Weeramonkey, Balu Jayasumana, Rathana morons and Maha Maha maha Nayaka. One fellow with boru passport, other guy with bond scam, other guy with Tsunami scam so where to look for? Which crook is better to mislead the country?

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    Ranil should come forward as UNF presidential candidate if not he should make room for UNP member to contest the presidential election,this time we don’t want a common candidate which is a detrimental for UNP.

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    There is a time for presidential election still dates have not being announce UNF can take there own time and nominate a UNP party member to contest Presidential election wait for the last moment keep SLPP guessing

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    What about the endorsement given by the Kelani vihare??!!
    Helena Wijewardne spent a good part of her inheritance (daughter of Arnolis Depp – arrack baron) in rebuilding.
    SWRD’s murder and the Buddharakkita were associated with Kelani vihare.

  • 1

    There has been a cancer in the UNP since 1977. A cancer that has spread its roots to feed the main tumor. Many have identified this tumor as simply ‘RW’ aka pooftick. Sadly that tumor is unlikely to be removed at least for another 15 years until it absolutely and totally destroys the UNP from within..

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