4 October, 2022


Ranil’s Worst Betrayal: Giving Trincomalee To India 

Dr. Dayan Jayatilleka

Prime Minister Wickremesinghe is about to give Trincomalee to the Indians—and by this (upcoming) Vesak! According to the Political Column of a respected English-language Sunday paper, he rejected the mild concerns of two SLFP Ministers, derisively addressing the pair in Sinhala as “Oi!” at the last Cabinet meeting. The imminent ceding of strategic Trincomalee is summarized by Meera Srinivasan in The Hindu:

 “India and Sri Lanka have, in principle, agreed to jointly operate the World War-era oil storage facility in Trincomalee, the strategically advantaged port town located on the island’s east coast…Both the nations are hoping to firm up the deal before Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s scheduled second official visit to the island in early May.
Indian Oil Corporation subsidiary Lanka IOC, engaged in bunkering operations, runs 15 out of the 99 storage tanks in the lower oil tank farm in Trincomalee. The proposed joint venture pertains to the remaining 84 tanks in the upper farm, but Sri Lanka would retain 10 of those for use by the Ceylon Petroleum Corporation…
During his visit to Sri Lanka in March 2015, Mr. Modi had said the project to develop the upper tank farm in Trincomalee would help the coastal town become a regional petroleum hub.” (‘Sri Lanka, India to develop Trincomalee oil tank farm’, The Hindu, April 9th)
Retaining a mere 10 out of 99 oil tanks i.e. a measly 10%, means giving the oil tank farm to India. Given the other agreements about ‘developing’ the Port, an oil refinery and highways with India means ceding Trincomalee to India—a country of which the state of Tamil Nadu, just a few miles away, is a major stakeholder.
Ceding Trincomalee gives the Indians a footprint and a foothold in that strategically vital port, ethnically sensitive border area and former warzone. India, like any big power, will now have a strategic reason for entrenching itself and ‘protecting’ what it has been conceded; its stake. Its warships will constantly visit Trinco; there will be a security presence to guard the oil tank farm from Islamic terrorists, etc. India will never leave. Trincomalee will become an Indian base and mini-colony.
With a large Indian footprint in Trincomalee there will be an ethnic power-shift in the North and multiethnic East, marginalizing the Sinhalese. The Government’s draft for the new Constitution will be presented in May and will propose the transfer of all land and Police powers to the Provinces as well as the abolition of the Concurrent List and the neutering of the Governor. This and the Indian entrenchment in Trincomalee are sufficient conditions for the erection of Tamil Eelam. Any administration in Delhi can be pressurized someday by the Tamil populace of the North and East as well as the electorally crucial Tamils of Tamil Nadu, to carve out a separate entity (a la Kosovo and Iraqi Kurdistan) in our North and East.  
Did our military men fight and die, defeating the Tigers, for Trincomalee to be given to the Indians (and ETCA signed)? Can one think of a worse betrayal?
From DS Senanayake on, our governments protected us as much as they could from India, knowing the impact of an Indian presence on the island’s ethnic balance and domestic geopolitics. A great patriotic UNP leader Ranasinghe Premadasa pushed the Indians out of Sri Lanka. By contrast, Prime Minister Wickremesinghe is not only facilitating Indian expansionism on our soil but will be responsible for the long term consequences for the country and especially the Sinhalese community (most particularly in the East). One can imagine what his distant relative Ravi Jayewardene would have said and done! I can hardly think of a more heinous historic crime than the one about to be committed by the Yahapalana Government.
But what can be done?  
The administration of Prime Minister Wickremesinghe rests on one factor alone: the schism within the ranks of the broad anti-UNP forces and the SLFP in particular. He has learned from his father, Esmond, and his distant uncle JR Jayewardene, the strategic value of a split in the center-Left and especially within the SLFP –and how best to exploit it.
The SLFP was not split by Mahinda Rajapaksa and his loyalists. In August 2015 at a crucial strategy meeting, I incurred the ire of Susil Premjayanth and Anura Priyadarshana Yapa by urging President Rajapaksa in the presence of the Feb 18th ‘Mahinda Movement’ leaders, to rupture with and contest separately from the SLFP because (1) we could preserve the militant spirit of the Mahinda Movement without dilution (2) the country was seeking something new and (3) MR would be under the official SLFP leadership whatever the election result. Mahinda demurred.
From my early meeting with defeated President Rajapaksa at the residence of the Speaker, his brother Chamal, on January 10th 2015 through to the Feb 18th 2015 meeting at Nugegoda, I had been part of the fight-back at a time when some prominent SLFP (now SLPP) personages had decamped from Sri Lanka.
Of those at the August 2015 meeting at MR’s residence in Mirihana, only two of us took the same position on fielding a separate list—Gotabhaya Rajapaksa and I– and we did so independently of one another. Neither of us wanted to be taken for a ride, or more crucially, for Mahinda and his supporters to be taken for a ride. We wanted to be politically self-reliant, not dependent on the decision-making of other power centers. But no one else supported us (apart from some friends, close loyalists and well-wishers of MR who came in as the meeting was dispersing)—not even Basil Rajapaksa or the present JO and SLPP personalities. Mahinda just did not want to split the SLFP and nor did they. Days later, when a dispute erupted over the able and loyal young Prasanna Ranatunga, MR was ready to split, but I thought that was too personal an issue over which to do so, after morale had been raised by the unified SLFP slate.
One might then ask why I seem to be opposing the SLFP split now. I am not! Even in Feb-August 2015, addressing grassroots audiences throughout the country, my line was that we should break with the collaborationist faction of the SLFP, establish our independent identity in Parliament, and then unite with the SLFP in a single front—not a party—against the UNP. That is still my line. I am opposed to a combined list at the upcoming PC and PS elections, but I am for joint non-UNP administrations afterwards.
The SLFP was not split by the formation of the SLPP. The SLFP split because—and when–the party leadership decided (or agreed with CBK) to overrule the mandate obtained by the SLFP at the August 2015 parliamentary election. That explicit mandate was to reject a coalition with the UNP. Ignoring it, the party leadership hived off 40 plus SLFP MPs, having appointed through the National List quite a few who failed to secure preference votes, and ‘leased’ them out as a prop for the UNP.
Every betrayal exacts a price in terms of blowback. The formation of the new party, the SLPP, was an inevitable response to the August 2015 “morning after” betrayal. It also meets the requirements for an alternative or substitute for the collaborationist SLFP and an electoral option for the pro-MR caucus of SLFPers who have refused to collaborate with the UNP. If not for the SLPP, the SLFPers who are faithful to the popular mandate of August 2015 could be blackmailed by the threat of expulsion and political homelessness. So it’s mostly good. But the SLPP’s political line needs to be clarified and rectified. Antonio Gramsci explains that “Lenin said…‘separate yourselves from Turati and then form an alliance with him.’ ” That is precisely what the JO/SLPP must do in relation to President Sirisena’s SLFP.
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  • 27

    Could you tell us to whom govt should give those oil tanks. How India should manage its security concerns wihen we living next door sleep with China and dating US.we are very much safe with Isecurith if India not compromised.
    Don’t let your frustrations with CBK RW and MS cloud your intellect. MR retiring gracefully from politics and SLFP uniting behind Srisena is what need to be done for progress. Everything you are doing now is promoting RW and polarising communal relationships for future explosion. Please don’t do dirty politics. We have killed enough of our children with our own hands.Please take time and think it over. Help MR retire gracefully. You will see a new way forward. MR too can help for better future without promoting hatred and fear. He will be respected for defeating LTTE.

  • 21

    Please tell me what you propose to do with the Tank Farm in Trincomalee. The great Patriot Ranasinghe Premadasa did not push the IPKF out. His friend Velupillai Prabhkaran whom he armed to the teeth, did.

    • 16

      sarath de alwis

      When the govi/radala found Premadasa abhorrent they tried very hard to impeach him. Guess who was willing to help Premadasa, it was VP who had control over 13 Tamil MPs was willing to send all 13 to vote in support of Premadasa.

      Though there was a war going on in the North East love between Premadasa and VP was never lost.

      Premadasa believed the upper caste were against him because he wanted to help the lower caste/class Sinhalese and he also believed VP wanted to help the lower caste Tamils despite the strong opposition from his own upper caste/class Tamils.

      Premadasa found common cause with VP.

      By the way Premadasa had two Rottweilers, namely Dayan and Douglas.

  • 11

    Trincomalee is a very important location stratigically hence, must be very careful when meddling with Trinco Harbour. Late JRJ failed in 1970’s trying to collaborate with Multinationals ignoring India.India annexed the importance of Trinco in INDO- Srilanka accord in 1987. My opinion is India is too slow to assist developing Sri Lanka but very fast in destabilising her neighbours.Are our Political fools are perishing under pressure? India wants a foothold in Trinco. They held on to Sampoor project over Five years thus distancing Tamils away from the Government.It was Indian firms that wanted 1000 acre block for the two coal power plants in Sampore.Sri Lanka spent millions on outer circular road in Trinco to please Indians as an access route to the project site.Finally stepped down on SL presidents request? Oil tanks means Trinco Harbour. Anybody can handle it but it may be too HOT to handle or May perish altogether.

    • 12


      “India wants a foothold in Trinco.”

      Hindia considers Sri Lanka a Sinhala state of Hindia.

      Full Stop.

      ” My opinion is India is too slow to assist developing Sri Lanka but very fast in destabilising her neighbours.”

      Hindia treats Sri Lanka as one of its own state. No wonder why Indian assistance on development process is too slow.

  • 19

    Dr Dayan

    You may not realise this, but you have a habitual tendency to underestimate the intelligence of other readers of CT by putting forward spurious and heavily one-sided assertions.

    You say: “Retaining a mere 10 out of 99 oil tanks i.e. a measly 10%, means giving the (Trincomalee) oil tank farm to India.”

    The original terms of the agreement for Hambantota Port, negotiated by the Mahinda Rajapaksa government, were to allow China Merchant Port Holdings Company Ltd (CMPort) to hold 80% of the shares and Sri Lanka Ports Authority to hold 20% of the shares in the Port.

    Why didn’t you cry foul at that time by saying, retaining a measly 20%, means giving Hambantota Port to China?

    You then carry on with some wild extrapolation of your imagination by saying:

    “Ceding Trincomalee gives the Indians a footprint and a foothold in that strategically vital port, ethnically sensitive border area and former warzone. India, like any big power, will now have a strategic reason for entrenching itself and ‘protecting’ what it has been conceded; its stake. Its warships will constantly visit Trinco; there will be a security presence to guard the oil tank farm from Islamic terrorists, etc. India will never leave. Trincomalee will become an Indian base and mini-colony. “

    One could easily put forward a more or less argument for the original terms of the agreement that Mahinda Rajapaksa government negotiated with (CMPort). However, you conveniently choose to disregard the need to apply equal logic.

    To assume CT readers are gullible enough to accept your selective application of logic is the same as underestimating their intelligence. Please (please), I therefore politely ask you from underestimating their intelligence and by so doing insulting them.

    Thank you.

    • 6

      The 2 thumbs down…..Dayan n Sonja

  • 11

    “This and the Indian entrenchment in Trincomalee are sufficient conditions for the erection of Tamil Eelam.”

    What nonsense!
    Even if the UN, US, EU, and the entire world agree for the creation of Tamil Eelam, the one and only country that will oppose such a move will be none other than India because, the formation of a separate Tamil state in Sri Lanka will be a bigger threat to India. Dayan knows this very well but here he is singing for his supper/paymasters the JO. This is only to fool a few foolish masses.

    • 4

      If Britain US EU and the rest of the world want to do divide the island to safeguard the Tamils from Sinhalese racism and Muslim opportunism, India cannot do anything. As it has no historical right over the Eelam Tamils or the Sinhalese.
      Britain has the moral right to interfere, as it was the island’s last colonial power and created this mess by uniting the then separate Eelam Tamil nation and their lands with the Sinhalese lands in 1833 to create a new colony and land called Ceylon. Thereby making the ancient Eelam Tamil nation which was a 100% majority in their own land a minority in the entire island. The Sinhalese who did not have a peep in these Eelam Tamil lands until 1948 gained power over them, when the British left South Asia in a hurry and gave the entire island with the hapless Tamil populations to these racist Sinhalese majority, who had already hatched a plan to destroy them as a people and steal their lands.
      The notion that if Eelam is a reality it will be a threat to India is plot hatched by anti Tamils in India and Sri Lankan to justify denying the island’s Tamils self determination. Other than a few fringe groups Tamils in India do not want to separate as they are far better of in the Indian union. Eelam Tamils will never want to unite with Tamil Nadu as they want to maintain their unique identity. It is the Eelam Tamils who are the only real friends to India in the region. The Sinhalese and Muslims despite being Indian origin hate India, so do all the other nations surrounding India

      • 1

        Real Siva Sankaran,

        “Eelam Tamils will never want to unite with Tamil Nadu as they want to maintain their unique identity”

        Unfortunately, the god has different plans, only land and people who seem to support and sympathize so-called ‘eeeelam Tamil’ is Tamil Nadu and people of Tamil Nadu in the world.

        Rest of the world and people, either don’t know about you, or those who know hate you all, the ‘eeeeelam Tamil’. That is reality (period)

    • 0

      Why should he fear an “election” of Tamil Eelam?
      He is not attractive enough for Tamil Eelam.
      Overestimating himself!


  • 4

    Our national security of the country is given to Indians once those oil tanks are givens to Indians and it is highly dangerous. I doubt it is going to happen and there are forces waiting. PM Has to hang himself

  • 15


    “A great patriotic UNP leader Ranasinghe Premadasa pushed the Indians out of Sri Lanka.”

    Was it not this “patriotic” leader strengthened the hands of the LTTE by giving them tons and tons of arms and money? A slime like you is not patriotic towards Sri Lanka, that patriotism is towards a murderer called Mahinda Rajapakse. Today SL is facing crisis of sorts in the international arena, thanks to the loud mouth Rajapakse who gave the future of SL on a silver platter to SG Ban and your “untiring” efforts to bluff your way through and then caught red-handed. Don’t you have any shame that you have done so much of damage to SL?

  • 15

    Daya Jayatilleke was a Minister of the Varadaraja Perusal administration of the NEPC which declared independence unilaterally from Sri Lanka! What betrayal is greater than that?? He has the greatest hatred towards the Prime Minister as he couldn’t be taken for a ride by him like other leaders, thanks to RW’s intellect. DJ uses high flown language just to impress the gulible and to further his agenda.

  • 0

    This comment was removed by a moderator because it didn’t abide by our Comment policy.For more detail see our Comment policy https://www.colombotelegraph.com/index.php/comments-policy-2/

  • 18

    Dayan J Silva,
    You have a big problem. Quite embarrassing for some one walking around self proclaimed as an academic. The problem of credibility. Not one reader here seem to agree with your analysis. Some are critical. Some are downright insulting. What a shame. All your efforts in the last thirty years appear wasted. Now you have no where to turn. Better for you to get back to school and learn how to build trust and respectability. Or may be you thrive on despair and discord.
    As someone close to you once remarked to me, you are one who cannot be trusted to be around in a dark night.
    May be you will never learn! One more tragedy to Srilanka. Untrustworthy academics!

    • 8

      The biggest problem DJ seems to have is – he does not know there are others that can analyse lanken issues better. Always, it is the same. In today s context, the current govt has been able to win the hearts and minds of many countries that vehementely stood against the country, in terms of lanken issues, poped up after the war is over; towards the reconciliation of the nation and finding sustainable solutions to the long awaiting ethnic problem. But as usual, the current men are not boasting as MR administration did at the time- DJ s mediation according to his interpretation saved the nation in 2009. He was so proud of having made a speech in UNHRC session in 2009, and the manner he interpreted it in the aftermath on and on about the victor came into being due to his mediation bla bla, we cant forget easily. simply self discriptive and… too much self proclaimed . Even today, he behaves, as if he is the only person to know things better. Even at PM, he makes ridicules. If not for PM and Prez, international community would have worked all against Srilanka, as they knew through MR until 8th Jan 2015.

    • 4

      You are dead right Ranjan -he the like men will never learn it.

      Nor would they be able to achieve anything to be able to apply their knowledge to this nation in this life.

      So what are the aims of these men ?

      As we all know DJ is the most abusive man among the few rabblerousers this country has got, in terms of spreading their own thoughts to the world. Else, most abusive man of that nature remains in the country – he is none other than Wimal Buruwanse.

  • 10

    There are 94 MPs who have not passed the O Levels.
    DJ’s arguments may influence them.
    Not educated citizens, who know that joint management of a business venture will avoid corruption and ensure correct procedure.

  • 7

    First of all this Puss Pundit thinks he knows everything. Any offer to any foreign government should be strictly based on a) Country’s security and b)Financial considerations. Since Trincomalee offer to India meets these two no one can oppose it. The true reason why our Puss Pundit Dayan is upset is because his Boss Mahinda Rajapakse was planning for a regime change in SL with the Yahapalana Govt leasing Southern Port to Chinese. Mahinda who supported Chinese Lease of Hambantota Port now opposes and he was dreaming that Indian Govt will support a regime change in SL. Unfortunately now that dream is gone as India is getting Trincomalee. Very smart move by Ranil. When is this Puss Pundit Dayan going to realize his time is up to retire and enjoy his Scotch and stop writing and stop speaking nonsense!

  • 3

    The News is suggesting the Four-Five village spread Hambantota land may not enough to even 10% of the Chinese preparation. They say Lankawe government is preparing to issue a Million Visas. To populate 250,000 Chinese the Five Villages may be barely enough. So how to explain where the rest going to go and where the future visa people are going to go? This is a possible 200 years agreement. This must have been a past news in Lankawe, if that is correct.


    That is an essay of a left’s view of how Hangbangtota deal would turn out to be.

    Please read about these suspicions we were rising based on Udaya Gammanpila’s claim that Lankawe was asked to issue 1 million Visas to China to start the Hangbangtota Industrial complex, fully owned for 200 years by China.

    While destroying the political process by splitting Indian Tamils, Ceylon Tamils, Muslim Tamil Males and Muslims Tamil women, by his urgent legislations of Indian Pakistani Act and MMDA, Don Stephen went to pure agricultural development by planning Galoya project. He shied away from taking West’s hand and industrializing the country.
    Galoya was treated as his double success
    1). Devastated Tamil families’ peaceful living by colonizing Sinhala Thugs in between Tamil families, as DS wanted,
    2) Brought in large land mass into cultivation and Sinhala colonization.

    Behind this success, DS’s inability for foresightedness was revealed. His initiation to nose dive & sink into Indian Ocean the new country Ceylon, which had started its maiden flight towards the end colonial rule, started to materialize. The county had started to taste foreign investments and Industrialization. But it was turned back into Old fashioned local food based pure actuarial land. Tea – Rubber lost the market. After JR’s Mahaweli Project, Sinhala Politics had its base well footed. Though poor was fed with old fashioned Kavum and Kiri Bath, but turned easier to keep illiterate and Modaya by developing only local crops based farming.
    This is why Lankawe has lost the hope of a real rebelling take place and cleaning the Chauvinist, like happened in Thero’s ideal countries of Cuba, China & Russia. Don Stephen, because of his boiling racism within him, had myopia for world which had started to industrialize when DS ascended to the throne.

  • 13

    Whenever Dayan writes, the Comments are more interesting and valid than
    whatever Dayan is trying to impress on the readers by his writings. The
    future of Dayan in Sri Lanka is bleak!

  • 1

    I totally disagreed Oil farm Tanks give to Indian Govt. is that the belongs to national wealth of Sri Lankan that could NOT give to by the “change of Regime” of an Island by Indians.

    That is where turning point of surrendering ours Economic Sovereignty to Indian hegemonies rules, whom want to be an economically re-colonized our Island.

    We are in stage of sustainability of Economic development and creating national wealth of our nation step by step .

    The Oil is still life serving sources of our people > Not only us people of whole world >
    That is energy of Country is her survival , how can such life-line govern by Indians? Or handed over to Indian on what grounds?

    The crux of matter Oil Farm Tanks is need consent of public majority. There are majority peoples life which who are holding sources of power decided by Oil energy of development and sovereignty by not by GUN-Boat diplomacy of India!

  • 9

    Dian J is the greatest whipping boy of the Sri Lankan public. He seems to enjoy every bit of the whipping he gets daily. Including the kick MR gave him out of Geneva and he crawls back for more.

  • 1

    Not only Ranil, every Sinhala leader, diplomat and government official including Dayan Jayatilleka have been failing on people who live in Sri Lanka due to chauvinistic policies, highly politicized policies, used state forces to commit genocide and so on.

    Now Sinhalese leaders can blackmailed by India, China and Western nations as they have evidence of war crimes, human rights abuse and genocide. This dirty politics due to sheer greediness and certainly harmful to those who live in Sri Lanka.

  • 1

    It is unfortunate that rather than comment on what
    he has said, most have commented on Dayan Jayatilleke.
    Of course, that is the reputation he has earned. None
    the less, the issue he has raised merits a dispassionate

    RW goes headlong into the China deal wit his partner, friend
    and minister colleague Malik (Rat Face) samarawickrema. The
    latter is a deal maker and has been able to butter his bread
    so thickly, like his collector buddy Jehan Ameratunga.

    So they work the deal with China and now realise India is left
    out. That too when New Delhi began screaming. Then our great
    hero threatens, intimidates and frightens cabinet ministers into
    agreeing to save his face. RW’s problem is that he talks of
    grandiose projects. They never materialise. He is a well read
    pothey guray who want to have ONLY rpt ONLY his way. There is NO
    one to stand up to hims in the Cabinet.

    Sirisena cannot match Ranil’w intellect. So all he does is go for
    scooldprize givings and make good for nothing speeches – students
    should obey their parents, they must be good citizens etc. Has any
    of his speeches dissected any issue.

    So RW will sell the country. Don’t forget this is what he tried to do
    with the LTTE. Did he not?

    • 7

      What did MR do with the LTTE? Easy. He gave LTTE a lot of money so that they would ensure that the Tamils did not vote. So, MR became President and gave a few bones to DJ to lick.

  • 0

    India has two war ships that can act as plane landing platforms and India need a port to hide those ships during a war. US also wants the same ship as it is a hiding place for their ships.

    So, they force the Sri lanka govt to hand over Trincomalee port to them.

    that is what is happening.

    • 8


      Talking about hiding a warship during the wartime would have been super funny 30 years back, let alone in 2017.

    • 7

      The British couldn’t hide their warships in Trinco from the Japanese 75 years ago . You really think the Indians want to?
      Stop believing this myth that Trinco is some super-important place. It might have been, 100 years ago.

    • 0

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  • 6

    India is clever. They didn’t invest in white elephant projects like Hambantota air port or harbour.

    They wanted the strategic Trinco harbour.

    Poor Dayan wont admit the mistake of Mahinda Rajapakse selling Sinhala south to China to line the Rajapakse’s family’s wallet.

    But Dayan is now crying over spilled milk.

    Dayan is always clever by hindsight. He just realised that the Tamil NE is more strategic than the Sinhala South.

    Even Jimsofty admits to it

  • 0

    This comment was removed by a moderator because it didn’t abide by our Comment policy.For more detail see our Comment policy https://www.colombotelegraph.com/index.php/comments-policy-2/

  • 0

    This comment was removed by a moderator because it didn’t abide by our Comment policy.For more detail see our Comment policy https://www.colombotelegraph.com/index.php/comments-policy-2/

  • 4

    India’s interst in the China Bay tank dates back to the US bid to take on lease the tank farm around 1980. JRJ was most willing but India undermined it with a counter-bid.

    India’s state-run Indian Oil Corporation wanted to use the China Bay facility to store bulk petroleum products brought by big tankers and the oil tank farm got included in the Indo-Lanka peace accord of July 1987. The deal effectively barred other powers from using the tank farm and stipulated that neither Trincomalee nor any other port could be used by foreign powers inimical to India.
    Under the accord, restoring and operating of the Trincomalee Oil Tank Farm was to be a joint venture of India and Sri Lanka.
    [Source: http://www.sundaytimes.lk/020630/bus/5.html%5D

    15 years after that accord was signed, India made use of the provisions of the Accord. The China Bay petroleum storage tank complex was handed over to India’s IOC in 2002 by the United National Party (UNP) government.

    In 2013 the Sri Lankan government decided to take over the petroleum storage tank complex that was given to the Indian oil company on a long lease, and refused to sign an agreement to lease the strategic oil storages to a unit of IOC. [Source: http://www.colombopage.com/archive_13B/Nov11_1384110840CH.php%5D

    DJ is not talking sense about the implications of the Indian bid to the Sinhalese.
    Yet, the fact remains that UNP was always only too willing to sell of any part of this country to the biggest foreign bidder– that includes the H’tota deal.

  • 2

    …This and the Indian entrenchment in Trincomalee are sufficient conditions for the ERECTION of Tamil Eelam……..says one time Minister of the first North-East Provincial of the Eelam Peoples Liberation Front[EPRLF]!
    Erection of Tamil Eelam?! Nice Logic Dr.D.J.
    So the PM – RW has handed over the Viagra to the Indians eh?

  • 2

    He doesn’t get it…!!! chk how many write ups he has since since the FALL of his boss MR and how he gets ridiculed….yet [Edited out]

  • 2

    DJ talks about :
    1. Vesak
    2. Marginalising the Sinhalese
    3. Ranaweeru
    4. Ravi Jeyawardne
    5. Premadasa chasing IPKF out
    6. Indian Foot Print ( not Adams peak or Seetha Eliya )
    7. SLFP was split by CB

    and so on. He does not speak about unity and about all the SriLankan born citizens. Since 1947 race, religion and language was exploited by politicians.
    The smart patriot and PhD in political science DJ thinks he can fool the majority of the majority and bring back MR regime with the help of all the minor parties and by side lining MS.

  • 4

    DeeJay in a most pathetic display.Can it get better ?.Certainly not.Can it get worse?Seems certainly so.So the Silva pair- Dee Jay and Sanja – seem to be hunting for their supper in deadly earnest!Alas that supper is never going to be forthcoming!Really, they deserve our sympathy rather than anger or hatred.Oh Mervyn where art thou !

  • 3

    This so called academic Dayan has no credibility. He’s a man who changes sides annually if not monthly. He was with EPRLF, Premadasa (Dawal Dayan Re Anuruddha)Chandrika, Mahinda, Ranil Sirisena and now again Mahinda. There’s no difference between him and infamous Sarath Silva.

    • 0

      Please don’t leave out GL Pieris. Nowhere to be seen these days. Plagiarising something or other. Dayan, GLP and Sarath Silva pseudo-intellectuals of our times.

  • 1

    Thero is talking about Old King’s change of mind about new party. Yesterday Old King has blasted off New King of destroying the SLFP by appointing organizers those would not get along with Old King.

    There is a shame in walking nude into the crowd. There is proudness walking nude into the crowd. Thero selects the second one to build his character. But Lankawe should be a free country to allow Thero to chose what he likes and show the crowed who he is.

    Earlier somebody wrote Thero is inviting the next Tomahawk Missile to Narahenpita. Let me put the next sentence on that. He is inviting “Mother of All Bombs” to Hangbangtota too.

    Comedy thamai!

  • 0

    Aye Dayan

    You wouldn’t have achieved you boasting onsided resolution in May 2009 without the help of India, Cuba and their alliance.

    Are you an ungrateful individual? Yes in many circumstances.

    When are you going to betray Mahinda Rajpaksa?

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