21 March, 2023


Rathana’s Ultimatum Expires, But No Signs Of His ‘Grave Decision’ Yet

Aturaliye Rathana thera who promised to announce a ‘grave decision’ by 4 pm yesterday in retaliation, if President Sirisena failed to act on his demand of ousting Muslim politicos Rishard Bathiudeen, Azath Salley and M L A M Hizbullah from their positions, has bizarrely remained quiet although the deadline of his ultimatum expired on May 29th .

Rathana Thero

Rathana thero who seems to find himself in the middle of controversies quite often, held a presser at his Temple in Colombo on May 28 and issued an ultimatum to Sirisena, demanding that measures be implemented to remove politicos Bathiudeen, Salley and Hizbullah from their positions by May 29th.

“Among these politicos, Salley makes statements in a way that supports extremism and have pushed Muslims to take up arms against other Sri Lankans; Hizbullah has drafted plans and was well into the plan to establish a university that would propagate Islamic extremism,” he told the press explaining reasons behind his demand for their removal.

The deadline issued by Rathana thera expired in the evening of May 29th.

Although he had told Sinhala print outlet Divaina that a ‘grave decision’ will be made if Sirisena fails to act on his demand and that it would be announced at 4 pm yesterday, no signs of any action have been announced as of yet.

Rathana thero also asked all spiritualists to join him in meditation and other spiritual activities when his decision is announced, to help him defeat other forces using the power of nonviolence.

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    He is evil in monk dress. He incite hatred. this is his Buddhism

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    “Rathana thero also asked all spiritualists to join him in meditation and other spiritual activities when his decision is announced, to help him defeat other forces using the power of nonviolence.”

    His decision will only send the mobs back onto the streets. What nonviolence, it is the law of the jungle and the law enforcement will turn a blind eye. Let’s see how the President will handle this.

  • 5

    something must have gone into his bank account.grave decision in graveyard.

  • 4

    He has begun a fast until death in front of the Maligawa with a board by his side “Please, no lemon puff biscuits”

    • 0

      Craig – “Please, no lemon puff biscuits.” Or “Please, no lemon puff biscuits, only deviled halal beef, whisky/vodka to gulp it down.”

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    These ignorant racist political monks ought to be locked up like what the British did during their rule.

    Then everything will be fine and the country will prosper in peace.

    These racist monks are the motive force behind the turmoil in the island for 70 years and continuing.

  • 8

    This saffron clad communalist is another Buddhist extremist and one of the pioneers of hate mongering in the country, In fact he along with champika started the anti Muslim pogroms right after the war, this bastard should be de-robed and hung by his b…s

  • 3

    Unlike the Catholics and the Christians, the Buddhists have no proper leader to sensibly think and act in a crisis. Each one whether priest or layman is a law unto himself. The rowdy Gnanasara or this Rathana can dance the devil and nobody there to question them. There will be hundreds of innocent buddhists kissing their feet just because they are in robes.

    How the Buddhists will extricate themselves from this mess is a big question

  • 1

    How much has been given to Rishard and Hisbula, does the Saudi govt just give money for nothing They have been funded to promote wahabism and hatred. Are you all endorsing such so called religious activities These politicians who have links with Islamic terrorists should be kicked out. If people like gamarala have received money to keep quiet they also should be kicked out. Athuralia thero is correct

  • 2

    These Sinhala Buddhist idiots failed to see the writing on the wall with Buddharakitha thero of Kelaniya – a corrupt monk – whose mistress was Vimala Kannangara, former Minister of Health under the S.W.R.D Bandaranaike administration.

    Buddharakitha thero brainwashed Somarama thero to carry out the dastardly act of assassinating SWRDB!!

    They ( the politicians) went back to the corrupt Buddhist monks over and over again to get votes from the grass-roots Sinhala Buddhist peasants (most of them).

    Now that Buddhist clergy Mafia has grown into a monster the political machinery is unable to contain them.

    In the battle between Buddhist Cergy Mafia vs. Politicians, the Mafia won!!

    The politicians have accepted defeat and are grudgingly living alongside and in constant fear – walking on egg-shells not to offend or displease them.

    The stupid Sinhala Buddhist masses and politicians had a golden opportunity with the assassination of SWRDB, to confine the Buddhist clergy to the temples and keep them under close watch.

    They failed.

    This is the price they have to pay for that fatal error they made!

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    Buddhists, including the sangha, in SL have a distorted understanding of Buddhism. In my understanding of Buddhism, a Buddhist monk is someone who has taken up robes giving up the materiel life in search of the ultimate bliss of Nirvana. As a priest of any religion, a Buddhist monk is also expected to provide spiritual guidance to those in need & in the eyes of Buddhism, everyone is equal with no discrimination on gender or ethnicity, therefore, a Buddhist monk to dabble in politics in the pretext of ‘saving’ Buddhism & the Sinhala nation, which are in fact two different subjects, is totally inappropriate. If a monk thinks that its the patriotic duty to ‘save’ the Sinhala race from other ethnic minorities or religions, he can do so but not as a Buddhist monk.

    I have met many Western & Eastern monks at a Buddhist monastery in UK & what a contrast they are compared to the so many Buddhist monks in SL with a misinformed ideology of Buddhism.

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