4 March, 2024


Ravi’s Exit Delay Shows Yahapalana Crisis

By Shyamon Jayasinghe –

Shyamon Jayasinghe

I am not interested in the JO motion of no-confidence. That is merely another illustration of the Rajapaksa camp trying to play a hypocritical  game of fighting for justice and honesty in politics. Ravi Karunanayake himself is in large measure a product of the political culture created by the decade of Rajapaksa misrule and impunity. Ravi’s miscalculation was that he considered he could act with similar impunity being in the ranks of a government that rode to power under  the noble banner of good governance.

It is in the nature of all revolutionary movements that counter revolutionary pressures emerge from within the ranks. In office, the new order begins to show strange resemblances with the old. Ravi managing to hold on, simply highlights the counter revolutionary crisis within the yahapalanaya government. Those of us who work  for the civic campaign are left both bemused and bewildered. What is more, this case portends that the future course of yahapalanaya is also fraught with reactionary possibilities. For some time, stories and gossip have been floating around  inferring that powerful persons within government are responsible for delaying to act on cases against men of the previous regime. Ravi Karunanayake’s successful tenacity tends to add credence to such stories. Concurrent with such possible counterrevolutionary manoeuvres it becomes important that the civic movement must get more firmly organised and be more demanding. At the end of the day, we the people are the transformative leaders. With the revolution of January 8th we face a transformative moment in the life of our country. “In this transformative moment, everybody contributes to, and in fact co-creates, the world we live in, whether conscious of their agency or not. Every choice, every action, every discussion, every interaction is a reflection of how we are leading our own lives,” said Alfonsu Montuori of the California Institute of Integral Studies.

Let’s make it all clear: At this stage, there isn’t any need to have a discourse within the sub judice space of Ravi’s case. That is prohibited by law. On the other hand, one could discourse on the ethical impropriety and serious  moral conduct that is implied in Ravi’s own defence before the media after the court case. The ethical dynamics of this operate independently of the issue of guilt with regard to any crime involved in the bond case. The ethics of impropriety alone clearly give the red signal that Ravi must go- and go without any further hesitancy. Every day of hesitancy and waiting for something to fall off from the sky only compounds a bad case of political ethics. There is another substantive issue and that is that the Minister clinging on to high government office can be perceived as having the potential to influence the proceedings of the case itself. This makes up a substantial two-fold reason why Ravi must go without playing a cat and mouse game.

Take a look at the stupid statement the besieged Minister made before the crowd outside court and relayed to the public by mass media: He said he was “discharged.” This is a lie. The question of discharge does not arise when someone is summoned and questioned by the Commission and released thereafter. Even Wimal Weerawansa and Basil Rajapaksa have been “discharged,” in this sense. One is discharged only against formal charges made in a court case. This wasn’t the case here. It is not befitting for a Minister of government to make such a glib statement meant to fool a gullible public or to throw sand in our eyes. Plain deception! Second, the Minister said that this is a clear case of mischief on the part of officials in the Attorney General’s Department. It  is not done for a Minister to attack a key department of his own government  and pass the buck. He  knows the AG is not in a position to refute the Minister in a public statement. This is deception number two. Third, Ravi says  he is not expected to know about what his wife does in a company run by her-making reference to the lease and subsequent purchase  of the Penthouse by a Company belonging to his wife and daughter. Dear reader, just jack up your imagination to the utmost capacity- level and try and visualise  this scenario: Ravi is aware that the family is to move to the luxury penthouse.  He does not bother to ask the wife how the deal was done, how she funded that. He goes at least every night to sleep with his wife in this luxury apartment but never for a moment does it occur to him to ascertain how it all came about. Next, the same penthouse was subsequently purchased for Rs 165 million. It is not Ravi’s business to enquire how she got such a large block of money. Hence, he never asks the wife but simply goes on living there. He has no natural curiosity to ask that.

Now, can you ever believe in this fairy tale? Even a Kinder kid would have his curiosity aroused; but Ravi’s curiosity isn’t forthcoming. And, he was the Minster of Finance!

What made matters worse was when Ravi is reported to have constructed a case that Anika Wijesuriya, the witness who testified before the Commission had been a former lover of Arjun Aloysius, the benefactor of this house. That lowered the case toward a kind of porno level.

All such considerations can legitimately occupy the ethical space in discourse. The issue of sub-juice doesn’t apply at this level.

It is as clear as daylight: Minister Ravi Karunayake, if he has any decency in him, must resign. Go now, Ravi. Right now!

*The writer can be contacted at sjturaus@optusnet.com.au

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    Ravi K and everyone else in the cabinet have brought shame on this country. Their credibility is lost forever. No right thinking man woman or child now overseas, will want to come and contribute to Sri Lankan growth.

    The greatest shame and credibility loss will of course befall the Prime Minister, who has yet again shown he is no leader.

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      Now there is an excellent setup in place to investigate all the scams and murders ( murders – well, let’s say “involuntary deaths” ……….. to make it a little more palatable for Gota, Mahinda ……. supporters. :))

      ………… The purpose of the presidential commission was to target and expedite the investigation of the bond-scam. ……….

      ………….. There is a request by some people, to make use of the same presidential commission to investigate all the scams. And force the AG to investigate all the scams with the same vigour that was shown in unravelling the CB bond scam. That will nail the AG if he shows the lackadaisical attitude he has shown so far to go after Rajapakse’s crooks.

      It’s an excellent idea. I hope all you guys will give it your full support.

      Ranil or Mahinda, crook is a crook; right? :))

      Now, this will show who really wants to catch the crooks and who just wants to play partisan politics.

      ………… Finally, It’ll separate the patriots from the smart-patriots. …………..

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      Shyamon Jayasinghe

      RE: Ravi’s Exit Delay Shows Yahapalana Crisis

      Ravi Penthouse has found a new consultant;Mr. Ostrich. It is in congruence with the “mara mataka ne”, I do not remember, policy and strategy of Ravi Penthouse.

      See below what Mr.. Ostrich recommends: Much better than Mahendran, Alosious, Ranil & company.

    • 2

      that is good news. Here After, all the Tamil coolies settled overseas will go to Tamilnadu to enjoy their life.

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    Yahapalana is only possible if people are well informed or they are ready for facts and figures.

    But Srilanken folks are no used to facts and figures.

    They just dont care but support the thugs and high criminals but attacking decent men.

    Media mafia is at its height abusing YAHAPALANA media freedom.

    Sirasa is only attacking PM every 30 minutes.
    But they dont any courage to question forme rmen on their allegations.
    Never have they invited those former men on their allegaitons.
    Sirasa has never made efforts to interview former president.
    Rugby Player Thadjudeen was murderred by Rajakashes, but SIRASA is no after them.


    • 0

      Following links prove how it had been


    • 1

      burampiSingho: your’s is a stupid argument. At least there is some beginning.. they have caught at least one thief and in order to make him quit from any more stealing it doe snot need much effort. So, media is doing something.

      • 2

        You should be wal meeharakek… no need to put me down this way.

        See, even today, people are after most abusive men of the country; they are none other than Rajapakshes. Their biased senders ( Hiru and Derana TV channels) spread lies in favour of their political survivals.
        I have lost my faith kept on people. They would never change their stupidities.
        They let Jarapakshes to manipulate them.
        You cant get this, since you would not see it beyond. Jimsofty. you the like men are a curse ot lanken future. basta.

  • 9

    What Crisis mate …….. Yahapalanaya is totally Fucked Isn’t it…….. Dr Ranil cleared his mate Dr Mahendran of any wrong doing……….Dr Ranil paid good Yahapalana Cash to three of his GUN UNP lawyers to give Dr Mahendran the All Clear….Aloysious bought Mela and Oneliya the Penthouse with the EPF money, which the FIL forced the Bank to hand over to PT………..Now Dr Ranil is desperately trying to save Galleon…..Because Galleon is not going to chew one of those Pira pills , without forcing one down Dr Ranil’ s throat too…….But Dr Ranil is now even in bigger Poo, with his other mate Minister Mangalan’s Bum boy peddling Dope in a Yahapalana Ministry Vehicle……And Yahapalana suckers even paid the Bum boy to stay in New York , while Mangalan was partying with the Tamil Diasopora and the UN……….Wonder whether they stayed at Waldorf?………..

    • 6

      KASmaalam K A Sumanasekera

      What are you ranting and raving about? No one is going to prison. Simple as that. Go take a rest.

  • 8

    The bond issue has already stripped Arjuna Mahendran of his post .
    That is start of a journey right through to My3 whether he is
    directly involved or not . My3 credibility of watching from distance
    with ‘eagle eyes’ has now almost faded in the eyes of the public as
    hopes of CATCHING THIEVES of MARA & CO becoming a farce.
    What is now left with the circus company is getting merged
    officially with the JO circus group. The sum and substance of what
    is unfolding in the country is , LYING ,CHEATING AND STEALING
    are all integral part of Srilankan life regardless of who you are .
    All slogans to make an improvement are just ploys to exploit the
    gullible majority poor guys born seeking justice !

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    “Ravi Karunanayake himself is in large measure a product of the political culture created by the decade of Rajapaksa misrule and impunity. “

    The author losing credibility fast (not that he had much left of it).

    Ask or look up what Ravi did in the 201 – 2004 era.

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    It is s**t all over. Unless the PM and RK leaves cabinet the damage will be beyond control. I really hole this will see to liquidation of UNP. SLFP is no more – then there may be space for two new divisions to emerge UNCLEANS and NOT-SO-UNCLEANS.

    Clean / Unclean division would be a bridge too far.

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    “Ravi Karunanayake himself is in large measure a product of the political culture created by the decade of Rajapaksa misrule and impunity.”

    Don’t talk bloody nonsense Shitman Jarasinghe. Blaming Rajapaksa even for Yahapalana shitty deals. Next time you would blame Rajapaksa even for your shitty birth.

    You know bloody well that your yahapalana pimpy bosses came to power by lying left right and centre. 6 helicopters, golden horses and 18 billion USD. (Now that Kakkussi kata Rajitha m..her f..ker talking about 2301 billion USD). Did they find even a helicopter rotor or some golden horse shit or even 1.80 USD? Remember Rohana Wijeweera thought by wearing a beret with a red star and and by growing a beard he would become a Che Guevara. Similarly Ranil, Malik, Ravi K, Mangala and even Akila Viraj (Kuliyapitiya Godaya) and not forgetting that wel paasi CBK think that by wearing a suit and a tie and by speaking few words of broken English they would become white sahibs and they have a birth right to govern the baiyas of the country by hook or by truth. Yahapalana Sakkili like you carry their shit most probably for a few dollars while the above kalu suddas make real money. From Lalith Athulathmudali days Ravi was a thief. Otherwise how could just a Chartered Accountant amass this much money. In which country in the world the foreign minister of a country is also handling the lotteries board? That spineless Sinna Pora would agree to anything the Kalu Sudda Gods order him to do.

    • 0

      Bobby Pereira has epitomized in the foregoing, why open discussion and exchange of ideas at an intellectual level is not possible in this country, unless it is coupled with threats, insults, maybe assault and innuendo.

      It is not Bobby’s fault. We aren’t such a great nation as we think… that’s all.

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    I’m telling problem is politicians since 1948…
    If Singapore can have a good leader to change the fate of that country why not ?
    Vote for JVP and see the difference.

    Why people are stupid to vote UNP and SLFP ..
    Change is needed
    It could come only from JVP as it stand today.

    • 2

      Dr NAS

      “Vote for JVP and see the difference.”

      What for, would you like to live under one party rule Pol Pottish regime?

      Has the party unreservedly apologized for the violence its cadres committed in 1971 and between 1987 and 1991?

      Has the party removed the public racist Rohana Wijeyweera’s lesson on upcountry Tamils, in which he described them being the 5th column?

      JVP never accepted devolution of powers as main ingredient to political settlement.

      Has JVP surrendered all its arms and ammunition? While holding on to its illegal arms it demanded LTTE surrendered its collection. Was it not hypocrisy at its best?

      JVP is yet to prove its secularist credentials. I am yet to see JVP challenging saffron clad thugs as well as other saffronistas, Assgiria as well as Malvattu.

      JVP never demanded Chapter II of the constitution is removed.

      During the war JVP was happy to closely work with fellow public racists, Champika, Sarath De Silva, Mahinda, …. JVP was never interested in peace talks. In fact it worked very hard to scuttle every effort.

      JVP has always been an anti Indian little party. However when Premadasa’s dead squads were actively pursuing them many leaders and cadres shamelessly sought asylum in India. Isn’t it also another finest moment in its hypocritical history?

      JVP is the first one to criticize India for its policies, investments, involvements, …. in this island but mute on Chinese policies.

      JVP never apologised for its close cooperation with or a period of servility to Mahinda during which many of clan’s atrocities began to take shape.

      • 1

        Dear Native, Are you pissed off with JVP Prince tooo……..I feel sorry for you…..Has the Prince returned the Beamer to your mate ?…….

      • 0

        Dumb native Veddo: JVP never accepted devolution of powers as main ingredient to political settlement. devolving some power never solves the problem. It is always not enough. So, Tamils should be given full power. Rohana wijeweera is the leadr he is dead. Who should apologize, wimal Weerawansha

      • 1

        “Has the party unreservedly apologized for the violence its cadres committed in 1971 and between 1987 and 1991?”
        Has the UNP unrervedly apologized for 1983?
        Has the UNP unrervedly apologized for the Jaffna library?
        Has the UNP unreservedly apologized for mass muder in 1991?

        • 2

          somass ji

          “Has the UNP unrervedly apologized for 1983?”
          “Has the UNP unreservedly apologized for mass muder in 1991?”


          “Has the UNP unrervedly apologized for the Jaffna library?”

          Here is the library related news:

          Ranil apologizes for burning of Jaffna library 2016-12-06 21:10:10 1 5205

          Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe today apologised for the burning of Jaffna Library in 1981 and urged the Joint Opposition to apologize for what happened during that time as well. “The public library in Jaffna was burnt during a United National Party (UNP) Government in 1981. We know it was wrong and tender an apology for it,” he said. “You too should tender an apology for the wrong things which your Government did,” he told the Joint Opposition MPs, who was heckling at him at that time. This House turned noisy when Mr. Wickremesinghe rose to answer a question posed by TNA MP M. A. Sumanthiran, who opposed the move by the Ministry of Resettlement and Rehabilitation to construct per-fabricated houses in the war affected regions. “We want to see that 80 percent of the houses in the North are reconstructed and are willing to discuss matters with the Northern representatives,” the Prime Minister added. (Yohan Perera)

          http://www.dailymirror.lk/ article/Ranil-apologizes-for- burning-of-Jaffna-library-120317.html

          Have the SLFP, CP, LSSP apologized for 1971?
          Has the SLFP apologised for 1958 riots?
          Have all the Sinhala/Buddhist parties apologised for the death of innocent people since 1971?
          Has UNP and Armed forces apologised for funding arming LTTE which prolonged suffering?

          Have SLFP, JVP, LSSP, CP, …. JHU apologised for bribing LTTE in 2005 elections to manipulate election result?

          Have you apologised to your grandchildren for being a bigoted Sinhala/Buddhist fascist?

    • 0

      Dr Nas,

      The history of Singapore and its culture is quite different
      than ours .We have a culture that needs to change to go
      with the global economic reforms that are closely attached
      to their lifestyles whereas we have a lifestyle nothing to do
      with our economic or future plans . It is an egg an chicken
      scenario whether leaders to blame or the people ! Is it people
      guiding the leaders by voting them or the leaders misguiding
      the people by way of giving them false promises? The biggest
      ever fraud is wasting in billions every year for public
      meetings pulling large crowds in buses to lecture the public
      about their actions by both the govt and the oppositions !
      Enough money is wasted here in many ways inconveniencing
      the general public in the area . Genuine leaders have no time
      for these fun fares and intelligent people have no time either !
      Firstly if you want to develop the country , work and work hard
      to get there and no time to waste . Advanced countries didn’t
      advance by time-waste and after centuries they still work hard
      to keep in shape . But our country wants easy jobs for time pass
      and higher wages and all parties promise such job opportunities
      and wage increase at elections . It is one such promise by the
      current regime that was fulfilled by granting a Rs 10,000. wage
      increase to 1.5 million jobs to hoodwink the people of the image
      of “yahapalanaya.” Can we get anywhere with this kind of
      stupidity ? All I can see is , at this rate in every walk of life , we
      are well off to Anarchy !!! Nothing else ! These fellows will never
      walk straight . As you said , JVP is ok for a better job but they
      want intelligent people around them ! How many of us will fit in ?

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    The writer describes the Ravi defence as a faity tale. Yes, it is. Just like the fairy tale about Yoshitha’s grandma who bought his luxury house for Yoshitha after selling the gem bag left by an unknown person. Can’t we hang all these rascals in Galle Face or better still near the kunu mole!!!

    • 0

      That Gem bag came from when the govt, I suppose were digging the jungle for building the expressway in down south. IT says, Mahinda Rajapakse landed there by helicopter and watched the scean. After that, the road building went only under the eyes of Rajapakse henchmen. So, those gems are public property.

  • 1

    Another brilliant write up.

    • 3

      Really..did you read t? Can you read?

  • 1

    What revolution on Jan 8? Only donkeys believe there was one? The country was looted left and right from 2001-2004 and sold to LTTE through CFA. Thanks to Rajapakse’s political leadership, Gota’s management skills and bravery of our armed forces we eliminated the most ruthless terrorist mother f***rs. These basatards living abroad know only to eat the shit fed by NGO goons, western embassies and UN trouble makers. Today thanks to MR our children can go across the country and return home safely.

    CB scam was planned to fund elections. Mr. Clean knew from day one. Now he is preaching shit as usual.

  • 0

    It says another FORTY politicians are connected to this. RANIL WICKRAMSINGHE IS THE INSTIGATOR OF THE BOND SCAM. Eventhough it is money laundering why Ravi di dnot know when Rs 70 and Rs 75 million were brought by one Lakshmi Kanthan, they di dnot know it was money laundering. How come a big businessman and a finance minister of a country was that careless about laundered moneyI THINK PENTHOUSE RAVI GOES RANIL, MAITHRIPALA, MALIK, AND SO MANY OTHERS HAVE TO LEAVE. SO, THEY HOLD IT.

  • 1


    Dr NAS

    In the early 1990s JVP encouraged its cadres to join armed forces. They did join and served in all three forces. Some of them would have committed atrocities during and after the war, some of them would have witnessed all forms of war crimes.

    JVP has been playing a long hide and seek game on the issues of devolution of power and war crime investigation. Since it is also another racist Sinhala/Buddhist party it lack intellectual honesty to come clean.

    The old red book with outdated slogans will not help JVP to come to power. Even if it is elected it is not going to give up its long cherished one party rule.

    Good luck Dr NAS.

  • 1

    Are there bigger crooks than Rajapakse Family in Sri Lanka. NO. Are there other crooks in JO and Yahapalana Govt in Sri Lanka, the answer is YES. If so what we Civilians should demand? Its time for us Civilians to protest on the streets to demand that PM and the President should request the resignation of all MP’s (which includes Ministers as well)against whom charges are filed to resign from their seats until the courts decide, they should not be able to sit in the Parliament. If this is not done there is no point in one group trying to find fault with the other. All are CROOKS and in SL today it also includes Religious Priests, not only Buddhists, Christians including the Cardinal who lied about attacks to worship places, Muslims and Hindus. We have created a culture of Thievery! Let us civilians end it.

  • 0

    Shyamon Jayasinghe: oreasoning has a big problem. It is Ranil wickramasinghe who runs the show. I think Ranil is delaying it becuse he doe snot want Galleon Ravi to quit because, Ranil all the way knew that Penthouse Ravi was a thief and he was funding UNP. Now, it is beyond doubt proven that I KNOW NOTHING RAVI has bought a Luxury penthouse with laundered money What else, Ranil talking about Mahinda Rajapakse. RK is caught when something else was studied. Ranil Sent that lawyer guy and Mangala Samraweera all over the world to cath the loot of Mahinda rjapakse. they did not do.

  • 1

    Foreign Minister brought scorn and ridicule on himself with damaging and ridiculous answers he gave when he was examined by the Presidential Commission. “I don’t know I was not aware because my wife and daughter were involved in the rental of the property” was naive and stupid to the extreme. He was telling lies despite being under oath to tell the truth and nothing but the truth. Once the scandal broke out RK should have resigned citing bad judgement and dereliction of duty. That would have saved him from total disgrace. The entire episode stinks to high heavens. RK and his family were living in a penthouse paid by Arjun Aloysius who was under cloud over the bond scam. Clearly this was a bribe by Aloysius to RK. The purchase of the penthouse later for Rs.165 million itself is another shady transaction. One Luxmikanthan money in the vault has been used to pay instalments to the seller of the penthouse. All said and done, all these corruptions have been exposed and coming to the open because of Yahapalanaya government. In Rajapaksa era they would have been swept under the carpet.

  • 1

    Thanks Shyamon for the no-holds-barred article.
    The first paragraph is a frank expression of what is in the mind of majority of Lankans who are unfortunately silent.
    The situation has reached the point when it will be honorable for RK to go on leave pending investigation which he must insist to be prompt.
    GoSL may then fast-tract investigate ALL wrong doings polluting Lankan politics.

  • 1

    Ding Dong,
    How Alosiyus & partners and many other SL businesses making money under Mahinda Regime, particularly during 2010 and Jan 2015 ?

    So Ding Dong you are all out to bring back MaRa -Go Ra regime.

    Why not you canvas for JVP ( this time they will form alliance with the parties of the minorities ) ?

    Can the politicians be made to retire at 65 yrs old.?

    Even if over 65s are elected atleast such people must not be allowed to hold any ministerial positions.

  • 2

    Dear native Vedas.
    JVP of today is different from JVP is 1988 0r 1971 …
    JVP changed a lot .
    JVP did realise it made some mistake..
    But they should apologise for their mistake..
    Same time grave blunder has been done by UNP and SLFP on JVP ..
    Why do not ask them too do the same…

    • 1

      Dr NAS

      “Why do not ask them too do the same…”

      That is what I have been doing in this forum, 24/7/52. Haven’t you noticed?

  • 1

    “Ravi Karunanayake himself is in large measure a product of the political culture created by the decade of Rajapaksa misrule and impunity. ”

    Really? Ravi is outed, so why not the Rajapakshas? Isn’t it stupid logic mate to say that fall of RK is Rajapaksha’s fault.

  • 0

    “It is in the nature of all revolutionary movements that counter revolutionary pressures emerge from within the ranks. In office, the new order begins to show strange resemblances with the old. Ravi managing to hold on, simply highlights the counter revolutionary crisis within the yahapalanaya government.’
    Beautifully expressed! The road to yahapalanaya is hard but we must make it. No future for Lankan otherwise

  • 0

    “…Go now, Ravi. Right now!..”
    Don’t forget to take your Yhapaplanaya and your boss too with you.

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